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The Closing of Pandora's Squanch


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An announcement from the desk of Stewie, God Emperor of Non Grata.


The 72 hour cool down for this treaty has begun.


We wish Cobra the best in the future.



Non Grata Government


Stewie, the God-Emperor

Thrash, Silvertongue

Legend, Scorned Soldier

King Cyan (Chameleon), Brother Mugger

Kerschbs, The Secret Democrat

Lyanna, Wielder of the Econ Whip




This message was hand delivered by

Wing Admiral Pudding,

leader of the Cawcawcaustic air force




On 6/24/2020 at 2:35 AM, Johnny Apocalypse said:



The Animal Squanch Accords


In the ruins of the old IRC fraternity #animalhouse:


NG and Cobra hereby announce to Squanch whoever they want, wherever they want however they want.


Signed for Cobra:


King Cobra - Johnny Apocalypse

Royal Guard - General Kanabis, Lyanna Mormont, General Tiki


Signed for Non Grata:


Stewie, Leader

Thrash, Foreign Affairs

King Cyan, Internal Affairs





Edited by Stewie
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2 minutes ago, EaTeMuP said:

Cool bird.  I didn't realize Caustic had his own airforce.


It's pretty trash tier, on the level of Bolivia, but we get the job done. 

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13 minutes ago, Lyanna Mormont said:





Now why are you upsetting FTW like that? Perfectly happy day for them and you went and shared the terrible news.



Conflux of the Morningstar 

Edited by Conflux
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Just now, lilweirdward said:

RIP to the "NG is part of COBRAsphere" believers :( 


Also inb4 this thread devolves into chaos.

Hey now, never give up. If you want to believe NG is part of Cobrasphere, you don't need a treaty for that. As long as you have your heart, you can conquer all other truths. :)

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