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  1. Factual dialogue. Would be nice to know what I'm meant to be seeing...
  2. How so? CLAWS and NPO are after blood. NG has literally done nothing in months as we've become a retirement village. Cobra have been fighting off CLAWS plotting against them and their allies for nigh on a year. Apparently having Charismatic leaders who don't sit down and do what they're told, whilst inspiring growth in membership is a bad thing these days. They can. NPO have done it in the past. Leopards really can't change their spots.
  3. Nobody cares. Let's be honest grub, at this point I can hear a pin drop. The Claws and Pacifica led coalition are stomping out the last embers of life and then everything will finally meet the heat death of bob as we all bask in the glow of allarchon. But NG and Cobra will exit the end of this battle with our heads held high. If we are allowed to exist on bob after this war ends.. heaven only knows But my guess would be No. So we exit bob with our heads held high instead. We died as we lived, standing shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Arms. Fr
  4. Literally what you're doing... DBDC/CLAWS plotting against us and Cobra for 6 months during the NAP... Yeah that's fine. Double Standards are rife in the Body Politik
  5. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villains...
  6. I'm still sad nobody has laughed at my LH box of shame...
  7. There are always donuts
  8. Look... it took a while but I found some Seaworthy Seaboxes at the back of the NG IRC channels for you to watch the war from. They're how we used to deal with Spies back in the day as we Keelhauled them
  9. It's called growing up and having other commitments. Not everyone can spend their life on Bob anymore
  10. I mean. You are sounding a bit strained mate. Take a break from bob for a bit
  11. And that's a bad thing apparently?
  12. I banned you not caustic.
  13. Swings and roundabouts
  14. We’re Rough States... that’s for sure. It’s 5.30am for me and Johnny right now. Won’t someone please think of the Children
  15. Everyone loves ORION eh?
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