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  1. At least in the maroon wars there was a dialogue between the leaders during the conflict. In this one there are no back channels.
  2. I'm a big fan of short (2-3 round) wars to get through whatever the CB was then go back to building More dynamism in the world is good Issue is that we are in a situation where people have not warred for years so have multi billion warchests
  3. We try to build something new and the old guard go "no no not that kind of activity"
  4. Because by this point if anyone doesn't know that they must be a GGA spai
  5. IRON, NPO and ODN cant even keep all of us in War Mode let alone in anarchy. They're embarrassing themselves...
  6. Rage, Rage against the dying light
  7. OC don't want this world to be alive though. They want everyone to die so they can grow their pixels in piece.
  8. It wasn't a losing war when it was just NG vs FTW babycakes. But, in my experience, when you're against over 50% of Bob with the leaders of the coalition not engaging with any form of dialogue - definitely feels like being forced out
  9. I'm 4,485 days old (12 years 3 months) being forced out. OH WELL.
  10. Doing great work Shimmer! I'm slowly chasing down young Grub... ONLY 200 days to go...
  11. I don't see much kicking, must be looking at the wrong place ❤️
  12. Please get some FTW nations to counter me... IRON nations forget to do any attacks
  13. I thought you were here to whine like most of your kin
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