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  1. And Stewie was his chosen person, only hit upon the seventh stroke of meltdown
  2. And in the darkness of the wastelands of bob, the clouds parted.. those Angels of death who had ascended returned to smite down his enemies... And unto him, they were witnessed
  3. Allarchon be praised, for Non Grata are his chosen people now the Kingdom has fallen....
  4. But... Friends > Infra As true today as it was when Poison Clan raided across Bob
  5. Don't you say nothing about my GPA. It's at least 4.0
  6. Hey, don't worry where the great leader sends his hard stolen money to..
  7. I mean.. your king is about to receive some battle supported EMP nukes. He may not be able to arrange the deck chairs
  8. To be fair, reading who makes up FTW, doesn't surprise me.
  9. We've got a fire sale! All Nations Must Go! And NG is waking up... YOU DONE FOOKED UP NOW BOI
  10. Announcement from Stewie An urgent Intelligence communique has come through - - For reference, their old flag Vs their New Flag Vs Non Grata's Most Excellent Flag designed by me. So, I put to FTW the following... And therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Peanut Gallery, I offer the following summation.. This is Chewbacca He is a 7ft Wookie from Kashyyyk but he lives on endor… this does not make sense. Just like FTW
  11. They're too busy to have warchests too.. You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of Land of Lulz. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Last Tax Collection: 7/8/2019 12:00:55 AM Last Bill Payment: 7/15/2019 7:04:39 AM Desired Religion: Christianity Desired Government: Monarchy Threat Level: Severe Tax Rate: 30% Number of Spies: 800 Last Nuke Purchase: 7/1/2019 11:54:11 AM Last Wonder Purchase: 5/5/2019 Total Money: $85,130,550 Technology: 6,936.38 Levels Trade Partners: The Isles Of Juulsta, Astrania, Neprya, Galcorian Republic, Munrovia Secret Aid Sent To: None Military XP Ratings: Army XP: 146, Navy XP: 383, Air Force XP: 313, Intelligence XP: 324 Assigned Generals: Air Force XP Level 436, Army XP Level 164, Intelligence XP Level 92, Navy XP Level 80 Total Aircraft: 89 Aircraft Fighter Strength: 801 Aircraft Bomber Strength: 0 Navy Purchases Today: 0 Navy Vessels: Corvettes: 5 Landing Ships: 11 Battleships: 10 Cruisers: 9 Frigates: 8 Destroyers: 8 Submarines: 10 Aircraft Carriers: 9
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