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  1. Its Cobra trolling you not Non Grata...
  2. Sounds like things really are boring in the body Republik then
  3. Join NG - we're fighting 50% of bob
  4. NG got beaten completely. But the only reason why this war happened was we wanted you to change your flag... Caustic isnt a shadow leader... if anyone is it's Thrash and King Cyan
  5. Never said you guys surrendered. You changed your in game nation description which was a parody of ours and your in game flag. That was all we wanted at the start of all this... And I personally never claimed victory. I just said our aims in the war were completed. Time to wrap this up and head onto other pastures.
  6. Well looks like we have limited other options currently.
  7. To be honest, I always enjoy the rebuild after a war. See how quickly I can grow back to a decent infra to gain more casualties the next time round!!
  8. And to the various nations we fought along the way. Shout out to Sister Midnight of IRON and Joseph Black of FTW!
  9. Been overlord before. Gets boring. We're happy just being left alone to chill on maroon.
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen of Bob. Today, Non Grata declare a job done. Pudding and his cohort of messengers are flocking across AfNGistan passing the following messages. FTW have changed their flag from one resembling ours, to a new flag. We look forward to beginning discussions of cessation of hostilities with FTW, RFI, ODN and relevant Oculus members shortly.
  11. I mean... I'm not slayed. I don't feel slayed... Non Grata therefore are not slayed. Ergo: Canik is Donald Trump
  12. Sounds like a solid announcement. Congratulations.
  13. At least in the maroon wars there was a dialogue between the leaders during the conflict. In this one there are no back channels.
  14. I'm a big fan of short (2-3 round) wars to get through whatever the CB was then go back to building More dynamism in the world is good Issue is that we are in a situation where people have not warred for years so have multi billion warchests
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