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  1. Yeah.. sorry. The great poet Dylan Thomas said it best.
  2. To be fair we were discussing nuclear fission and fusion in NG's private channel the other month. There are plenty of intellectuals on Bob
  3. You must be new here. NG have always been antagonistic on the OWF. And until I sit in a room with everyone and we actually start discussing peace you are talking out your ass Canik
  4. Sorry that period for me was hazy. I was busy with OC concerns at that point
  5. When NG first formed we went after some of IFOK and SLCB's enemies IE UPN, SoSBrigade etc RE; my past allies Cuba got his initial tech boost from winning some rounds of TE then realised that land raiding was a thing so a load of upper tiers who were up for raiding started raiding and they got their stupidly high levels of land. The tech came afterwards from a load of lower tier nations who were organised by Ghost and Lord Hershey after certain Doomhouse alliances and TOP disbanded. Were they multis? I always suspected some of them may have been but I never had any proof. The tech I recieved from them aftet I left GPA was always from nations I was in IRC channels with and at the time I was more interested in using them as a hammer to hit alliances damaging me and mine or as a form of MAD for upper tier warfare Whether Doomhouse for a longer period of time used GOONS nations as multis to feed TOP, Umb and MK. I have no idea. I was neutral up until PB-Orders.
  6. I've already spoken with Joseph Black and said we would do so. But I guess the message never got delivered
  7. Because I came back probably. And i masterminded a lot of shenanigans back in the early days of NG Poor Arrnea
  8. As I said Caustic does not speak for Non Grata -- If you had beef with Caustic - could have had a discussion. Not gone all World Police. Also War was declared by BloodFury not by Caustic. Get it right Scrub.
  9. And caustic is no longer NG leadership... This would be like one of us going after Brehon or Red for their actions.
  10. Errr... FTW isn't a rogue war. It has one of the best CB's in years... Hence why People like Thrash, Rabonnobar and RV joined NG
  11. Errr... Evidence of nations under PZI Holding my alliance in a permanent state of war without providing any form of conversation to discuss terms of surrender apart from a comment of LoD to Burn our Warchests. Yeah to me that's PZI...
  12. Show change... heh I'm not going to start dressing up as a furry for you Canik... Can't change if Pacifica are holding my alliance under a jackboot / threat of PZI
  13. So nowadays you're just purging NG with people you pull in from manhwa fansites then? Pacifica used to stand for something, Moo and Moldavi would probably be disgusted with what you have become.
  14. The NPO back in the day would have expelled nations for not following development guides...
  15. https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=615888 NEarly 400 days in alliance - hardly any wonders https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=587252 Doesn't even have trades....
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