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  1. The funny thing is 3 of the nation's are bill locked And @conistonslim That's not how I remember it back when I was in the Oculus leadership channels.. but could well have happened towards the end when there was a changeover of a few alliance leaderships who had a different view on the world than we originally did. EDIT: The fight back continues...
  2. I mean... I was expecting to be kept in anarchy.. but the 50% of bob I'm at war with are so useless they can't even do that. Shots Fired... HERE WE GO AGAIN!! Defeat Alert with my first attack against a new FTW nation...
  3. Cute Still just shy of 10 million behind me 😉
  4. Well their Milcom appears to he a hamster so I guess they can upgrade to a rat
  5. You could make it more interesting by declaring a war.
  6. No point. You would be really bored. Legion nations appear to have bugger all money left.
  7. !@#$, that blows mate. Had hope the cancer had finally buggered off after the last round.
  8. Hey.. we were at the table at the time. Not eating crumbs round the bottom 😉
  9. It was after the C&D was ignored.
  10. I'm good bros. Nuking Legion and IRON Hope you're well
  11. I remember when NPO used to ZI nations for wearing their flag
  12. When your morals are to waste our oxygen, I guess they're pretty low.
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