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  1. I take no delight from seeing an alliance disband. I hope you grow from this experience Kap.
  2. Apparently my browser decided to repost what I had only posted.
  3. THE AMAZING SANCTION RACE 2nd June 2021 (Update to dataFile: CyberNations_SE_Alliance_Stats_612021515002 from CyberNations_SE_Alliance_Stats_532021515001) 1. [219] (+2) New Pacific Order : 151.89 —> 153.25 (+1.36) 2. [199] (+2) Independent Republic of Orange Nations : 114.86 —> 115.04 (+0.18) 3. [117] (+2) CLAWS : 63.64 —> 64.65 (+1.01) 4. [133] (-4) Freehold of the Wolves : 60.72 —> 60.19 (-0.53) 5. [96] (-1) The Legion : 38.01 —> 37.84 (-0.17) 6. [88] (-5) New Polar Order : 37.26 —> 36.17 (-1.09) 7. [60] (-2) Global Alliance and Treaty Organization : 30.2 —> 29.83 (-0.37) 8. [67] (+2) Knights Of The Round Table : 28.37 —> 29.03 (+0.66) 9. [33] (+1) The Dark Templar : 25.78 —> 26.75 (-0.25) 10. [72] (+4) Non Grata: 23.37 —> 24.95 (+1.72) 11. [46] (-3) Viridian Entente : 25.68 —> 23.77 (-1.91) 12. [38] (-3) NATO : 23.38 —> 23.27 (-0.11) 13. [35] (-5) Orange Defense Network : 25.37 —> 22.25 (-3.12) 14. [38] (-2) Green Protection Agency : 22.96 —> 21.58 (-1.38) 15. [43] (0) Fark : 21.13 —> 21.14 (+0.01) 16. [36] (+3) Federation of Armed Nations : 18.74 —> 18.72 (-0.02) 17. [32] (+1) Argent : 17.83 —> 18.37 (+0.54) 18. [35] (+1) Sparta : 15.76 —> 15.99 (+0.26) 19. [28] (0) The Mostly Harmless Alliance : 13.03 —> 13.37 (+0.34) 20. [27] (+1) The Order of the Black Rose: 12.36 —> 12.95 (+0.59) 21. [32] (-1) The Templar Knights : 12.94 —> 12.81 (-0.13) 22. [32] (+1) Christian Coalition of Countries : 11.59 —> 11.73 (+0.14) ---------- Add Line: 11.72 [47] (-6) Kashmir : 12.68 —> 11.61 (-1.07) [24] (0) Random Insanity Alliance : 11.45 —> 11.53 (+0.08) [20] (0) The Last Remnants : 10.89 —> 10.28 (-0.61) ---------- Drop Line: 10.00 Passes Non Grata passes NATO, Viridian Entente and Orange Defense Network NATO pass Orange Defense Network The Order of the Black Rose passes Kashmir and The Templar Knights Christian Coalition of Countries passes Add Line and Kashmir Add Line passes Kashmir Biggest Gainer: [72] (+4) Non Grata: 23.37 —> 24.95 (+1.72) Biggest Loser [35] (-5) Orange Defense Network : 25.37 —> 22.25 (-3.12) Commentary Ladies and Gentlemen, and mythical dragons of yore, welcome to the June Amazing Sanction Race Update. Orange Defense Network continue their descent down the ladder, falling behind NATO and Non Grata thus both secure their sanctioned state. Non Grata continue training in the bob gym, securing nearly 2 points of growth and maintaining 80% slot usage for several weeks (peaking at 86% during the month!) Great growth as well for New Pacific Order and CLAWS who have gained over 1 point of score each this month whilst a number of alliances in the race have taken some pretty serious dents in their score over the last month. Remember, Fish are friends, not food! See you next month for another adventure time!
  4. You make a point that we aren't here posting memes or making no U comments. Perhaps that is because we aren't the alliance you paint us out to be. Of Non Grata c. 2011-2016 there are less than 33% of the 73 members we have who were in the AA from that era. Our AA these days are mostly former Leaders of alliances we have been allied to, or those we have warred against. My government and I don't feel that engaging with this thread and the various baits placed will lead to constructive dialogue. I told my members not to engage with this thread and I have nothing further to add. Non Grata are currently working on a government restructure and implementing changes mentioned during this thread ahead of our 10th birthday next week. My inbox is open for discussions from anyone who wants to discuss any of the points in this thread and our points of view. I will not be posting again in this thread.
  5. I've watched OBR grow some figures over the last few months in the Sanction Race. Congratulations Sys on your new role in the realm!
  6. Oh - apologies. The new regulations were discussed and agreed with our allies after Unkajo posted.
  7. The OOC post was in response to a microaggression from Boognish towards NG. Hence why I posted that this is a two way street CK. You can't expect NG to be the only one who has to reflect upon their behaviour. The policy is for people not to bite when these occur and they vent behind closed doors, regardless of whom it is, or what sphere they are part of.
  8. Mochi, Several members of alliances across Bob also have personal experiences of a range of challenges which gives them a way of recognising certain behavioural traits. What is said on a number of discord channels, both public and private, by Johnny himself historically, must be acknowledged as being public knowledge and becomes personal bias. Honestly, I don't expect you to accept it, this is something we have to prove towards Cobra via actions, not words. The statement was for the wider community. What was done was unacceptable. We have instituted new regulations within Non Grata where members of the alliance use gov or allies to vent, not descend to levels of discourse which we must state does not reflect well on anyone within this community. Sadly I have not been as active within my community as much as I would have liked recently. One of the reasons why I have delegated more and more towards other members of my alliance, like Lyanna, Thrash, Legend and Kerschbs. I however am ultimately responsible for the behaviour of my alliance, thus this is me trying to take a step forward. Respect needs to be earned on both sides. There's a lot of bad blood which can't be fixed by a NAP alone. Not everyone is active with Cobra members, and other are biased by past behaviour. Bias' don't change overnight and there are a range of events which can negatively affect and trigger people. Please feel free to hit me up in DM anytime, you say that there was continued disrespect, I have never had a member of cobra or other alliances contact me to discuss their concerns. Whilst I may not post on my discord all the time, I do try and read the major threads. What people say on other discords, or in other places. That is for the birds if you expect the leaders of any alliance to police every single place their members are active. I've got limited time to engage with Bob and discord because other places suck in a lot of my time as I repriorities towards other things. (Note: I'm working 50 hour weeks and at the gym the rest of the time)
  9. Hello Everyone, Non Grata owes Johnny, Mochi, Cobra, and their allies an apology. The comment made by a member of Non Grata on this forum was not acceptable and in poor taste. It is an easy thing to try and rationalize when a mistake has been made. It is a much harder thing to take a step back and think about what happened and how it can be avoided moving forward. The comment was thoughtless and inappropriate. It crossed the line from in-game to a person’s real life. This is not acceptable. Trolling is often encouraged within our alliance, as I am sure you all know, OOC attacks are not. The member has apologized privately to Johnny and to Mochi via a message sent to Mochi in-game. However, we felt it was important to reiterate that apology here as well. We are sorry this happened and the member who said it regrets his actions. He has been requested to edit his post but that does not take away the hurt that it caused. Johnny and Mochi, we are sincerely sorry for the comment that was made. Non Grata does not, and will not, support OOC attacks. This was a regrettable event and to help make sure it is not repeated we are sending a statement to each member of Non Grata outlining our policy on OOC attacks and making sure it is understood what is and what is not acceptable. Cobra, you have our sincere apologies for the disrespect you were shown. I am sorry that our relationship has taken another step away from the close bonds we had in the past. I hope we can find a common cause to unite behind once more in the future, whether it be via film nights or some Bob based crusade. Johnny I am also sorry I didn’t read your DM to me this morning. I’ll try and get in touch later on this evening to discuss your query.
  10. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Twin_Ion_Engine_starfighter Please... Check out my OnlyPlans
  11. Interesting claim there Johnny. Toppling Oculus with... *looks at ally list* Members of Oculus and MD level allies of Oculus...
  12. Every day brings firingline closer to being nuked again...
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