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  1. Good Jerdge


     I appreciate your response and understand there is NO hypocrisy from you.

    The response you quoted was to Unbiased Mod who like the whole set of respondents felt the need to protect the bigot and chide the person calling out the bigot,while absolutely ignoring the very blatant racist post by Old Self. You are not a mod and therefore are not required to read all the posts. That does not diminish the fact that NONE of the posters made negative comment about his post but many decided to chide my calling out the bigot.

     When you start referring to anyone as a member of the black skinned, yellow skinned, red skinned, brown skinned, or white skinned community I will have issue with you. However since no non-bigot ever uses that wording I doubt that shall ever be an issue.


    I have great respect for you, but I live by a strong credo.


    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


     I will never abide in silence bigots or racists.



    Dame HIme Themis

    1. jerdge



      I think that we agree on values (more or less, of course, two minds can't be exactly the same) and that we disagree on the interpretation of this specific instance. It's nothing dramatic, we can agree that we disagree and move on: in any case that thread of MV isn't going to change the world, as probably a scarce half dozen people actually read it, and we're well over seven billions on this planet.




  2. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldguard1/posting.php?mode=post&f=62

    Good Old Guard

     It is with humble thanks we speak of your fortitude and rectitude. 
    We have understood the fidelity you have shown through this long hard night.
    We do not understand why the children chose to target the more peaceful alliances but you have been good friends and you have our thanks for your efforts. 
    It is I that asked that you be included in the notice by Umbrella of peace and no attacks for 6 months, you have well earned that respect.

    Dame HIme Themis 
  3. Good EEjack


     We asked Umbrella to confirm they would not turn on you.



    Dame Hime Themis

  4. Good Caleb Congratulations on your courage. You are not alone and there will be many who understand your fear. The honesty will be your salvation in the long run. It is wonderful that though your parents may not agree with your life choice they showed their love and respect by being there and talking, not all have been as fortunate. Good luck and God Bless in your journey forward. Respectfully Dame HIme Themis
  5. Good Keelah I always appreciate Admin and his many solid mods and assistance reviewing and keeping the game as clean as possible. If one of my donation ended up going to a multi and my tech is clawed back I will write it off to buyer beware. I would prefer my nation was clean. Respectfully Dame Hime Themis
  6. Hime Themis

    The 'C' word

    Good Dajobo Our prayers are with you if that is acceptable. My spouse just went through cancer surgery and radiation treatment last year, it is tough and may be hard on your loved ones but stay strong treatments continue to improve. Respectfully Dame HIme Themis
  7. Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.
  8. Good Kate Deviante Thank you for sharing. Very nice. Respectfully Dame Hime Themis
  9. Good Mr. Director Very easy. If an alliance is attacked and they hold an MDP then if their ally does not defend within 5 days the treaty is broken. IF they hold an MAP and they attack and their ally declares and do not attack within 5 days then the treaty is broken. You can have as many secret pacts as you want or not secret. If you want the bonus you pay the price if it is triggered and not kept. Simple really. Respectfully Dame Hime THemis
  10. Good Mr. Director Not really and optional NAP would have zero value. Any all optional would be a lower value than a mandatory and would be triggered if requested. Empires in Arms has a treaty point system akin to what I have suggested. Any war with that alliance or any alliance that is treatied with that alliance or bloc would be an auto cancellation. It would become far more of a hinderance than benefit. Respectfully Dame HIme Themis
  11. Gentle Persons I tend to agree with much of what Fox Fire has stated. And much as it pains me I actually agree with many of Rush Sykes ideas(well thought out) but not the elimination of tech trading or unlimited wars. However the strength of Digiterra is not the mechanics but the community. In the past there were long term grudges and very definite camps. In my view the strength of that community structure has not been added with the other mechanics changes. Team colour should matter more. Changing should hurt more staying together in an alliance on a single team should matter more. Wars on a the same colour alliance should cost -2 happiness for the duration of the war.Senate should be expanded and made more powerful BUT it should require the senate to vote and be limited to one senator per alliance. Treaties should have an actual in game value and cost to break.For example +1 happiness for a month for signing a NAP to the entire alliance BUT -2 happiness for 2 months for a formal break or violation be alliance war.Give the bonus again very 6 months it stays in place.Require a specific request to support when in war already to require an alliance to war or break the treaty. Grade the different treaties up in the same fashion. This would end the moronic practice of signing treaties that are then broken upon the smell of war.The violating alliance suffers double the penalty. Make the community think and benefit from keeping the politics and community active. Give a legitimate reason for people to join alliances and blocs. Give people a reason to do things not a penalty for not doing something. Instead of penalizing those who wish to hang out in peace mode give a benefit for staying in war mode that grows over time. Give an incentive for those who post on owf. Yes even the perpetual self indulgent ones they help build the community. Down declaring should cost happiness, up declaring gets you a hero bonus to happiness. 3 on 1 attacks should have a happiness penalty defending against multiple attacks a bonus.That lasts three times the war length. There is already the advantage of loot for the attacker. This would encourage newer nations not to roll over and alliances to actually fight. No bonus for turtling. No penalty as it is a choice. Eliminate the ability to rogue on any nation not in the top 250. The big nations are able to defend themselves though it will cost. The practice of roguing at the lower end by idiots with a grudge makes zero logical sense in a nation simulation game and allows people to drive others from the game. Even the most insane national leader in RL cannot suicide his nation though some morons have tried. But it is always on a bigger major nation. Make decelerations of war mandatory before war and provide a 24 hour window before attacks can begin. Once again for those who wannt reality in warfare no RL nation can build up on another nations boundaries without it being know.THis has the huge advantage of allowing both sides to plan and react in the community to make wars interesting and actually political. This community is why we play and we should encourage the strongest part of this Digiterra to actually effect game play. Respectfully Dame HIme Themis
  12. Gentle Persons Having seen Mr. Strait live in a more intimate setting 300 people there is no more deserving person to recieve that award as he retires from touring. One of the reasons I loved True Country is the end of the movie was so much like the performance we saw live in Ottawa. A man and a guitar nothing more and nothing else needed. Respectfully Dame Hime Themis
  13. Hime Themis


    Good Bob Ilyani You're arguing that people's choices of avatar are impacted by their IC personalities, in order to prove some sort of point that the MQ people aim to offend with their themes/posting styles. While your comments were not directed to me, they were made in a way that made a general implication of members of this community. As a member of said community, I felt that the post applied to me (how does it not? go back and read) and offered my input. Of course, you're posting this in a public place, so of course you want it to be digested and responded to by the general public. If not, you'd take it to PM, as you've done in the past. You're just pulling out this "I wasn't talking to you, so stay out of this" argument because-get this!- you're wrong and would rather not admit it. I will give you one thing though- your posting style and IC mannerisms pretty well reflect your character. You're asinine and act like a child when you don't get what you want... explains a lot of the decisions you've made in getting your nation so large. Good Bob ilyani I see you are blessed with the same reading affliction as your friends. First I have posted in FAVOUR of MQs RP posts.Of course you would have had to actually read those posts after all I only said that three or four time so I understand how you might have missed that. Second I specifically mention Rush's Avatar to point out the hypocrisy of his quote that he found "any RL analogies in game rather silly" yet picked a RL avatar that has no meaning except in context of RL. Thus giving lie to HIS exact words.I only said that 4 or 5 times so I understand your confusion. Third as you have rightly pointed out I do normally if "I" have a personal issue I take it to PM. As I did with the one piece of MQ RP I was concerned with and as I have given credit for that was responded too in a fair an decent manner. I do not as you and your little friends do come to a public forum to post a personal insult as you three have done. Fourth if we really wish to critique each others styles I shall be pleased to debate in another thread your sterling alliance leadership qualities of a now defunct alliance. Last it would appear you are still incapable of offering any kind of a cogent or coherent view on the actual OP. Respectfully Dame Hime Themis
  14. Hime Themis


    Bob Ilyani Today, 02:36 AM Seeing Hime slowly break down in this thread is amusing. As for your comment on avatars, I don't really see it. During my time in this world, I have taken as an avatar (among other things, these are the ones I can think of): a communist care-bear, Jaime Lannister from ASOIAF, Art Spiegelman's mouse character from Maus, the logo of a little-known record label, Col. Hans Landa from Inglorious Basterds, and Frank Underwood from House of Cards. Please, please find a way to rationally connect all of those things together. If you do, I'll gladly concede the point and not bring it up again. Good Bob Ilyani I was unaware that "your" avatar was the topic of this thread. A little self absorbed are we? Of course I am glad to discuss the psychological aspects of your Avatar choices in another thread. Would you or the other members of the coterie like to actually speak to the subject good Jerdge has posted??? I actually made my retort to the insult that was Rush’s first comment in context of the IC/OOC discussion of RP. I was making the point that all of us RP in these forums be it IC or ooc forums. Rush then chose to say he hated all RL analogies and I then suggested that he or others should provide the same level of critique to MQ for RP as they do to mine and that for someone who claims to hate all RL connections his avatar, nation name, capital city and even alliance name all bore a rather direct connection to that other realm. Further personal insults followed. You however have followed the lead with no actual input on the subject that Jerdge provided but showed once again your little group of friends prefer to go after picayune little personal jabs rather than adding to the overall debate discussion. I am just curious do you guys always move in packs or is just a coincidence you all follow each other to every thread to kiss each others butts?? Sorry just part of my breakdown. Hopefully you have additional ideas to the question Jerdge posed. Respectfully Dame Hime Themis
  15. Hime Themis


    Rushie You really cannot be this dim. I thought you were a obstinate mule but it appears you are just thick. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THE OP> YOU HAVE NOT ADDRESSED IT ONCE> You cannot even admit an error. I give if you have no desire to actually discuss the op take it to pm. Frankly I could care less what you think you are playing at. You are probably right you are not RP GR he actually has brain you cannot even address the OP all you can do is post personal insults.
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