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  1. Dang, these forums sure are dead! Good to meet you though, I think we are going to have so much fun together. I mean, you aren't mad right?
  2. Hillary Zoidberg of course #lizziemcguire #duffbeer
  3. aww Al Bundy, but I didn't get you anything! Thank you for the presents, how did you know war was my favorite?!
  4. I have to say, I am disappointed. You post this lovely invitation to party with you guys and then one of your advisers bemoans our arrival. I thought we could dance and play but now there is all this weeping and gnashing of teeth. Come on, Defcon, I know it is your party and your adviser can cry if he wants, but it is ruining the mood.
  5. Master Hakai, hey, Hillary is part of the negotiations just thought you should know #nice #lovetohelp #xoxoxo
  6. They say General Kanabis is yielding his power and stepping away Is that true? I wasn't aware that was something a person could do I'm perplexed Are they gonna keep on replacing whoever's in charge? If so, who's next? There's nobody else in their country who looms quite as largeā€¦ Johnny Apocalypse? I know him That can't be That's that little guy who spoke to me All those years ago What was it, eighty-five? That poor man, they're gonna eat him alive! Oceans rise Empires fall Next to Kanabis, they all look small All alone Watch them run They will tear each other into pieces Jesus Christ, this will be fun! Da da da dat da dat da da da dai ya da Da da da dat dat dai ya daaaaahahahahaha! "King Cobra" Johnny Apocalypse Good luck!
  7. Please don't stop, for me, that is a personal highlight.
  8. Yay! Doombird and Claws together 4 ever!
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