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  1. I won't believe anything until @HiredGun waxes poetic about it
  2. If there is a war in TE and no one is around to whine and cry about it, did it even happen?
  3. tehol, Not everyone can watch genius be born, thank you for this moment. You are an inspiration to us all. All of the tech sellers should flock to your banner.
  4. This is ❤️ and I agree and thanks should be given to everyone *not FTW* for making this game and community awesome.
  5. White Dove, I look forward to hearing from you. Taste the Waste o7
  6. In all solemnity, I also speak for The Boognish Cult, as Johnny speaks, as I speak, so speaks The Cult This round is teeming with multis and rogues. Boognish Cult will continue to fight the reprobates, they will not be forgiven and they are beyond salvation. We will speak out against despicable cheaters who bring shame to themselves and are not worthy of us as adversaries yet here we are, we fight on despite the filth of our foes. Alpha Wolves, if Defcon 1 is responsible for the multi rogues, then I am saddened by their duplicity and their fall from grace. Defcon 1, I hope that it isn't true and those who are multi creators are not being directed to do so by your leadership. Boognish Cult, as you were, in the trenches fighting against those fakes and cheats that would tear us down. Death to the rogues! Let the fires we light bring glory to Boognish and may our god continue to smile upon us. Taste the Waste o7 Boognish of Boognish Cult The Bumblebee
  7. What do you get if you cross two snakes with a magic spell? Addercadabra and abradacobra! What do you get when you join Cobra? 1. One of the most active alliances in CN 2. Fun and shens in Discord 3. Loyal and tenacious allies 4. Excellent leadership 5. Memes Cobra's Discord Means Memes, Land of the meme, home of the dank
  8. Greetings and salutations to all! We raise a glass to Round51! Taste the Waste o7
  9. There are hardly any players as it is and more importantly TE is a fun way to play with wonders and improvements you don't have in SE. I am new to CN and it is fun to get a WRC when I know I won't have it for YEARS in regular. I think it should be 100 mil because it encourages fast and competitive play. @admin please leave it as it was in 50, a new alliance was born from it and it was a great time. Thank you for your consideration!
  10. Getting kicked out of RFI and Claws was easy, you don't need advice for that, you need a backbone and an opposing opinion.
  11. Facts seem to be difficult to keep straight. Fact - General Kanabis announced he would be stepping down when the war ended. This was announced here: https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/132414-king-cobra-ii/ And then, lo and behold, 100 Cups of Coffee Later: https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/132551-a-tale-of-100-coffees/?do=findComment&comment=3563727 So. No. General Kanabis did not leave Cobra while the war was ongoing. He left when the war was completed. Smitty, I gave you sound advice in your public room that night long ago, seriously, stop talking. You never seem to help your alliance when you start talking. Leave it to Mr. Joseph Black, honestly, why isn't he in charge over there? Leave it armpit, Velocity, I mean, frankly even leave it to Master Chief, god help us all. Any of them do a better job of representing your AA. It is just like a good friend of mine in RFI said, "FTW is best served when Canik and others are silent, they benefit from a bit of mystery."
  12. This is the worst pop in you have done yet lol
  13. https://cybernations.fandom.com/wiki/Snake_Eyes_War This is a terrible title for this war. @James Spanier come on man, do you remember that night in #gulag you agreed and said the name should be changed to something that wasn't a mixed metaphor? I said it should be "Korlath's War" and you said it should be "Cobra Rolls for Damage" and everyone agreed that anything is better than "Snake Eyes War". Yes, this does matter cause 10 years from now I will be like all the other CN old people and linking wiki articles like, "hey, kid, this was a war not like the dead planet we have now" and I want that link to look cool man.
  14. When you yawned, were you looking at your war screen? Not a single declaration against Non Grata in over a month? No wonder you are bored.
  15. Oh Canik. How desperately they reached? You couldn't even come up with an original "About Freehold of The Wolves". How many alliances merged to make your AA? Not one person there has any wit? Surely people with the imagination it takes to pretend to be animals could come up with something fun and clever to say that wasn't cribbed from Non Grata.
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