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  1. Wow, I am impressed! You answered that very well, did you have Kaz write that for you? Maybe Velocity? Hey, your flag is still bad so thank you for that, I am glad my meme still works.
  2. I would like to post a formal query into the avatar or lack thereof, currently representing Moose Hole. Are you in fact a Moose? It is clearly an "M" which is not a moose at all. I think the official announcement should be about this scandal that has started over the lack of moose.
  3. I agree, without nukes it made it harder and more interesting to try and get people in anarchy. You had to work for it more and it promoted teamwork and some fun trash talk. Like when @tehol helped me get 30 messages in one go to send me to the red. It was a good round. Thanks for being such good sports, Alpha Wolves. I would for sure support nukes being curbed for TE.
  4. And for overspending on planes and navy because you can't resist the shiny...
  5. Updeclare is more fun and yeah, we get banged around but it is a long round. Might as well have some fun
  6. 118 Nations isn't a lot but to those of us who play and put in the time, we love this game. Can we please get alliance flags for TE? 20 nations is crazy high. I don't even want to have 20 nations in my AA. I am for no cap limit since only your own AA can use the flag but if you have to have a cap can it be like 5 nation instead of 20?
  7. I don't think we have ever had a war! We couldn't let that continue, you would think we didn't love you guys! ❤️
  8. The Boognish Cult would like to announce that we are at war with Alpha Wolves! The cult requires wars to thrive and we are ready to worship with our friends. We look forward to a wonderful round against a worthy and strong opponent! Taste the Waste o7 Signed: Boognish - The Bumblebee Pandy Fackler -The Stallion
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