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  1. Lucius Optimus. always great to see you! Congrats!
  2. Reset seems to have fixed whatever it was but this was pretty crazy. My nation went from Total Collection Amount $173,882,611.33 to Total Collection Amount $309,160,606.60 and my citizen income went up over $200.00. It is like I had the effects of Guerrilla Camps even after they were deleted.
  3. Congratulations to each of you, I hope you prosper as one.
  4. I am having something similar happen to me as well. I was in anarchy, left anarchy, then deleted Guerrilla Camps and Labor Camps so I could collect on 19 days. I bought 1000 infra and I am making much less now than I was before. I have checked events and team proposals and there is nothing that accounts for the massive drop in income. If I collect today it would be: Total Collection Amount$173,882,611.33 on 19 days Which makes zero sense because on the following I made much more with less infra: 3/23/2020 1:08:44 AM Lyanna Mormont collected $227,433,159.40 on 20 days worth of back taxes I was making more money with less infra? Can you help me with this? I really don't want to collect and lose that much money. Thank you, Ly
  5. lol dude, do you use discord? I can help you get your nation set up haha, or just message me in game.
  6. Any reason you aren't selling 100 tech for 3 mil?
  7. Boognish Cult also decided to be 6 this round. Freaking last round was so boring, thanks for trying to keep things more interesting for everyone!
  8. Loooool RoadRash, join BC already sheesh
  9. Dear admin, Thank you for your attention to TE. Please delay this round for another few weeks. I am not emotionally ready for this to start again. Thank you, Boognish Cult
  10. Honestly, this one is better because it has me in it and Kerschbs and Mogar but whatever floats your boat I guess gg wp
  11. Your flag just always looks stolen
  12. The Boognish Cult has a new leader for next round! All hail yoooo0!!! The reign of yoooo0 has begun! The time of Omeet is upon us, Omeet will lead us into the future and into our prosperity! Boognish has chosen!
  13. Did you see his sig? He has self declared himself the Savior. I think that ilk expect a certain level of grovel to feel properly appreciated.
  14. Good for you, people appreciate a strong sense of self, that is for sure
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