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  1. He condoned his own behavior? Now crawl back to you hole? baby teir? Are you so upset you can't write correctly?
  2. @jerdge Cobra said Kashmir is protected. Lex is the leader of Kashmir. Lex was attacked. Cobra defended Lex. It is quite simple. The comment made to me in a public room by an adult man I am not friends with and don't know very well was gross. Whether you think it was good, bad, or indifferent is your opinion. However, it was not why we defended Lex. We, Cobra, defended Lex because we said we would. This has been the point the whole time, that is the story Cobra sticks to because that is who we are, we defend our friends.
  3. My only concern at this point is the attack on Lex. Thanks for answering, I like to hear what you think about how situations like this are handled.
  4. I for one am the picture of calmness. I would just like to know Tevron's opinion since he is a respected member of his alliance and an important figure in RFI.
  5. So you don't think that Claws should have aided him?
  6. Interesting that you view what was said to me as the same as you being called a donut.
  7. Those "allies" became tech traders with our enemies after running from war in favor of their pixels. So, no, we beat up people who have a very different definition of ally than we do and they are no longer considered friends. Haha so yeah, more like you say tomato and we say, we never forget.
  8. It is like they picked the best place they could!
  9. Optional friendship within Freehold
  10. I'm going to squanch you till you're squanched in the squanch
  11. Lex isn't lazy, which is why this is actually concerning. I don't like when my friends go MIA when we are in a global pandemic. Lex is an active player in game and in discord. If something has happened, god forbid, I don't see why or how it is his members who are at fault. I am kinda disappointed in your response, Al
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