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  1. Who had White Chocolate says she enjoys retirement on their bingo card?
  2. Walsh, I am not from the attacking side. I am however in leadership in one of the two alliances attacked. Cobra government has not been contacted as to why we were declared on by NPO, Iron, Claws, Argent, and GATO. The only reason we have been given is that Non Grata broke a NAP. Cobra did not and has never had a NAP with anyone of the beforementioned alliances. I have been assured by lower ranking members of Claws that the evidence, which they have only seen snippets of and can not confirm, "is compelling". We have seen no evidence of this.
  3. Hahahaha How did I miss this? Crink, relevant discussion....*snort* *snicker* *wipes eyes*
  4. Admin wants this game to be over as much as we want the game to be over lmao Torn is great!
  5. Torn gives you energy for going inactive so you don't lose everything when you come back. CN punishes you cause even admin wants this to be over
  6. @AL Bundy, hey look, you are on the same side as Ben Hitchcock.....again. What a legacy you are building. We will just wait on that map edit, KNB looks like it belongs right where it is
  7. *embarrass TDE, it is almost impressive how annoying you managed to be when we were discussing your rogue actions against Cobra. I assumed it was intentional, some kind of mental game you were playing. Like, you looked at this game and said, I can roleplay as a complete knob! Yay! Now I realize this is your personality. You are just, you. This is you. Oof.
  8. Ben, I am really sorry that your time in CN has come to this, this desperate loneliness. I am sure if you keep trying so hard you will make a friend. Just keep your chin up, it will be okay, every little pot has a lid somewhere.
  9. Best part of this entire thread is realizing how desperate Hitchcock is for acceptance. @Caustic please, be kind to him, he loves you so much. He just needs you to say what a good boy he is and that you are proud of him. Just throw him a bone, it is so sad to see him beg.
  10. Oh so caustic hit a nerve with that quip from way back when? Nice of you to openly admit it.
  11. Are you suggesting that all of Cobra's wars were important enough to warrant the planet's attention? Lovely
  12. Did you comb the forums for those grave digs or did you just save them over the years because you just knew you could use them someday? Post the Cobra ones next, I can't wait to see what you saved for us.
  13. Well, math is not on your side. When 715 nations declare on 66? Targets are hard to find.
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