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  2. Edward I

    to the NPO

    People have been sent to the gulags for less. Reconsider carefully.
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  4. Good Jerdge


     I appreciate your response and understand there is NO hypocrisy from you.

    The response you quoted was to Unbiased Mod who like the whole set of respondents felt the need to protect the bigot and chide the person calling out the bigot,while absolutely ignoring the very blatant racist post by Old Self. You are not a mod and therefore are not required to read all the posts. That does not diminish the fact that NONE of the posters made negative comment about his post but many decided to chide my calling out the bigot.

     When you start referring to anyone as a member of the black skinned, yellow skinned, red skinned, brown skinned, or white skinned community I will have issue with you. However since no non-bigot ever uses that wording I doubt that shall ever be an issue.


    I have great respect for you, but I live by a strong credo.


    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


     I will never abide in silence bigots or racists.



    Dame HIme Themis

    1. jerdge



      I think that we agree on values (more or less, of course, two minds can't be exactly the same) and that we disagree on the interpretation of this specific instance. It's nothing dramatic, we can agree that we disagree and move on: in any case that thread of MV isn't going to change the world, as probably a scarce half dozen people actually read it, and we're well over seven billions on this planet.




  5. Cheonsa

    Lumber and Marble available for trade!

    Are you willing to trade with a black team member? If so, then we can trade.
  6. As the title says, I'd give you my gems and uranium. I'd like rubber, aluminium, lead, lumber, marble, and/or gold in return.
  7. HiredGun

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    You'd be more worthy of these awards over those who're orchestrating most destructive and taking advantage of less experienced players and smaller alliances to advance their award ambitions.
  8. Last week
  9. RoadRash

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    how about you just give me all the awards
  10. HiredGun

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    I'd also like to see those who earn the most casualties take awards over the largest alliances who effectively win it by simply being larger than everyone else. For the benefit of the game we need balanced teams and a good place to start is to take away the advantages of being the largest alliance. Most alliance kills, strongest alliance, etc. One issue was the larger alliances constatly declaring war on the smaller alliances in pursuit of most kills. Many never got the opportunity to declare their own war and from my own observations a lot lost interest to fight back. When looking at alliance awards, using averages would be more beneficial to help keep teams balanced and more fair. @admin
  11. Qazzian

    to the NPO

    I mean, that's a very fair point, and I need to reconsider a few things in my life...
  12. Thrash

    Old Fart needs home

    Join Invicta
  13. Hey Mael, still doing CNRP? It looks pretty dead.

    1. Maelstrom Vortex

      Maelstrom Vortex

      It is very dead, sadly. Jesbro and I kept it going for a short while, but a two person rp can get pretty stagnant.

  14. ChairmanMeow

    Old Fart needs home

    Mael, its been a while. Ill PM you
  15. ChairmanMeow

    Old Fart needs home

    I think I remember you NoMutantAllowed. Based on your username at least. Ill PM you!
  16. Haflinger

    The Amazing Casualties Race

    Indeed an update would be nice. The #50 nation on the spreadsheet is now at #54, and the guy I mentioned is at #56. So there have definitely been some changes.
  17. CrinkledStraw


    Serving 1 to 10 of 3,377 Nations Well then!
  18. AL Bundy

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    Another Suggestion with awards: Change the most casualties from: in the alliance with the most casualties to: just the top 2 nation with the most casualties. Don't think it should always come down to the top 2 large alliance winning all the awards. AL @admin
  19. StevieG

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    Strongest Alliance - United Nations - 67.58 Score That should be Alliance with the most Infrastructure Destroyed right? And Sexy Gladiators Also, can the wording of this Award be changed? It sounds like Most Infra lost, but is defined as most infra destroyed.
  20. Round 47 will start next Friday 9/21.
  21. Maelstrom Vortex


    1. They were in their own way. There was no singular cause to that entire mess. There were many problems at the top. You're right, the loss of Dilber and Philosopher was a setback. I question your definition of competence. A competent person does not disregard the sources of information at its disposal because the information is inconvenient to one's whims. 2. Speaking from within. I know that Triyun and Vektor both influenced this hubris and helped grow it. 3. You weren't the only group that needed paid attention to and Triyun and Vektor clearly weren't listening to anyone but themselves in that regard, but agreed that TOP was neglected, but I think you greatly underestimate Triyun and Vektor's role in that. They were heavilly lackluster in their performance. The claimed labor where little was seen. Thus, as you said, TOP's feeling of neglect. 4. Please note, you said Moo and his gang of Cronies.. of which inexorably.. Vektor and Triyun were just that. Since they left I have never seen any other legates ignore the reports of their subordinates in such a manner. You could say it's one of the lessons the order took to heart in the war. 5. Vektor and Triyun were fools who knew I joined just before and sacrificed much in Karma for our order while they fled to the safety of other homes. I served in my capacity quite well, it's not my fault they were too foolish and headstrong to heed warning or read the reports they had me generate. Perhaps if they had, maybe Top would have actually HAD some attention and maybe even the war might have been reconsidered. But no, they had their agenda, they pressed it, and they got our collective butts handed to us. Their resentment only grew when I pointed out their very personal roles in helping bring that war about so their judgement.. ahem.. not exactly clear headed or unbiased and intentionally intended to harm. My rants have always been megalomania-cal.. if they're not I'm sick. And yes, you did do just that (telling us to take a hike). I still enjoyed getting my revenge later, crater. 6. You're actually doing better than Cent.. who is the one I have a greater qualm with. You never were one to mock.. But Cent.. Oh how I loved cratering him. I was just using you as a point of comparison as I fought you and he not long apart.. if not simultaneously during equilibrium for a brief period. You went inactive and are still out pacing him in recover. Perhaps he's gone inactive too. I'm like you, I only hold grudges against horrible human beings.. and there are at least 3. Lets just say that if either of the other two had been able to be targeted during equilibrium I'd have been after them as well. I take great pride in the work and contributions i've given since those days, when others fled and I stood firm. One thing I may say that they may not, almost everyone in the Order would agree it wouldn't have been the same without me.. and that's why I couldn't give any care for what you or any other think of my role within my group or this game. You don't have to tell me my history. I lived it with my brothers and sisters. Twilight years? Moribund game? I've been in this position for almost a good 2-3 years now at the very least. It's still here. These sounds like the justification of one who does not want to see their fall in a clearer light. 7. It's not dead yet. You can still bring new life here, it's just apparently people've forgotten how. Or perhaps they've just lost the will to fight. Also, if I don't hold grudges.. it's hard to take enjoyment out of annihilating someone. I feel.. more satisifed.. when there is equal weight moral imperative to destroying my targets. You just happened to be an alliance leader, a trophy to collect. Other targets i have a more visceral taste for. There've even been a few targets whom I held in high regard that I literally held my nose while nuking because I would rather have stayed their allies, but sometimes the will of the world doesn't shape out the way needed to grant one such luxuries. Good seeing you around again.
  22. Crymson


    @Maelstrom Vortex You're in luck: I'm checking these forums for the first time in four years, and I saw your notification. Per your claims on Karma: having had my finger very much on the pulse of Cybernations at that stage, I can tell you that you're incorrect; Vektor and Triyun certainly weren't the catalysts for it. If anything, they were--after the retirements of Dilber and Philosopher--the only competent foreign affairs persons remaining in the ranks of NPO's government at that time. Karma was caused by the rampaging incompetence and power-tripping of such fools as Moo-Cows, Zha'Dum, and so on. Under Moo's leadership--particularly in the absence of Dilber and Philo--NPO progressively made enemies of a larger and larger proportion of the treaty web while increasingly alienating friends and allies, all the while operating under the bizarre belief that the latter would mindlessly fall into line to protect NPO when the butcher's bill ultimately came due. Needless to say, they ended up unpleasantly surprised on that count. I've seen the logs of NPO's IO channel on the night the Karma War erupted, when it became suddenly apparent to all those present that they did not have the strength to win the conflict they'd started. Their genuine astonishment at the situation was absolutely hilarious to behold; the vast majority had a sublime lack of understanding as to how their own choices had led directly and inexorably to that ultimate consequence. The hubris was truly amazing. It was Moo and company who had critically undermined the cohesion of Continuum in the latter half of 2008, who lost friends and made enemies of the majority of that bloc's members, who had carelessly bullied and power-played their way into the elusive scenario of those stagnant days: one in which a number alliances were, at last, willing to band together against NPO in sufficient numbers to make a fair fight of things. For TOP's part, Vektor and Triyun were the only ones who paid us any attention or our opinions any heed, Triyun throughout the early stages of that year and Vektor on the days leading up to the war and indeed up to the very moment it was begun. It was the rest of NPO's leadership that blithely neglected a critical relationship with TOP, arrogantly content up until the very night the war began to assume we'd simply fall into lockstep, no matter that it was the umpteenth time during our treaty relationship that they'd callously trampled on our agenda without any consideration. That was an enormous mistake. TOP was, punch for punch, quite possibly the most militarily powerful alliance in the game at the outset of Karma, and we had a great deal of political pull to boot. NPO absolutely needed our support if it was to begin that war on even an equal footing with the opposition, and Moo's very act of starting that war was--after nine months spent entirely unconcerned with our opinions about anything--to give us a giant middle finger that we were entirely unwilling to forgive. We'd beseeched him to avoid pursuing an entirely petty issue into a war that would leave us in an incredibly awkward position, and indeed I was mediating talks with an aim toward resolving the issue---talks that ended when Moo abruptly decided he'd had enough and immediately declared war. I know for a fact that Triyun and Vektor were against this and tried to stop it, but Moo and his gang of cronies were not having any of that. That event about sums up the NPO mindset that brought about Karma. If Vektor and Triyun told you that you didn't have what it took, my admittedly limited experience with you would lead me to agree. And if you did indeed end up becoming "a force," as you say, you did so in the twilight years of a moribund game. My recollection of your behavior is comprised largely of your megalomaniacal, hysterical rants made years ago. You'd have been a perfect fit in NPO's hierarchy during its glory years. It was the many people of your temperament in NPO's government who helped topple NPO's from its position of glory, and indeed the very types who led me to quit that alliance and migrate to TOP in the first place. The irony of that has always amused me, as I played probably the greatest role in building TOP from a largely passive observer into an active, powerful political force whose support NPO ultimately took for granted and whose independence they underestimated; and I was there, on the night the Karma War began, when we terminally lost patience with NPO and told them to take a hike. That said, this all took place years ago and in the context of a game. I have no particular hard feelings toward you or anyone else, save those few who were legitimately bad human beings. I'm not sure what "dismantling" you're referring to, nor the recovery race you've referenced. I recently reactivated my nation at the behest of others, after years in the inactivity pile. In any event, I've enjoyed this trip down memory lane. For three or four years, this was an engaging game with a stellar community. It's a shame that didn't last.
  23. King Irwin

    A formal DoW

    It will likely come to that in due time, old friend. But we never fully recovered from our last couple wars and we're all too far below your range. In the meantime, I feel like the Black Knight. It was just a flesh wound, but we may have to resort to biting the legs off of all you bigger nations!
  24. admin

    Alliance Map - NPO

    Thanks for the report Austindel and info jgolla. The issue has been corrected.
  25. Maelstrom Vortex

    Old Fart needs home

    Don't listen to the doom sayers, they're the ones killing bob.. and only because they can't breathe life into their part of Bob *chortle*. I am starting to recruit people to join... prepare to watch Pacifica get even stronger. Callin you slackers out. Do the work.. the world only dies if you let it.
  26. MaineGOP

    Old Fart needs home

    I mean honestly 2008 is still a n00b, what great wars do you remember? GW I was 2006 GW's II and III were 2007 It appears you weren't around for any great wars 🤨
  27. NoMutantAllowed

    Old Fart needs home

    Howdy! I was Ragnarok during the Van Hoo days. I’m over in CLAWS if you want to join. We are allied with GATO last time I checked.
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