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  2. I know that it's not what you meant to write, but still... This made me smile. Years ago a Mod told me that Pacifica was controlling the Mod team (by means of having many Mods among their members). Bear in mind that it was their own personal individual opinion, that I was never shown any evidence or document, thus this is basically hearsay. You'll also have to decide if I can be trusted. Nonetheless, I know for a fact that the WTF used to DoW on their inactive members, and AFAIK they never suffered any serious consequences for it. After pages of unchecked discussion of cheating and Mod bias, we can probably conclude that the staff almost completely abandoned this ship some time ago. I actually expect them to pop up sooner or later, though. It would be nice if they did something (anything) to keep this board a minimum tidy, in fact, but years of death wishes, harassment and abuse, racist, discriminatory and hate-inciting comments with little to no consequence convinced me not to hold my breath. It indeed is against the rules, there are precedents about it. Although, well, see above about rules enforcement. (It has to be said that stuff must be reported first, for rules to be enforced.) (I might add that I stopped reporting because the Mod team is as responsive as a ghost town.)
  3. Eatanny... I sound like a pokemon
  4. Psychoanalysis: +1 Score: 4 It might be escapism.. cept.. everyone knows I'm a dragon and have been since I appeared int his world. You haven't proven no on else is or was allowed to do the same thing. Therefore you have proven no cheating. Cite a case example where someone attempted the same thing and formally posted a request to them.
  5. Sorry.. I'm suddenly blind to the data of the monitoring stations. Must have been a fluke. Not like our operatives had any involvement in its failure anyway....
  6. Can't believe you stole FTW's flag to for your announcement...
  7. yup it is still an interesting fabrication though
  8. *shuts down monitoring stations* I'm sorry, what failed test?
  9. Eating is awesome, but tyranny has its moments. Mebbe combine the two? Oh wait....that would just make you an unbearable restaurant patron. On a more serious note, do you have any goals that you would like to share with the group? I mean, beyond punishing the usurpers for stealing your flag.
  10. Thrash, Your willingness to abandon Invictus for NG isnt much of a mystery. Your on a collision course with the end of the world and realized the fastest way to get there was to jump into a doomed crusade. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  11. Stewie, That's certainly true. Ive been trying to figure out how an alliance so respected and well versed in diplomacy and war got so spectacular outclassed in both fields by peons.
  12. Hm, isn't this against the rules? Not that the rules matter if you're NPO.
  13. Only like 70% of it is 100% true.
  14. Don't worry. Some day we'll get that land purge. It'll be as long as we had to wait for the tech purge.
  15. Yesterday
  16. FARK shouldn't be being dragged into this. I hope you guys are enjoying from the sidelines
  17. Escapism back into the dragon fantasy. What is the "other key fact" that I am disregarding, that the mods gave you the green light to cheat? Cheating allowed by the game-masters is still cheating. My definition of whether or not it is a cheat is not conditional on whether or not the staff give NPO a free pass on something nobody else is allowed to do. People have tried to raid their departing mates since the dawn of time and have always gotten punished for it. Only NPO gets a free pass on it.
  18. Of all the responses I expected to get, that wasn't one of them. I think that tech can be better used burning furries, NPO and (worst of all) furries in NPO.
  19. Welp. I've sent you 100 tech in apologies for spam in your inbox
  20. Heretic, how dare you mention the God Emperor in the same post as me.. go flagellate yourself as punishment, 20 lashings.. no less.
  21. Failure to address our God Emperor was his proper title will only make your eventual death more painful. Be respectful, you imbecile dragon wannabe!
  22. Phew... I was worried it might be at the levels of that recent failed Russian NERVA test.
  23. Hey NPO, do you want to go and spam me with fake aid offers to see if I'm aiding NG too?
  24. Psychoanaylsis +1 Score: 3 (It's a good thing I haven't made this a drinking game.) When the commentary is so boring and rehashed.. that it doesn't alleviate even workplace boredom.. it doesn't merit an extensive response. There are about 3 pages of the same garbage. I just don't feel a need to repeat myself indefinitely. You want to be a bird sharpening their beak on a multi-ton mountain sized reptile, you go right ahead. Let me know how long it takes to whittle him away. There is already a short novel on it.. please learn to read. PS: Avoid psychology, clearly not your strong suit. Stick to cheap jabs and insults on tenuous evidence while disregarding other key facts whilst performing insufficient research which requires holes being filled with wild assumptions that are usually provided by Lyser..... you're much better at co-opting other's work.
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