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  2. Hello, On 9/20/2020 around 9:00 PM EDT the nation Jinnailand ruled by Malazar removed himself as owner of The Phoenix Federation and as Heir I was set to become the new owner. For some reason, an inactive nation, Kilkenny, was granted ownership. Please rectify this at your earliest convenience.
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  4. I don't really know what this is about - honestly I don't care - but this thread taught me that I like this Lyanna girl. Done she's been not to live like a brute.
  5. On one thing da Zig is right, which is that this world's physical structure has been rendered worthless. He nonetheless fails, though, as his efforts clearly show that he himself doesn't really believe to the one right thing he's saying.
  6. 1. I heartily endorse this event and/or product, unless it happened two years ago, in which case I do so ironically. 2. Such a literate girl, I almost feel like a librarian posted this. 3. Stay away from beer and matches, young lady -- you KNOW I'm a narc and I know who to narc to.
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  8. Join the Freehold of the Wolves today! We can promise that you won't regret your decision.
  9. I can attest to just how awesome CCC is. They are one of the best alliances on Planet Bob. You should definitely join my friends in CCC.
  10. How are we supposed to know how great World of Tanks is if Junka doesn't constantly tell us about how much better than CN it is?
  11. Why is everyone still arguing? Let's go back to ripping on Junka.
  12. Seems to be completely on my end. I apparently didn't have flash player on this machine, so downloaded that and works 4.0. Please disregard, and thanks Jesusfreak.
  13. Yeah yeah okay mate, the people who you totally don't care about have got the message, you can stop posting. Now if you don't mind; off you $%&@ back to that utopia you keep banging on about.
  14. I'm not referring to the separate Oculus CB and declare. You are incorrect. You're definitely right about Legion and FTW pulling most of the weight in Snake Eyes. Their commanders, Windmark and Kaznawim did really well at organizing internally.
  15. I do not sell anything to those who cannot pay. My sole interest is in informing those of you who suppressed us your failure in the end.
  16. Not true. They did but it was very limited. There was a lot more they could've done, but didn't for some strange reason. Props for keeping me staggered the whole war, but declaring on me and not nuking me allows me to get out of anarchy and launch 4 more wars. The entire war mostly just placeholders thrown at me. If you're gonna declare war at least do something. Applies to NPO also. An alliance of that size should have been able to throw more people at us, but they're an inactive hulk. It's sad that FTW and Legion bore most of the weight from that war, when they had allies many times the size
  17. What is that supposed to mean? I say nice all the time to those whom deserve to have nice things said about them.
  18. They both use Flash I think, and it's being discontinued in December. Probably has something to do with it.
  19. Grub has hugged me every time I've ever formed a coalition with GK to enforce peace and neutrality on Planet Bob.
  20. Maybe it's just me, I got a new PC, so could be a software issue on my end. But it's a new one on me. While we're at it, the Military Advisor Tool doesn't appear to be working either.
  21. Wait, when either of the two said to anyone anything nice? (or that might have been mistakenly taken as nice, from TBB especially) I guess the next time you'll talk of Grub giving hugs or of GK (or Banned) going hippie... Stay real!
  22. Wory gets less credit than he deserves
  23. Tevron mentioned old guard politics earlier. That could be a start. Promote from within. Sit back. And see where the next generation takes us. The longer we hold on, the more we will lose our grasp on this world.
  24. Great Treaty, although I had nothing do with it, I still like it! Now if I can find the last bottle of Guru Order beer to celebrate!
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