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  3. I won't believe anything until @HiredGun waxes poetic about it
  4. This war never happened Lyanna. I guess you’re probably right.
  5. If there is a war in TE and no one is around to whine and cry about it, did it even happen?
  6. tehol

    $27M 200tech

    All slots for $27M/200t currently claimed. I will post again here if a new spot opens up. Thanks
  7. Haha! I love it! And I love this topic and the posters who have put in their two cents. Back to the subject at hand: [gif]williewonka/walking.with.cane/falling/springingtolife[/gif]] <——— admin With what I’ve seen and heard, people in power don’t want to give up their power; just like in real life. I would ask if players would prefer a time limit/reset similar to TE, but longer. Who would enforce this? That’s a problem. Also, this reminds me too much of CN 2.0, so, never mind, it’s already been proposed and shown to be mechanics.
  8. i agree a nice straight up war
  9. tehol, Not everyone can watch genius be born, thank you for this moment. You are an inspiration to us all. All of the tech sellers should flock to your banner.
  10. True, but I shall endeavor. ”How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” Let’s find out.
  11. Earlier
  12. I think it also showed the new players what a decent war looks like. Just a fun old school CNTE war, without any drama, crying or fingerpointing like in the other wars seen on the OWF. Good show!
  13. tehol

    $27M 200tech

    Greetings, Do you buy tech? Are you tired of tech sellers flaking on you? Do you have a hard time keeping all your slots filled? Well look no further! I have a very good history of sending tech on time, and I send reminders if you forget to send cash. I currently sell 100t for $9m. However, I am looking to raise prices to 27m for 200t. So 3x 9m followed by 2x100t. If you are interested in buying tech from me at that new price, then you can take the aid slot from any of my current buyers, assuming they do not want to pay the new prices. Let me know! Thanks.
  14. A Sisyphean endeavor these days...
  15. I have belonged to three of those alliances and led one of them. You are most welcome. I really did try. Since there's really no other place to put this, a brief commentary on unintended consequences. Some will remember the great debate about the GRL, its removal, and associated environmental effects. The intent was to create a situation wherein the use of nukes would have devastating effects for all nations, perhaps serving as a kind of brake on their use. Of course, this never happened. Instead, my new nation (my umpteenth, I believe) is at 4,100 infra, has a full suite of happiness inducing improvements, two Wonders, and a population that is indifferent and an environment that is catastrophic. As a result, I am barely able to pay my bills each day. I don't particularly care, mind you. I'm not here to 'grow my nation' or engage in any of the kind of idiotic flexing I see from time to time. I sell tech and send PMs to friends. But if I were a new nation actually trying to make a go of it, I'd be frustrated as hell and would have quit long ago. The hill that one must climb to build a nation is far steeper than it was just a few years ago, and the rewards (?) are few to non-existent.
  16. I do appreciate the excellent gif (OOC: great show)
  17. Better late than never. We peace out at update.
  18. you see botsy thats what I’m saying …. you truly are a delusional young man …. you guys got me with the rogue to stunt my start up and then ran on me when i was already stumped ….its ok tho jessica i understand …. ill see you later xoxo
  19. NLON hereby declares war against Alpha Wolves. A_cool_picture. jpg If you want to cry, do it here.
  20. We've had 3 rounds of war already and you have been demolished every time. Also the finger pointing is only your poor excuse for losing 3 wars to D1 already. This time we weren't going to let you build unopposed like last round and allow you to dogpile D1 while at war. Oh no those days are over.
  21. that was first go round …. caught me with my pants down with those rogues
  22. Except a war just started between these alliances. D1 vs BC, OP and BAPs. Good luck to everyone involved!
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