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  2. I need a Rainbow flag, a wolf avatar, a signature with maybe both and a seal for if the government signs of some sort to start. will pay in in-game dollars or possibly a donation
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  4. YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW??? I don’t usually write in full caps, but I have to. I knew you declared war on OP and how absurd it is lol
  5. Lol make a change bring your alliance to it and take over
  6. I hope I see everyone play next round when it comes live
  7. Not something expected. RoadRash, Firingline & others kept declaring on me for no reason, and RE had a lot of dirty play. A lot of alliances like OP had a better round. The round I did enjoy the moments where I was not declared by someone. Lol. Next Round I’am not joining, need a nice break from tournament play
  8. Certainly not a dull round! We toast to our utter domination of Round 57 and move onto the next.
  9. Congrats! NG are amazing, and you'll be in great hands Best of luck in growing your alliance.
  10. We are now protected by NG. Thanks to those that believed in LGBTQ+. I'd still like to remain in contact to those who offered.
  11. Thanks It will be nice to return... You had a good score last round
  12. Had a TON of fun. Some really, really good people in RE. And @Jason8. But some really good people for sure.
  13. When you accomplish your goal in 4 days AND you win the round? Amazing stuff!
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