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  2. i sincerely must apologize … i would have bet you were a pest called Mexico … i see you are not … if you wish and its decided by all i would extend my hand and offer peace ????
  3. I have to catch myself. I forgot @Velyni Vas just applied over to NPO from IRON congrats on that move btw. Great groups on both sides.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Let's let bygones be bygones. To infinity and beyond!
  6. I am chuffed to be a source of concern for you as always, Tevron.
  7. Thank you to our friends and fans alike especially those in IRON AND NG. Allies and allies of allies are allies o/
  8. Oh I completely missed this until now. Yeah we kinda caused this mess but you guys are pretty cool so I am glad we have a resolution in sight.
  9. Ugh, finally. Glad to see this posted.
  10. The Direwolves of Winterfell and the Roman Empire have agreed to a cessation of hostilities. No new wars will be declared after this update. All current wars will be allowed to expire. Signatories: Direwolves of Winterfell, -Smitty, King in the North -Joseph 'Muddog' Black, Hand of the King Roman Empire, -Samoyed, Emperor -Highroad, Emperor
  11. I guess you can blame road rash for this one 😂
  12. To be fair, I said "try and police" It's caustic, it's impossible. His chosen method of diplomacy used to be literally sending pictures of his balls. This is by all meanings, pretty tame 🤷‍♂️
  13. . . Noble Lords and Ladies of Bob, I regret that our first communication should come in the form of a notice of war, but as the words of our great house go, Winter is coming. Without request, notice, or tribute the Roman Empire has marched its armies North over the Neck, and beyond Moat Cailin. Their generals have without provocation launched attacks on Keeps and Holds of the North. As sworn protector and King in the North, Smitty256 held faith with these Lords and Ladies. The North remembers the tradition of the ancient ways. This declaration of war against these dishonor
  14. I am not sure if this is the right section of the forums to post this but we go. For attacking two of our members, unprovoked, the Direwolves of Winterfell formally declares war on the Roman Empire. Signed, -Smitty256, King in the North -Joseph Black, Hand of the King
  15. FiringLine is mine. Also: Congrats, etc. Hai NATO.
  16. Velocity is also my favorite person to insult.
  17. Last week
  18. I didn't realize that calling someone's poor form like it is would be understood as policing. Let's not be so fragile and stay classy all. Thanks for the report on your activities Lyanna, I was getting worried when I didn't see the TPS report on my desk.
  19. dane, caustic and I have been watching Supernatural, you know how nervous Tevron gets when caustic and I are in voice together. Tevron, it is okay. We are just watching Dean and Sam fight demons, the only ulterior motive to movie night is friendship.
  20. They let you post on the OWF? You'll probably get an orion fine for breaking censorship law
  21. Don't worry guys, Tev is here to try and police Caustic's speech. I'm sure this will go well.
  22. It’s also a Non Grata thread, and thankfully everyone doesn’t have to like one another. If our MDP partners (hey we’re in our upgrade thread) have an issue I’m sure they’ll say something to us in private.
  23. Honestly, I ask myself the same thing every time you post.
  24. biggest hypocrite in the game ……. (ohhhh no there not multis we asked someone to make a nation to remove our blockades and get some XP ,because we didn’t want to attack our real opponents because they scare us ,, they scared us so bad we left our color …..) your the joke HG ….. such a count ….
  25. Calling Pacifican members brainwashed trash in a NATO thread is pretty poor form. They've been allies for ages.
  26. "Premier star wars alliance" is named after something from the Disney trilogy. Is this really the best our world can muster anymore?
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