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  2. I'll nvr4get the time LH was making up a story about how cobra is kashmir slaves and specifically, when he said kash "kicked us to the curve" and now cobra has to "flip the bill"
  3. You are not going to bait me into an ego trap, I've none myself. I could care less if you feel my "cn career" is anything less than mediocre. I've stated that many times The topic here is Veracity the Rogue. And despite your lame attempts to clear his name, it's not going to happen.
  4. meant to say ‘condemn‘, great catch and fixed
  5. This is your entire career in a nutshell. How many times did Canik look the other way at your own (way worse) comments?
  6. I think you misunderstand what the word condoned means.
  7. Stop crying yourself. If Veracity was truly repentant he would have been sincere instead of making light of his actions with half assed apologies. The issue has been dealt with. Veracity is a rogue So much so that even you were not allowed to keep him. Find another topic to exploit.
  8. He did, multiple times. Your side was so busy crying foul and did not care to acknowledge it. I hope you don’t actually think I support what he did? I don’t and was also one of the first to call him out. I do support the way he handled it afterwards and that was doing the right thing and addressing the issue and handling it appropriately- we all make mistakes.
  9. He condoned his own behavior? Now crawl back to you hole? baby teir? Are you so upset you can't write correctly?
  10. Lots of victim blaming here. What a complete piece of trash you are. I was disappointed to discover you are one of those little cretins who maintains a zero NS nation just so you can vomit your garbage takes all over this forum.
  11. Your outrage is obviously genuine, seeing how consistent you've been I'm sure you deserved it
  12. He's gross, he knew who he was attacking, and...SEND IT TO END IT!
  13. As I wrote, the Lex narrative was good. Keep in mind that I'm talking from an exclusively OOC angle here (IC-ly - had I any IC interest in any IC stuff left in myself, BTW - I couldn't care less about anything and everything, all of you included. Which maybe would be my loss, I don't really know). Veracity's words (as reported here) were inappropriate and in bad taste. "Gross" (or "rude") is an apt word to qualify them. My point is that some of those now crying about them didn't even just blink an eye when much worse stuff happened in the past - it was done by their game friends, of course - if they weren't the offender(s), even. Unfortunately, I don't think they just grew up. Considering that verbal abuse didn't magically disappear from their habits, the most probable explanation for their sudden indignation is... of another kind. AFAIK you're good to go, anyway, your posts here have my personal (and irrelevant ofc) stamp of approval.
  14. He didn’t know you very well either... regardless, kicking-and-screaming because you felt it deserved a free pass after deciding to use it as political leverage has been disgusting. I called Johnny Apocalypse out for this and he immaturely attempted to double down, using inappropriate and grotesque gestures like asking me to eat his urine. All-a-while whaling a self righteous victim card over something that should’ve been settled over an apology and a handshake. Veracity condemned his own behavior and stopped, your side continued to call him names and now he’s understandably going to blow up your baby teir. Now crawl back to you hole.
  15. @jerdge Cobra said Kashmir is protected. Lex is the leader of Kashmir. Lex was attacked. Cobra defended Lex. It is quite simple. The comment made to me in a public room by an adult man I am not friends with and don't know very well was gross. Whether you think it was good, bad, or indifferent is your opinion. However, it was not why we defended Lex. We, Cobra, defended Lex because we said we would. This has been the point the whole time, that is the story Cobra sticks to because that is who we are, we defend our friends.
  16. Kashmir is good people Quoting this to conserve the sanctity of one, Lex Quintus, and the nation of Flotsam. "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue" o/ Lex
  17. watching death bladder urinate all over this thread like
  18. Yesterday
  19. Are you looking to join a Micro AA? Don’t wanna be aligned with all the drama queens in Cobra? Then consider King Neptune’s Bar, a gentleman’s brand of quality fun and entertainment. It’s a classic glass of barrel-aged good old friends. [Inquire Lord Hitchcock for details. King Neptune’s Bar is a division of Monsters Inc, est 2014]
  20. The 2020 nonce wars. Let's make it happen. Kill all nonces.
  21. Hm yes I'm very shocked that you can't point out how saying mean things is the equivalent of a grown ass man asking a kid if she has been harassed today
  22. What do you think would be an appropriate action for your case, then? I already expressed my point of view about pixel action in these cases. It's stupid. Same would be about IC allegiance as a consequence (or consolation) for this stupidity. Just for the curious, anyway, the GPA was carefully favourable to second occasions (for people we thought could be nice as game friends, not sure about Veracity) but now we're not active enough to take new members, for whatever reason. The alliance is closed. How did you feel about it? I can't bring myself to answer seriously to you, of all people, sorry for that.
  23. I'd say economic, military and political superiority are all pretty heavily connected. Most alliances tend to be good at a few of these. Historically, we can look at Polaris circa 2010-2014 and say they had arguably one of the best and robust economic systems, but they were politically unable to get out of a position to be rolled repeatedly, due to the political failings of Polaris in Bipolar. On the other hand, an alliance that is only militarily competent (FAN or COBRA perhaps?) tend to consistently be pushed to the margins by their political decision-making. An alliance that thrives only on political power... It's harder to come up with an example, but I suppose an alliance like RIA or Sparta could fit in there. Alliances with decent political positions at one time or another in CN history who were unable to capitalize on it due to their military or economic failings. Since the economic system an alliance has is often predictive of their military power, those areas tend to be very important. Political domination gives you unique leverages to expand your military and economic power relative to others, since you can roll out tanks if you perceive someone as an economic/military threat. So usually, military and economic domination act as tools to entrench dominance. I don't see tech and military advantages as something likely to change as the planet develops at this time. As you'll see in the next case studies, each existing political sphere has their own reasons, intended or not, for maintaining status-quo.
  24. Jerge literally nobody itt that I can think of made unwanted comments towards minors that I can think of so the "you've all been worse" routine is definitely falling upon deaf ears
  25. Context is what people still come here for. It gives them something to either cheer on or complain about. And I never claimed innocence. It was awful, sure, but not nearly as awful. It doesn't matter (at this point) if what he said was "not that bad". We felt that it was, and we acted accordingly. If you feel otherwise, feel free to take him into your alliance and console him. Like that time I said that bad thing and my alliance was curbstomped for it?
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