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  2. wow things have changed sure ill buy it … please explain how this transaction will take place
  3. Depends what side you're on or the purpose of your raid. I never thought I'd give Nordreich props, but they're standing up to them Doombirds and they're looking good. All about perspective. Also, everyone should take screenshots of Banned in anarchy. You don't see that often. It would be a pity if someone were to spy his tax collection.
  4. I am selling 100 tech for 5 million dollars in the Tournament. Does anyone want to buy this?
  5. Live look at cobra carrying cybernations
  6. I will remember this next time you're under attack from a third party.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I don’t have anything to say to you, you cried all the way back when you were in Citidale and got hit two weeks into the round and ruined your precious double donation jump. If you seek attention, I’m afraid you won’t like mine because I know you’re a worthless fraud.
  9. Whatever, I was just saying that attacking someone without provocation and hoping to get away with it, and then getting smashed, instead, while maybe funny etc has little to do with honour. Honour isn't incompatible with getting smashed but not any and every reason one gets smashed for qualifies for it. Raiding, i.e. choosing a target for plunder and with the idea of a short and profitable war at the expenses of a weaker and less prepared victim, is extremely far from being honourable - if words still have a meaning, at least. Don't get me wrong: I understand the risk associated with
  10. You haven't shown anything new or exciting, no new episode, just D1 version 2. Noice!
  11. Its funny how you have replied to every single other person's comments yet to mine nothing is said. Arm chair warrior hiding behind his computer screen. Nothing but a disrespectful punk. Grown up and show some class rather than sling off easy put downs that any monkey could make. @Lord Hitchcock
  12. +1 for dejavu. Can attest @Son of Taeper mentioned something similar for me as well (about 5 rounds ago) and that was when it soon took off from D1 to experiment and test with nurturing illicit sheep armies against its enemies (whom by the next round also included me and then also HG to some extent). Didn't think this was worth mentioning in my own DoW. Sort of begs the question if this is the norm for recruits there (Sot or not).
  13. Sir Gunz, I have only been playing a week at this point. I've been fortunate enough to have made a good choice for an Alliance to join which has gotten me immediately involved, plenty of comradery, and trust. They've held my hand and introduced me to the mechanics, immediate trade circles, aids, etc. It's been a VERY fun week and I really look forward to continuing to grow within the game and build relationships with other Nations/Alliances. Hopefully others are as welcoming as they and you are. Even if not, it won't detour me away from the game. Elitists and communities ruin games
  14. Velyni Vas, I am not familiar with you but you represent many I have spoken to (most of whom did not stay because they lost hope). Your are emblematic of the problems I alluded to above. I welcome you to the community and I hope you can find a home where you can also grow here.
  15. I apologize for my lateness to table. RL- I needed these few days. I know I am very late to the discussion, and again, I risk being both redundant and tangential, but I insist the problems described above all starts at the top. It is in fact, the the most powerful and oldest nations, players, spheres and alliances who create the environment for stagnation and inertia. It is not their intent so the blame is not in them, but the solution may be with them. I previously remarked the design of the game rewards stagnation of the oldest (perhaps best developed nations and alliances), but
  16. Last week
  17. Not sure why you’re surprised, I wasn’t shy about my intent to beat on you after your dirty ops. So, you’re welcome I guess. Seen it all before, you’re just a number.
  18. Flag runner? People still care about that?
  19. Just the nature of the game when you actually play it, At least mine has come with a majority of the TE records so far, and D1 did all that heavy lifting and you still aren’t in range to do said ops, crazy. Also you keep talking about playing dirty but at least when I spy op I’m in a war with the nation, not a rat hiding in a corner. 🤷‍♂️
  20. You went from high road to dirt road. My position?.. Oh I’m pretty good, relaxing at my 3999 infra and sending you daily spy ops- no complaints.
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