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  2. Sorry to tell you this, however this is a bad excuse as history shows. Please see this link https://www.answers.com/Q/What_excuse_did_the_defendants_at_the_Nuremberg_trials_give_for_their_action_during_the_war or/and https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/how-the-nazis-defense-of-just-following-orders-plays-out-in-the-mind "and I don’t care what y’all did or didn’t do" Not a good legal defense, plus not a good message for other CN alliances to read. What will they think, what questions come to mind about loyalties. You may wish to edit, if so I can delete this as well.
  3. I mean. I figure the more casualties the better so....... and I don’t care what y’all did or didn’t do. I was told to attack and I did.
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  5. "Not I", said the Nation Simulation Game community.
  6. International norms lol ' Who bothers with them?
  7. Having a valid CB these days gets you listed as an inter-alliance rogue. Having absolutely no CB is much much safer, so it will be the norm for a while.
  8. I see something different...I looked at the nation involved and see Bucky is outnumber and outsize with 3 attackers. All 3 attacker are stronger than he. Bucky turtle strategy is understandable/wise in his current position what else can he do (looks like he exits his shell to bite back when he can). This strategy use by you and your team mates along with a surprise attack needs a name I let CN call it as they see it. BTW Did your alliance come up with a good justification for this war. What did this alliance do to you or your allies. I think CN and KoRT would like to see a good reason.
  9. That’s on you. I’m content with knowing I beat you. I got bigger fish to fry
  10. Perfect! Thanks again, and you guys stay healthy.
  11. Whatever you need to believe, dear. I was ready for a round two. You weren't. Since you run away so much, I can hardly keep up with where you're at. I haven't moved. Send it whenever you feel ready.
  12. I enjoyed beating you. It was quite entertaining. I didn’t think it’d result in you being obsessed with me though. Either way it’s still hilarious. Maybe next time.
  13. No one believes you, Term. Once again, screeching into the void.
  14. Why, are we next to be attacked? 🤔
  15. That's it, Wilcroft. Thanks!
  16. Based on Mars, best guesses for the moon for April... Moon Lat Moon Lon Probability 32 -73 50.58728% 33 -73 32.24045% 33 -72 17.17227%
  17. Mars Coordinates April 2020 (for serious!): Mars Lat Mars Lon Probability 2.99999999 36 100.00000% URL segment: &lat=2.99999999&lon=36
  18. I have stolen tech. But that’s irrelevant. I wish I had more casualties but your friend there is turtling and not defending himself. That’s why he has so few casualties. I on the other hand have moved up a spot. 6,958,158 Attacking + 10,015,086 Defending = 16,973,244 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #36 of 2,732 Nations (Top 1.32%) War Declared By War Declared On Nation Name: USSROK Santa Pecos Ruler Name: Terminator Bucky Carson Alliance: New Polar Order Knights Of The Round Table Soldiers Lost: 177,721 52,542 Tanks Lost: 13,731 0 Cruise Missiles Lost: 1 0 Aircraft Lost: 267 60 Navy Lost: 32 7 Infrastructure Lost: 547.29 1,022.21 Technology Lost: 209.59 189.13 Land Lost: 606.119 1,060.433 Land/Tech/Infra: 3,599.00 Strength Lost 5,602.94 Strength Lost Destruction Rank: This war is more destructive than 617 of 718 existing wars.
  19. From a purely speculative point of view, one might (or should?) imagine that attacking people generally uninterested in war could (or probably, would) lead to this sad outcome. I'd bet that you weren't really looking for that kind of enjoyment in this venture, old friend.
  20. At least your men are drowning in their own blood. Your first target: USSROK Soldiers Lost: 177,721 Santa Pecos Soldiers Lost: 52,542 Were you able to steal anything? Whose idea was this misadventure?
  21. This cap will make it easier for you to claim your senior discount, you timid and feeble old man.
  22. lmao, was thinking the same thing.
  23. Did you quote the wrong post or something?
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