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  2. LOLZ UR HONORING UR TREATIEZ N FIGHTING US. Um, yeah, what did you think would happen? That's the point of treaties.
  3. Embarrasing? I was in The Legion at the start of GWIII and I assure you it was glorious! I personally smashed multiple kneecaps with my face. (Honestly? What happened was that the war started and the entire government panicked and stopped talking. There was no coordination whatsoever. None. On the Legion forum, members begged for any kind of direction and were greeted with silence. My role was to serve as the victim of one of that war's 'nuclear rogues', back when there was such a thing. He was from the GGA. Ahhh memories.)
  4. You are hard and round. I think he's hitting on you.
  5. They are what now? shotty adjective shot·ty | \ ˈshätē\ -er/-est Definition of shotty : hard and round like a pellet of shot Results for shotty: SLANG ridin’ shotty The expression riding shotty is another way of saying riding shotgun, or sitting in the passenger seat in a car up front next to the driver.
  6. They're bored but at the same time they love their pixels so they will only jump in on the action it they think the damage to their pixels will be minimal.
  7. Its kind of ironical that some people are suggesting boredom as a reason to join FTW to fight opponents who are not eve1/10th the size of FTW. If they were really bored then they would join us n our defense, send some nukes no their way to Wolveslands
  8. You can laugh, but your colleagues were the ones lambasting ftw for needing to call in allies, so yeah.
  9. Hey man, at least something is happening in this ghostown of a forum. It’s gotta be worth the two bits you paid for a gander at this freak show.
  10. So if you wish long enough wish strong enough You will come to know Wishing will make it so
  11. Yesterday
  12. If an alliance is in a mess, they should look in the mirror.
  13. Be gentle. They are puppies, after all.
  14. Exactly, it's your obsession with FTW that started the war, instead of helping Korlath. Rebuilding him and providing someone he could ask about raid targets would have been the better move. Al
  15. Own up to it Canik. You were concerned about me out damaging you in round 1. That has been established (see Cobra DOW). You wanted to rectify that in round 2 and when it wasn't happening you sent help. It's your contempt of Cobra and your obsession with me not outdamaging you that drove your course of action and got us into this mess.
  16. My alliance and my allies are top priority. I had told Sanix he would have help. The 2nd nation was meant to be in earlier. I was just honoring my word. You *assume* it was to maximize damage.
  17. You're absolutely right, Al. Words like this is exactly why I followed you for so long. And it's because of this exactly that I don't think Canik is a smart leader. It was my hope that he realized I had made a mistake. As I had explained to you when I petitioned your help I did not realize that Animalz was protected, that was my mistake. I had hope that given my sacrifice to FTW in the past as a member of CLAWS they would recognize I made a mistake and help me out. I guess this is where we disagree, though. I don't think two rounds and attempting to maximize damage against me days before round 2 was about to end was deserved given my sacrifice to FTW in the past.
  18. Well there's your answer. I am not now, and I have never claimed to be smart. I am a complete idiot but I know one thing- FTW sucks and they will fade away without ever accomplishing anything on their own.
  19. Ya let me know what you teach FTW, CLAWS, Legion, and so on.... A smart leader would know when a lesson can be given and when to recognize someone mistakes and help them out. Al
  20. Sometimes you need a bigger mess for the world to wake the $%&@ up. We can't let your pixel hugging pals do what they want forever.
  21. Then u dont understand rounds.... because he was on is second soon ending then u declared the war... Al
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