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  1. I set? hahaha D1 set a nice precedent when you had rogues hit AW last round on day 7, then had D1 declare. I at least hit with my alliance, and not need create rogues to benefit my aa. You hit NLON because it was easy and you got easy casualties and XP. I'm not saying it wasn't fair for NLON, shame on NLON for not focusing on military but dont say you did it because we were weaker hahaha. We cant have nice things because their is only 2 veteran aa in TE anymore. Dont blame it all on me and ill try not to blame it all on you! Al
  2. It seems to me that D1 still does not look tired, so we are tagging in! No need to complain, just thank us for all the casualties! Alliance Total Active Strength Avg Score Anarchy Infras Tech Nukes 1) Alpha Wolves 17 14 338,337 19,902 69.10 0 55,425 6,940 78 2) New League Of Nations 16 13 225,207 14,075 61.93 1 39,723 5,039 16 3) DEFCON 1 13 13 359,268 27,636 56.19 4 47,963 8,272 54 -Al Bundy-
  3. Cant remember a time OP screwed anyone over haha. They may have been D1 puppets for a while but still good folks... Al
  4. Had fun fighting a war with no nukes! Think I'd enjoy a round without them haha or severely limit them...
  5. Well that's pathetic. If you agree to a truce you uphold it. If AW were in the truce, id hit NLON even when we were in a war.... But good to see NLON attacking another aa haha.... AL
  6. Great declare! Glad to have some action... AL
  7. Christmas Miracle or Hell froze over...
  8. Hahahaha no to both.... but would be fine with other types of donations... such as nation/alliance custom flags and full resource sets.. something that will effect their nation and not create a pay to win game like that would be.... Another suggestion would be giving senate proposals for the senators... maybe some new ones not just typical SE stuff... Ya so someone wasted there time for nothing...
  9. I just dont like everyone creating fake/non playing nations just for trades... u had two or at least one nation that didnt do anything... why bother... waste of time... but whatever I'll have a full circle either way.
  10. Thank you Admin, looking forward to it! Tweaks and Suggestions: - Add the Interceptor Missile System Wonder. I mean why not.... - Let everyone pick there full resource set. Why make everyone trade, people just have people make fake accounts to get it anyway.... - More requirements for the MP Wonder, make other wonders required first so that everyone has to be around a little while to get it. Maybe 3 different wonders (Pentagon, SDI, and Anti Air or something else) - Change up the awards. Maybe top 2 nations dealing the most destruction in the alliance with the most destruction given vs Most Land. That's all the simple things I can think of off the top of my head. A big change is the game reset time, Id love to see it switched for war declares to the time you actually attacked. So if I hit someone at 5pm I cant hit back until 5pm the next day, same thing with nukes. Suck that some player get to be up during a reset time while others are sleeping and I'm too old to set an alarm for it anymore hahaha. Thanks, Al Bundy
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