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  1. So letting the innocent go and punishing the guilty is wrong... Ya that does sound unfair.... AL
  2. Late is better than never hahaha but good try...and we were not needed.... I would never criticize someone for honoring a treaty, maybe aspect of it but duty is duty hahaha Well at least I respected you group when you did what was right, reckless is a weakness but the Hunger Games thing was working for you (If we burn you burn with us) I rather be tied to a reckless alliance that will defend my alliance vs one that ways risk... but hey TIE messed up, letting them pay for it by themselves might have been the right thing..... idk Al
  3. Ya thanks for the English lesson. Dont think it as an ultimatum, it was a deadline... accept or continue, not to complicated... I had more nations to get ready to declare... i wasnt waiting to hold more declares back... I got women's shoes to sell, busy man. It is good to know.... actually it was pretty obvious. "Congrats Luc for screwing owning up" Owning up, haha you dont get points for admitting to something after the fact its public knowledge...hahaha but good to know you think he deserves a pat on the back... So much defense when it comes to say
  4. I still see nothing not unreasonable with the terms we offered . Cry about an 75 mill wonder all you want.... holy crap... 4 extra round on the guy who started the whole issue.... man you all just like to complain. He was given plenty of time to decide for a 10 member alliance, it was all up to him. We had no obligation to offer anything. The TIE conversations were the worst I was ever a part of, after the first discussion I wouldn't have reached back out for weeks if it was just up to me... Jazzy is a nicer fellow. The correct response from all of you is... Congrats
  5. Close more like...Al Bundy all the time.... I mean look at that hair...
  6. Hahaha I've burned my small alliance multiple times defending my allies from big alliances... no one can say otherwise... As a less than a year old alliance we hit FTW in the doom war.. we were probably 20 nations.... and speaking of NpO I believe we declared on them as well defending my allies in my small micro alliance hahaha Check your history hahaha... p.s. I wasnt invited either time... I insisted. O and I knew I was on the losing side... didnt matter... Micros today hahaha pffttt... your all making micros look bad. As for today, I dont send rogues to
  7. Yes, yes, Lucius sat so quietly and took his beating like a man.... What a great leader, what a strong nation, we all should kneel before him... I never heard so much praise and complements for a leader getting his alliance rolled.... well if you look at who is giving the it I guess I get it... Al
  8. Anytime! Obviously not as drunk as most people commenting here...
  9. I dont see where I'm strutting about beating a 10 man crappy aa??? I mean who would... but a gab or two at allies that say they burn for their family... ya I'll slap those in.. I do however see a lot of crying and threats from some crappy alliances, some not even involved.... Your perception is hilarious if u think you walked away.... literally my last post was something to this effect 🤦‍♂️ I'm thinking y'all not happy with terms... I'm fine continuing, no sweat off my ass...just let me know.. Al
  10. Hahahaha who said I wanted you as allies.... I mean come on didnt defend the ones you have....
  11. I'm not flexing...TPF was.. point was they did nothing... Wait you walk away hahaha now that is good!!!!
  12. Hahahaha welcome anytime.... lot of big talk here... never any action... maybe you should just NpO.... you would fit right in...
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