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  1. GOONS suck... PnW sucks... You suck! hahaha That is all.... A women's shoe salesman
  2. I still don't see Charmeleon was hit by this defcon ranger rogue.... but I could be blind.... War Declaration Date War Declared By War Declared On Outcome 9/29/2019 1:33:55 PM *Expired* wile e coyote Ruler: Wile E Coyote DEFCON 1 Defcon Ranger Ruler: Defcon War Expired 9/28/2019 2:37:25 PM *Expired* Defcon Ranger Ruler: Defcon yoooo0 Ruler: yoooo0 Boognish Cult War Expired 9/28/2019 2:35:47 PM *Expired* Defcon Ranger Ruler: Defcon The Mollusk Ruler: Pandy Fackler Boognish Cult War Expired 9/28/2019 10:27:38 AM *Expired* Ithaca Ruler: Ulysses DEFCON 1 Defcon Ranger Ruler: Defcon War Expired 9/28/2019 6:01:22 AM *Expired* Defcon Ranger Ruler: Defcon Phoenix Rising Ruler: HiredGun DEFCON 1 War Expired
  3. Well we all know why you get rogued.....Everyone else in TE is pretty decent people (And you did nothing but complain about it and still are, see paragraph above )
  4. Hahaha this still gets me.... HG just admitting to being all talk.... O and I believe D1 was against you, maybe they will eventually learn you drag them down.... If I was a dirty piece of trash commanding rogues I would at least own up to it hahaha At least you know it was Stevie rogueing you last round....But all blame goes to Al for just wanting to play TE how it was intended. I cant wait until next round when there is only NLON and everyone else is rogues, because why not everyone is doing it...... Your being rogued hahahaha Chameleon was never hit....get your facts straight hahaha Al
  5. Pffttt..... I dont believe you. If it's not you it's your little buddy SoT.... All I know is your pulling the strings.... Sad to see you controlling rogues. The game is not the same anymore.... Who knows maybe I can blame u for me quitting since I'm to blame for last round not yourself... Al
  6. Alpha Wolves recognizes War with D1. AW has been hit by rogues dealing IRS spy ops and other dirty antics. I was promised last round that we would never win a war again and we would be visited on day 7. Well he was half right. (Images below) AW will not sit idly by while HG commands rogues to hit our alliance. This is the lowest I've ever seen D1 sink and I hope the hole aa is not in on it. So in conclusion, AW recognizes attacks from D1 and declare war. Good luck out there. Al Bundy
  7. I didnt go making a big announcement about it, seems needy. Child needing attention?
  8. Said it once, ill say it again..... is a one nation announcement belong in alliance announcements??? No.... go be annoying elsewhere... AL
  9. O god.... not one nation.... Hahaha Good luck to you. Al
  10. Excited to see the next round date! Would be cool to see changes again. Also i like any start up cash amount, changing it up is nice! Al
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