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  1. Sounds fishy to me.... either way I'm glad your standing up for your friends.... gives me another target in a few day I have a high expectation of you though, so I expect some fight. Al
  2. Ehhh no treaties i see right hahaha so i see rogue actions? hahaha
  3. DOOM WOLVES The Doom Wolves are looking for new young pups or old beat down scrappy wolves. The Doom Wolves have an active government, with government spots open! We are small now but will grow to an average sized alliance. Don't bother joining if you a peace mode sitter or afraid to loose some pixels! Becoming a wolf: Join our alliance in game. Government will message you, or even better message me. We will ask you to agree to our two “rules” and the majority of applicants are accepted. Rules of wolves: No raiding without permission. If we are attacked, you attack back when asked. If you accept a tech deal you must pay it back. Some benefits for wolves: You can rule your nation how you would like too, we only offer support and advise. We don’t force our members to do anything (except follow rules above) Protection for your nation. Our wolves will defend you until the end, also we have some great allies. Trade circles, we will get you hooked up with a full trade circle and keep it full! Tech deals, good ones. We only offer 6/100 or 9/100 here. Most communication is on discords - https://discord.gg/NnPAvXdqw9 Message me if you have additional questions. Thank you for the time, Al Bundy of Bundyville Alpha Doom Wolf Doom Wolves
  4. Ya not going to work after nuking me for the last few days hahaha O and sanctioning me... You know all about that right? Al
  5. HAHAHA peaceful alliances don't make wars for no reason.... After the FAN raid (and all peace was established) I rebranded and announced I will not be rogueing. Also announced my connection to Doom.. so not my problem ya'll cant read. I mean its literally in the Alliance name? 😂 Candy ass? I just fought FAN for fun, but I'm afraid to fight UCR... ok.... have you looked at their War Chests? They have allies just as anyone else on Bob does. Though it was UCR aggressive war so ill be interested to see if they get any help besides what appears to me to be an alliance of rogues? hahahaha You just like to spin !@#$ haha... its amusing though... Bundy speaks truth, no spinning needed here. Al
  6. Naw, I shared my new alliance and theme... it was pretty clear. I'm sorry UCR thought I was an easy target and now getting hit for it. You dig your own hole in this game, most of the time. If they actually wanted something from me, they should have messaged me in some way, declaring a war, that's a different way to get my attention. AL
  7. Two different cases but good try. Also from the fighting of URC I definitely wouldn't say "beat down", my guess you will get one though? AL
  8. Haha not one of the nations we raided requested peace at any time or any kinda cease of hostilities. Nor did UCR ask for us to cease attacks on any nation. If we were asked or request I would have granted them the peace... As I always do when raiding. Instead I was nuked which tells me they want to fight and then hit by an UCR, and sanctioned..... Sad how it all could have been avoided by a simple message. Al
  9. Why wouldn't DS get involved? I also love the tiering thing... when a 3 man aa gets hit by a 20 nation alliance and sanctioned everyone event the newbie for no reason your supposed to fight fair. Hmmrrr.... you must be unfamiliar with this game. AL
  10. hahaha didnt UCR hit a 3 man alliance? But i can see how 20 to 3 looks far in your eyes haha AL
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