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  1. Looks like we are hitting NLON. Al
  2. Wow classy....Don't know what to say....A picture would be nice... AL
  3. Hahaha Wile I totally forgot to message you.... I was talking to OP and totally forgot to message you.....Feel free to shoot me.... Sorry Man!! Al
  4. After a round break, Alpha Wolves are Back and ready for some action... Alpha Wolves declare on Digital Combat Soldiers & Ordo Paradoxia Alliance Name Total Active Strength Average Score Anarchy Stuff to Destroy Tech Big Ass Missiles 4) Alpha Wolves 13 9 220,138 16,934 40.17 0 39,277 5,625 58 5) Digital Combat Soldiers 8 7 91,733 11,467 23.41 0 17,637 1,980 0 6) Ordo Paradoxia 7 6 101,563 14,509 21.06 0 20,501 2,351 8
  5. haha that's it.... O death what would I do without you! Al Bundy
  6. I get what your saying man....I'm just saying everyone has their own idea of justified....any every war someone is dog piled...nothing new or different in CN... Still love you @DeathAdder Al
  7. hahaha all the same bud. Either way was all of Oc needed to hit TTK, no... Was all these aa's needed to hit Cobra & Kash, No... All wars are the same, someone feels offended and feels someone needs a curb stomp...do they always deserve it.....probably not (p.s. im not saying cobra or kash don't ) This whole thing again is BS anyway because cobra should have never hit in the first place, but already discussed this somewhere haha Also the Spartan war was not same as the TTK one, NpO hit Sparta for almost no reason early 2017.....Later 2017 was the TTK incident. Al
  8. I guess defend was not the right word for LW, maybe provide assistance is better.... I believe most alliances have treaties for this reason and many more. If treaty members cant assist when some crappy alliances hit some friends whats the point of treaties? I believe NPO could defend itself against most of Bob, but they still have treaties.... Did FTW need any help crushing Cobra and/or Kashmir.....No, did it take all of Oculus to beat down TTK in 2017...No, did NpO need MHA, Fark, and some of Oculus to beat up Sparta and AW back in early 2017...No... Point being.... NO ALLIANCE handles their own messes by themselves....at least not since I've been on Bob. Here's to no more treaties! 🍻 Al Bundy - Women's Shoe Salesmen who's opinion does not matter anymore
  9. It wont let me say what I wanted, so shotty sounds good... Sounds like defective to me. Its in the Al Bundy Dictionary. Let me know if ya need a copy. Al
  10. Exactly, it's your obsession with FTW that started the war, instead of helping Korlath. Rebuilding him and providing someone he could ask about raid targets would have been the better move. Al
  11. Ya let me know what you teach FTW, CLAWS, Legion, and so on.... A smart leader would know when a lesson can be given and when to recognize someone mistakes and help them out. Al
  12. Then u dont understand rounds.... because he was on is second soon ending then u declared the war... Al
  13. I'll believe you. Still their leadership is lacking. Instead of getting you out of war they got you in a bigger mess... Al
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