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  1. AL Bundy

    Defcon 1 DOE

    I miss the old Sparta but yes it's been gone long ago. Good luck, AL
  2. AL Bundy

    Natural 20

    Good to see this finished! Al
  3. AL Bundy

    Thirteen Years of Order

  4. AL Bundy

    An Official Announcement from CLAWS

    haha there is still time! Same WC, who knows when Im leaving haha
  5. AL Bundy

    Dragons have CLAWS

    A nice upgrade for both! AL
  6. AL Bundy

    Dragon Wolf Nova!

    Congrats to both Al
  7. AL Bundy

    An Official Announcement from CLAWS

    Thanks Deathadder! We had some fun! Appreciate the comment! I know CLAWS continue to be a great ally ! And thanks to all others above. Al Bundy
  8. An Official Announcement from CLAWS After 6 months of existence, CLAWS is operating well with the merge of so many alliances coming together. I have recognized that the government is functioning well as one and are on a good path for the future of the alliance. With this comfort, I have decided it is time for Al Bundy to retire as a co-leader of CLAWS. I know my wolves and the rest of CLAWS membership are in good hands. Through much badgering, insisting, and gunpoint, Jazzy has agreed to take my position and will lead CLAWS going forward alongside White Chocolate. Jazzy does so much for our alliance and I believe he deserves the position! High Government as of 1/18/2019: Leader: White Chocolate Leader: Jazzy95 Grand Inquisitor: Randalla Ministers Minister of Defense: Daeg Minister of Foreign Affairs: Claude Minister of Internal Affairs: Magical Muslim Final note, I have also decided to fade out of CN-SE, but will try to remain on CN-TE and discords. My uncle, Malakarlian decided to leave SE, and combined with some other RL issues, I also decided I’ll take a step back as well. Before CLAWS, I co-lead the Alpha Wolves with my uncle for its existence until we merge to create CLAWS. I have held a Senate seat for a couple years now and AW became one of the largest black team alliances in the game. I’ll shorten this up since I wrote a goodbye to AW already in the CLAWS DoE (https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/131616-happy-friday-the-13th/). I also thanked many people there for their assistance with AW, but below ill list some of the nations that helped me personally in CN even though some are not with us anymore……(not dead though, or at least I don’t think)…. Jessica Rabbit, The Pansy, Deathadder, Cazaric, Lord of Darkness, Canik, Razgriz, White Choc, Jazzy95, Unruly, Blackatron, Stonewall, claude, Randalla, Lord Hitchcock (I know weird, but he wasn’t always a pain in the ass), all the Alpha Wolves and CLAWS members, and so many more!!! Thank you all and hopefully I did not piss too many people off over the year’s haha, or in this next month or so, Al Bundy - The Legend: 4 Touchdowns in a high school football game – Women’s Shoe Salesman, Proud owner of a 1971 Dodge, Black Team Senator, Alpha Wolves Co-Leader, CLAWS Co-Leader…….Random Nation Floating in CN….
  9. AL Bundy

    The LoSS Wolves

    Good to see someone looking out for these old alliances. Al
  10. Looks to me like nukes are flying. I'm sure NDO can take the hit from NLON. Good to see NLON doing something, though wish one would have taken the time to post here. AL
  11. AL Bundy

    Make TE great again!

    Well I'm bored so I declare war on D1 and SG..... hahaha Al Bundy Married with Children
  12. AL Bundy

    Make TE great again!

    Hahaha just going to have to settle with Al...Unless I convince Mal to come back... I doubt you'll see much fight back from SG, best option to save money and just take the beating..... although never been my choice.... -Al Bundy P.S. Love early wars, I remember the days where on day 7 alliances were fighting.... now we let everyone get a 20 day collection in.....pftttt
  13. AL Bundy

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    So its better to have 30 experts playing in one aa than 3 aas of 10 experts playing against each other? Things stay the same the game will continue to loose players....look at this round....you are loosing players and old leaders that have been around for years... But hell im all for everyone just joining one aa, that sounds like a blast to me. Al
  14. AL Bundy

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    Everyone, This round makes it clear capping at 12 nations per alliances need to happen! If each alliance had 12 nations, that is enough for 2 trade circles, there would be 7 to 8 alliances with 8-12 members vs 1 huge, 1 medium and the rest below 10. Wars would be better for more choices in targets, and new leaders will arise. Ya there will be hiccups, like team-ups but we been through that crap before. Lets spread out the nations left playing TE and have some fun! @admin I will share this around to get more feedback like you asked for above.... As you can see this is how this round is: (And really there is 5 pending nations in SG) ***P.S.... Not at all blaming or criticizing SG, glad to see so many want to be there. Alliance Total Active Strength Avg Score Anarchy Infras Tech Nukes 1) Sexy Gladiators 26 25 3,318 128 62.46 0 719 44 0 2) DEFCON 1 15 15 1,504 100 36.02 0 313 54 0 3) New League of Nations 10 10 49,471 4,947 25.63 0 10,102 1,920 0 4) Total Party Kill 8 8 20,961 2,620 20.45 0 4,525 420 0 5) New Desolate Order 7 7 9,191 1,313 17.09 0 2,304 320 0 6) Ordo Paradoxia 5 5 2,178 436 12.51 0 441 72 0 7) Digital Combat Puppies 2 2 6 3 6.94 0 2 0 0