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  1. Your a good guy, glad to see new leadership. Al
  2. Cant we all just get along hahaha
  3. RR picking on Wolves.... Naught naughty RR haha Glad to see it resolved. AL
  4. Where have I seen DS and FTW together before...... O right fighting my little pups and I back in what like 2014 hahaha.... Good to see the names together again for a happier cause. Al
  5. The combined forces of Argent, CLAWS, Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, Independent Republic of Orange Nations, The Legion and New Pacific Order do hereby declare a state of war with COBRA and Non Grata for promoting and participating in the organization of a variety of hostile actions towards the coalition. It is further noted that many of these actions that have since come to light occurred during both the original six month non-aggression period between Non Grata and the members of the coalition, as well as the subsequent NAP extension with several coalition members, with the members of the coalition discovering the violations thereafter. Non Grata has continued to demonstrate that they are an alliance incapable of honoring their word - even for only a short span of time - and truly only care about themselves. This is a punishment for the infringement of the agreement which Non Grata signed while actively working to undermine its terms and abuse our trust. May Admin have mercy on your souls. Signed, For Argent: Lowsten For CLAWS: Al Bundy Jazzy Claude For the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization: Tevron WANA Morte For the Independent Republic of Orange Nations: Blade 619 For The Legion: deathbiter For the New Pacific Order: Lord of Darkness
  6. Just to state the obvious.... D1 try's to run and hide from the Wolves at the end of round 55.... They been seen climbing OP and NLON trees to try to avoid facing us, but not to worry... We are bigger, badder and we going to catch ya. TRUE FLAG RUNNERS til the end we all see! Though I commend the attempt, its funny how much crap D1 gave other alliances for doing it in the past! Good luck to you all! Al Bundy Keep on running D1! You look good on the bottom!
  7. Join CLAWS today! Active government and membership. Click the link to join our discords page and get started. https://discord.gg/hDc5664
  8. Congrats! Wish I was around for the many years I missed. Here's to 15 more.... or at least a couple haha AL Bundy
  9. I like how we always play the dirtiest.... Rules are listed somewhere, what your playing by is whatever helps your alliance win, and i don't follow them anymore. Just step down already, for real, the gold star doesn't mean anything. we can all tell you are pulling the strings.... Al
  10. Just know Al stepped out of this... Maybe its time for HG to do the same. Ask tehol ,admiral , and highroad. I havent made any decisions.... ill share my opinion from time to time but that about it. Im lucky to be pinged for a trade most times. I think HG and I should have our own AA next round? We will call it Tango and Cash.... Hired Bundy.... Al and Gun.... we can work on it I hope to see more nation next round so maybe it wont just be D1 and AW... that the #1 problem, #2 is history between leadership..... Bundy out.....
  11. YAY, wrong aa to join but I hope it works out for you. Al
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