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  1. Your still around? Go crawl back under that rock were I left you years ago...
  2. Do tell who . .. but yes too many treaties in the world.... Congrats to all of CLAWS! Keep that aid usage up! Al will always have CLAWS no matter where he goes!
  3. I dont see how that was hiding? I wasnt hiding, i was attacking I didnt rejoin until i made peace with NoR and WAPA. I thought i was really leaving the game though due to RL but some news came better than i thought so i returned. I cant argue with that, though we have our disagreements but i cant say your not loyal. I miss you CrinkledStraw, but pathetic? Sparta has finally voted and Rose has as well due to our pestering. CLAWS has had 3 active senators most of this year, so i haven't needed them active. Now that we didnt hold onto that third seat it matters again. Though i never not seen a proposal not get passed that should have. This is the first time I've ever reached out to DT so hopefully they can address the issue. Is your suggestion to roll all three of them? I think a better idea is push one of them out, which i did for a while. Ill have 3 seats again one way or another! Don't you worry about that I just hope you dont miss any fun that could occur..... Sorry i cant make out what you want me to eat Glad to see your aa back with a heir! Al
  4. hahaha again I'm not in range of ya friends anyway.... Al Bundy a coward? Pfttt... i burned my alliance plenty to support my friends... pffttt family is a strong word.... id say my alliance is my friends...... but you say whatever you think... Ive seen you burn your "family" for little to no reason hahaha but i guess at least you see some action. AL
  5. Hahaha SLAP is a merge with us and if AGW lost Unruly the alliance is over anyway. Both have 3-6 nations.... Kashmir has what 20+? Little different comparison hahaha That log was from 2019, we just signed AGW 04/27/2020 Nice try though....
  6. Join CLAWS today! Actively accepting new members Currently the highest Aid Slot usage in the Game! (52.13%)
  7. hahaha Kashmir should have heirs, thats poor planning.... inactivity is fine it happens, but preparedness is key! Its a raiders Christmas when an alliance cant plan ahead, i raided plenty of them before when it happen to RnR, MHA, and many more.... Id love to, but all out of range 100% agree, and I'm working on that. Rose and Sparta finally voted for the first time in forever and DT i have a message in. We will see how it goes. I dont blame lex for going inactive that happens, not being prepared for it i do! Your whole alliance will get dumped if you dont have a backup....to me shows laziness hence my response. Pffttt... do you have an excuse to talk here haha didnt i just raid your friends hahaha you didnt even ask me to stop, just said i was a horrible person attacking an allies allie (which wasnt even true) and said have fun. Al
  8. Laziness shouldn't be protected, it should be raided. Al Bundy
  9. that CLAWS is one of the best alliances to join in I hear they are a very active alliance... Join us today or I might call you crazy. Oh and....
  10. We cancelled an optional last week
  11. Haha good to see some cancellations!!! All alliances should cancel a treaty every now and then! Al
  12. Why recruit when you just dogpile them? (you guys have kill the last two new alliances trying to start to play) D1 is the top be an example instead of the ass. Bundy has served his time, its your mess clean it up yourselves and dont rely on other to fix your doings.
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