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  1. AL Bundy

    DCS vs NDO

    haha good luck to both!
  2. The Wolves of the North declare their first war on Sexy Gladiators. May our infrastructure burn brightly into the night.... Stats don't matter but looks like same amount of nations on each side... On my phone that's why this is lacking.... Signed, Al Bundy King in the North
  3. AL Bundy

    Orderly Duck Disciples

    Signed with @StevieG what a gamble hahaha Congrats to all! Al
  4. AL Bundy

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Would be hard to roll myself but I sure can try?
  5. AL Bundy

    Erecting a New Alliance

    I hope we don't get hit first by PENIoS! Would be nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night seeing this coming at me! Al
  6. AL Bundy

    Peace After 924 Days Of War

    About time hahaha Congrats everyone involved....
  7. AL Bundy

    Joint Declaration FTW

    But who is up to such a task??? And there is thick skins and just stupidity... You can tell when someone is joking around or just stupid... When someone making jokes or calling me name what do I care, but when they start on nations in my aa its unnecessary.... Buts its whatever, everyone loves to talk crap behind a screen... Al
  8. AL Bundy

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Love this DoW! Al Bundy
  9. AL Bundy

    Wolves have Claws too!

    Good to see this upgrade! Al Bundy
  10. AL Bundy

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    I guess I understand what you are trying to say, just a !@#$%* way of saying it....but something should change. TE does not have the interest it used to so we are down to 2 maybe 3 large alliances. How is it fair if a 10 man aa fought just as much as a 20 man aa, or even more, two of their members have the top 2 most casualties but don't get the award because someone has a 30 man aa and their aa obviously has most casualties? Ill answer.. its not. The game is basing multiple awards on the largest aa winning. Maybe its the top player with the most casualties and the top player with the most casualties in the most casualty alliance? Im just trying to find some suggestion to make everyone fight and want to go after something not just all join 2 aas like what happened a couple rounds ago... AL
  11. AL Bundy

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    Another Suggestion with awards: Change the most casualties from: in the alliance with the most casualties to: just the top 2 nation with the most casualties. Don't think it should always come down to the top 2 large alliance winning all the awards. AL @admin
  12. AL Bundy

    Are You Not Entertained?

    Seems this round has been a boring one, maybe boring is not the word I'm after.... annoying maybe.... Maybe its me....I haven't been as active as I usually am, or maybe this round doesn't have the numbers TE usually does but for me to never get to actually declare an aggressive war something defiantly wonky.... I cant even get everyone out of anarchy before someone hit me and the other top 5 in my aa...bad time for newbies I guess ... I hope to see next round go back to an alliance attacking an alliance or 2, not declaring on 15 alliances and only hitting the top 5 nations in each alliance.... Al P.S. Thanks @HiredGun for stating...The Pack never asked for early peace, D1 had a good declare on us and IRON. Then IRON must have whined, but then goes and hits Sexy Gladiators soon after peace, seems we should have just finished the war we had going........ This whole round been a jumbled mess....never know who is fighting who....
  13. AL Bundy

    Defcon 1 DoW

    Good declare.....just not a good round....
  14. AL Bundy

    Another dow from your favs

    hahaha maybe next time