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  1. CLAWS Your invited to join the alliance CLAWS today! CLAWS has an active government and we continue to grow on the black and pink sphere. We currently reside as the 3rd largest alliance, formed by 5 allies alliances merging together over a year ago. How to join the alliance: Step #1: Join our alliance in game. Step #2: Join our alliance's discords page: (https://discord.gg/X4TU6hp) Step #3: Reach out to a government member Becoming a member: Once you join the alliance you will become a full member after: - Join a trade circle (We will find for you) - Start conducting tech deals (To benefit your nation and our members) - Remain active in game Rules: No raiding protected alliances, but we do allow raiding. If you accept a tech deal you must pay it back. Some benefits for members: You can rule your nation how you would like too, we only offer support and advise. We don’t force our members to do anything (except follow rules above) Protection for your nation. Our members will defend you until the end, also we have some great allies. Trade circles, we will get you hooked up with a full trade circle and keep it full! Tech deals, good ones. We only offer 6/100 or 9/100 here. We have communication in game and through discords. Our discords page has active member that are available for questions and general chatting. Message me in game if you have additional questions. Links: CLAWS in game: https://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=15841 Wiki information: https://cybernations.fandom.com/wiki/CLAWS Discords: https://discord.gg/X4TU6hp (Come chat with us) Thank you for the time, Al Bundy of Bundyville Football Legend of War and a decent Women's shoe Salesman
  2. Hahaha he whines no matter what @RoadRash If we would have just hit them, he would have whined about a down declare hahaha... Wow... Add... also we post stats and they whine about that too hahaha Al
  3. Awww a little love for Bundy. Al
  4. Hahaha I think it is hilarious how he joined, hit FTW, and when the tables turned he runs for the hills... take the beating standing up buddy you knew what you were getting into. Al
  5. D1 leadership has reached out for peace. No attacks starting July 30th, then for a two week peace agreement. NLoN was given the same terms but starting on July 31st and ending on August 14th. Good luck to all in the rebuild! Al Bundy
  6. Just so everyone is clear.... HG has informed me that for the reminder of the round we will be at war with them. No Objections here but would have peaced out like usual. Also NLoN seems to be attacking us, coincidence? I think not. Good luck to all! Al Bundy HiredGunLast Tuesday at 3:11 AM You'll know no more peace in TE
  7. Alpha Wolves Declare War on Defcon 1 (O and this randon NLON guy: Peggy) Lord Beast from Peace Federation fed his alliance to the Wolves, while he sat comfortably in the 7 day peace mode. When it came time to back up his loud mouth and alliance, he ran to D1. I asked for his head, I got a no. One of his messages: To: Al Bundy From: Lord Beast Date: 7/15/2019 1:39:48 PM Subject: RE: hahahahhahaha Message: You will risk war with defcon ? To: Lord Beast From: Al Bundy Date: 7/15/2019 2:36:50 PM Subject: RE: hahahahhahaha Message: Ill burn anyone to get to you baby hahahaha.... You can share that with anyone Al Bundy Good Luck to all involved! Al Bundy - King in the North
  8. @admin Are we doing something exciting for Round 50? Some quick suggestions/options: 500 mill start up No Nukes Shortened beginning peace mode I'm sure others would have some good ideas that would be easy to implement. Al Bundy
  9. Looks like we are hitting NLON. Al
  10. Wow classy....Don't know what to say....A picture would be nice... AL
  11. Hahaha Wile I totally forgot to message you.... I was talking to OP and totally forgot to message you.....Feel free to shoot me.... Sorry Man!! Al
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