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  1. Despite our best efforts to alter destiny, it appears legends of Ragnarök are true. On January 23rd, reason and seventy-two hours notice were given in private. The treaty between FTW and NoR is now void. We wish NoR well moving forward. Perhaps someday our paths will align again. o/
  2. Canik

    Natural 20

    I'm going on an adventure! o/ RFI MARA!
  3. Canik

    Thirteen Years of Order

    Congrats on 13 years NPO!
  4. Canik

    Dragons have CLAWS

    Always good to see two allies ally. o/
  5. FTW & SNX are hereby merged. FTW reserves the right to defend the SNX AA for up to 60 days.
  6. o/ Al Bundy You were a great leader and friend. Honorable, responsible, yet fun. The trifecta! Jazzy has some big shoes to fill and now no shoe salesman to fit him with any! I'm sure he'll manage tho. Congrats Jazzy!
  7. Canik

    "Thank You Freehold"- All of LoSS

    A treaty so sexy is had to be posted twice. Thanks LoSS! We're happy to support you in your effort to rebuild. Make LoSS Great Again! o/
  8. Canik

    How is this place still alive?

    Last person to post wins!
  9. LoSS FTW ODoAP Article I - Non-aggression The signed alliances shall maintain a strict policy of non-aggression towards one another. Neither alliance will pursue any military aggression against the other and both will avoid any actions that would do the other harm. Article II - Intelligence Should either party come into possession of information that suggests any of the activities prohibited by Article 1 are being engaged in by a third party, it is the obligation of that party to give that information to the other party quickly and completely. Article III - Aid Should a signatory alliance find themselves in need of financial assistance, it is encouraged of the other party to render aid when requested. Article IV - Defense Should one signatory alliance be attacked, it is strongly encouraged, but not required, for the other alliance to come to their aid militarily. Article V - Optional Aggression Should one alliance find just cause in launching an offensive war, that alliance has the right to petition the other for aid, military of otherwise. It is the option of the petitioned alliance whether to oblige. Article VI - Diplomacy Any points of contention between the signatory alliances will attempted to be solved with diplomacy before any other action is taken. In public, discourse between the two signatory alliances shall remain respectful at all times. Article VII - Termination Should the two sides be unable to resolve their differences diplomatically, this pact may be terminated by either party after giving 72 hours notice to the other. Signed for FTW, ~ Mad King Canik Signed for LoSS, ~ The Trinity: Sir Sexton, ButtonyMeteor53, Flygirl
  10. Canik

    How is this place still alive?

    Don't sell COBRA short, they're one of the tougher micros in the game. The war ended with equal terms, no winner or loser defined. You say you had a great time slaughtering our sheep. Seems I should've been more scared and brought in more allies, if anything. My respect for COBRA's military capability, as high as it was, should've been even higher. If you really want to turn this into a loss for COBRA tho, acting bitter and whining that we didn't take it easier on you, I'm cool with that.
  11. aNiMaLz hereby merge into FTW! FTW reserves the right to defend those on the aNiMaLz AA for up to 90 days. Our new government shall be as follows: King - Definitely Not Canik Hand of the King - Pjk11 aka Taco in case you didn't know Minister of Foreign Affairs - THE Dark Lord Sauron. Deputy Minister of Forein Affairs - Bubbles Minister of Defense - DaarioNaharis Deputy Minister of Defense - ButtonyMeteor53 Minister of Internal Affairs - Lord Draculea Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - VelocityVIP! Archon of Harmony - Smitty256 Deputy Archon of Harmony - Kaznawim Senators: Turetel, Maegor, Javaswiller, PrinceOberyn, Magion Welcome to the Freehold, where it is always dawn and the game plentiful! It's a pride to have you join the pack.
  12. Canik

    How is this place still alive?

    Sounds like someone is still butthurt. xD
  13. Canik

    How is this place still alive?

    Maroon War 2.0, you offend me as a survivor of the orginial Maroon War. As for Oculus, CN's pop would drop whether Oc existed or not. This is true. Our time here would probably be more interesting tho with less treaties. I would certainly say Umb/NG dropping their treaties has made things more interesting. Imagine if IRON/NPO dropped all their treaties too, even if they didn't get aggressive and stayed allied to each other, it would be a very interesting shake-up. Still won't save CN, but it'll make our remaining time here more enjoyable. Do it IRON/NPO!
  14. Canik


    Armpit is the best. Everyone's favorite orifice. What happened here was miscommunication over when attacks were to end exactly. Yes, GK told him the 16th was fair game but FTW internal orders were not to attack unless attacked on the 16th. Due to Armpit's time zone that was his first chance to retaliate after GK's attack. Still, we do recognize it as a breach of the peace arrangement and have discussed it and come to terms with COBRA. Both sides agree to cease attacks tomorrow, Nov 18th, and restart the process of offering/accepting peace.