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  1. Not many disband when they feel a target on them. What? you expected to be liked for duckin a fight? for cherry-picking your fights? sorry it doesn't work like that. and that 'its [insertyear]' argument is so tired and weak. anyone who makes such an argument should go delete now. you're done.
  2. CLAWS is a foremost expert in not being able to compete so I'll take your word for it. What's your next piece of advice? If you see a challenge give up? If Oculus starts to target you, disband? With sage advice like that it's little wonder CLAWS is a dying husk. Never having played a major role in a glorious war. Never having it's mettle tested. A cowardly and pathetic existence. Don't worry all that will change after the merger. FTW is here to serve.
  3. All I'm sayin' is CLAWS can't even ride a bicycle. They'd fall flat on their face. We've seen it. 😂
  4. That's because you're not a mover and shaker. you are a moved and shaken.
  5. lol no !@#$ if we're the last ones left! which is a strong possibility with how things are going. FTW or NG. 🤣 tick toc
  6. Yes, you fear the merger I know. Weak alliances often do. Don't worry, it's not reliant on you. Nothing is. And in time, even less. Tick toc
  7. Freehold of The Wolves continues it's brutal beatdown of CLAWS. Not only destroying them in aid slot usage, member count, tech, boastfulness and bodaciousness but also in general score returning to it's rightful place as the #3 alliance despite CLAWS' best efforts to cure their impotence and wipe the smug look off my face! Time is not on your side. Tick Toc Wolves eat you alive. Tick Toc Merger is coming.
  8. All according to plan. So Velocity says anyway. 🙄
  9. Sweet flag. Though, when you scale it down does it lose it's pixels? It did retain some pixelization. Nice. You may proceed.
  10. FTW's aid slot usage is still higher.
  11. Alright, I think we're more or less in agreement then.
  12. I said 'I think' therefor I am.. not wrong. I was referring specifically to his interactions with CCC. I never disputed the validity or righteousness of the EZI. I was just encouraging Kap to learn from it. Everyone should at least want him to learn from it. I can't think of any good reason a good person would not want that. If you can though, I'd be interested to hear it.
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