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  1. Glad to see this. We get tired of looking at the old dead alliances on White. That's one less at least. (even if you stay on Brown mostly, or whatever) Not to mention TPF was one of my first allies and Kapleo has been one of the nicer more reasonable micro leaders, showing some good leadership qualities and potential. Best of luck in rising from the ashes. o/
  2. Good work, Lyanna. Our secret plan to have COBRA join the treaty orgy and become a 'civilized' alliance is nearly complete. 👍
  3. Glad to have you as allies and on white team, CCC o/
  4. Cheers to extended peace! Now let's all go buy some wonders Also - plz no 🤢
  5. Freehold of The Wolves and Sparta, based on common interests, derived from mutual understandings of and on Planet Bob, and in order to advance both individual and joint positions in international politics, hereby sign this optional Defense and optional Aggression Pact to formally and officially establish the: Freehold of the Spartans Article I: Private Quarters within the Freehold Both the Freehold of The Wolves and Sparta (hereafter: the Signatories) shall maintain their private quarters within the Freehold, i.e. are and remain sovereign alliances in accordance with t
  6. FTW and it's predecessors have had a long history of warring, signing and cancelling with ODN. Today we add yet another chapter in this history with a brand new cancellation of our treaty with ODN! Reasons given in private. Lines being erased. In accordance with our treaty this cancellation takes full effect 48 hours after announcement of the cancellation.
  7. We all can't. Congrats TTK and CLAWS xD
  8. Maybe you would too if you were capable of it. lol nah, I'm just messin' with ya. I mean, I do doubt how much you could've brought in. If you could have made this CBless war of aggression into a legit curbstomp. Though I expect you probably could've brought in NoR at least if you tried. So kudos on that, I guess.
  9. Hard to pass up an opportunity you never had. xD
  10. That didn't last long xD But it's true for a moment we all did fight on the same side. Maybe someday that'll happen again, hopefully with different results
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