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  1. Congrats on hitting the big 1-5, GATO! (I say as if others have done it before xD) And well done fending off the heat death. It was touch and go there for a bit but you fought through it and are one of the few flourishing alliances now. Well done indeed.
  2. Freehold of The Wolves humbly submits our super awesome pip which is clearly superior to CLAWS:
  3. Huzzah! Thank you for finally updating these! Freehold of The Wolves will submit ours soon! ❤️
  4. I will confirm that so far in my dealings with Johnny, as far as I can recall, he has treated private discussion with proper respect. The micro tier's poor reputation in regard to diplomatic courtesy is well deserved and would recommend caution with most but Johnny, at least, seems to understand the value in maintaining diplomatic decorum. As for the CB, meh. I've seen better. I've seen worse. I wish both sides fun.
  5. Interesting. I guess you never know just how you look through other people's eyes!
  6. When DBDC declares on the world it feels like an Avalanche, coming down the mountain. I don't mind the sun sometimes, the images it shows..
  7. Well said, and a sentiment shared. When one of our ancestral alliances, the one I hail from, FEAR, was young in a large world it seemed everyone overlooked us. With one exception - The Phoenix Federation, who took us under their wing and encouraged our growth, ensured our protection. In return we fought for TPF in Karma War and we always had a camaraderie between us. TPF's attention for us early on greatly influenced our path for many, many years. Many times we fought alongside each other. So indeed, I understand your historical place in white team and am very happy to see you return, risi
  8. I am *very* sure PIATS have been less common and I don't think anyone regrets that. wtf were we thinking xD
  9. You were FA back then? Who were you with? My first alliance was the International Communist Party, joined sometime mid '06, fought in Maroon War and GWII with them. Somehow I became diplomat to ODS (Order of Defensive Security). Got a treaty with them, I want to say it was actually an ODP but I am not sure and can't find any surviving records proving it. I remember it was a big question if they would support us in Maroon War/GWII though, for whatever reason, I don't think they were obligated but they joined anyway! They were amazing, very nice and helpful, some guy by the name of Turetel
  10. I've been here since early '06, paying *some* attention to treaties most of the time since. From my limited perspective and possibly flawed memory I would say; yes, they became a bit more common over time. I believe a few existed even very, very early but as CN grew and hit 40k+ nations and like a hundred active/new alliances. I think some alliances may have started using ODPs more as a starting point for alliances they did not know very well but had potential. Some who were not with the hegemony might have used them for more flexibility. Some alliances cared a lot about independence and ma
  11. Glad to see this. We get tired of looking at the old dead alliances on White. That's one less at least. (even if you stay on Brown mostly, or whatever) Not to mention TPF was one of my first allies and Kapleo has been one of the nicer more reasonable micro leaders, showing some good leadership qualities and potential. Best of luck in rising from the ashes. o/
  12. Good work, Lyanna. Our secret plan to have COBRA join the treaty orgy and become a 'civilized' alliance is nearly complete. 👍
  13. Glad to have you as allies and on white team, CCC o/
  14. Cheers to extended peace! Now let's all go buy some wonders Also - plz no 🤢
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