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  1. Freehold of The Wolves and Sparta, based on common interests, derived from mutual understandings of and on Planet Bob, and in order to advance both individual and joint positions in international politics, hereby sign this optional Defense and optional Aggression Pact to formally and officially establish the: Freehold of the Spartans Article I: Private Quarters within the Freehold Both the Freehold of The Wolves and Sparta (hereafter: the Signatories) shall maintain their private quarters within the Freehold, i.e. are and remain sovereign alliances in accordance with their respective Charters, Constitutions, and/or other acts, which in no way, shape, or form is affected by the signing of this Treaty. Article II: Common Quarters within the Freehold 1. The Signatories shall also maintain common quarters within the Freehold, i.e. channels of communication between all levels and portfolios of government, as well as individual members. 2. The common quarters, however, are and will remain common only to the Signatories, i.e. topics and substances of discussion shall remain confidential even after the termination of this Treaty, unless agreed upon differently by the Signatories. Article III: Amicable Relations within the Freehold The Signatories shall maintain amicable relations within the Freehold, i.e. solve all disputes cordially and privately, in a friendly atmosphere and with the best of intentions in mind, and refrain from all hostile action, overt or otherwise, towards each other and each other’s protectorates. Article IV: Accord within the Freehold The Signatories shall maintain accord within the Freehold, i.e. reach agreements on all matters of interest to either Signatory and coordinate all relevant activities, including diplomatic, economic, and military activities. Article V: Support within the Freehold The Signatories shall endeavor to provide support to each other within the Freehold, i.e. share any relevant intelligence collected or otherwise obtained pertaining to the other Signatory’s affairs and may, either acting on a request or unilaterally, support each other through diplomatic, financial, and other forms of aid, as well as organizing trade for each other’s nations and providing support to each other’s senatorial candidates. Article VI: Defense and Aggression within the Freehold The Signatories shall endeavor to defend each other and to join aggressive forces within the Freehold; i.e. either Signatory may request of the other military assistance in either defensive or aggressive conflicts, to which the other may, but is not required to, respond as requested. Article VII: Outside Peace and War within the Freehold Each Signatory shall endeavor to maintain a positive balance of outside peace and war, in terms of the impact thereof on the Signatories, within the Freehold, i.e. undertake all reasonable measures to avoid waging an aggressive war against an alliance the other Signatory is mandated to defend by treaty. Article VIII: Change within the Freehold The Signatories may agree to change within the Freehold, i.e. amend this Treaty with mutual consent. Article IX: Publicity from within the Freehold The Signatories shall publicly announce this Freehold, i.e. this Treaty shall enter into force on the day of its posting on the Alliance Announcements subforum of the Cyber Nations forums at forums.cybernations.net. Article X: Departure from the Freehold Either Signatory may depart from the Freehold, i.e. cancel this Treaty with a private 24-hour notice and an additional public 72-hour notice, during which all provisions of this Treaty shall be valid and binding. Signed for Sparta Whitetigger, King of Sparta Tim, King of Sparta Signed for Freehold of the Wolves Canik, Mad King Taco, Hand of the King Sauron, Lord of State Smitty, Lord of Harmony Lord Draculea, Lord of Finance Kaznawim, Lord of War
  2. FTW and it's predecessors have had a long history of warring, signing and cancelling with ODN. Today we add yet another chapter in this history with a brand new cancellation of our treaty with ODN! Reasons given in private. Lines being erased. In accordance with our treaty this cancellation takes full effect 48 hours after announcement of the cancellation.
  3. We all can't. Congrats TTK and CLAWS xD
  4. Maybe you would too if you were capable of it. lol nah, I'm just messin' with ya. I mean, I do doubt how much you could've brought in. If you could have made this CBless war of aggression into a legit curbstomp. Though I expect you probably could've brought in NoR at least if you tried. So kudos on that, I guess.
  5. Hard to pass up an opportunity you never had. xD
  6. That didn't last long xD But it's true for a moment we all did fight on the same side. Maybe someday that'll happen again, hopefully with different results
  7. Glad we could finally come to an agreement. o/ peace in our time
  8. Maybe he was planning on turtle nuking? shrugs Pot meet kettle indeed. I know we've both been black. I was just educating some people on that fact. So I thank you for supporting the point I was trying to make. Thank you both for your honesty.
  9. Not only that but they actually managed a bit of a blitz upon declaring. These really must be the end times with all the dead that are rising.
  10. And NG did not deserve it? Why'd you abandon their fight then? In any case, my point is not that FTW is better as you seem to think. Don't get all defensive. It's more that FTW and Polar should be seen as equally evil and !@#$%*. Well, that and this war is nothing to be impressed over. Or at least it wasn't. Now that TTK/CCC have entered though, maybe it'll get interesting. I guess you could get defensive over that part if you want. 😆
  11. May the force be with you. Go get'em, CCC!
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