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  1. Maybe he was planning on turtle nuking? shrugs Pot meet kettle indeed. I know we've both been black. I was just educating some people on that fact. So I thank you for supporting the point I was trying to make. Thank you both for your honesty.
  2. Not only that but they actually managed a bit of a blitz upon declaring. These really must be the end times with all the dead that are rising.
  3. And NG did not deserve it? Why'd you abandon their fight then? In any case, my point is not that FTW is better as you seem to think. Don't get all defensive. It's more that FTW and Polar should be seen as equally evil and !@#$%*. Well, that and this war is nothing to be impressed over. Or at least it wasn't. Now that TTK/CCC have entered though, maybe it'll get interesting. I guess you could get defensive over that part if you want. 😆
  4. May the force be with you. Go get'em, CCC!
  5. Congrats. I appreciate the furry undertones of the treaty btw. 👌
  6. Before you start blowing Polar too hard, KoRT is a weak willed peaceful alliance who despite it's larger size than COBRA, is actually an easier and safer opponent to face. Also remember when Polar fought SNX it brought in (or did not prevent) many other alliances from joining.
  7. It is my pleasure to announce that after nearly 8 months the World Health Organization has deemed the Non Grata affiliation sterile enough to lift the quarantine on them. Try to keep clean, Non Grata, or else you know WHO will be here again. Cessation of Hostilities and Peace Treaty, NG vs RFI and Oculus War The combined forces of RFI and Oculus henceforth agree to end hostilities with the individuals under the NG affiliation, with their complete and unconditional compliance of these following terms: Section 1, Admission of Defeat NG hereby admits defeat to the undersigned coalition; 1. The Roll For Initiative Bloc; The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, CLAWS, The Legion, Argent, Freehold of the Wolves, 2. The Oculus Bloc; The New Pacific Order, The Independent Republic of Orange Nations, 3. Non-Aligned Alliances; The Orange Defense Network. Section 2, Cessation and Peace Immediately upon the signing of this document; 1. No new wars shall be declared. 2. Existing wars will continue to their expiration unless both combatants agree to peace. Section 3, Acknowledgement of Violation of International Norms 1. NG hereby admits that it acted in a manner unbecoming of a member of the international community through; a. Reneging on an agreement to peace when white peace was offered and agreed upon, b. Repeated attempts at poaching Oculus members and/or those of Oculus’ allies, c. Repeated attempts at getting Oculus members and/or those of Oculus’ allies to provide NG members with funding for rogue operations, d. Repeated rogue operations against Oculus and/or Oculus' allies, as well as the global community at large, e. Threatening members of Oculus alliances, f. Interfering as a third faction in and with negotiations for another conflict, g. Unauthorized use of Oculus flag in an alliance announcement. 2. NG hereby apologises for its violations of the cultural norms as outlined above, and agrees to act in a manner in line with the aforementioned norms. Section 4, Renunciation of Exclusive Claims to Alliance Heraldry 1. NG hereby rejects any claim of exclusive ownership of the yin and yang symbol, recognising it as a popular spiritual symbol pre-dating NG by millennia. 2. NG recognises FTW's ancestral colours as Maroon, White, and Black, and will never again dispute FTW's right to these colours in any way, shape, or form. Section 5, Probation Period 1. For a period of one hundred and eighty (180) days from 30 March 2020, this Cessation of Hostilities and Peace Treaty shall be under probation; a. During this probation period, NG nations shall make no provocations towards RFI or Oculus members or the allies of either bloc, b. Similarly, during this probation period, RFI and Oculus shall make no provocation towards NG nations. 2. Provocation, for the purposes of this Treaty, shall be defined as; a. Spying, or spy attacks, b. Poaching of RFI or Oculus member nations, c. Military attacks on RFI or Oculus member nations, d. Attempts to disrupt RFI or Oculus operations (such as messages to members with falsified orders), e. Aiding a current belligerent within a war that includes RFI or Oculus. 3. In the event that a provocation occurs, the injured party must notify the offender, and an attempt to diplomatically resolve the issue must occur. 4. In the event that a diplomatic solution cannot be agreed upon, the probation period is deemed to have been breached, and the Treaty is therefore annulled. Signed, For The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, On Behalf of the General Assembly, We Are Not Alone, Assembly Chairperson Levon, Deputy Assembly Chairperson For CLAWS, Al Bundy & Jazzy95, Co-leaders Claude, Minister of Foreign Affairs For The Legion, Deathbiter, Imperator happy5214, Consul of Internal and Economic Affairs Lord Windmark, Consul of Defense and Foreign Affairs Killer04, Elected Imperator Emeritus Watcher, Elected Imperator Emeritus For Argent, Lowsten, The Great and Powerful Emperor of Argent trimm, The Absent and Grumpy Regent of Argent IMP REBS, Minister of Internal Affairs Gingervites, Interim Minister of War KingWilliam, Interim Minister of Finance LegatusEquus, Interim Minister of Foreign Affairs iamthey, Minister At-Large and Three Eyed Raven of Argent Janax, Dragon Emperor Emeritus and Minister of Communications For Freehold of the Wolves, Canik, Mad King Taco, Hand of the King Dark Lord Sauron, Lord of State Kaznawim, Lord of War Lord Draculea, Lord of Finance Smitty, Lord of Harmony For The New Pacific Order, Lord of Darkness, Emperor of the New Pacific Order Prophet of Orion Jesse End, Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order DeathAdder, Emperor Ice, SynysterGates, Tebeat, and Tiberius, Imperial Officers of the New Pacific Order For The Independent Republic of Orange Nations, The Warrior, President, IRON Councilor Blade 619, Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor Hertt, Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor Captain Crozier, Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor For The Orange Defense Network, OsRaven, Franziskaner, and Hershey, Trimvurite of ODN For Non Grata, Stewie, Leader Thrash, Foreign Affairs King Cyan, Internal Affairs
  8. I don't feel antagonized. It was NPO being attacked not FTW. Not that I think they 'feel' antagonized either. However the attempts to antagonize are still ill-advised, I think, if NG wants peace. Maybe NPO will give peace anyway but I don't see much reason for them to. Being diplomatic and humble is your best play and without demanding any conditions be met first. This is friendly advice, take it or leave it, I don't care. I am happy either way. You're right if FTW had peaced when we changed our flag NPO would've stayed in. NPO has their own grievances with NG. I am aware NPO is your big problem, never said otherwise. You project a lot of ego onto me. You act as if I think and say FTW is the greatest when I do not. Bitter indeed, from your end. Ego. Projecting Ego. K. I don't care. You are again projecting ego.
  9. I mean that's kinda the point. NG is continuing on as it always has. That and it's just not a good idea in general when suing for peace to continue to antagonize. 🤣
  10. Being antagonistic in and of itself is not so bad but your alliance is trying to sue for peace and claiming it can turn over a new leaf. Your posts are counter-productive to NG's supposed goal of peace. But, please, continue on.
  11. You are not seeking facts, you are mudslinging. Stewie simply linked to other world issues there was no fact-seeking. There was no fact-seeking in your post, only accusation and insult. Caustic's post was the closest to "fact-seeking" because he put a question mark but ending it with "Good to know." it was really more of an accusation. Also this is not an appropriate avenue for fact-seeking. If you have suspicions or complaints you should report them here: https://forums.cybernations.net/forum/19-moderation/ As for Kaznawim. He absolutely was not involved. His ban was unrelated and quickly overturned. Not that we are supposed to discuss Moderation issues here but since YOU brought it up, I think it's fair I get to respond. What you are doing here is being antagonistic.
  12. The above do not represent NG. NG definitely really has changed and does not intend to continue it's rogue and trolling ways. This message brought to you by What Stewie Would Have You Believe SuperPAC
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