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  1. Canik

    The IRON Kingdoms

    Whatever you say, salty.
  2. Canik

    The IRON Kingdoms

    You say that like we made some post glorifying it, trying to get respect from it. We haven't. We're in the war to assist our friends and allies Argent. Our alliance with them was not public knowledge yet so I don't blame you TOO much for not knowing that even though you probably could've found out by asking around just a bit. Everything else you should've known and are just grasping at straws, trying to !@#$ talk us because you're still salty we didn't optionally hit Polar/NG/etc when they hit ISX but we did hit Kashmir. Make a thread about it, Junka GK.
  3. Canik

    The IRON Kingdoms

    FTW has offered to assist with NG but so far IRON seems to want allies to stay out more than join in. This is why NONE of IRON's allies have entered yet. If IRON changes their mind, our offer still stands and they know where to find us.
  4. Preamble The Freehold of the Wolves and The Legion have built up a friendly relationship recently. It is by the welcomed coming together of these two fine groups that we do hereby present the following treaty in the spirit of friendship and mutual understanding. Sovereignty The memberships of both signatories do recognize each other as sovereign entities with complete political and military independence from each other. Non-Aggression Both signatories do agree to a state of non aggression between each other. It is through this promise that we shall foster a safe environment for the associated members and continue to flourish together as friends into the future. Communication Intelligence is the foundation for a strong and enduring relationship. Now and into the future both parties do hereby agree to share intelligence with each other for where there is mutual benefit for both alliances. Defense While recognizing each others political and military Independence this article allows either signatory of this treaty to request the aid of the other if attacked. If a request for aid is received the alliance that received it is encouraged but not required to provide the requested aid. Aggression While recognizing each others political and military Independence this article allows either signatory of this treaty to request the aid of the other in their offensive wars. If a request for aid is received the alliance that received it is encouraged but not required to provide the requested aid. Termination If either Freehold of the Wolves or The Legion wish to terminate this treaty at any time they must privately inform the leadership of the opposite side. This treaty will be terminated 72 hours after the notification has been sent. Signed for The Legion Imperator: deathbiter Consul of Defense and Foreign Affairs: Tom the Pit Leader Consul of Economics and Internal Affairs: Alexander Kerensky Elected Imperator Emeritus: Konkrage Elected Imperator Emeritus: Regeant Pancras Signed for Freehold of The Wolves Mad King: Canik Hand of the King: Taco Archon of Foreign Affairs: The Dark Lord Sauron Archon of Internal Affairs: Joseph "Muddog" Black Deputy Archon of Internal Affairs: Lord Draculea Archon of Military Affairs: Daario Archon of Harmony: Smitty Deputy Archon of Harmony: Wing Zero
  5. Canik

    This Cat has CLAWS

    Not cool! 😣
  6. Canik

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Early in CN's history is was common for a bunch of noobs to get together and experience a wild ride as the one you describe. Those are the good ole' days everyone misses and are rarely experienced anymore. I'm glad AW was able to experience it, I can tell you guys have had a blast. It's a rare sight these days and you will be remembered for that along with your tenacity and honor. AW in a short four years did make an impression, a good one, and will not be forgotten I assure you. o/ Good luck, CLAWS. Although with a group this great, I don't think you need it. o/
  7. It only took 10+ years but I finally got a treaty with GATO! Time well spent. o/ Global Freehold
  8. Canik

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    Preempting CnG is one of my fondest memories here. I highly recommend it.
  9. Canik

    The Praetorian Covenant

    o/ Legion o/ GATO Congrats!
  10. Freehold of The Wolves agrees protect Minerva from unwarrented aggression. This treaty can be cancelled after a 72 hour cancellation period. Welcome to White Team, Minerva!
  11. FTW Announcements Continuing our quest to surpass GATO as WAE I shall now announce a bunch of stuff you don't care about. Forums We finally decided to make a forum. So any alliance who prefers diplomacy through forums, you now have that option available with us. http://freeholdwolves.forumotion.com/ New Charter Recognizing our orginal Charter was out of date we have created a new one. Based on The Freehold's pre-merge charter, re-written by Smitty with contributions from Daario, Maegor, TDLS and more. http://freeholdwolves.forumotion.com/t38-ftw-charter New Gov King - Canik Hand of the King - TacoArchon of Foreign Affairs - The Dark Lord SauronArchon of Internal Affairs - Joseph "Muddog" BlackDeputy Archon of Internal Affairs - Lord DraculeaArchon of Military Affairs - DaarioArchon of Harmony - SmittyDeputy Archon of Harmony - Wing Zero Milestones My superpower is luck. And I lucked out big having so many dedicated members! Together we have accomplished what a few years ago I never dreamed possible - surpassing 10,000,000 nation strength! 1,000,000 tech! and 100+ members! Thank you all for making this possible. <3 Now, onward, to 20 million NS!
  12. Canik

    Declaration of Peace!

    All part of my plan to surpass GATO as WAE.
  13. Kashmir, COBRA, FTW, ISX agree to white peace. No new wars will be declared between these combatants from this day forward and any ongoing wars will be allowed to expire. Kashmir, COBRA, and FTW agree not to take future military action in the NpO - ISX war. Signed for Kashmir, /s/ Kashmir Signed for COBRA, GK, King Cobra Signed for FTW, Canik, The Mad King Signed for ISX, Emperor: Galerion
  14. Canik

    FTW Declaration of War

    FEAR has been gone for 3 years but nice to see you remember us. Enjoy the war! Nope, I don't have a war against FAN to plan. Just a war against Kashmir. Also - shout out to tanglerat for putting up a good fight. o/
  15. Canik


    And yet, all you've achieved is 6k nation strength with no money without even the ability to make a significant impact in low-tiers. It's almost like war in and of itself doesn't achieve anything. Again, don't join COBRA if you ever want a big, wealthy nation. Do join if you want endless stupid wars that achieve nothing.