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  1. And yet you still don't know how to use your aid slots or vote LMAO 🤣 Also LMAO using rerolling as an excuse when you rerolled NINE friggin years ago! Nation Created: 8/7/2010 8:40:54 PM (3,300 days old) You wanna talk about useless? Look in the mirror bro. xD
  2. HeroofTime55's nation: https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=418916 12 years, only 2.9 mil casualites https://www.cybernations.net/search_aid.asp?search=418916&Extended=1 No aid slots used https://www.cybernations.net/nation_activity.asp?Nation_ID=418916 No votes You should worry about your own nation and alliance more. Where is your fire for that? I think you're just jealous. xD
  3. Keep livin' in the past, old man, I don't care but I got no respect for people who just sit around doing nothing but criticizing. 😆
  4. Oh I'm sorry, your commander is an idiot then not you yourself. 🤣
  5. A dumb mission, I was never going to go to peace mode. Also why bother when I'm so bad at war? "Despite me not concentrating on you" lmao yeah right xD "Laughing at you is the best of this game." right back at'cha 😉
  6. Started out at about 100k NS, Hon. I had a lot of tech and dropped very slowly. I get it tho, you guys are dedicated to hating and disparaging. Unfortunately for you, most other people get it too.
  7. Virtually all my opponents fought back. Remember we ignored nations that weren't fighting back to stagger those who were. Also, if you'll believe this, I was a very popular and high priority target for the enemy. Crazy right, I know xD You do take less damage at lower levels. Like, right now Caustic is "beating" me because he has 37 soldiers and 500 infra and my attacks destroy barely anything, and someone else is nuking him so I can't nuke him but he is still nuking me. He's taking less damage and it's making his ratio great because he can't buy up. If he did, it'd be a lot closer. So what you're saying is that you don't know how to properly fight a war and overextended yourself. Yeah, I'd agree with that. You utterly failed in your attempt to stagger. Literally all you did was give me a laugh. 🤣
  8. That you haven't been ZIed this war, not even close, just proves one of my points - you take less damage at lower levels. Buying up can affect that. About your slots being full or me not buying land, that's beside the point. We're clearly not discussing the same subject if you think those comments have a point to me. You seem to be taking this all very personally but I'm not talking about you. Aside from that one time I suggested you're one of those WC huggers.. but you say you're down to 14m war dead? Not entirely sure what that means, I think you might need to say that one more time again. xD If you're down to 14 mil, then I'm definitely not talking about you. I mean, I started with 3 bil, fought for 5 months, did the most damage in the war and still have 500 mil left. More than enough to stomp you for the rest of time like I did last round. That was super easy, and you let me get outta anarchy too so I could stagger your allies. Thanks for that.
  9. Heh, are you serious? People I'm fighting right now, when their infra drops down under 600 infra or so my attacks start doing less damage. Also say you have 1k infra and attacks did still do max damage (even tho they don't seem to so far in my experience), you could lose all of it then you could lose no more for the day. Whereas someone with more infra could resulting in more damage taken. Also imagine you buy up and don't lose it all, or all your defensive slots aren't full, putting you in range of higher targets with more tech and better prepared that will do more damage to you than those would at 1k infra. Also for a time I was buying a little land because it was super cheap and I couldn't get below 1k land anymore anyway to avoid navy. Had I bought none, I would have lost less NS those wars. Wait, are you arguing because I threw some shade on those hugging their warchests and don't want people to buy up? You're probably one of those WC huggers eh? I'm going to assume that's why, because there are quite a few examples of how buying up can result in receiving more damage. It's definitely a thing. In a vacuum and at certain ranges it may matter less, but in other scenerios such as those I'm describing, it can increase your damage taken. Well, yeah.. being conservative with your warchest can be smart. It's also boring and those who do it show they are thinking about the future, or can't fully let go of it, at least. I just find it funny people being like "this is it, I'm going out in a blaze of glory!" and still hugging their warchests instead of unloading it. Not saying you did this. From what I recall of your warchest I don't blame you for fighting more conservatively at this point. Just a couple billion, right?
  10. Pretty sure FTW had the most wars so far out of anyone on our side. xD Maybe not right now, but those leading and paying attention know FTW fought hard. Don't get your hopes up on how those reevaluations go. They aren't going to be basing it off enemy propaganda. They're going to be basing it off stats and facts.
  11. brb, selling all my tech, infra, land. Ok try damaging me now. Good luck! I could have let myself be zero-ed out in the first few weeks. My damage given would have been much less, true, but so would my damage taken. So it can affect it both ways. *shrugs* Think what you want tho. Maybe damage ratio means a lot to you but not me.
  12. Many other FTWers did fight their hearts out. Armpit and Kaz actually fought more wars than me, I just started at a higher NS and had a 3 bil warchest that I unloaded. Thanks for the invite but nah I'll stick to ruling my "dumpster fire". 😜 There are a lot of reasons for that. In part, it is because I didn't hug my warchest like I'm gonna be here forever, I unloaded it. Shout out to Schitz on COBRA's side who unloaded more warchest than anyone (counting by raw numbers, not percentage) fighting like truly there was no tomorrow. That is part of why his damage taken was so incredibly high. Buy up in war and your damage taken is going to increase.
  13. Thanks for this, Tiberius! #1 in damage and it only cost me almost everything my nation had. @Stewie try me when I haven't been at war for 5 months. You were very late to the party.
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