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  1. Ahhh the memories... That ascension became descension rather quickly in the UJW. But it was a cool slogan/rally cry, and those certainly were the good old days.
  2. JB, It's then, not than. You damned nincompoop. Some other idiot sandwiched your post (above) to emblazen it forever. Idiots, like birds, flock. As you were, gentlemen, and ladies.
  3. So what and who did you declare on? Also, first!
  4. And punctuation, missed one comma, some lower case letters and a question mark.
  5. Idiots need not apply. Get your ass back to the shallow end.

  6. long time to see! hows it going?

  7. The more I see of Penkala...the more I think you should slap the piss out of him.

  8. has not set their status

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