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  1. Well that certainly clears things up. 🙃
  2. And to think they refer to suicide is a cowardly act...
  3. As a former member of the Polar war council, I can testify that "global public relations" were given minimal consideration, they always took a back seat to attack strategy and the coordinated military mobilization of the alliance.
  4. Looks fun, awesome declaration OP! Roll on, Polaris! o/
  5. A mutual defence pact with yourselves, sounds reasonable.
  6. Are you seriously poking the bear? Be careful, young Jedi.
  7. Terry Howard couldn't carry Almighty Grub's jock strap.
  8. Lol, Terry Howard. I remember when he was a powerful voice/force on CN. He hated me especially after accusing me of setting up Brothers of the Storm to ignite the Unjust War, saying that I coerced BoTS to needle Genmay into attacking them. BoTS was White sphere, and Terry Howard had decided that he was responsible for the entire sphere. I assured Terry that it wasn't just me, but my Emperor, Electron Sponge who coerced the Brotherhood to needle Genmay into igniting that poweder keg. The rest is history...
  9. Sorry, saw StarChild Awakens and thought it was a thread about Paul Stanley rolling out of bed. Also, congrats Stewie & Co. 😜
  10. Ahhh the memories... That ascension became descension rather quickly in the UJW. But it was a cool slogan/rally cry, and those certainly were the good old days.
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