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  1. Not true. They did but it was very limited. There was a lot more they could've done, but didn't for some strange reason. Props for keeping me staggered the whole war, but declaring on me and not nuking me allows me to get out of anarchy and launch 4 more wars. The entire war mostly just placeholders thrown at me. If you're gonna declare war at least do something. Applies to NPO also. An alliance of that size should have been able to throw more people at us, but they're an inactive hulk. It's sad that FTW and Legion bore most of the weight from that war, when they had allies many times the size
  2. I disagree. Moralist politics still exist. It's just that they don't serve a purpose since no one is willing to make moves. Also, very nice read.
  3. Agree, some people still participate on Bob.
  4. Nice to see this finally get done!
  5. Friends making friends. I love it!
  6. I think you misunderstand what the word condoned means.
  7. If only that would have been nipped in the bud back then we might still have a thriving community.
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