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  1. Someday, someone's gonna bite back. Don't know how you guys have so much luck.
  2. Used to be, now it's a nation builder
  3. If you want someone to come at you, pull a MK and cancel all your treaties. Though, even then I doubt anyone would do anything.
  4. Nice to see some new life. F that other world.
  5. Yup, face it LH, you're washed up yet again. All you've got is your henchman Banned. No one else is playing your games.
  6. Just discussed this exact same scenario a minute ago.
  7. Someone else needs to admit to their failure too for it to have any weight.
  8. Wait what? You can't just say "I give up on my failure" and have it honored. JA told you exactly what he wanted for surrender conditions.
  9. You still think that chunk of inactives and newbies is worth it? For crissake in the last war you guys couldn't even keep me in anarchy. You were supposed to step up for your allies, yet you didn't. FTW and Legion did all the work. I was overjoyed when a NPO nation would hit me, because I knew they wouldn't do anything (not even nuke!) and steal the slot from someone who would actually do something.
  10. Joining NPO in itself is cowardice. You're missing the point. You can't be like "oh, I got burned many times in defense of an ally or my own AA" and then go and join the AA that burned you. smh.
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