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  1. Good luck, JA. We had some great chats.
  2. Fake apps would give us something to do though and be amusing.
  3. I see the 14 and I shall raise it to 16.
  4. Prob some of them in Invicta too.
  5. Doesn't seem to be enough inspiration.
  6. This is the go-to move.
  7. I sure love when people try to tell us what our thoughts are/were.
  8. Amen brother. Come to the dark side.
  9. Gotta admire our determination though.
  10. Your bloc that's crumbling was a threat to Oculus, but you instead choose to suck at the teet.
  11. Exactly. I'll put it in less words: "It's dumb."
  12. He won't have an answer to that. If he's so insisting on dwelling on the sins of the past, he's got quite a lot to learn.
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