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  1. Please don't tell me you consider Elvis Costello rock. Was bad enough considering Meatloaf rock.
  2. tbh, that's not asking for peace. it's more a recognition of hostilities.
  3. One day, my friend. You just gotta be on the wrong side.
  4. Don't really think NG cares about SNX members holding a grudge against them. Funny thing is this all has made me do a complete 180 on NG. Grudge dropped. Nice to see all those NGers I warred with many times as part of the blitz.
  5. Nothing will ever beat Schatt's news.
  6. ugh, they've offered white peace and admission of defeat, why do you want to take it further? you're hurting more than they are. smh. Also, the one side needs to put someone else in charge besides this claude person, because nothing's gonna get done with that fool in charge.
  7. It's not the end. Swallow your pride. You're the one holding things up. In my view, you won. Your side is the only one getting wars launched, even if it's just pussy nuke turret turtle wars. This needs to be white peaced, but I think you wouldn't even accept that.
  8. Being afraid of NG is the funniest part of this. Not as funny as those who think NG with be their saviors. Just white peace this war and get it done.
  9. Complains about people being asleep, joins Oculus. You can't complain about everyone being treatied to everyone when you are part of it. There are no sides anymore, your AA put the nail in the coffin on that. The other problem is the whole not calling people in to defend them. F that !@#$. Missed out on so many wars because we were told to sit out.
  10. Thank you for clarifying my point.
  11. It also took effort to try to make the odds 50/50 and not 95/5.
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