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  1. It's funny that you talk about relevance, because the only people bearing any semblance of relevance now are us. Everyone else is pretty much a NPC.
  2. Launching a war and doing something after you launch a war are two different things. Not directed at you personally. At least you CM and Nuke.
  3. There's plenty happening right now.
  4. So people that actually drum up discussion are trolls?
  5. You're welcome. There's not many people who play both sides of the game anymore.Growing is cool and all, but sometimes you gotta just burn it all down.
  6. Nice to see you again. I just passed 17mil.
  7. Friends joining friends. Good luck!
  8. Honestly, bigger nations that use their nations don't have much of an advantage. I went from a bigger nation to a small nation in a matter of months. I mean sure, I still have the wonders advantage, but 10000+ tech lost in 3 months. It would take over a year to get that tech back. The reason that tech is gone is because of the lack of nations and the "new" change that allowed nations to declare based on their nation rank and not their nation size. That was a good change when there was 15k+ nations, but not so much anymore.
  9. There was a chance of that happening not long ago then the fear of pixels lost set in. Yeah, I get it, you think we're all warmongers, but we're really not. We want peace-time, we want war-time, we just don't want permanent peace-time. If we wanted to just grow our nations and do nothing else we might as well just go play Farmville.
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