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  1. Honestly, bigger nations that use their nations don't have much of an advantage. I went from a bigger nation to a small nation in a matter of months. I mean sure, I still have the wonders advantage, but 10000+ tech lost in 3 months. It would take over a year to get that tech back. The reason that tech is gone is because of the lack of nations and the "new" change that allowed nations to declare based on their nation rank and not their nation size. That was a good change when there was 15k+ nations, but not so much anymore.
  2. There was a chance of that happening not long ago then the fear of pixels lost set in. Yeah, I get it, you think we're all warmongers, but we're really not. We want peace-time, we want war-time, we just don't want permanent peace-time. If we wanted to just grow our nations and do nothing else we might as well just go play Farmville.
  3. Pretty sure we'd have no problem surrendering to Oc.
  4. You hit the nail on the head. I'm a 12+ year player being forced out.
  5. think you had this guy in your head lol:
  6. Nation Created: 12/19/2014 12:09:12 PM (1,745 days old) Nation Strength: 1.226 (My nation strength is: 26,857.026) Who's multi are you?
  7. Yup, they've been trying to rebuild the whole time and let their allies do the dirty work. They've dethroned GATO as WAE.
  8. Pretty much did that when I joined NG, the only people making me fall faster are Legion, NPO and IRON. Give me a little push, please.
  9. Who's gonna be chewing on him? Not the people he declared on, and not anyone else carrying your flag. I know you're one of the 4 people in your AA who fight, how can you put up with that? Go somewhere where your "friends" will have your back. I remember the days of being in a 50+ nation AA and if a one-man AA (or "rogue", as it's gonna end up being called as justification for others to get involved to cover the incompetence), we'd have their slots filled within 12 hours.
  10. You have more war slots available. Do it right.
  11. This is funny. Nations from other alliances, yea, but not from their own.
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