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  1. Thrash

    Treaty web

    That's going to be a lot of lines on one side. Not sure my PC will be able to handle it.
  2. Ahh, !@#$, I forgot about that.
  3. Nice to see some action around here.
  4. Grats on the treaty!
  5. That was quick! Congrats on peace.
  6. Holy crap, 2.5 billion blown in a month?? In this past war, I only spent 4 billion over 8 months.
  7. Good luck! Are there more nations coming?
  8. You should be loving FTW since that's where all your remnants are.
  9. I picked up 6 million in this past war. It only took 9 months.
  10. I was wondering who passed me. No worries, I'm sure you've already set a timeline for how long you will participate and then fall way short of that date.
  11. They leave trails on my sliding glass doors. Gross. Put some salt on 'em.
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