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  1. I'd believe this if you couldn't also do other things right after update like pay bills and/or other military actions. As an example, I was able to send a cruise missile at 12:00:06. It's not a big deal, but I'm surprised at the people who have just accepted this without questioning it.
  2. I think it'd just be nice to have it written down somewhere more easy to find and to be more accurate. e.g. from update to +3 mins we want people to take a chill pill. nukes and quadding was always a fun part of the game that has been removed for far to long in my opinion.
  3. I know this has been "standard" for awhile, but the message bothers me because, it seems disingenuous and patently false. "peak traffic" What peak traffic has there been? All you have to do is scroll through the nuclear reports and see that the "peak traffic" is perhaps one person around update who is slinging nukes.
  4. I got this error around update, and looking at how many nations are actually at war am curious if this is an actual thing or not still. Is this just a bug or needs re-wording? i.e. your nuclear teams are le tired so are taking a le nap before you can launch. *yes I just did a throwback to the end of the world video.
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