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  1. Congrats to the Spartans new and old!
  2. Oh wait @AlmightyGrub is still playing? @Emperor Jason @Warden do you have any more addendums handy?
  3. *Air Guitar solo* Radical! Congrats everyone! Guess this means movie nights are going to get more crowded =)
  4. Bahaha. @Warden snuck in the addendum after-all. I might have to try this with you @Emperor Jason.
  5. Non Grata: adj. Not welcome; not approved... (x10) Congrats on the birthday! I'll swing by for cake =)
  6. Noooo! Kap my man. This can't be. Take some time if you need but come back!
  7. I was thinking RAIDERS of the lost ark to be a more appropriate theme. o/ NPO
  8. The OOC discussion mentioned was done on these public forums and therefore it's not a secret. No reason to restate the obvious.
  9. Thank you @Stewie for addressing this publicly. I realize this flared up quickly while you have limited access this week so taking the time to collect the information, wrangle all the various discussions, and presenting a formal apology for the event and clarification of what NG stands for is much appreciated and a great step towards preventing future crossing of lines. Thank you for the rest of the NG team also whom helped step in to address this. I can certainly appreciate Cobra's frustration and anger toward the situation. This won't just go away and nobody expects that. But I also want to recognize NG for taking action to address this and their efforts to prevent future incidents. This type of event cannot continue to continually recur (on either side) or we will never get anywhere, so I look forward to working with both sides on continued improvement of relations in the future. Let us learn from this and move forward and not backwards as a community.
  10. Welcome new alliance! Best wishes as you grow!
  11. If that were true I'd be in a great place to continue to mediate this sort of conversation. Thanks for stopping by Johnny!
  12. Be the life. CN Reunion July 2021.
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