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  1. North Atlantic Treaty Organization We have several old friends coming back to CN and NATO dating all the way back to the beginning of CN and as such have updates to provide Government Contacts Council: Devo (Dev0win) SteelersFan Lenny N Karl (Blue Sphere Senator) Secretaries: Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Warden Current Foreign Relations MDoAP NPO: The Northwest Passage - http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=110916&st=0 ODN: The Better Call Kenny Loggins Accords -
  2. o/ Kapleo o/ TPF o/ White Sphere Good luck to all parties going forward. You all partied hard together this last year.
  3. I'ma need Gopherbashi to come back and do some stats please and thanks. Good luck on your wars!
  4. Speaking of dead nations... woof... ^_^
  5. Do blue balls sunburn Grub? Or just ache?
  6. FEAR, now there's an alliance I haven't heard of in YEARS. Old NATO allies. Glad to be working with our friends in FTW and TPF. Welcome back to white sphere TPF! o/ FTW o/ TPF
  7. Also it's cheating to use a star wars reference right after the new trailer launch. I see what you did there.... Grats on the gov
  8. Warrior is President? IRON is 9? Getting old fella =)
  9. Nothing big here. Just a column header is duplicated. Column H & I (if you import into excel) or array values 7 & 8 if you are using arrays have the same column header "Receiving Nation". The first should be "Receiving Ruler" P.S. Thanks for the recent updates! Loving the nations stats file =)
  10. Hold on before mods ban this guy there is some very interesting validity to this odd this post. Even though his post is done in a very immature and ridiculous manner. I'll forward some findings.
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