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  1. I dont think its actually possible. I'd love to see the community come together to establish a code of conduct with community sanctions for violations. A sense of right and wrong, but that's where I think it falls apart. Too few can agree on the most basic sense of whats acceptable and what isn't.
  2. A notion of fair play helps too, but sadly objective thought seems impossible.
  3. No, not really. You make no sense, you cry here cause your being pushed from the game and then beat your chest because your not dying faster. You can either be the victim of your own choices or you can be the champion for the end of the world, but not both. Your lack of consistancy makes talking about this painful.
  4. We're less than 6 months in, are you asking for unconditional surrender? Because unless thats your intention asking to enter and get white peace at your convenience is asking to dictate the nature of war.
  5. For an experienced player and a veteran leader you have your head in the clouds if you ever thought you were going to get to dictate the the nature of war on Bob. Its been this way since '06 and its not going to change. You can caterwaul in the IC forums, but come on man you had to know how it was going to play out.
  6. It's not near as dramatic as all that. You decided to join a loosing war. Take your licks and move on.
  7. 64Digits, Another copycat come to volunteer as a chew toy. While I'm grateful you're all so willingly throwing away your nations for nothing as it saves us the trouble of dealing with you in any meaningful way. If you are actually invested in saving the world or making at least an interesting effort at derailing us. You should have all gotten together to plot and plan. I mean Gibs did it better at least his DoW had a proper flag. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  8. Stewie, A fun war no doubt. Bringing people together from all over Bob. Here's to many more rounds! Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  9. Crazy to think the wiki pages are even still being used.
  10. AG, I appreciate you saying that.The whole point of my post was to illustrate that OC involvement wasn't guided by a desire to "save" us from anything. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  11. GK, Thats an apt description of my feelings yes. I serve my King before myself and until the time comes to close this chapter of my life there is still time.
  12. AG, Tied up our lowest tier? Sure, but lets call a spade a spade. Either Polar approached them or they approached Polar. At the end of the day things clearly didn't turn out the way Alexio implied it would.
  13. Thrash, Did you read GKs logs? Your side went clamoring to OC back in May and had Gov in polar planning it with you. It seems the reason OC got involved is because y'all asked them too and couldnt do what you were told to.
  14. GK, You were plotting with government in Polar to roll RFI back in May. And you have logs showing this and presumably more. So your surpise wasn't that OC got involved, but that NG ended up the target. From your logs, it sounds like y'all screwed something up bad. And none of it was OC coming in to save FTW. You really should have clued NG in. This makes y'all look really silly right now. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
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