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  1. GK, Declare an aggressive war, check. Pontificate on your moral superiority, check. Complain how unfair your being treated, check. Post a long winded statement of how your standing up against the evil oppressors of this world, check. You should fire who ever is advising you because it's clearly Junka. You can do better. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  2. General, That was fun while it lasted, I appiciate your soporific attempts at humor and wit. Keep it up, you'll get it eventually. Enjoy the war, Joseph M. Black,
  3. I've always considered my penmanship an attempt at depth of voice. A notion of reverence to the status of station to whom I'm referring, from one world leader to another in the world in which we live. I'm genuinely suprised you find it condescending, I'll make note.
  4. Let's just for a moment pretend that you actually have a point, stop obfuscating and get to it please. Who is the relivant power RFI seems to be running from?
  5. Tankobite, To what do you refer? I'm unaware of any meaningful alliance that has attacked any signatory of RFI? Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  6. Walshington, I'm not fond of winter wars. There are to many domestic matters that require my attention. On the note of petulant citizens I have a group of scientists that I will like very much to line up and shoot. In the middle of a thermonuclear war I am receiving this message when I attempt to purchase more than two. "You have already purchased your limit of nuclear weapons today. Your scientists are exhausted and demand a day of rest. Come back tomorrow" I'm unsure where they get the notion that we're taking a day off. Or that I should be purchasing anything. I've tried ordering my soldiers to force them to work, but as of yet has had no affect. Are you around on discord or forums? I'll take our conversation there if you prefer? Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  7. Walshington, Such a great time for a war. Spring is in the, the trees are bursting into bloom. And two unmet friends are having tea. Do you take honey? Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  8. Asses, I was wondering if we would behold y'all. Welcome to the party, will that be one lump or two? Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  9. Korlath, You called us, we called you. Point is we've got your number. Cheers mate, Joseph M. Black
  10. Gibs! Disappointed we'll be on opposing sides, but hit me up when we get into NS range and we'll have a go at it.
  11. Korlath, It was actually. Thank you for answering that call. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  12. Pjk11, We were just talking about war training for new nations. I think we just found a volunteer to help practise on.
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