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  1. Jerdge, It's in a preliminary draft, the announcement announcing the discussion isn't even public yet, but rest assured an announcement will most assuredly follow.
  2. TIE, This is.... disappointing. And so ends the last great micro chapter of CN. Congrats to NG on scooping them up, Tank was a gain to be sure. Im not sure whom else was even a member. Sincerely, Joseph Muddog Black P.S.- You truely are a one man AA now Lucius.
  3. Persona Non Grata, When y'all reformed I thought surely the grave would retake you, but with 2020 gone you're still here. I can't say I agree with all the ways in which you make life interesting, but like grandma and grandpa Im glad you are. May your next decade be as vibrant and exciting as the one past. Sincerely, Joseph Muddog Black
  4. Long live the King! Long live the King!
  5. TBB, A long way from y'all running the show, but it's best days may not be behind it. That flag deserves to be used. Sincere, Joseph Muddog Black
  6. Citizenkane, But they would still be infinity more competent than you. Congrats on beating Junka at his game, I never thought it possible. Sincerely, Joseph Muddog Black P.S. Congrats on 10 years NG, Im glad you didn't return to your graves after your war with us.
  7. Non Grata, I still think y'all are the old folks home, but even old folks can be pretty cool. Stewie passing isn't happy news. Best of luck to the new NG government, may tomorrow be brighter than today. Sincerely, Joseph Muddog Black
  8. TPF, Wisdom comes from experience and from this much wisdom was gained. Nothing about this is good, from start to finish this whole thing is rotten. As once one among you, Freehold of the Wolves is a place to begin a new. Sincerely, Joseph Muddog Black
  9. Stewie, It takes a lot to issue an apology like this, and even more to do it time and time again. The character of an alliance is reflected in their actions and not in their words. I'm sure this is heart felt and well meaning, but Im also certain this won't be the last apology Non Grata issues for this particular reason. And I don't think anyone else believes differently. Sincerely, Joseph Muddog Black.
  10. Kap, The brightest flames extinguish more quickly. Cobra's had a hot head, a large head, and now I'd imagine NGs head. I've been on the opposite side when Cobra was having fun. God help NG now.
  11. Cobra, A good friend is hard to come by, but a worthy adversary is worth their weight in gold. Jonny was both. I hope that he isn't truly leaving, but wish him all the best if he does. Sincerely, Joseph Muddog Black
  12. . . Noble Lords and Ladies of Bob, I regret that our first communication should come in the form of a notice of war, but as the words of our great house go, Winter is coming. Without request, notice, or tribute the Roman Empire has marched its armies North over the Neck, and beyond Moat Cailin. Their generals have without provocation launched attacks on Keeps and Holds of the North. As sworn protector and King in the North, Smitty256 held faith with these Lords and Ladies. The North remembers the tradition of the ancient ways. This declaration of war against these dishonorable barbaric generals and the Empire that spawned them is in keeping with that honorable and Noble way. Sincerely, Lord Joseph "Muddog" Black, Hand of the King.
  13. This is an interesting update to say the least.
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