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  1. Korlath, Most rogues are dealt with the way you have been. Par for the course really. The fuss comes from Cobra "GK" (who didnt need a reason to attack us.) And TIE (who didnt give a reason). I'm shocked your letting them get rolled for you though. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  2. Think of the digital environment!!! You monsters!!!
  3. General Kanabis, This is very inconvenient, but here we are. So much fuss over a rogue. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  4. Korlath, Our protection was active until the 4th.... You attacked on the third.... Unless time works different for you, it seems like your hand is firmly in the cookie jar. Or did you really expect that we would ignore the defense of an ally? Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  5. Korlath, Our protection started Dec 4th, 90 days later is March 4th. Your raid started March 3rd, are you confused about how time works? Sincerely Joseph M. Black
  6. Lucius, This is disappointing to say the least. So much for a spirit of friendship and cooperation. I won't say I'm hurt, because honestly I'm still getting over our break up with NoR. You do you though. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  7. General Kanabis, At least "I don't like you" would have been more entertaining. Legitimate grievance? I tend to disagree, but then I suppose this is what passes for ideological differences these days. Best of luck, Joseph M. Black
  8. General Kanabis, Is this really what passes as a CB? Could have just said we dont like you. At least it would have been more honest. Enjoy the war either way. Your friend, Joseph M. Black
  9. Wow, never thought I'd look back over this
  10. Its pretty good, I bought the full box set a few years ago.

  11. Ah, sweet! Thanks! :D

    Looks awesome, I'll add it to my list! :3

  12. Keba from Wolf's Rain

  13. Hey, if you don't mind me asking, where is your avatar from?

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