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  1. Hitchcock, It's not like your doing anything? You couldn't even keep your nation around long enough to help your friends and Cobra finish the war. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  2. Johnny, Quality work. Your journalist are of the finest caliber. And props for getting it out so quick by request. My night is truly complete, Joseph M. Black
  3. Stewie, Keeping them coming. I want to break 5mil casualties in this war. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black P.S. I miss my EMP.
  4. Wouldn't really say that we've had a war, we've been pretty exclusive with Cobra the last year though.
  5. And we're not disappointed. I was really impressed to see that an actual post went out for us. A little late, by about four months but you got there. I'm still not in Anarchy after a full range of attacks from the very frightening non grata. Give me time, it didn't take you guys for months to figure out how to post a declaration of war. Maybe it'll take me that long to find a offensive war slot. Organization 13 just declared war on non grata. Balls are in my flag now. Don't worry though I'm happy to drap them over you after FTW buries you.
  6. Stewie, He gets to have all the fun. That's why we pay him the big bucks. Sincerely, Joseph Black
  7. Lord Hitchcock, I don't speak on behalf of my government. But for the right price I'm sure my King could arrange a ringside show. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  8. Term, I think I just declared war on an alliance several times my size. Your friend, Joseph M. Black, Last Shadow of Organization XIII
  9. Organization XIII When the discussions of flags first arrived at our doorsteps we thought it a joke. It seemed Non Grata had decided they had exclusively held rights to the "yin/yang" symbol. After our friends in FTW decided they wouldn't be intimidated by members of the senior center, war began. We presumed this war was in good nature and to be enjoyed by all. Now four months later the Geriatric Brigade has finally gotten off the phone with technical support and posted a Declaration of War. To those who say grow some balls.... We did... A long time ago.... And we put them in our flag. Sincerely, Joseph Muddog Black, Last Shadow or Organization XIII
  10. GK, You've served Cobra well. It'll be strange seeing them led by anyone else. The Cobra name has in my mind become synonymous with GK. We've been adversaries for years, but you always put in the effort to made it entertaining and for that I thank you. Enjoy your break from leadership. Your friend, Joseph M. Black
  11. Edwin, The politics in the past has largely driven by alliances. If your looking to engage on a national level you might give https://forums.cybernations.net/forum/73-game-related-rp-ic/ a look. It's largely used for trade and tech, but would also be a place to post national matters. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  12. Lysergide, My story changed? I was ordered to peacemode because I was busy with domestic affairs. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black P.S. I'm out of peacemode and quite enjoying my current war. When it's done I'll grab another.
  13. Lysergide, I had personal matters that I was required to attend too. I'll wait for your point if you arrive at one? Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  14. Stewie, Well you guys have the sound of silence down to a science. I'm looking forward to seeing the ride of the geriatric brigade. Any chance you'll break out the old flag and make it an official reunion tour? I'm happy to give it a look over for offensive language for you grandpa. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
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