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    Ah, how could a human being reduce what he is interested in to a single paragraph, I have always wondered.

    Video games, books (sci fi, fantasy, novels, drama, comedia, whatever), Comics, Role Playing Games (Big D&D and WoD fan), Science...

    In a single sentence: I AM A GEEK!

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  1. Grow up, man, this isn't the 2000's anymore
  2. As the guy who drove the NPO academy for a while, former bankers, tech expert, etc etc etc I would explain you how hardly ignorant you are showing to be, but I'm also lazy and retired. Let's just do this... Say you are able to nuke once a day for 100 days and each nukes does 1000 damage. The numbers are not real. After 100 days you did 100000 damage. If you also happen to keep your infra and get a couple GAs in once and then, in the say first 10 or 20 days, each for a 100 damage, after 100 days you'll have the 100000 damage from nuking PLUS the 2000 damaged from the days you were able to GA. 102000>100000 That is math bro. Also quick advise: proof read your posts. If you proof read it and it sounds like you, just scrap the draft and go get a cup of coffee while your nation burns down.
  3. /me votes Grub WTH, is due time already
  4. The above post is a show of what the others have to offer in this thread... Why don't we call it a day and go home, if we can't even get to decent name-calling anymore?
  5. All in all... as a long time Pacifican... I must say this saddens me. Good run Tyga, good run STA. A toast for STA! "To absent friends, lost loves, old gods and the seasons of mists. And may each and everyone of us always give the devil his due"(Gaiman) Cheers and good luck.
  6. Without disrespect for other former emperors, I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. <3 LETUM
  7. Those comics really are something hahahaha. Good luck Polar and Sengoku
  8. No, Rock Bottom was when we had you. Thankfully, you and your unstoppable whining left!
  9. I guess you just need to talk to them and tell them to drop their DOW? No?
  10. Oh that must be a signal of how weak/stupid/useless NPO is instead of, you know, the fact that this is [b]not[/b] a TPFvsNPO war, is a whole bloc war. And blocs are usually made of several alliances. Different ones even
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