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  1. It's a trade circle that goes back almost 3000 days. Recently a member went inactive, so we are looking for a replacement for IRON and URANIUM. If you're interested, please PM me in game: Chopin
  2. Happy for you guys. Congrats on peace FINALLY!
  3. i'm curious to know the reason behind so much ill will towards each other
  4. We are currently missing two people to complete a long-term trade circle. Currently 8BR, but transitioning to 3BR. Let me know if anyone is interested, it is urgent! Here is my nation link, please pm me if you would like to join. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=348070 My nation is not included in the actual circle.
  5. Why try to destroy a major alliance when this game is already dying? I like CN... don't speed up its death! And Sparta is not gonna disband anyway... most likely..
  6. It's ok, I only learned about you guys last month
  7. At first it was frustrating, as I've grown to care for my pixels. This war made me let go of my foolish obsessions. Destruction can be entertaining too. It was fun, NG Nord TLR GATO SLAP damn that is a mouthful. I hope this war can reach a happy ending sort of conclusion for everyone.
  8. One more meaningless war that will help put an end to this stupid game called CN.
  9. Topic says it. We were a complete circle until a little while ago. The member who had Coal and Gold went inactive, so we need a replacement right away. If anyone would like to join, please pm me in game! I am Chopin.
  10. I'm a noob who joined at 2008. My name was something like Steve Jobs or somethin, and I joined IRON. Then, not knowing the rules very well, I created another nation and then that got me banned... My short-lived IRON career. I really like the colour orange too. Then I joined again in 2009 and have been playing ever since, from Federation of Allied Republics to its merger with Avalanche. Only two alliances. Am I a noob???
  11. I personally feel that blue looks nicer than maroon...
  12. Ok but 9 of your top 13 are in PM. ????
  13. But NpO has a LOT of meat. Some 175 nations or something. And what's with your guys in peace mode! Very outnumbered man.
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