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  1. Getting flattened for raids gone wrong likely isn't what most people would consider earning honour.
  2. Not to defend the DBDC, but Pacifica alone could and would flatten them and outside of Oculus there's basically no one that could pose a challenge. You may even blame the Doombirds for having done all they could to end up in this situation - they were warned, they didn't care and they tried to shoot the messengers, instead - but, now that they're into it, there's little they can do, other than polish and worship their own pixels.
  3. Is it DBDC SOP to threaten raid targets of putting other attackers on them and/or of much more severe destruction if they fight back (or anything of that sort) - yes/no? I've heard it being stated many many times but I never had direct confirmation/denial from the source. why ask rhetorical questions? Wait a minute...
  4. White knighting for WC is... well...
  5. Something about being years late, dull, in such a position because of stuff, etc. But I'll recognize the micro sizes modicum of effort put into this and I'll concede what I consider to be an adequate reply. yawn
  6. Well I really am not involved into this thus I'll comment on Lucius's terms from a general point of view. Take this as a way to try elevate a bit the discussion - or divert it? - over the specifics and the personal grievances (which I actually respect but which I'm also little personally interested into), and not as taking a position for this or that party. When an alliance is threatened or damaged by an external party it does IMHO make sense to respond with force and, in order to subsequently transition to peace, to demand that the offender suffers consequences of some sort. An alliance
  7. This is a pattern, you must really like that movie... I know that I do. 🙂
  8. The game still has just as much life in it as it did a few years ago. Translation: yes it is.
  9. Peace Works, congrats on it. The SDI+rounds of wars thing is confusing though, I don't get the rationale of it. If my curiosity has any importance for anyone that knows how and why it was decided, I'll thank them if they'll explain it.
  10. Reminder that in CN*, and since circa 2006, the power to impose one's will has always been the only necessary condition to have any nation labeled as "rogue". (* not only in CN TBQH)
  11. Hey you too do it. And for good reason! Nah, he's not even in that league, trust me. The evolution of dinosaurs, the reason kids love dinosaurs, or both? Great image.
  12. Turetel and Grenval. Next time someone will mention Umbrae or Dark Mistress, or someone like that. Blanket NAPs were the way to go IMHO, no irony intended. Had going solos been more popular we'd have had much more interesting action in these last twelve+ years.
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