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  1. The GPA used to never meddle in the affairs of others, but it did things. That was a lot of time ago though. We considered disbandment but in the end we voted against it. The alliance's activity was already almost nonexistent and since then it only got smaller. Having disbanded or not does not make any practical difference any more, at least on any matter that I know of. As for the global situation: neutrality and peace - which, if we had bothered, were what we would have been recommending all the time - won. Even if most people (that still care enough to think about CN) wouldn't consider their attitude to be neutral or peaceful, actions (or lack of) count much more than words or thoughts. (#theneutralmenace)
  2. Good lord I came back to this game just to see how the boiler room was, what a dumpster fire. 

    1. jerdge




      Accurate metaphor!

  3. Good Jerdge


     I appreciate your response and understand there is NO hypocrisy from you.

    The response you quoted was to Unbiased Mod who like the whole set of respondents felt the need to protect the bigot and chide the person calling out the bigot,while absolutely ignoring the very blatant racist post by Old Self. You are not a mod and therefore are not required to read all the posts. That does not diminish the fact that NONE of the posters made negative comment about his post but many decided to chide my calling out the bigot.

     When you start referring to anyone as a member of the black skinned, yellow skinned, red skinned, brown skinned, or white skinned community I will have issue with you. However since no non-bigot ever uses that wording I doubt that shall ever be an issue.


    I have great respect for you, but I live by a strong credo.


    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


     I will never abide in silence bigots or racists.



    Dame HIme Themis

    1. jerdge



      I think that we agree on values (more or less, of course, two minds can't be exactly the same) and that we disagree on the interpretation of this specific instance. It's nothing dramatic, we can agree that we disagree and move on: in any case that thread of MV isn't going to change the world, as probably a scarce half dozen people actually read it, and we're well over seven billions on this planet.




  4. jerdge

    The 'C' word

    You and your family will succeed better and beyond, and you'll realize once again what a lucky man you are. (To solve any concern for attacks just find a nation sitter.)
  5. jerdge

    Sheep inc

    Everything ever made by Luckao looks/ed pretty good, outright awesome at times. That's all I have to say on the subject.
  6. GPA - Peace and prosperity. And endless discussion. Derailed. Always.
  7. So GPA also means "grade point average", huh? I didn't know, thanks for sharing.
  8. CN helps me in keeping fresh my English skills, and it gives me plenty of excuses to play with spreadsheets, images, humour, memes... Above all it anyway taught me all the useful things I now know about trolls.
  9. "I want your land", "I want your tech", "I want to submit the top 300" are all perfectly legitimate reasons to go to war, though not compatible with most RL-esque moral systems. I'd personally prefer that they were openly stated, trying to provide a good narrative for the community, but nobody has any obligation to make it entertaining, of course. For instance, Pacifica used to develop articulated narratives to "justify" their wars, that was entertaining; Mushqaeda was a bit too mocking for my taste, but some effort was still there; the "Creative Annihilation" doctrine was good narrative. On the other hand, things like "Everything. Must. Die." (the DoW) or "we celebrate our birthday with fireworks" look much more lazy and are just plainly dull to me. Sure, it's also subjective, but in some narratives the "it's just a game, let's set it on fire" mentality is a bit too transparent and evident, and the game loses dimension. It's worth repeating that everyone is entitled to play it their way, and nobody is obligated to try entertain the other ones. Likewise, everyone is entitled to call such players' play "bad" or "boring", and to criticize it to death! Discussions over the game are a game in itself, and that too can be entertaining.
  10. This is about many different things. Good job (7/10) in including several relevant issues, Prodigal Moon, but not-so-good job (6/10) on clarity/confusion and absolutely bad job (1/10) for having made a Blog entry instead of an OWF post/thread. This should stay on the OWF (the OOC main forum). I am tempted to reply there, but I'll give you the opportunity to do it first, instead... Why people leave the game There's no reason to think that there's only one specific reason/drive. Games retain players when they offer entertainment/satisfaction in several possible ways, so that many kinds of players will have fun and remain. Early CN offered a variety of options and, what's probably more important, it promised the opportunity to have fun through a variety of playing styles. Then playing solo (unaligned) became basically impossible and some players left. Then remaining independent (as an alliance) became impossible, unless you abandoned warfare (the "neutral" way), and some other players left. Then playing as in-game enemies while entertaining rational and constructive discourse as players became harder, and some other players left. Then leaving stuff unrelated with the game (Moderation issues, RL offences, etc) out of the game became impossible, and some other players left. Then playing a "make believe" game of inter-alliance politics, and not a game of personal relationships with access to backrooms, became counter-productive, and some other players left. Then playing and sharing your personal RL information/coordinates became too dangerous and some other players left. Then playing to reach the top NS became "impossible" (or extremely difficult) and some other players left. Then playing any politics that wasn't basically based on a never-ending cycle of vendettas became harder, and some other players left. Then playing by concentrating your efforts on "politics" became harder, because the tech race started absorbing increasing efforts in a shrinking world, and some other players left. Then playing to slowly but steadily grow your individual/alliance power thanks to your work became harder, because months or years long efforts could be easily destroyed in a short time, and some other players left. Then enjoying a meaningful narrative in CN politics became impossible, because politics was stripped of meaning, and some other players left. Then leaving meta-discussion (e.g. Suggestions) out of the game became impossible as well... Etc. Note that some players didn't really leave - their nations may still be there - but they grew uninterested and they stopped putting any real effort/investment in the game (beyond just doing some click every now and then just to continue have contacts with their "CN friends"). Some of the above "steps" are probably highly debatable, but that's not my point. I guess that my general point is that the game now requires a lot more expertise, specialization, effort and knowledge: it's very difficult and heavily biased in favour of senior players. If you don't play in THE right way and by THE (unwritten) rules, you lose. Creativity is discouraged or anyway "punished". Meaning Until about two years ago CN warfare was costly for everyone involved, and avoiding it for long periods of time was on the other hand costly in terms of apathy and little activity. While the political game was already absolutely corrupted and deteriorated, at least the game mechanics didn't favour polarization, and with multi-polarity there was still some room for political diversity, at least in style. Now war is profitable for the high-end raiders, which means that you'd better join their power cluster otherwise you are "wiped away". This brought us to even more conformism. I personally think that this is basically an effect of an illusion - nations can't be destroyed, after all, and the NS ranges are very wide apart - but 8 years of mental habits can't be forgotten in a short time. In a while we'll see again some multi-polarity emerge. All the other problems, and the tendency to conformism, will remain on the table, anyway. What to do? Enjoy it while it lasts, I guess. I am optimist! (lol part) The quote above translates as: if you want to be "good" join the GPA. I am not being ironic in the slightest.
  11. I found it mildly entertaining. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Melkor is the most powerful of the Ainur/Valar, which you projected as the Mods. In this way you're saying that Cuba is Andromeda. Nation Rulers make more sense as Maiar (like Sauron) or, even better, other lesser characters. For Cuba I'd maybe pick Gothmog (the Balrog one, not the commander at Pelennor). Anyway I am just another LOTR nerd: sorry for the interference and please carry on.
  13. LOTR fan huh? You didn't add much of your own but it's not bad. Although Cuba in the role of Melkor instead of that of Sauron is probably a mistake.
  14. Texting while driving, typical hardcore lulzist.
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