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  1. You're a !@#$%^, aren't you?


    We know what you're doing.

    We're watching you.

    We want it to stop.

  2. One man's nice is another one's horror. The horror.
  3. The Day Today has been by far the best publication for the last several years, I'll really miss it. On the other hand I'm glad that you get to enjoy the retirement that you need and deserve.
  4. This is why we can't have nice things.
  5. Make Peace, not war. Also make love if you feel like it (not necessarily with firing line ofc).
  6. You don't understand, nothing can compensate for the effort!
  7. Gopher! It's lovely to hear from you! Good suggestion, although just ignoring their invitations requires much less effort...
  8. Did You Know? 93% of the statistics I and Hoo come up with are totally made up. [/derail]
  9. I do. Once I would have also been again amazed at how handsome I must seem to others, as they try to have me join their alliance despite my history of being a mostly useless vocal troublemaker that isn't even nice most of the time. But now I understand that many people desperately want any new moderately alive member no matter the rest! (Not to mention that vocal troublemakers not really very nice are also probably a good fit for NG... 😜)
  10. Your third screenshot about the Global Economic Stimulus reads "Proposal Expired". The effects of passed proposals last for 30 days at which point they will expire. That one was passed on Jan 13th, the 30th day after Jan 13th was Feb 12th, didn't it expire at update between Feb 11th and 12th? (Jerel ATM has an open aid slot, which I don't know if it helps you or not.)
  11. "Immediately". It's not about democracy, it's inertia - plain and simple. I'll go for six as well: no, thanks.
  12. But the moment I left the GPA to become a NGer you wouldn't be my viceroy anymore, thus I'd immediately be free to go back into the Agency!
  13. For the third or fourth (or fifth?) time, thank you but no.
  14. I meant that you don't care if you have a fishing pond or not. I don't rule out that you care for others in general or for specific others, one way or another, and in fact that's what I'd expect from you - although I don't really have an idea of your current whereabouts. You've never been a real jerk.
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