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  1. I'm not sure how neutrality per se has anything to do with slot efficiency, however I'm happy to make yet another pointless post about it, and my take on it. To me neutrality meant not to support any external party, not to be indifferent to any of them (although I am indifferent to most of them). When I cared about CN I used to have pretty strong opinions, I just didn't air them, unless doing so served me or my friends. And yes, not having to get into all the stuff you briefly alluded to is liberating.
  2. The game as CN or the game as what's going on in this thread? The second one, which doesn't exclude the third one. It was difficult to tell by design. (I wasn't trolling you, BTW.) (I'll get back to JA's post later. Maybe.)
  3. They can fill OC's slots exactly because they have a lot of free slots themselves. Were they at 100% efficiency they wouldn't have slots to use with OC. Glad to have cleared it for you.
  4. The Tournament Edition resets, I was talking of something more gradual.
  5. My uneducated explanation is much simpler: this game exceedingly rewards seniority and there's no attrition or disincentive that goes against just staying there, doing little or nothing for any long period of time. The seniors grew up but they didn't all leave the game, their interest for the game faded but they remained attached to their old big nations and alliances. They built a cluster of treaties to freeze everything they could, they have no incentive to put their old nations and alliances at risk. With time almost everyone became senior, and here you are. If there was some mechanism that made stats disappear with time you'd see real action again. Good luck having anything like that implemented into the game, though. I won't hold my breath. (And I'm one of those seniors that moved on, anyway. Or though.)
  6. Thanks for reminding me of how much easier it is to have no part in any of that. Impressive work, anyway, my respect to those involved in creating the tool.
  7. ChimaJunkaTywiZigur has been accused of many things but this is the first time I hear he'd be crypto fascist. I understand the fun that can be found in making light of his too often absurd discourses, but... it lacks gentleness. Gentleness which - and yes and apologies: I know that I'm going out on a limb with this - is something he'd be in dire need to be shown and to experience. Beware, do not create your little personal Goldstein. Keep watch on yourselves. (But what do I know, anyway?)
  8. Bragging and bickering over war results is just as exciting as it was five thousand days ago, which by the way is roughly the same era in which actual conventions were effectively purged from this place. But I still care, I'm that old fashioned.
  9. I'm saying that her mentors, at least the ones I think she was alluding to, were way too arrogant to credibly flatter anyone. If you want to be nice you can say that I'm implying that they weren't without merits. Incidentally, licking boots isn't natural.
  10. For once, you're wrong, her mentors couldn't have taught her any of that.
  11. Thank heavens, hopefully all you people can stick to just fight and handle this world like it was just a game.
  12. I forgot: thanks man, as he said he was just making a joke (not a bad one IMHO). TBH there are people that don't like me and never liked me. But it's true that just too many are that generous towards my humble person. I probably never did anything notable, maybe it's just that I rarely step on anyone's toes. Most people are better than what others (or even themselves) think of them. Oh, and someone help Dude get out of his confusion.
  13. Someone that would love to receive flowers, especially from you. Don't be mean and at least consider making him happy. Flowers, peace, love... everyone should get some of each.
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