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  1. Wait, when either of the two said to anyone anything nice? (or that might have been mistakenly taken as nice, from TBB especially) I guess the next time you'll talk of Grub giving hugs or of GK (or Banned) going hippie... Stay real!
  2. Also confirmed (like it was needed...) Great, and thanks again.
  3. Anyone reading or posting in this thread, me included, is wasting their time. That established, you have to give to Chim/Junka/Tywin/Zigur that his threads are rarely boring: literally all posts but his ones are ironic. I have always said that he enlivened this place - no irony here, honestly.
  4. I am cool but admittedly I'm not a kid.
  5. As I wrote, the Lex narrative was good. Keep in mind that I'm talking from an exclusively OOC angle here (IC-ly - had I any IC interest in any IC stuff left in myself, BTW - I couldn't care less about anything and everything, all of you included. Which maybe would be my loss, I don't really know). Veracity's words (as reported here) were inappropriate and in bad taste. "Gross" (or "rude") is an apt word to qualify them. My point is that some of those now crying about them didn't even just blink an eye when much worse stuff happened in the past - it was done by their game friends,
  6. What do you think would be an appropriate action for your case, then? I already expressed my point of view about pixel action in these cases. It's stupid. Same would be about IC allegiance as a consequence (or consolation) for this stupidity. Just for the curious, anyway, the GPA was carefully favourable to second occasions (for people we thought could be nice as game friends, not sure about Veracity) but now we're not active enough to take new members, for whatever reason. The alliance is closed. How did you feel about it? I can't bring myself
  7. Was your behavior really that innocent, in comparison? Just look how much context you had to frame both situations with, to feel like you had adequately supported your case, and you have the answer. Anyway, anyone really and honestly thinking that Veracity's actions (as reported in this thread) were that bad and unheard of of an OOC attack is really new to CN. Which basically no one in the OWF is, at this point. Not to mention that a non-insignificant minority of you righteous people supported, when not cheered to or even participated into, way worse stuff in the past. A dista
  8. I love the novel(s) and the movies aren't that bad. No, I am not part of this world. I occasionally post on this board and I buy tech (not very efficiently) just to have an excuse to chat with people from time to time, but the real reason I didn't let my nation go inactive (again) for is as a form of courtesy to my trade partners. Simply keeping my nation around requires extremely little effort and, more importantly, almost no time. I have no time for games in general, either on or off line, and I'd never "waste" any of it in actually playing CN (anymore). Even in case my
  9. As an outside observer I have the impression that you and your friends are free an subject to no status quo. The sclerotized structure you talk of is beyond repair, there's no return from death. But you can just ignore them, they have no power on you. On the other hand you may be uncomfortable with that glass ceiling and with the neverending aid raining on your adversaries from above. In that case I recommend moving to another universe. Unless you want to convince people, that's always been possible and it takes ideas, not Nation Strength.
  10. Well I'm not that much outraged, as I stopped really caring about the game more than ten years ago. I'm still (more or less) buying tech just for the small interactions it entails, but I understand your tale of having to deal with many sellers. My point was that, worse than the poor maintenance and development, was looking the other way when cheaters seemed to be bringing money for the game developer. (The game is for free, I say "worse" as in "the game got objectively worse", I'm not complaining and mine is not a moral criticism.) One side of the house was very mildly
  11. Damn these pesky kids driving users away from this continually developed and well maintained game! It's so much obvious that cheating made it that much worse that, if I bothered, I'd be startled that you replied at all.
  12. At the top it's many many years that raids - or wars in general, for that matter - have no meaning anymore. Top nations are already past the end of days. Besides that, playing against cheating wouldn't have been an investment, but a waste of time. Some interactions are still pleasant and meaningful, though, better to spend one's time into them.
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