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  1. I didn't watch the video. It's not war (which you wouldn't enjoy) but a videogame, and by all appearances you have an addiction to it. I'm not an expert but I also believe that one doesn't need to be one to imagine that such an addiction, if not cured, will likely eventually destroy your personality and life. Do about it whatever you feel is better according to the future you envision for yourself, and good luck with it.
  2. In two years? 20k+ battles averaging 10 minutes each are 200k+ minutes, i.e. 3.3k+ hours, which in two years are an average of 4.5+ hours/day, every single day. IMHO you need help, hopefully you'll seek and get some. My best unironical wishes for that.
  3. I gave up on that, but if you find out please let me know, thanks!
  4. Which you like! That casualties can't be destroyed, by itself, doesn't give them any special value, as preferences are personal. My point is just this: respect others' preferences while you practice your ones. (Furthermore, pointless pixels that can't be taken from you are still pointless!)
  5. I'd like to make the general point that casualties are just another kind of pixels. No doubt anyone is entitled to collect whatever flavour(s) of pixels, if any, they like, but to call anyone pixel hugger or hoarder while hugging or hoarding just another kind of pixels is... er... well, I guess you got the point. (If you really are curious: I don't fancy any particular kind of pixel. They're all horribly boring and pointless to me. I enjoy relationships, and saving my real time.)
  6. &lat=-69.99999999&lon=68 confirmed here as well. On the other hand, anathema, curse and eternal execration for my browser that "autonomously" decided to screw up my Base movement. I wish it to forever suffer and burn in the worst corner of software Inferno. (Or maybe not, as I still need it! )
  7. NPO-sponsored! That can't be true! But seriously, a lot of (other) people did and still arguably does that (too). Collecting evidence is a waste of one's time as it gets systematically ignored. TBH CN is still good to chat with random people and to have a laugh from time to time, though. And it's the toy of Admin made available for free... in his shoes I wouldn't do it, but he's definitely entitled to let it be trashed.
  8. If you sell all your infrastructure, improvements and military your bills should become zero. 1. Get money through Foreign Aid (e.g. sell tech, buyers usually pay upfront). 2. Sell all your infra, improvements, military (don't care about Anarchy, you'll be fine). 3. Pay your (zero) bills. 4. After three days switch to a better government (probably Monarchy). 5. After other seven days (ten days total), pay again your (zero) bills. 6. Buy infra, improvements, military (get guidance on this). Collect taxes. 7. Buy 100 tech (get guidance) and make a 100 tech Foreign Aid offer to each of the nations that sent you the money for it. 8. When some withdraws the tech, buy 100 levels again and repeat #8. 9. Etc.
  9. Meaning is in the eye of the beholder. Stats were to be stockpiled to be used for the ends of their owners, not for your ends. Nobody was or is here to entertain you. Had you attacked the GPA when it was still functioning you would have paid it dearly, politically and military, for no political and military gain, which was by design and which is precisely why you didn't do it. Despite your occasional tough talk across literally more than a decade, in fact, you never showed up until the world was dead and the Agency had faded (for good reason!) You failed to deliver on your words and now it's too late, but be happy that it was for the good of Polar (as some of your alliance mates understood and, if still awake, understand). Also comfort yourself in the thought that you were in good company - or numerous at least - in being that ridiculously late. Talking of being late: your empty threats really arouse soft emotions in me. I don't feel fear or concern, only tenderness for you. I'll here explain why. Pacifica, the kernel of the political cluster you're attached to, started years ago to ammass millions of tech levels thanks to droves of NPCs. They weren't the first to do that, but they really engineered it to a very large scale. I don't even care if that allowed them to gain the virtually unbridgeable military advantage that their subjects apparently started crediting them of - you might have noticed how stable Oculus is - the more important effect it had in the long run was to render everything pointless. When having no qualms and resorting to any mean is all that it takes to become the top dog, what's the point of even playing the political game anymore? Politics was, while really not the only one, the main point to being here, when there were politics. For war to be a type of politics it needs to be determined by the honest effort of real people. When it's all about unfairness, lack of scruples and getting away with it, it's just paraphilia, being excited by a surrogate of the real thing. It's a subject for psychologists, definitely not a challenge for real people. You talk of meaning, goals, preferencs, choices and consequences, when the leaders of your political cluster are a major reason due to which everything but (maybe) talk has been rendered pointless, years and years ago. Look, you're there running through the war mechanics over and over - only against those you're allowed to, as the rule you live under is very strict - like it still meant something. It doesn't! You could attack that thing that I still control that is nominally a cyber nation. You could - in your words - "cripple the growth and drive away the members" of that ghost herd of long forgotten reveries that I kind of graze, that thing that is nominally collected under the GPA alliance affiliation. Do you think that I would care? All you could maybe achieve is to do me a favour. This reality is a fraud, we're left with grey dead ashes blowing through our fingers and into the wind, and some of your companions have been one of the major drives that had all of us end where we are. Whatever you think you can destroy has no meaning. The only thing left is what we're doing in this little place, on this board. It's talking. And that, you haven't the power nor the desire to destroy.
  10. I have to disagree on this, scientists want to know how, not why stuff happens. Listen, I've told the same thing to Grub more times than I can count and he never ever showed that he had gotten it. However he's a very intelligent individual, he knows it already, he just pretends otherwise because that's the attitude he wants to display. By any means continue to argue with him, by the way. I wish you to enjoy it as much as I do. (He too likes it, which incidentally negates his claim that war would be the only thing that gives meaning in/to this realm.)
  11. Although you don't know for sure because, hey, you've been drinking... correct?
  12. This is a bit of an understatement, IIRC anything about you. It depends. Against Polar, probably not.
  13. He's my aggressive-with-eloquence benchmark since at least 2008. His posting history is basically a the textbook.
  14. War Reason: Stagger They've been attacking their other target from the air. With you, until now it looks like a turtle approach. I know that if it was me I'd be planning to nuke my adversary (if I could remember there's a war going on, that's it). You will probably know more by the time that war will be expired.
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