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  1. General Kanabis having that many offensive wars in number and percentage, and that damage dealt/received ratio, scream of someone aggressive, indomitable and taking on bigger and tougher (than his one) nations. All in all they're excellent collective stats and a good show of combativeness, NG, but GK honestly shines a step above and ahead of everyone else IMO. No offense meant to anyone.
  2. Also: It looks like a tech and land raid. Disclaimer: obviously I couldn't talk for Polar even if I bothered to.
  3. An issue is that an unspecified share of people ignore that no one can't be not free.
  4. It depends. What do you mean with "free"? (For the love of Admin please don't answer with a definition, I'm asking for what you actually mean.)
  5. Different people enjoy different stuff, and anecdotes are just that, they don't prove much. Also the sky is blue. And the horse is dead. Etc.
  6. It's probably at least twelve years that people claim that too much war/peace drive people away. Fact is, we don't know, those are projections from people that don't leave and that didn't ask to those that left.
  7. They're not otherworldly issues only. Directly they may have no bearing with NG, with your conflict, with this thread and with this forum, but they have bearing in this world. They shape it. Canik is formally connect, the issue should be discussed elsewhere. However similar issues have been downplayed or outright ignored too many times, when discussed where supposedly they should have, and here we are. At this point it's absurd to expect that people fill in the correct form and wait for a reaction. Talking of the issue if, when and where it surfaces is the only thing that makes sense, assuming that anything here makes sense anymore.
  8. It wasn't Cuba that first realized that, he wasn't even the second one. I wasn't asking about your tech, Stewie, it has always been clear to me that you're clean. It's about some of your long time friends that I am concerned. When one of the previous tech multies scandal came out another player I had in high consideration (Aza) came out and said that he had known/suspected and he had chosen to look the other way, for friendship. That post of his must still be on this board somewhere. My point is that a friend doesn't put you in a situation in which you have to look the other way, and at any rate one should not do it. Integrity is like love and life, you have it or not, there's no middle ground.
  9. [ooc] Since this is beyond the game I don't have to be neutral about it. CN is plagued and has long been plagued by this sort of stuff. Those heavily involved* into it should totally be ashamed for what they did and continue to do, which is a large, decisive part of what led countless players - some of which had developed much much better, interesting and entertaining characters than most, e.g. Shattenmann - and whole communities to lose interest into the game. This game has been killed by multiple factors, one of which is undoubtedly the rampant cheating that has almost always remained unaddressed... Which last thing leads to the necessary corollary, that the admin and the moderators haven't been doing - definitely not well enough, at least - what they had declared was their job, i.e. policing the game to try keep it as fair as possible. TBH I don't wish to complain too much about them, the admin gave us a free game and it's his to take care of, after all - it's his right to let it collapse and he is definitely entitled to spend his time on something else! - and the mods have always been unpaid volounteers which too often had to do with childish crap put forth by whiny, rude and toxic players. Talking of which, Stewie, my friend, I am afraid that, before complaining about others, you should think a bit about the people you and your friends supported for that many years in this game. On April 6th 2019 the top nation in this game, Jerel, lost almost 60k tech, that (evidently) had been received from multies. To provide some perspective, I'll have you notice that only a 55-ish nations currently have 60k total tech levels or more, i.e. of the over 600k nations simulated this far one out of maybe 7,000 or 9,000 (or more) ever had an overall tech level that matched what has been removed from Jerel only. Furthermore, Jerel probably received (much) more tech - and in unknown quantities - from multies, but the evidence collected by the mods didn't allow them to identify all of it. Since DBDC nations used to receive tech from the same tech farms, and did so for years, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Cuba, "unstoppable" (I'll let you figure out his in-game name) and others also received tens of thousands of tech levels from illegal sources. Then, let's take into account the tech raided from other nations thanks to that illegally hoarded firepower. Let's talk of the immense quantity of land raided as well. Let's talk of the huge money reserves also collected thanks to that land. Let's talk of the incessant and annoying harassment of other players - in and outside the game - for and about suggestions posted in the Suggestion box forum to try address the imbalance that had been introduced into the game by such cheating on top of flawed game mechanics. Was all of this visible and clear to the casual observer? Heck, yes! It's several years that I only pay some marginal attention to this remnant of a game and it has always been crystal clear to me. Obviously I didn't and I don't know the fine details, I hadn't hard evidence (it wasn't my job to collect it and I didn't have the means either), but the general picture is totally there and evident to be seen by anyone, which incidentally and as said above can also explain why people continued to leave in disgust. Back to you, Stewie, how have you been aligned, and where has your in-game friendship been, with regard to the DBDC and affiliates, all these years? Can you really point your finger to the NPO? These are honest questions, for all I know your answers may surprise some, and me too. In general, to you massive cheaters out there, I honestly and sincerely shake my head, you sad losers. You don't win anything by cheating in CN and you forever lose the opportunity to demonstrate, foremost to yourself, what you could have done and achieved by playing fair. Try work on your lack of self-confidence because your human prospects don't look good, otherwise. In your current state, all an honest person could do with you is to fart in your general direction. * And yes, players that lead the New Pacific Order, I'm totally talking of you too - you don't need to figure it out - and calling you out. And I mean all of you in the Pacifican leadership all the way back to several years ago, since those at the top - even if not directly involved, and honestly I seriously doubt it, anyway - would have had to be beyond dumb not to realize what was and is going on under their nose. [/ooc] Side issue but: what has Arrnea to do with anything, now?
  10. The GPA has been attacked twice (I think). As far as I can remember the top spot was already lost before said wars, anyway. The game was also already half dead.
  11. Otherworldly personalities actually were and remained "worthwhile" - some of them at least - however the way they express themselves in this world deteriorated quickly and reached dumb state eons ago. I agree with you and definitely it wasn't Pacifica's fault. Anyway it's waaaay too late even to discuss it anymore. It's probably time to pack up and leave (I know that I should do it).
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