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  1. jerdge

    A Farewell to Arms

    I'll have you know, it might even be that, but considering how old, senile and confused we've become, and also knowing that no one reads our old papers anymore, we don't know what conspiracies, if any, we might have concoted in some distant and long forgotten past. If you find any specific evidence please bring it up to me, thank you, so that we can address that women and children side of the issue, to your satisfaction.
  2. jerdge

    A Farewell to Arms

    I rarely comment on this kind of announcements but I have always had a soft spot for NG, not only because of Stewie, and I 100% approve this specific announcement and its style, so... let me wish you all good people the best of luck. Arise NG, arise in this black day, ere the sun rises!
  3. jerdge

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    You're talking of which neutrals, exactly? After having checked directly with Bart I now know that he wasn't referencing any (even relatively) recent event.
  4. Recently I resumed buying tech and the first thing I did was to send out about 140 PMs to nation Rulers, that I had selected based on the downloadable Foreign Aid data (it wasn't big work and I got it done relatively quickly - spreadsheet etc, easy stuff). What surprised me a bit, and the reason I start this thread for, is that in about 48 hours I heard back from more than 30 people that are available, sometimes eager, to sell tech. Not a few of them sell at 9/200 or 18/300 (one even at 9/300!) I was a bit taken aback as, considering the NS and tech distribution in the game, I expected to find much less people available and with multiple aid slots ready to service new partners. I guess that a lot of old players with big nations are too inactive to actively look for deals, and maybe others don't see the point in accumulating tech that will then be easily and quickly wiped away by much superior aggressors. I don't conceal that I don't anymore really give much importance to my tech level, either, but I started again to buy tech also to help smaller nations to build up their infrastructure. If new players found it more easy to sell tech they'd grow their nation faster and they'd remain more interested into the game. What is your opinion about this situation? Isn't it bad for the game? How it is that this many tech sellers are available?
  5. jerdge

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    tl;dr - meh "Long" version - Aside that I don't care about anything anymore, there's been no contradiction: Tiberius reported words that had been spoken, I reported words that had been written, we were both correct as far as I know. Usual pointless ramblings of an old man I don't remember having fought against any Pacifican* and I am happy with that, mostly due to my sentimentality: back in ancient days I was an Hitchhiker and we had an eternal MDP with Pacifica, then things went downhill and we canceled the treaty (I was against that, for the record)... Even nowadays I still feel a vague moral obligation to avoid being involved in anything that might cause direct harm to any Pacifican, if I can. This might even change in the future (what future anyway?) but for now it is like that. * Although it might have happened last spring, while my nation was being sitted. Who cares.
  6. jerdge

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    In the Youtube video description the author wrote that he was actually a Pacifican, that he had mistakenly said "Polar" because he was nervous. I'll anyway also have everyone note that the only "activity" on this board is about ~10 years old debates between Junkalunka and Vladimir and about an ancient video that wasn't breaking news even when it was recent (although admittedly it was funny... 11 freaking years ago!) I don't know what this means, I just wanted to share this thought with you all.
  7. An Unofficial Announcement by probably the only Agency's member that cares to make one Incredibly, we sort of already realized about the attack by these "Cowboys". Personally I am slightly disappointed that the war reason used against my specific Nation is that dull, and that no fancy PM was sent to me before or after the first attacks. But I guess that this is the state of the general apathy these days. On the bright side, I didn't imagine I would have had another occasion to post an Announcement. Apparently I am not completely dead. I might even remain focused for long enough to send a few other missiles in someone's general direction, or something like that. Don't hold your breath, though. Cheers jerdge
  8. jerdge

    Declaration of War

    That's because War Is a Lie(tm), it's about time you lot get it. Aside that, more or less, I probably find obnoxious the very same posts you do, if nation leaders should not comment to also try advance and promote their agendas through their propaganda - which might rightfully mean to insistently try to influence the audience by presenting or framing facts partisanly and selectively - what's the purpose of this forum? [ooc] For what is still worth, nowadays: the above stuff is entirely IC, the second part included. [/ooc]
  9. jerdge

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Yes, I think I kind of know a few things about the reasons things happened recently, and not much before. Rather than having pretended not to have noticed what you mention, I actually implied it. In theory I could state that I don't get why you would say that any of that would make you laugh - there's no scandal, it was by design, it didn't happen for free not it was easy, and it did require continued efforts and constant maintenance - but, knowing a bit about you and your dialectics too, I think I can probably guess that as well. Unfortunately my lack of desire to pointlessly start a discussion about you means that I will just stop it here. It's a bit rude, I know, I apologize, but it is what it is.
  10. jerdge

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Hello old friend, I'm happy to have another occasion to exchange opinions with you, albeit in this quasi-zombie era in which - I am afraid - we too are the shells of our old selves. I think that you actually very well understand, and always understood, neutrality as a political stance: you just don't like it. There have been a few years in which it would have been extremely costly to attack the GPA, because it was a damn-well built alliance, prepared to fight effectively for years, but then this world changed for worse - Admin never appeared to care about the many internal and external things that were breaking His toy, as sure as hell has always been His right to do, by the way - people from every alliance were discouraged, or bored, and they left, alliances declined in size, quality and number... Here we are: I won't claim (nor I do care) that the Agency is now good at anything and in fact my personal opinion is that it's barely an alliance anymore. I won't say that everyone else is similarly in a bad shape but TBH I don't see that many dazzling wonderful alliances around us. Had you attacked the Agency five, four or maybe even three years ago you would have gotten a really good run for your money. Too bad that you waited that we were all decrepit and senile - and yes, I include you too in that - to finally muster enough interest to come knocking at our gates (if that slow and lazy thing deserved to be called a knock, by the way). Maybe you have been too busy with other stuff all the time, if that's the case then good for you. Or you may have just been too inept to ever reach a position in which you could dare it: after all you didn't show up until the very end of the twilight. Maybe, again, we have been good enough at what we were doing, and that's why not only you, but no one else showed up either. Everyone will have their idea, luckily we are afforded that freedom and we can even learn form the opinion of others. At the end of the day I admit that I don't find to be particularly important what you think we did or didn't do: we liked it for sure, a lot, while it lasted, and TBH I don't remember anyone in the Agency that ever deeply cared about your opinion about our achievements, or about your opinions in general, for that matter. ("You" as Grub, not Polaris... you know that I instead care about your specific ideas, but I'm an exception and that's another story.) While I am sincerely happy that you got your satisfaction in whatever you have been doing before finally remembering about us, and while I can even bring myself to be generally sorry that - even at that point - you didn't find us to be exciting, I must also remind you that, for sure, we have never been here to entertain you. [ooc: I am not good at this kind of posts thus please appreciate the effort: hopefully you're amused eh eh...]
  11. jerdge

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    I don't complain and I won't do anything at all, as I care very very little about this world. I did my things so many years ago... The day this realm will effectively die I will just stop observing it every other fortnight. This world has been declining for most of its existence and in any political climate, it's simplistic to attribute this historical trend to any single factor. I personally think that the lack of discourse is due to the general lack of interest for anyone to discuss anything with anyone anymore. I'm not interested either, anyway, thus I won't even try to go into the details. I just thank you and Grub, and everyone else which is putting some effort in what they post here, for bringing some entertainment to those that are still spectating what happens.
  12. jerdge

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Colourful? You'd be hard pressed to find anyone even just barely half-alive, here, as evidenced by the fact that a dozen days passed without a single post in this whole forum. (All the other threads are at least almost one month old, on top of that.) Cybernations was about playing politics but that game is now over - in fact it has been for quite some time - it's just that nobody turned the lights off, yet.
  13. Peace in our time! (or relatively soon, at least).
  14. jerdge

    I am OK, thanks (Before I say goodbye)

    Thank you. I think that I'll visit the GPA forums from time to time, anyone wishing to contact me can probably send me a PM there, and I should read it, sooner or later. Now that my nation's time is at its end I really feel like I'm doing the right thing. Gaela's Big Sleep promises to be sweet with me. Thanks and bye. :) Eh eh, exchanging obscure references makes me feel at home. :D Farewell, my friend. [hr] Thanks Kevin for these years, I'll remember your game and the fun I had with it. :) Thanks to the Mods for their really underappreciated, essential work: this place would fall into pieces without you. :wub: For everyone: this is my last post here. Thanks for every good thing, shame on us for all the bad. Take care and forget jerdge.
  15. jerdge

    I am OK, thanks (Before I say goodbye)

    You've been by far the most talented and intelligent IC critic of neutrals and that, together with your inclination for effective abrasive commentary, made it really fun. I don't know if I ever told you, but a couple of alliances have a "OWF, How To" guide that I wrote, in which you're featured as the benchmark for aggressive, yet intelligent and legitimate posts. :D (Yours is a CN art that is nowadays mostly lost, as most of its masters faded with time. It's a pity.) You're one of the few I will remember and miss.   Also, I don't plan to look back. (Remember! If it wasn't for you I would have probably left CN in 2008...)   Farewell! :wub:     A blast from 2009! (You may remember them, but they must remain forever here, for the posterity. This is also a good occasion to beg forgiveness and mercy by the memory of WIlliam Blake - poor soul he didn't deserve it... :( ) [spoiler]             [/spoiler] Bye! :)     Thanks, and who knows? (Probably not, though. :) )     Thank you my friend. The WTF is blessed to have such a good heart as yours. :wub:     Eh eh. :) I will miss you too. You're one of the best.     I won't ask for Galea to be deleted, but I don't think I'll be back. I have always appreciated your stubbornness and dedication, I think that in your time you've been one of the giants of the history of CN, one of the few that basically everyone (that was there) still remembers. Farewell. :)     Goodbye the rebel. As I already said multiple times: don't be sad, I am not. CN can certainly do without me, I am not important. Thanks for your kind words, anyway. I have always appreciated your clear mind and your posts, even when I didn't agree with them. Bye! :)