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  1. Although TBH I commend you all (and with "you all" I include FTW/Oculus as well) for trying. (Not pointing my finger, I for one haven't been doing anything good for this realm in the last decade.)
  2. Incidentally, if anyone can contact @Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz (whose nation unfortunately is more than three weeks inactive), please tell him that the DBDC Alliance Affiliation is in need of maintenance.
  3. My conspiracy to ideologically conquer this world has come to fruition, don't even just for a moment think that any of this happened by chance. Everything went according to my plans, The Neutral Menace simply won. evil chuckle Wait, this is an OOC forum. Back to serious mode. Your one is an excellent analysis, really. If I wanted to actually play again I'd totally let my nation slip into inactivity and I'd then start from scratch with a new one (for those wondering: yes, years ago I've been told by the Mods that it would be legal as long as there's only one active nation per player at any given time). Only, the game is broken and corrupt and, more importantly, it's not credible anymore. I stay only for my trade partners and to kill time, I have no incentives to try play again this stuff. I wouldn't have the time for it either. At least I'm not overkilling anyone and never I did it. But yes, as unlikely I deem it to be, I wish you to get what you're looking for, eventually. Good luck.
  4. I don't know why I had got his name wrong, but I believe i had it corrected way before your reply. OOC: Maybe I knew some Steelrat somewhere (else?) on the Internet, I don't really know or remember (memory, age...) I don't even know who you are but you're reading too much into that, it was just an honest mistake. When analysing Maelstrom's economy I had to retrieve his stats and IIRC Steeldor was already back, there at the top of the ranks, I already knew it by the time I posted. In the past I briefly dealt with Steeldor, who had been sent to the GPA as DBDC ambassador, he was nothing but pleasant and reasonable, I have nothing against him. Furthermore, this world (game) is dead, why should I be a dick about any kind of long past grievance I might have had? OOC: if I wanted to attack him I would have done it openly, you don't seem to know anything about me.
  5. Just out of curiosity, why have you waited for Steeldor's leave? By now you should have tens of billions in the bank, the cost of the Moon Wonders shouldn't have left you bankrupt. Moreover, a war would/could last a few rounds at most: with the Moon Wonders' life being 450 or 600 days even a war with Steeldor wouldn't have made that much of a difference. Finally, such wonders don't make any economic sense for your nation, anyway. The Base costed you roughly 1.5 billions and, across its 600 days, it won't provide enough extra income and infra bill reductions to justify it, so why did you care at all about its purchase being (maybe) followed by war? If anything, the Colony could have made sense for the extra soldiers it would have allowed you to purchase, thus the prospect of possible war should have suggested to try have it in advance. Thanks in advance for your attention and in case you have the opportunity to clarify your thoughts about this issue. PS A really huge infra jump down the road might allow Dragonisia to break even or maybe net some real money, though.
  6. I'm obviously neutral about this conflict and I don't really know if HoT is right about what's happening to the FTW, however I want for once stress that he's right in abstract and general terms. In every single alliance war from the mists of time I've seen people brag about damage dealt in terms of NS, infra, tech, and their casualties. No, the one stat that is fundamental for any alliance is active members count. (Sorry for the interruption, please carry on.)
  7. This is not a bad flag. Personal preferences aside, the only significant issue that I can see is that some tiny detail could become indistinguishable at a distance. The rest is fine, the colours blend well and the wolf design is nice and original. IMHO it's better than the previous flag. Well done, FTW artist(s).
  8. Could have been self-irony however sadly it was just a bug. Sometimes fiction surpasses reality... It is what it is.
  9. Thank you for having remedied my silly mistake, positive indeed. Thumbs up!
  10. Honestly, at first glance I thought that you were making a satire of Meth/their incarnations, then I realized that it was you yourself posting it. Whatever was your intent, well done and thanks!
  11. According to Luna's spreadsheet (with the Moon's Hotspot data), the Mars Hotspot could now be: &lat=27.0&lon=87.0 (72.845%) &lat=27.0&lon=86.0 (27.154%)
  12. "Luckily" I had the Base in a "wrong" spot (see my previous post) and I could then start with a 88% effectiveness along with the 50% of the previous hotspot. For the Moon LAT=56 and LON=-22 provides 100%. To use in the link: &lat=56.0&lon=-22.0
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