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  1. Yin Yang, someone? Congratulations on your 10 taoist years. Cheers!
  2. This is a good moment to say that I have this Italian accent... I can make it pretty creepy, Mafia style, too.
  3. I remember your name. I don't remember anymore why or how I knew you - memory, age... - but it was you. Edit: probably around 2008?...
  4. Is there anyone still thinking that Alliance and Alliance Affiliation are the same thing, in 2021? And I thought that I was slow.
  5. I must protest my sanity: I see things as they could be - and as they shouldn't be - and that warms my desire to preserve myself, my time, by ending everything, before it even starts. You've been mad, true, but only until today. Welcome to the right side. Condolences to DLS.
  6. There are situations in which collecting with Guerrilla Camps makes sense. The Fallout Shelter System also has its uses, by the way. (noobs)
  7. &lat=74&lon=16 Thanks fine people!
  8. He wanted to be funny, not accurate, you can probably take it either way, or not literally at all. (The joke now is that you too know that I too know that you too wanted to be funny. Don't disappoint.)
  9. Apologizing sincerely when you did wrong is always a good thing, as it's trying to make amendments. Leaving CN is soooo often a good thing, too! In your own interest, and regardless of whatever course of events caused you to leave, stick to your decision and never look back. Farewell. (This is purely OOC.)
  10. Double post because, mobile site... When some/many players solicited/demanded action from the Mods, in those few cases we saw some consequences. If most of the community applied social pressure (on an OOC/RL level) we'd probably be effective, too, but that almost never happened, if it ever happened at all. Again, treaties and pixels, because almost no one actually cares about the RL-IG divide.
  11. Your description of what (although not always) usually happens is basically accurate. It has to be added that the community as a whole never really did anything substantial either. IG action in particular has almost always been lacking - because treaties and pixels - and when there has been any it didn't accomplish anything.
  12. Or, the Mods should do their work and handle off-game offences? Wild thought, I know. "OOC attacks" are RL awful, IG consequences are absurd and ineffective. RL offences should be met with RL consequences and that should be all. I've been saying this for well over a decade now. It's beyond me why this discussion never ends. Okay I'm just venting. Again, please carry oon
  13. Memory sometimes makes the favour of discarding entire chunks of itself into oblivion, so that we can spend our present time in something actually good for ourselves, while also having a chance to forget about all the time we lost with those vain posts...
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