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  1. Conclusion I: Problems I’d like to begin by thanking General Kanabis for his contributions to this particular post, which is a collection of many of the points raised by myself and others. I also reached out more broadly to various government members and will give some small summaries on additional areas of concern. Some additional special thanks need to go out to those that I've discussed these problems over the years. (Lord of Darkness, Lowsten, Alexio15, Canik, Lord Windmark, Osravan, Mergerberger, Dre4m, Greywall, and many many others who will remain unmentioned so as to not ma
  2. Wonder decom terms pre-exist my entry into Planet Bob even, surely you remember them in your storied past. RFI has not set a new standard, not only because the CLAWS-TIE peace was their own, but also because wonder decoms have existed for a long, long while.
  3. It is pretty evident to me that the SDI decom is a literal response to unhappiness about Lucius' decom. If that isn't an attempt at provocation, I'm not sure what is. I said as much to Kapleo in his embassy on the GATO server when he brought up this recent development. If you don't think KNB is connected to CLAWS, it doesn't make sense to mirror a term against Lucius that you've called unjust and drag their CB into this conflict. Doing so makes this a CLAWS issue because you mingle CBs. The inclusion of Lucius' nation in particular shows that his apology isn't genuine and could be
  4. Simple speculation: It maximizes damage to a nation that probably has about a billion in their warchest to the greatest effect. They will remain in anarchy no matter what and not get to loot other CLAWS nations, and they will lose money from having to rebuild infra and SDI. Doing the same amount of damage against a turtle would take a lot longer. Alternative reasoning: they want nukes go boom without blocks.
  5. Good on you Lucius for taking a hit for an alliance member in the peace; you've shown your colors as a good leader. Well done to my ally CLAWS for being victorious in their aims and not letting this drag out too long.
  6. I was saying that LH and his kid's next door lost the propaganda war because of your funny image, that's all
  7. And this is how Numbah One has lost the Propaganda war.
  8. Let me just emphasize this for the umpteenth time. It's irrelevant whether you learn of espionage from a member of your own alliance, from a spy, from an androgynous space alien, from a jerkwad or a nice guy. What matters is the content. Yes, we can look at the motivations of the individual who passed it on, but we don't need to pretend that has a bearing on the decisions made in response to the logs: and it shouldn't. Allowing a source's motivations to get in the way of a response is shoddy decision-making at worst and risky at best. I like how you've change
  9. Indeed. I'd also like to say that I condemn any acts of espionage or war against the TIE protectorates. They are not TIE, therefore they are blameless. I really need to get a condemnation graphic to post.
  10. Something's stupidity is not necessarily proportional to how much I care about it. I care a lot about replying to your posts with thoughtful insights, and yet you pedal out this nonsense about "why I care" about something I spend my time on. I also was referring to espionage as "dumbsauce" for the very reasons you listed in this paragraph. It however, is not "dumbsauce" to punish someone for taking the risk. That is one of the reasons why espionage is so foolish. It seems clear to me that you haven't. I'm still waiting for you to read those logs, hell just ty
  11. If I am a hypocrite for not having a stake in the KND situation, then I am confused. Did I take to the OWF and defend their actions as absolutely necessary? I am not nearly as familiar with nor implicated in this situation as you are with this one. I would love for you to stop by and elaborate on how they have been facilitating ongoing behavior that includes espionage; I would surely damn them: Ally or not! I'm not bending over backwards turning myself into a pretzel to claim that Lucius both needed to make this decision and that I supposedly don't condone espionage: That would be yourself.
  12. Imagine if the Big Bad didn't spend 80% of the time circlejerking about the old days while also deciding a few paragraphs of text are too much for him. Just fyi TBB, you can stop reading this thread now, the rest isn't about you. I don't want to strain your eyes. You've got to actually read the posts you respond to, otherwise you come off as a third string micro-leader from 2010 or whatever. Quoted purely for truth. Yes, Cobrasphere has been reaching out to soften relations for a while, but your mistake is viewing the improving relations as
  13. This is the weirdest response I ever could expect from the leader of COBRA. When an alliance leader commits an act of war, you don't go to them diplomatically. It's their fault and they pay the consequences. I'd like you to walk me through how you think a diplomatic resolution could be reached, and what you think would be fair recompense for espionage. So, what you're saying is you knew somebody was trying to organize espionage against CLAWS and you didn't notify them? All the hole digging you're doing right now isn't to bury a hatchet as far as I can tell.
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