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  1. Congratulations! I hope this is but one step toward uniting all great nations under the one true religion of Taosim.
  2. Sorry, you have to pay $15.99 to gain access to the Declarations and Destruction DLC content pack.
  3. Twas hidden under the spoiler tags Allies become allies, and former enemies become friends! What's not to like!
  4. Praise UFP, this is more announcement-worthy. I look forward to your continued dominance of the OWF!
  5. I was just trying to remove some infra from FringeLine who had just blockaded me for 24 %, sabotaged my collect and incited govt propoganda, but instead I have three of these infra removal agents at my door! Surely some of them could pay visits to one another instead because it's downright inefficient to leave all this infra in the Empire untouched.
  6. Isn't it entirely RE's tactic to sell about 3k infra, hit targets and buy 3k infra back? Or does that not count as voluntary sales?
  7. If this is the terms that both parties signed, then that's what they signed and should post, even if it looks and is silly - that's both parties responsibility. But this might have just been another treaty innovation like bringing back reps or taking the snake eyes tech deal idea and making it permanent. Glad to see peace. Hopefully productive dialogue follows from the second term.
  8. No, no, you're doing it wrong Franz. You need to make your own condemnation a separate thread.
  9. Congratulations to my friends in Polaris and allies in IRON.
  10. Congratulations to Mr. Krabs! May he lead NG to democracy. Farewell to Stewie.
  11. Glad those orders from Jazzy came in to stand down o7 PS: Tech on the way as promised.
  12. The reasons why people don't take NG's apology here very seriously are they: a) Know NG's history of OOC attacks b) Noticed that Dane0 is still an alliance manager in-game, an advisor, is masked as govt on NG's discord server, etc. His name has even been featured on treaties recently -- including that very thread. c) Noticed that NG members, including at least one NG govt member outside of Dane0 posted in direct proximity of the offending posts and did nothing to disagree or condemn his actions. Just as the NG tradition has always been, Dane0 will be proclaimed not a government member but retain all the privileges that can be expected of a government member down to even signing treaties. It's frankly despicable that this continues to go on and a few paragraphs of text don't cut it. NG has driven someone away from enjoyment and hurt them. And I doubt it ends here. I know that I'm probably going to be leaving this world very soon because I don't want to be targeted. NG already clearly considers me an enemy or antagonistic force against them. What they did to JA -- a former friend? I expect they would show much less mercy to someone they have barely spoken to. And to me, that isn't worth it. Politics be damned.
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