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  1. Congratulations to Mr. Krabs! May he lead NG to democracy. Farewell to Stewie.
  2. Glad those orders from Jazzy came in to stand down o7 PS: Tech on the way as promised.
  3. The reasons why people don't take NG's apology here very seriously are they: a) Know NG's history of OOC attacks b) Noticed that Dane0 is still an alliance manager in-game, an advisor, is masked as govt on NG's discord server, etc. His name has even been featured on treaties recently -- including that very thread. c) Noticed that NG members, including at least one NG govt member outside of Dane0 posted in direct proximity of the offending posts and did nothing to disagree or condemn his actions. Just as the NG tradition has always been, Dane0 will be proclaimed not a g
  4. I agree but guess what? I didn't try to silence, gag or muzzle Caustic -- I didn't even break out the fuzzy cuffs -- nor did I say his opinion was an FA decision. The only thing I see happening here is a bunch of people dogpiling me for saying things I didn't actually say. Most of the people here seem to think I don't know that Caustic is well, Caustic? [It's literally his name people] Of course I do, and I'm going to say it's not classy when I want because that's what you ask for when you say you want independent thinkers. It'd be nice if your group of independent thinkers coul
  5. It is still in progress, just haven't been able to finish it off just yet...
  6. Nevermind, I'll just hit you up in dm. Best leave that OOC
  7. I didn't realize that calling someone's poor form like it is would be understood as policing. Let's not be so fragile and stay classy all. Thanks for the report on your activities Lyanna, I was getting worried when I didn't see the TPS report on my desk.
  8. Calling Pacifican members brainwashed trash in a NATO thread is pretty poor form. They've been allies for ages.
  9. Congratulations!
  10. Oh my Admin please no. If he did return you'd have to come back to brown to help us smash him. I wrote this one. Though Jason8 suggested the treaty title and the best article name.
  11. I haven't been sanctioned yet so here's to hope!
  12. Glad that Brown is finally a unitedish place Special thanks to Jason8, who brought this all together. If you asked me two years ago, I would have said this day would never come.
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