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  1. I think I've been pretty consistent on the issue; ultimately, it wasn't my call, but I did agree with the logic at the time, especially considering I did not want to turn over private logs of my own chats. For my part, I wasn't even around during the writing or posting of the declaration of war. I think in this instance, posting logs of whatever spying or what have you on the OWF would be unnecessary litigation, but I think knowing what was happening at all would be somewhat useful for everyone at large. For the other readers not involved in this: There has been some drama, some OOC, some IC,
  2. Maybe that's true, maybe not. I'm hoping NG govt (which might include you?) can enlighten us all about what happened. I can only speculate from what I've heard discussed in back channels and tally the events that have elapsed since then. Stuff like the Kashmir-Polaris cancellation and NG approaching CLAWS for a treaty that would only be in effect against Boognish alliances jump out to me as some of the events that have confused me about this overall situation. At first I just thought "Oh, trouble in paradise", but it seems like whatever is going on is pretty complicated! I welcome you to l
  3. Was there no non-aggression provision in Boognish? Odd war is odd.
  4. Well if you have no qualms dane0 you should tell the peanut gallery what's going on. I can't see how it would hurt to let people know so they can make their own judgments of the character of the alliances involved. There was a big fuss earlier this year about not sharing the drama of Bob with everyone, so it might be a good time to lead by doing. Based on the in-game info it looks like TIE was hit for harboring a spy or some other espionage. Is that correct? From what I gather of the NG - COBRA breakup, since then Non Grata had been moving pretty swiftly to engage Boog
  5. Much love to my allies in Legion and friends in FTW!
  6. The next installation is in progress.
  7. I've noticed that we haven't added the War of Nurture, Bicycle War or several other thingie mabobbers onto the wiki for a while, and I was wondering if it makes sense for some of the people who edit the wiki to come together on a server and knock some of these pages out of the park. I'm not really wiki-knowledgable (I only have edited existing pages) -- but I'd definitely be willing to join the collective to help if someone can give me some tips. I know that some alliances (NPO, VE, FTW) (Smitty ❤️ )have active wiki editors, but maybe there are also others out there who would be willing to co
  8. Lies, Velocity is the most active person in every discord. He's even in some of the super rare ones. Congratulations to FTW & NpO!
  9. When Hime Themis is pissing on the reputation of my ally from within I will hold them to the same standard. In this thread you've gone out of your way to personally attack and highlight members of the community you disagree with OOC. Your inability to navigate these lines is perhaps the least offensive of your grievances, but it is in its own right, an indication of the worth of your muzzling. This is an IC board and the IC discussion regarding this cancellation is seemingly YOUR behavior. Drop the deflections and focus on your own conduct. It is reprehensible and/or the worst trol
  10. Ningal, your little temper tantrums along with promotion of fascistic OOC Ideals has already and will continue to have IC repercussions. Honestly if you're not removed, my own alliance will move to cancel on KoRT because, as this thread so clearly demonstrates, you are a petulant and toxic character that poisons the well of your alliance's reputation and the overall discourse of alliance affairs. The General Assembly condemns such behavior. My alliance opposes all forms of harassment and the promotion of any IC (or OOC) race above others crosses that line. I hope my allies in KoRT
  11. I truly hope FTW the best of luck. Without their chapter in RFI I wouldn't have made some great friends!
  12. Giving examples to prove my point that different alliances (and spheres) have different standards of behavior is accurate. That's why it doesn't make sense to publicly litigate CBs. We agree to disagree. In your examples, you're forgetting that RFI at large condemned veracity and sanctioned him. Hell, I think Argent resanctioned him recently. I for the record, condemn him as well and ordered the sanction on brown. Won't do a thing for him until we see some form of public penance, if ever. And while Lucius & TIE stood up and took their blows (and were rightfully praised for it!
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