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  1. Congratulations to my allies in KoRT!
  2. The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization recognizes that this declaration appears to be regular in form and authentic. And that this was fulfilled in request to the conclusion of the peace summit, as proposed by Stewie of Non Grata and Johnny Apocalypse of COBRA.
  3. I was being a pedant, but I also wanted to link the video. OOC: (The reason for my text is you can't just post a video without text)
  4. JA, can you interpret Stewie's signature next? He says he's a member of DBDC, so I don't see how they could slight him.
  5. Description: Caustic ca. 17.01.2021
  6. Oh how the turns table, it's giving me flashbacks. After renanimating the corpse of Non Grata its sad to see that you became the thing you rolled again and again. Guess you were on the wrong side all those years ago. It's funny to consider that you should protest so much in this case after never having done so for the many wars you were involved in organizing. A selection:
  7. While most of the world spends their time reminiscing over our nostalgic and better pasts, the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization does the exact same thing, but better. In the last year, a lot (and not a lot) has happened with regard to GATO, especially since today is our big day, our 15th birthday! We can (almost) drive! What has happened in the last year? Well, during the Snake Eyes War, we had 61 members. Today we also have 65 members -- at least when I wrote this. GATO has remained relatively stable while a lot of the world has floundered around and lost their memb
  8. Back to the re-education camp. ----------------------------- Not a fan of the CB, but maybe that's because we're not under attack for HannaH's deals with Banned or something šŸ˜… Or because I like KoRT
  9. My income has risen by a dollar today. No event changes or anything else I can see either...
  10. Yeah, I'm sure. I had been discussing citizen income with another nation over discord at the time, which is why I noticed the discrepancy. Unfortunately, I didn't do a screen grab of my nation but rather had just been discussing it. I'm fairly certain I couldn't have miswrote 604 instead of 600 (just because of distance from keys and so on). If it's not reproducible, that's kind of odd, but maybe it was a display bug or something then.
  11. Citizen income was at 604$ (roughly) I purchased and then decommed Guerilla camps. My income is now 600$. There must be a bug in the income formula, since there is no reason I would lose income from decom. The bug is either with the display or the actual formula. Probably reproducible but I don't want to permanently lose money to find out.
  12. Conclusion I: Problems Iā€™d like to begin by thanking General Kanabis for his contributions to this particular post, which is a collection of many of the points raised by myself and others. I also reached out more broadly to various government members and will give some small summaries on additional areas of concern. Some additional special thanks need to go out to those that I've discussed these problems over the years. (Lord of Darkness, Lowsten, Alexio15, Canik, Lord Windmark, Osravan, Mergerberger, Dre4m, Greywall, and many many others who will remain unmentioned so as to not ma
  13. Wonder decom terms pre-exist my entry into Planet Bob even, surely you remember them in your storied past. RFI has not set a new standard, not only because the CLAWS-TIE peace was their own, but also because wonder decoms have existed for a long, long while.
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