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  1. Tevron

    While you guys war.....

    And that's still my point.
  2. Tevron

    While you guys war.....

    Either people are willing to step up and run it or they aren't. In this situation, they weren't. You keep implying these other people existed, but they never did. If they did, they would have taken power or they would have stepped up. Since neither thing occurred and he (supposedly) unilaterally disbanded the AA with no new govt forming and deligitmizing his statement, it appears 100% that there was no one who was willing to run the show. Maybe you now have time in hindsight to have stepped up and done some !@#$, but you didn't and neither did anyone else.
  3. Tevron

    While you guys war.....

    Isn't there some sort of insane break in logic though, where you demand that your government do something for you while refusing to partake in it? If DS was pretty much the only one and you were loyal to your government, then you should have been loyal to him XD
  4. Tevron

    While you guys war.....

    The forums of R&R had to be closed, they were exploited because the admin staff hadn't updated them recently, by ATG, who leaked some very worrisome discussions to the public. I feel like a lot of yall are talking out of your butts here. If R&R was truly active enough to persist, it would have, that's as simple as it is. There are even super inactive alliances that have been more lively than R&R since DS's last post. In this thread Horus has shown more activity than his entire supposed alliance in years, though it is entirely through the fallacious claim that it's all DS's fault that R&R disbanded, which it wasn't. Sure, it sucks if you lose your forums, but if that's what puts the nail in the coffin in a game that is largely not forum based for the majority of AAs, then I don't know what to tell you.
  5. Tevron

    While you guys war.....

    Horus, if what you said is true, and R&R really was still a legitimate alliance, then they would have created a new government, kicked DS and not disbanded. Because of the huge levels of inactivity and apathy, it's clear that DS made the right choice.
  6. Tevron

    Nothing Important Happened Today

    Congratulations to our allies in Pacifica and GATO's official weeblord.
  7. Tevron

    Putting the W back in WAE

    Wes being in the lineup might be the greatest saving grace.
  8. As my final act of Assembly Chairman this term, I've decided to revive an age old tradition. I will be awarding the highest honor that I can bestow to those who reside outside of the Assembly. These individuals have not been recognized for their contributions in support of the democratic bastion of planet Bob, and it is high time that they have been. Honorary GATO Membership is awarded to nations not in in the Alliance who have greatly aided the Alliance in war, finance, or in other means, to help secure the Alliance as if it were their own. I hereby bequeath the Honorary GATO Membership Award to the following individuals. Each of which has risen to great heights in defense of the Assembly. GATO is beyond thankful for your contributions and you three mean the world to the Assembly. Lord of Darkness Banned White Chocolate
  9. Tevron

    A Farewell to Arms

    And this whole time I've been wondering... Whose arms?
  10. Tevron

    Old Account

    Try logging in with your old info. It's possible that your old nation was put into inactivity mode and could be restored since you last posted in 2013.
  11. Tevron

    The Alta Accords

    A good and tasteful treaty.
  12. Tevron

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    I think Umbrella actually levied the request, soooooo Not 100% sure though :shrug: And wait a minute, is the ball really in my court to get your sanction lifted? I really think not, considering your history with threatening alliances I'm in XD
  13. Tevron

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    I'm confused, they spoke to me in good faith, whereas you have not. I would think you would probably have to communicate with me if you wanted your sanction lifted, which you have not done....?
  14. Tevron

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    But are they actually negotiating for peace...?
  15. Tevron

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    we got a sanction request that you were a rogue. That seemed to be true at the time? Didn't attack any of his voters, nor were any of his voters sanctioned UNTIL after that... Can't really change the order of events sorry XD