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  1. You have wasted far more time insulting me than it would ever take to explain. 😂 Hey I'd throw some Fs in the chat
  2. Nah, I just don't see why that means you should be a dick to me about this, and yeah I said "old friend" because we haven't talked. :shrug: And yeah, nice log dumps of me from your spy saying the same thing. It is literally over the Yin Yang symbol then I guess, and you don't disagree. And yes NG is a disbanded alliance that was for all intents and purposes dead, retirement etc... You can have me on the record for that too, not just privately, but publicly!
  3. I feel like if you really can't spend a moment to explain to me how they are the same OTHER THAN THE YIN YANG SYMBOL, then maybe it's you who is struggling at the moment? I welcome anyone else to also explain to me these supposed similarities. You'd think an old friend would manage not to just insult me
  4. The slogan is now the flag???? Those two flags only share the Yin Yang... Still.
  5. >Looks at flags, sees they are different >Looks at Velocity (Low Govt) talking about old FTW flag being rotated, which is also still different and is in fact, the same flag, but rotated. So how are they different except the Yin Yang? Hell, you can see the evolution of these flags pretty damn easily.
  6. I'm trying to figure out what these flags have in common other than the Yin Yang, but I've got nothing. Are those wolves in the Yin Yang symbol? Are the colors the same? I really just don't get it.
  7. I didn't dislike you GK even if we had our heated moments, and I like and respect that you have a big pair of stones. Hope you do well in all your future endeavors! Enjoy retirement! Congrats to Johnny, who I believe will do well!
  8. Oh No. CLAWS is doomed!
  9. Hey all, I'm working on making a bit of a podcast report on the various conspiracy theories and drama surrounding mi6 at the point near to its downfall. If anyone has any logs or stories to share that they think would be interesting to incorporate, send me a dm or reply here with the juicy drama If you have enough of a compelling story maybe we'll have you on as a guest!
  10. I don't know, I would say probably the historical record and our own sovereignty to make requests as we'd like; of course you have to be careful, asking questions about what is allowed and not allowed is apparently oppression. But that seems to be off topic. RFI has not made any public or threatening bans on tech deals, and this thread (including my message and Ashleaa's response) demonstrate that the claim you're making is fault. Until your next smear attempt!
  11. You are a conspiracy theorist. I would never in any way support a conspired attack on FAN. They have been good guys and gals for years and they gave my friends and allies of the III% a home. We even fought alongside them not too long ago in defense of our allies in MHA. I apologize Ashleaa if you have felt threatened by my message in any way... So the others can see, here is my message:
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