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  1. Lord Hershey

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    OsRavan and Franziskaner from ODN (on the first two left) at the emergency sanction meeting with Banned (second on the right) from SLAP over the sanction of The Zigur. Colorized 2018.
  2. glad to see another person stand up against the jews in the boiler room 

  3. Lord Hershey

    An announcement from The Templar Knights

    Hmm so I take it Non Grata is not going to respond in a military fashion to The Templar Knights' "call out?" I certainly hope that is not the case or it may be something like this below:
  4. Lord Hershey

    Treaty and DoW

    This act is UNPRESIDENTED! If this behavior continues be rampant within Maroon, it's only a matter of time when one of three possible scenarios may happen: #1 #2 or... #3
  5. Lord Hershey

    Kashmir Recognition of Hostilities

    I'm sensing some form of a pattern... For those who do not understand the comic above, please go to this link for the reference:
  6. Lord Hershey

    Libertarian Forever, Legalize Freedom

    Hmm, that is odd but it has been prophesized in the past that it would be Junkalunka outlasting Methrage... How right was I.
  7. Lord Hershey

    Announcement regarding SPATR-Oculus War

    Hi White Chocolate, here is the comic that accurately illustrates what just happened:
  8. Last Call hereby recognizes a state of war with Monsters University after a spy conduct gone erroneous by President Hardin of Monsters University on Last Call. Additionally, Last Call also issues a declaration of support for its long standing ally, Kashmir, against Monsters University. Sincerely, The Management at Last Call
  9. Lord Hershey

    MHA ceased to exist

    So who is really at fault...?:
  10. Lord Hershey

    Treaty Announcement

    Is Monsters University truly academic? Only time will tell...
  11. Lord Hershey


    Somewhere, a certain group of people outside of Mi6 must be disappointed and in tears of sadness...:
  12. Lord Hershey

    Peace is in our time

    The public must be made aware of the true cost of switching colors since 2014!
  13. We all know what actually happened...:
  14. Lord Hershey

    Imperium Recognition of War

    I also would like to note that please, people need to stop turdposting. For each turdpost, a kitty is nuked. Please think of the kitties.