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  1. I am closing this thread. But if you have a tempting offer, feel free to PM me, link is provided above. Thank you.
  2. I am looking for reliable tech buyers as I am selling tech, please PM me @ https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=395340 for details. Thanks.
  3. OsRavan and Franziskaner from ODN (on the first two left) at the emergency sanction meeting with Banned (second on the right) from SLAP over the sanction of The Zigur. Colorized 2018.
  4. glad to see another person stand up against the jews in the boiler room 

  5. Is there a reason why this blog is being brought back to life?
  6. Oh man, the coordinates are reset, any idea where the hotspot is?
  7. Only Jrkee knows the answer to his question.
  8. My point still stands. Did DBDC attack SPATR after SPATR raided WAPA?
  9. I am not aware of DBDC attacking SPATR after SPATR raided WAPA, please refresh my memory.
  10. Any evidence to back up your claim about Invicta wrecking us? If you do have compelling evidence then I'm afraid I'd just have to rewrite DS's history. Before steering off the topic, I'd like to contribute to the blog: Mi6: The biggest threat that the galaxy has seen in a long time... Not. Valhalla: We're not going to see Valhalla in the afterlife. Sparta: War?! Where at?! NpO: Supremest Moralists of all Moralists. Kashmir: Lol, War? Aight, aight, where do we sign up? GOONs: Yo, we got your back. Sengoku: More comics?! They are on sale! 100 tech per comic!
  11. Oh man, so excited for the next installment!
  12. It does not matter who is right, it's who is left that matters the most.
  13. A decent analysis made by HM Solomon I. Unfortunately, most of the article is either: misleading or inaccurate but the author is not in any way affiliated to the Doomsphere so I get the point of not being able to have access to quality information.
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