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  1. You shouldn’t give all credit to White Chocolate for the decision to disband Doom Kingdom, I deserve some of that credit too as I was very involved in that decision making. A few things that is incorrect with your assessment. First, DK was never a sanctioned alliance and we had maybe sixty members or less at the most. Secondly, DK disbanded for a good amount of reasons but to say DK disbanded in cowardice is simply false. One of the final “acts” before DK was formally disbanded was encouraging majority of former DKers to join Last Call to support our existing ally, Kashmir, at the time. So to say we went down or disappeared into the night is quite false. Non Grata (NG) and others were so bent on punishing former DKers for joining Last Call as part of the surrender (that was funny). Thirdly, we have never played the game’s rules, we have always played the game unconventionally. Everybody knows that. To win the game is not play the game and its conventional norms. And lastly, had DK had not considered the disbandment route, the most likely outcome was DK and its allies would lose the war and importantly, DBDC would have been pre empted. Doomsphere as we know may have ceased to exist. We simply refused to give what our enemies wanted along and that includes NG. CubaQuerida was relieved to hear that we took the disbandment route. What I can tell and it’s a quite amusing part, your alliance, NG, was actively involved in plotting against its own ally, DK, and deliberately betrayed DK. I think I have a better argument than you that NG is absolutely a bigger coward for mustering no courage to hit DK. You wonder why there was a fallout between Doomsphere and NG? Because NG is Judas who would sell its mother out for pretty much anything. I can say more but all I can say is I think you would be better off focusing on rehabilitating your alliance’s reputation and image which I doubt will happen overnight, in a year, in a decade, or perhaps never. But I’d be glad to be wrong if that happened. I have zero regrets on the disbandment. To hear the Planet Bob crying for retribution against DK after being disbanded is priceless. And to anger Planet Bob is what we strive to do best. 🙂 Also, I am tired of your alliance’s constant unwarranted disrespect of WC. You can assure that if any of my members speak out or behave the way your members did, they would have no place in my alliance. NG keeps apologizing for so many other and terrible things and yet the common theme from NG is zero accountability.
  2. Glad to see our ally DT on board, see you on the battlefield.
  3. Doom Squad hereby issues a declaration of war against Union of Communist Republics in defense of Doom Wolves pursuant to our treaty obligations with the unduly victimized party. In addition, we find Union of Communist Republics’ recent resolution regarding enforcing a “no tech raid doctrine” on Planet Bob to be unenforceable. Our charter (alongside a great many other alliances) allows for the raiding of unaligned nations and this historical practice will never be one successfully policed. Thus, we assume there is a possibility that the Union of Communist Republics will attack us (anytime at their convenience) or any other affiliation that engages in forcible technological reallocation and acknowledge their potential as a rouge entity in the Cyberverse. Therefore, we are at an impasse. Enjoy the green glowing fireworks! Government Officials Lord Hershey, The Anointed Hershicus, The Anointed’s Advisor Members Firingline, Slayer of Emperor Bradford IV and some guy from Kashmir Defiled, Omen Lord Darrin, Prophet’s Warhammer Beagle, the real beagle from the future Razgriz, Spicy Mule Claude, Prince of Doom KDiggs, Spawn of Hell Paul711, Owner of two undisclosed CNTE players The Dark Emperor, Warrior Priest Eviljak, High Priest Addaff, Slayer of Valhalla
  4. You are entitled to your own opinion, even if it’s wrong.
  5. Why should we take the diplomatic route when we could plunder and anarchy the offender and call it a day? If Kashmir was not our mutual ally, it would be total war.
  6. Thank you for your concern regarding @The Dark Emperor, @Johnny Apocalypse. I was well aware of his past offering to spy on behalf of @Lucius Optimus before I accepted him in Doom Squad. The mistake Lucius made was accepting The Dark Emperor’s offer to spy when in reality, The Dark Emperor has been one of the most steadfast and oldest allies of Doomsphere. So he was acting as a double agent on behalf of the Doomsphere.
  7. He was caught on a third spy op attempting to change Defcon on Firingline. Whether it has an effect on ground attacks or not, we have the right to respond against spy attacks. Truth be told, Firingline and Jason8 have a love/hate relationship and this incident definitely has potential to be glowing green. It is not the first time that has happened before and in public as well. I actually have no idea whether this may escalate or not. If nukes start flying out, we will respond accordingly if that’s the case.
  8. To be fair, it’s more like Jason8 can’t tell you because he ain’t got the info.
  9. Jason8 attempted to gather intel on FiringLine on the second spy operation. For some reason, you chose to omit this information unless you believe that gathering intel from a target has no value. Otherwise, try harder next time. It would appear to be the case, not that we care much. The message we are trying to convey is, spy on one of my members and if caught, don’t expect to get away with it from us. Does that sound familiar to you, wouldn’t you say?
  10. Doom Squad recognizes a state of war with Jason8 of Kashmir after Jason8 having been caught spying on one of our dear and beloved members, Firingline. Kashmir, this is between Doom Squad and Jason8. We do not intend to initiate additional engagements with Kashmir. Our retaliation is now complete and peace has been sent. Unless Kashmir wishes to further escalate, we reserve the right to defend ourselves once again. Regards, Lord Hershey, The Anointed
  11. So it’s a friend, respectable, but Non Grata has no treaty obligation to help FAN. It’s simply a case where Non Grata and others that have a vendetta towards Bundy specifically for his past so there’s an incentive for Non Grata to get involved. I don’t think Bundy has an issue with that, the feeling is mutual between them and I’m confident we both agree with that notion. I don’t know about a list of rogues and whether it exists or not and I don’t speak for DBDC. You may want to ask DBDC about that, though. I find it very hard to believe that FAN, a very respectable and independent alliance, would come to you first and request that your alliance assist FAN against Bundy and his alliance. We have dealt with rogues ourselves twice this year. Sadly, Non Grata was not around to assist us in both of those times. Firingline was gladly able to assist your alliance in handling Bundy, albeit temporarily it would seem. When you stated “informal ally,” you are agreeing that Non Grata had no treaty obligation with FAN. And what is convoluted about it? We’re assisting them in attacking the rogue, even though we have no treaty obligation with Non Grata or FAN. I figured Firingline could benefit his fighting ability from fighting someone like Bundy, unlike those incompetent rogues we had to deal with earlier this year. Not anymore, judging from the war screen, unfortunately.
  12. No problem, @lilweirdward, I am glad to be benevolent in this case since Non Grata may need all the help they can get in something they had no reason to get involved in the first place. Happy hunting. :>
  13. Roman Imperial Declaration Modus Operandi if you just try to build, you will find your tower knocked down. That is all. Signed: The Emporer's of Rome Highroad ; Son & Father of Stelios, Bane of Paul, Adude-sshi Samoyed ; Hersh & Emperor of Rome, Keeper of Gh0s7 KiWi ; thebird, backup quarterback, OMO, SBN, togatoga Paul711 ; The Original Paradoxian, The Original Bane of Rome
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