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  1. Roman Imperial Declaration Modus Operandi if you just try to build, you will find your tower knocked down. That is all. Signed: The Emporer's of Rome Highroad ; Son & Father of Stelios, Bane of Paul, Adude-sshi Samoyed ; Hersh & Emperor of Rome, Keeper of Gh0s7 KiWi ; thebird, backup quarterback, OMO, SBN, togatoga Paul711 ; The Original Paradoxian, The Original Bane of Rome
  2. A live view from the Doom Squad domain...: Let us pray that with Dark Lord Sauron sitting on the Iron Throne, may he lead Bob to a more peaceful world. We thank Canik's service for keeping Bob safe and as a steadfast friend to Doom Squad and friends.
  3. Is there a particular reason why Hydra is not included in this announcement? That is okay, I shall honor my former mates in bubbu and TCTriangle who are currently residing in Non Grata and they shall not be forgotten. Congrats, Non Grata, for being part of what is arguably a historical alliance that were formed in a series of mergers on biblical proportions. Source #1: https://cybernations.fandom.com/wiki/Hydra Source #2: (see below)
  4. Could someone explain to me how this exactly works? I used Luna's Google sheets and used the Moon Hot Spot (&lat=-75&lon=58 is 100%) to determine possible hot spots for Mars. I ran all three possible locations and I ended up with 85% effectiveness each. I've never done this before.
  5. Congratulations to CLAWS and The First Order. May the Force be with them.
  6. Glad to see this happening. May our friendship prosper for eons to come!
  7. Yeah but an actual poll here and of course, people can vote anonymously.
  8. There ought be a poll here whether my member, firingline, should receive a very special and glowing gift from @Jason8 or not.
  9. We did encourage @EmperorBradfordIIIto seek an alliance, whether it be any alliance or ours. Otherwise, @EmperorBradfordIIIwould likely get raided again (not from us even) if he chooses to remain non-aligned. We wish him best of luck with his quest for remaining non-aligned.
  10. I am closing this thread. But if you have a tempting offer, feel free to PM me, link is provided above. Thank you.
  11. I am looking for reliable tech buyers as I am selling tech, please PM me @ https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=395340 for details. Thanks.
  12. OsRavan and Franziskaner from ODN (on the first two left) at the emergency sanction meeting with Banned (second on the right) from SLAP over the sanction of The Zigur. Colorized 2018.
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