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  1. Aww someone put his big boy pants on today. There's plenty of reasons no one would touch aligning you, mostly being your incompetence.
  2. True, but many of those were actually entertaining, and planned out....not endless wars because Junka did something idiotic again to get his AA rolled for the umpteenth time.
  3. This is pretty much spot on. He's only here to bring amusement to the likes of people who have only !@#$ on him (as they should of) over and over and him being excited to finally feel accepted by them even though it's merely a ploy to get under FTW's skin. Junka has literally zero room to talk, he brought endless wars and allowed his members to burn multiple times over for his actions. The circlejerk of Junka on here is quite comical, I never thought I'd see the day.
  4. This is way overdue and good to see.
  5. Glad to see this change. Though as other's posted, I would say o/ should be simply enough of a reply as well, but nonetheless I like to change. Many times I had to just add extra words, when a simple "congrats" was all that was needed
  6. And that's the problem. They made a new rule knowing that there was literally no way to really determine the legitimacy if it was two different people, or 1 person playing on two nations. Sure, there are some signs it's likely the same person, as in one logging in right after the other....but even that could be a husband getting on, then letting their wife sit down and login to theirs. I can't honestly see anyway they can determine the difference besides purely speculation and one's assumption. As mentioned, sure there has been instances where a new alliance of new nations are made and you
  7. Because people are using the whole "spouse/"sibling" rule to make more multi's then use the excuse it's not the same person, it's my wife or brother or something else. Is in some instances this likely true, yes, but I bet in more instances then not, it's the same person using two nations. I made my point known when this whole new rule was talked about, and then introduced. I knew it would become what it was, where it pretty much allows everyone to have a multi and claim it's a family member. I do not claim to know the admin's ways of proving someone a multi or an actual other family member
  8. I have 20....all offensive...I can't get any higher quicker when no one can declare on me
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