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  1. Pink Senate Peace For the purpose of this peace agreement, Oculus shall include all current Oculus AAs, and SPaTR Coalition shall include the AAs of SPaTR, Mongols, and Kaskus The aforementioned AAs declare peace in their 2+ year war(924 Days) under the following conditions: Both parties offer white peace with no further wars (with an exclusion of Junka (The Zigur)). Any existing conflicts will be at the discretion of the involved parties to resolve, however, no further wars will be declared after those expire. Oculus and the SPaTR Coalition agree to a 6 month NAP. This NAP however does not prevent either party from defending an ally if aggressive attacks are made by the other signatory. This peace is effective immediately (September 24) Signed, Oculus Signed For Kaskus, Black Sheep Signed For Mongols, Nashorn Signed For Swash Plates And Tail Rotors, Horizon
  2. Rhizoctonia

    Joint Declaration FTW

    I don't know why IRON's business is any of your problem...we also have several other M-level allies which I heard you mention nothing of in regards to defending us, yet single out FTW by bumping an old thread. I was approached by several allies asking if we'd like assistance, FTW included (Few times actually I believe) and all were told the exact same thing, thanks but no. Let alone, given what has been said in this thread, I'm sure you and your comrades would be the first to complain if any allies did join in about the large NS difference between NG and IRON side. As if, NS is really much to look at when you factor in the large sum of NS is out of range of any available targets. I'm sorry we were unable to satisfy your ability to comment negatively about how "IRON needed to call in a bunch of allies," by not doing so.
  3. Rhizoctonia

    Up-declare madness

    Yea, but I knew ahead of time ;) haha
  4. Rhizoctonia

    Up-declare madness

    Who hits mid work day -.- Well done, you'll did well on me
  5. Rhizoctonia

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    1. You won't be part of any peace with SPATR as it's been already said here and through peace terms 2. You earlier suggesting your conflict had any impact on terms or peace is a complete joke. You're beyond full of yourself. You can try to act important, but you're not, and literally everyone else in this world knows and agrees with this. You're at this point a meaningless rogue that just runs his mouth more than others. 3. Fact SPATR even accepted you is more embrassing of themselves then anything anyone else could do 4. Peace terms were sent, they were as lienanat as one could possibly hope for, with actually agreeing to more then they deserve but nonetheless allowed. 5. They were regected. That is SPATR's choice, but it obvious that peace was never in the cards for them. Now we'll continue doing what we've been and they can live out the rest of their existence warring us. Makes no difference to me.
  6. Rhizoctonia

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    The amount of facepalming I've done reading Junka's comments have left me almost unconscious but comically amused. Thank you NPO, I've thoroughly enjoyed you bringing out the jester to amuse us.
  7. Rhizoctonia

    FTW Announcements

  8. Rhizoctonia

    New Year's Resolutions from IRON

    1/2/2018 8:52:14 AM (2 Days Inactive) You collected before any attacks were made. So you planned on collecting again, the next day as well? Who on here collects a single day's collection? And even still, as if a single day of collections was going to save you if you are that close to bill locked
  9. Rhizoctonia

    SLAP Rides

    Someone's off his meds
  10. Rhizoctonia


    Fourthly...who are you? Why do you feel the need to call out anyone when this matter in itself does not have any effect on you or your alliance? Junka and your comments are the exact reason you get rolled over and over again.
  11. Rhizoctonia

    Don't look at Sparta like that!

    That alone is comical, even more so with the warslot filling you've pulled taking UN slots.
  12. Rhizoctonia

    Aevum Update

    Methrage being same old methrage....what a surprise.
  13. Rhizoctonia

    Wolves in the Middle

    A day of war? If you aren't going to fight and made a truce then send peace out. Quit war slotting slots from us
  14. Rhizoctonia

    Cns Meth Addiction

      This in a nutshell.  Mr. Strange complains about Methrage, his posts/persona/topics/alliance...then he makes a call out thread that only draws even more attention and reason for Meth to post.  Well done sir.         And yet, you can't heed your own advice and instead makes a topic about him.  How about you take your own advice and not pay attention to them.  I can't stand 90% of the shit he posts, but I don't go making a new topic to only draw more unneeded attention or reason for him to post.  If you don't want war, the way it sounds, you should talk to your own leader.  
  15. Rhizoctonia

    Alpha Wolves Re-Declare

        O the heart strings...so pulled