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  1. Let's set up some lawn chairs then. I've got a couple bags potatoes and a portable fryer, we'll make an event out of this free salt!
  2. I look forward to many more games of chess with you all
  3. i have fulfilled my part in the pouring one out for general kannabis claus
  4. Thank you TFO, the understanding is very appreciated.
  5. Aye, moi j'aime ca. Congrats to TIE and FARK!
  6. Too be honest, I'm confident it'd have never reached that point. I'm glad we all agreed to have FTW mediate a summit between boognish and NG, as neither side had particularly cool heads at the moment. FTW did amazingly as debate moderators, and I cannot express enough how much they helped keep things fair on all sides, I thought Mochi proposing a NAP during that summit was super chill, and I think everyone involved at NG, COBRA, and boog in general was relieved when it was offered, it was a welcomed departure from the dialogue that began this whole issue. Shout out to canik, DLS, smitty et al for being absolute gems
  7. If you need any pointers on making friends I can give you a hand
  8. pee pee poo poo wee we owo owo
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