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  1. Someone should rewrite my page from Wiki NPOV, just saying.
  2. This is a victory for us, comrade. I remember, do you? This is something weird.
  3. You're making the assumption that there is a good NPO thread. Most of us don't really want to hear from you... not because we fear you, just because you're really not that good at being interesting.
  4. This is something I like a lot. Better start your remembering a lot earlier than the start of this war, Sir Paul and other new revanchists.
  5. Sorry about that unpleasantness in your bar, Pingu. You know I did it out of love.
  6. On behalf of the Orange Defense Network, I accept.
  7. Totally ideologically consistent. One is a farcical series of turgid, rigidly-framed essays on authoritarianism based on constructs from a parallel universe, and the other means whatever the particular person who was involved in the early days of Vox wanted it to mean. Are you just throwing stuff out there to see what sticks?
  8. As Pingu's Viceroy, and therefore the Viceroy of Viceroys, I hereby give my assent to this attempt to take a ride into the danger zone. Negative, Ghost Rider. The pattern is full.
  9. I think it is. I can't speak for anyone else, but know I want to see NPO burned down completely, the fields salted, every single member of that alliance hunted down, and their nations completely leveled. That is the only just outcome: for at last NPO will have been held accountable for its myriad crimes against humanity, crimes against reason, and crimes against good taste. Pacifica must be destroyed!
  10. There we have it, folks. Show's over, everyone can go home now.
  11. Comrade Pingu, Wisdom still exists, even if it is in short supply. We who have the gifts can either use those gifts or give way to others less gifted. You and I, along with many others, chose the latter. It is what it is. This is a more technically-gifted world with nearly no talent for strategy. There are some exceptions, as there are some places where the long game is still taught. I do not despair. Fraternally, Comrade Sponge
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