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  1. We are glad and honored to have you all join our halls.
  2. Glad to see this treaty become a reality.
  3. Glad to see this, onwards and upwards.
  4. Not sure what you all plan to do, but I'm sure there will be peace when you are done.
  5. There seems to be some confusion in the air we hope to dispel. Some astute observers have noticed we have changed our flag in game. What does this mean to Planet Bob? Well it means we were bored of our old design and have some graphically talented individuals within experimenting with new ideas. Others seem to be reading further into this. See we were unjustly accused of theft and then attacked for those false allegations. Long ago past attempts at peace and reasoning were thwarted. That was our mistake-you can't reason with rogues. It is amusing that our attackers think our desire to alter our flag is somehow related to them. If that were the case many shed pixels and months of war would have been saved. What is even more amusing is this band of rogues feel they get to dictate the narrative. The narrative in this case being them getting chewed down to nothing and us suddenly caving to their demands; that is completely and utterly laughable. The previous flag is our original design despite any similarities and we will use it as we please. You attack us and then think you can call it off? Sorry but that isn't how this plays out. We will continue to see you on the battlefield. "
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