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  1. I've never figured out how to work these hotspots other than copying the 100% links from those who know how to do it. I did the same thing you did and came up with the same results. What I can say is: -32.80889 -39.91375 is at 50% 10 -30 is at 50% (replaced expired wonder) Using the Moon coordinate like you did I came up with the same 65, 167. Same 85%. I used the 64 167 and still had 85%. Finally annoyed with my lack of understanding I said oh well and just flung my Colony a bit due north just to see what would happen and came up with Location: 69.05152, 167.68813 giving me 86% ef
  2. Fire Departments are definitely a good idea. Happiness increases is good and makes sense. Reducing infra upkeep is fantastic and certainly a welcomed idea. Loosely makes a correlation. Also interesting idea for it to either lessen the possibility of a negative environmental event or lessen the damages or duration. That might be too wild though.
  3. Glad to see good friends doing well and thriving; consider it an added bonus that by doing so you prove the haters and critics wrong.
  4. We are glad and honored to have you all join our halls.
  5. Glad to see this treaty become a reality.
  6. Glad to see this, onwards and upwards.
  7. Not sure what you all plan to do, but I'm sure there will be peace when you are done.
  8. There seems to be some confusion in the air we hope to dispel. Some astute observers have noticed we have changed our flag in game. What does this mean to Planet Bob? Well it means we were bored of our old design and have some graphically talented individuals within experimenting with new ideas. Others seem to be reading further into this. See we were unjustly accused of theft and then attacked for those false allegations. Long ago past attempts at peace and reasoning were thwarted. That was our mistake-you can't reason with rogues. It is amusing that our attackers think our desire to alter ou
  9. I'm both excited to see this bloc come to light and grateful to be in the party.
  10. I just did the math for myself. Moving all 3 costs each $2,683,564.71 or $8,050,694.13 I looked at my back collect before moving any and after moving them, and subtracted the difference. Moving all 3 gained me $21,779,359.4. Minus moving costs is $13,728,665.27 profit. I'm early on in the Mars wonders having had moon for a long time but my understanding is it starts low and peaks over time. I'm sure the almost $14 mil profit will increase over time as the wonder's benefits increase. The thing I can't figure out with Mars that I didn't have an issue with on moon is the coordinates.
  11. Freehold of The Wolves and Haven do hereby come together in the spirit of common friendship and prosperity to create the Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact so both alliances may enjoy a long, fruitful, and peaceful relationship. Article I - Non-aggression The signed alliances shall maintain a strict policy of non-aggression towards one another. Neither alliance will pursue any military aggression against the other and both will avoid any actions that would do the other harm. Article II - Intelligence Should either party come into possession of information that suggests a
  12. I couldn't resist. I have been a part of Cybernations for about 10 and a half years now. All but a few months from when I first started were with the same great group of people. The family keeps growing larger, but the values and beliefs remain the same. In my opinion we have found the right balance of independence of each nation and needs of the alliance. I foresee my AA bearing FTW's name until CN's servers power down.
  13. Howl worthy news! I am honored to be a part of such a great group of individuals.
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