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  1. Ah yes loads of wars during Snake Eyes, Kaz did his best to ensure all targets were staggered. He was a fantastic person to have with us.
  2. Minor correction JA, FTW did not participate in Bicycle War, this happened around the time RFI and FTW went our separate ways.
  3. This is a very nice global treaty web. Many thanks to all who had a part in its creation.
  4. I am happy for both my now former ally Haven and for my current ally Sparta. May the merge be a prosperous one.
  5. While not quite announcement worthy as we know Kapleo has gone rogue despite all outlined discussions and agreements had in WTU, Korlath is active both in game and here on the forums. That is more than can be said for a chunk of CN adrift aimlessly, merely existing. He is creating discussion, even if it is for you all to whine about how much he posts.
  6. May this be the first step in a long and fruitful journey.
  7. Also obligatory insanity at a day I thought would never come
  8. Canik has created a long lasting legacy in CN, likely very few here on planet bob who don't know his name. From back in FEAR to present day Freehold of the Wolves, all the ups and downs he has navigated us well. A great friend, an even better mentor and leader. His tenure so long, no man is more deserving of time away from the throne than he. He has left some tremendous shoes to fill, but I have a great crew with me and great allies, what more can a new King ask for? I am happy to take a seat at the throne and look forward to prosperous times. Our current gov is as follows: Dark Lord Sauron, All-Seeing Monarch Taco, The Taco (and Hand of the King) Velocity, Lord of State and Regent CodArk2, Lord of War Lord Draculea, Lord of Economic Affairs and Human Robot Smitty256, Lord of Internal Affairs and the man With Too Many Titles
  9. I've never figured out how to work these hotspots other than copying the 100% links from those who know how to do it. I did the same thing you did and came up with the same results. What I can say is: -32.80889 -39.91375 is at 50% 10 -30 is at 50% (replaced expired wonder) Using the Moon coordinate like you did I came up with the same 65, 167. Same 85%. I used the 64 167 and still had 85%. Finally annoyed with my lack of understanding I said oh well and just flung my Colony a bit due north just to see what would happen and came up with Location: 69.05152, 167.68813 giving me 86% effectiveness. When I plugged in what I knew the coordinates would do it just gave me a div/0 error in all the E column cells.
  10. Fire Departments are definitely a good idea. Happiness increases is good and makes sense. Reducing infra upkeep is fantastic and certainly a welcomed idea. Loosely makes a correlation. Also interesting idea for it to either lessen the possibility of a negative environmental event or lessen the damages or duration. That might be too wild though.
  11. Glad to see good friends doing well and thriving; consider it an added bonus that by doing so you prove the haters and critics wrong.
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