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  1. Much love to my allies and brothers in Fark and to IRON as well! o/
  2. It's been great getting to know you MI6! o/ and the hate warms me, definitely doing it right like some others have said.
  3. Not very much, he's a Deputy in our Defense department. This. People jump all over the opportunity to make awful posts when we lift our OWF Regulations for alliance we don't like.
  4. It's sad to see my first real home go. Thank you for teaching me the attitude of a warrior. o/ RoK
  5. We work so hard to please our one true king! It's been nice getting to know you, LoSS. Look forward to rolling someone together again.
  6. My respect for TDO. Never give in, no matter how ugly things get. This will shape you in ways I doubt you can understand at this point.
  7. Myself along with a good portion of bob no longer want to roll you! Congrats!
  8. I hated you, I'll always hate you. That out of the way, good luck to the former members of MK.
  9. TIO and NATO. You guys treat R&R ( :wub: ) right. ;) Congrats on this! o/
  10. GOONS makes a move I can respect. Shocking. Good luck folks.
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