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  1. Junka, Zigur, or whatever name you've decided to go by when you decide to read this. Let me keep this as simple as possible. You and I have never interacted within this world, nor any other world. But let me encourage you to get up from the basement of your home, walk outside, and breath in some of that horrid air coming from the Kingdom of Umbar. Then go back inside, choose not to turn the pitiful crank which provides you with the little bit of power you have, and keep your thoughts to yourself. Good day. Signed, A1ph40m3ga
  2. Titles LWW rejected for this treaty. "The Totally Necessary but Completely Unwelcome Pact” “The We Honestly Could Care Less About Your Opinion on this Treaty” “Forced Evangelism is the Best Evangelism” “Times are Changing” But my personal favorite was Child: Can I get a treaty? Mom: We got a treaty at home. Treaty at home 👇
  3. Congratulations to our allies at FTW and friends at Legion! o/ FTW o/ Legion
  4. Congratulations on the new treaty. Always nice seeing new friendships 😉!
  5. I will assure you the two are unrelated. If recent issues, as can be evidenced in the cancellation thread, had not happened, we would simply have another ally. That cancellation was a very hard decision that had to happen, but our brand new treaty has been over a month of conversation and work.
  6. I’ll save him the trouble. You’re a racist. We don’t like racists. Have a nice day. Or don’t, that’s your choice.
  7. Glad to see this done. Excited about the future! o/ NATO o/ CCC
  8. Best of luck to both alliances moving forward!
  9. Congratulations to our ally FTW and DS! o/ FTW o/ DS
  10. Congratulations to our friends at FTW and fellow WTU member TPF! o/ FTW o/ TPF
  11. Take care JA! We’ll await your return to port. AO
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