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  1. Good on Shwampy holding down the fort.
  2. lol that's why everyone calls him possum now.
  3. Two posts? What happened to your old account?
  4. Really? I don't see that as a problem for most people.
  5. There was a fire that destroyed a bunch of servers or something
  6. Wow I thought Nordreich shot cowards and deserters, not welcomed them. Nordreich must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
  7. ^^^^^^Nice one ! and it's what I've always suspected.
  8. Term just abandoned another alliance.
  9. Ya say what you want about me but I've never abandoned an alliance like that. In a world full of " tough guys" Term played the toughest SOB on the block. He tried that routine once with me so I popped him in the nose. It's the the only way to deal with a bully and Term's actions have exposed to the world the cowardly backstabbing pixel hugging bully that he is. Like a typical bully he goes in hard against the weak but when he finds out he doesn't have overwhelming odds on his side he is the first to turn and run. Now that he is alone and declared a rouge literally anyone who Term has wronged in the past now has a chance to get their pound of flesh.
  10. LOL Wow ! Term never fails to disappoint me., say what you want about me Term-but I've never abandoned anyone like that.
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