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  1. Imagine being so bored with a game all you can think to do is pick on noobs.
  2. Communism is going to win anyway, so Y'all might as well join now.
  3. Thanks for taking a risk and bringing me into the pack, happy retirement.
  4. Good on Shwampy holding down the fort.
  5. lol that's why everyone calls him possum now.
  6. Two posts? What happened to your old account?
  7. Really? I don't see that as a problem for most people.
  8. There was a fire that destroyed a bunch of servers or something
  9. Wow I thought Nordreich shot cowards and deserters, not welcomed them. Nordreich must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
  10. ^^^^^^Nice one ! and it's what I've always suspected.
  11. Term just abandoned another alliance.
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