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  1. Terrific work! I applaud the amount of effort and work that went into this project. Having working on an internal treaty web, I understand the work that went into this and am thoroughly impressed. Not that you needed to impress me, but you did it nonetheless.
  2. Not the OC I saw CLAWS signing a treaty with, but congrats nonetheless. CN Bingo is crazy these days…
  3. I heard there was salt here. I brought my fries 🍟 I like em extra salty so keep bringing it
  4. It has been a lot of negotiating. How dare you try and cut down on my signatures?! They are important to me.
  5. It took what felt like the twelve labors of Hercules to get this done. All the back room deals. All the concessions given. Glad to see NG and CCC merg…oh wait wrong post. Congrats to our allies on your ODoAP! o/ FTW o/ NG
  6. Hey! Welcome back to Planet Bob! Head over to our discord https://discord.gg/HWZqZz6p and we’d like to talk! Ask for Alpha or Lilweirdward
  7. And for some reason they won’t add my name to the list of gov. You may continue your dealings. CCC approves NG’s protection of these AA’s. CCC protects NG AA and their subsequent protectorate AA’s.* *Not an official CCC statement.** **But I would treat it as such as per our treaty with NG 😉 @lilweirdward
  8. Glad this finally got done. To all those who said NG would only burn CCC, jokes on you. The only burning going on is against our enemies! o/ NG o/ CCC I await your manuscript. NG have been fantastic allies. We look forward to your eventual conversion, and your merge into CCC 🤣
  9. I was told to say CCC is merging into NG to finalize their conversion. Planet Bob need not fear the warmongers anymore…or maybe you should! Deus Vult! /kidding on the merger
  10. you know you love us! I read this in my IC southern twang!
  11. I feel personally attacked by this. Just because I collected with GC's in peace time for nearly a year does not mean anything.... Also, congrats on being a winner dane0!
  12. Enjoy your well earned rest Canik. Congrats @Sauron! Lead well and look forward to your reign. BTW where are those rings you said you were making for the kings of men? CCC needs 3.
  13. CCC mourns the loss of our fellow white team alliance TPF and WTU ally. May the Phoenix rest easy.
  14. Plotting in secret is so 2008-2010...in 2021 we do it in public channels and voice chat. Or so I hear...
  15. I admire the commitment to cryptocurrency. May your new friendship be as confusing and wild as cryptocurrency currently is! Especially when you take off to the moon! Congrats Sparta and NATO!
  16. I love it when a plan comes together! lines being drawn webs being spun shadow gov’t at work Congrats FTW and NATO!
  17. The future is what you make of it now TIE. Good luck!
  18. Junka, Zigur, or whatever name you've decided to go by when you decide to read this. Let me keep this as simple as possible. You and I have never interacted within this world, nor any other world. But let me encourage you to get up from the basement of your home, walk outside, and breath in some of that horrid air coming from the Kingdom of Umbar. Then go back inside, choose not to turn the pitiful crank which provides you with the little bit of power you have, and keep your thoughts to yourself. Good day. Signed, A1ph40m3ga
  19. Titles LWW rejected for this treaty. "The Totally Necessary but Completely Unwelcome Pact” “The We Honestly Could Care Less About Your Opinion on this Treaty” “Forced Evangelism is the Best Evangelism” “Times are Changing” But my personal favorite was Child: Can I get a treaty? Mom: We got a treaty at home. Treaty at home 👇
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