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  1. SeaBeeGipson

    A Farewell to Arms

    I'm really going to miss y'all at NG. Especially watching Poon and Xanders shenangians. Shout out to Stewie for getting me back into the game years ago and though I didn't stay with NG long it was memorable. Best of luck on the battlefield.
  2. SeaBeeGipson

    King Neptune- Monsters Inc

  3. SeaBeeGipson

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    So, your goals have changed like ten times during this thread alone. Are you: A) Here to free the world from NPO's lower tier? (because you failed at that) B) Here to bankrupt the corrupt NPO by doing "120M" in infra damage? Because you failed art that C) Just !@#$ post on the forums and discord? Because how does that effect NPO or anyone at all?
  4. SeaBeeGipson

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

  5. SeaBeeGipson


    Maybe I'm doing math wrong but that's like 5% of CN. That's a decent dip
  6. SeaBeeGipson

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    So you hit undeveloped nations, after causing a ruckus about others doing just that? Not only that, the logic here is astonishing. Holding hands =/= honoring a treaty. NPO could easily smash you to the ground without assistance, the fact you think you alone can handle them, when larger forces than you have tried, is mind-blowing. Beyond that, any history to whatever is going on between you, NPO, or whatever is mute when you join an AA that has been at constant war with us for 2 years. You obviously sanction their actions of hitting NPO and IRON developing nations for the past two years. You aren't new here. If you think you'll be able to leave anarchy to hit anyone, good luck. This is definitely not one of your smartest moves.
  7. SeaBeeGipson

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Joining an AA that has been at war with multiple AAs, to spite one? Yeah, not his wisest move.
  8. SeaBeeGipson


  9. SeaBeeGipson

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    More balanced teams in my opinion. We tend to have teams get flooded with 30 - 50 members becoming unreachable in wars. Forcing alliances to exist at 12 members would cause them to split apart, and granted they could just team up with one another, the scores won't be effected to much which seems to be a lot of peoples concern
  10. SeaBeeGipson

    TE- Round 46

    If the wolves are so bothered by it, why don't y'all do something about it?
  11. SeaBeeGipson


  12. SeaBeeGipson

    TE- Round 46

    I expect to see this same post in July as well. Let's start a chain
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  14. SeaBeeGipson

    TE- Round 46

    The line is just really really long
  15. SeaBeeGipson


    3,874 261 Nations in the last 10 days. Any recent events I'm missing that may be responsible for the jump?