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  2. The Nation of Denton does not recognize this Declaration of Existence as valid. After a Nation wide vote, 60% of our nation has declared The Bakery (and any such renamed entities consisting of similar nations) a rogue entity. Our nation is set to revote on the manner in the coming months, pending a review on whether this rogue entity can be ran on par with the running it does away from conflict.
  3. I'm not complaining of the consequences, as I clearly stated "IRON is free to make their own decisions regarding hot they treat ex-members." My complaint is that the statement was worded in a way presenting IRON as passive when people leave, whereas we see Cydonian being IP banned for roguing ODN, who has no connection to IRON save a senator treaty, nor did he join Non Grata. We see the only sanctions of the war being imposed on myself and Rearview. IRON, who held no active DoW in the war, felt they should sanction, whereas FTW, the ally directly in the conflict made no sanctions. Do not get me wrong, I've enjoyed the people I met in IRON. IRON has some wonderful people, yourself and Samus included for me. Me personally, I feel Council could've reacted much differently regarding the other members. We don't see sanctions from NPO going out on their members who left. We don't see IP bans going around on the Polar members who left. I hold no content for the actions placed against me, as former Council, I was well aware my actions would result in consequences. I do, however, hold disdain for multiple incidents recently. Banning Cydonian, who is a close friend, for simply leaving. Targeting Rearview with sanctions because he told The Warrior he was leaving and planned to rogue AFTER he left. Forgive me for being defensive of the friends I had made amongst my time in IRON. (I was mistaken in declaring wars prior to leaving the AA by seconds, but if you see, I declared those wars at 10:01pm server time and joined the NG AA at 10:01pm server time. Anyone with an ability to click my nation name could see I was not on the IRON AA.) There are other incidents recently I'd rather keep off the OWF, as it is not the peanut galleries business nor relevant to this DoW. Poaching is a valid CB, but again, I asked who he tried to post? To my knowledge, granted I'm not Caustic nor the individuals claiming he has, I've seen no proof to such claims. I will enjoy my short blaze of glory, I have no intention of sticking around a world where I will only collect taxes, pay bills, and occasionally congratulate an alliance for signing their umpteenth treaty this year. I would, however, like to see the pixels I've acquired burn and will be glad this curbstomp can both expedite the process and allow people who do more than lob an occasional cruise missile while eating dozens of rounds of aid.
  4. 2,803 (8 nation loss)
  5. May I ask who was ever poached by Caustic? I've clarified Brutus and myself reached out to him. We planned to rogue well before we made any commitment to any AA, Council was aware I was leaving at least a month prior. RR joined after he found out Brutus and I were roguing. His choice, CK wanted to rogue as well; but clarified he did not want to hit FTW or any IRON ally. I've had multiple people in my inbox stating they wanted to rogue too, because their tired of the stagnation of doing nothing. My response? Don't unless you don't care for your nation anymore, because we all seen this curbstomp coming. Why would I tell them not to if we were poaching? Hit me up in PMs for logs (I'm blocking names to protect them, but if you doubt this claim, let me know.) Unless, of course, after resigning you hit an allied AA. Then you get IP banned from the community, have the only sanctions all war casted on you, and get some really nice talk about you on some closed chats, when you've spent literally hundreds of hours dedicated to an AA, and you decide to go out with something more than clicking delete. Ironic I'm called the traitor for hitting an ally when Council was fully content sitting on their hands while FTW's lower tier got rolled. Hitting allies = IP ban worthy, ignoring their calls for help? They'll probably hand out high fives by dinner. Please tell, what was CK's crime for an IP ban? IRON is free to make their own decisions regarding how they treat ex-members. I make no argument to that, but to sit here and state they're free to leave, implying IRON wouldn't overreact like a teenage girl getting stood up on prom night is wrong.
  6. 2,811 current active nations.
  7. 2,853 (26 nation drop) Another fun stat - 7,255,088,100 troops killed in total. We're about 500M troops shy of that number reaching the world population of 7.7 Billion.
  8. 2,897 (49 nation drop) Shows over folks, time to go home
  9. 2,969 (37 nation drop) Also we broke 3K guys, and seems to be dropping faster than usual lately
  10. 3,073 (5 nation drop) 139 nations created in the last 10 days.
  11. 3,078 (20 nation drop) 148 Nations created in the past 10 days (no change from my last update)
  12. 3,098 148 nations created in the past 10 days
  13. "Someone less important than SoT can post it exactly as it reads." "You know Sot does not do OWF posts, Sot is too important for that." SBG provides no edits and provides 5 star delivery service on all DoW needs. Please review positively.
  14. Someone post a Dow please, Blah blah blah, war Blah blah blah D1 Blah blah blah TPK Blah blah blah AW Blah blah blah Nlon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKC8pSFg1Vw YouTube SantoVaquero R A W H I D E Opening Theme
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