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  1. How many wars have you personally fought in? I'm not talking about you fighting a rogue or being a rogue, either. Real wars. Pretty sure that answer is... zero. Congrats, you're a pixel hugger.
  2. Ah, actions have consequences. I suppose that doesn't apply to DS, though, right? You get to do 500,000,00 dongs worth of damage and you just get to walk away, happy as can be, right? To be frank, spy ops could have been run by the Kashmir member in question that, you know, actually did damage. The response from DS was definitely out of line for the initial crime, but with a warchest that small, I'm not surprised you're upset about the chance of losing a cruise missile.
  3. From the Desk of Jason8, Crown Prince of Kashmir Recognition of Hostilities vs. Doom Squad Sadly, it has come to my attention that one of Kashmir's members has come under attack by three members of Doom Squad. As a Declaration was made publicly, a public response from Kashmir is due. Kashmir's member performed three spy operations on a member nation of Doom Squad. This member's spies were caught by the Doom Squad nation's anti-espionage team on the third spy attempt. This is unacceptable. The spies that failed were abandoned behind enemy lines and are presumed to be executed by now. Good riddance. In response, Doom Squad did not open dialog with the government of Kashmir to find a peaceful resolution. Instead, Doom Squad initiated a surprise update blitz that caused near-irreversible damage to the Kashmiri nation in question. This is unacceptable behavior from an alliance of their status, and because of this: Kashmir recognizes the hostilities of Doom Squad against her member nation and Kashmir condemns the actions of Doom Squad Diplomatic channels have been opened between Kashmir and Doom Squad at the time of this announcement, however Doom Squad, and more specifically, the first attacking nation, has been extremely difficult to work with. To shed some light on the damage Doom Squad has done to this Kashmir member, screenshots are below. Officially, Jason8 Crown Prince of Kashmir As you can see, a cruise missile is $15,000 and the damage done to the Kashmir member's nation is likely much more than even $500,000,000.
  4. The city of East Westingrad has been leveled, her people scattered throughout the countryside. The nation of NewFall has fallen to the fighting forces of NLON. As we speak, CoolBreeze is in hiding, run up a tree like a cat running from a dog. NLON declares victory against this rogue.
  5. Getting attacked is what happens in TE. Don't like it? Go play Minecraft.
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