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  1. [quote name='Xiphosis' date='29 April 2010 - 12:20 AM' timestamp='1272518426' post='2279486'] Someone hacked Tilton's servers, tunneled through them and hacked two CN forums. And he just happened to brag to Lanna about doing it. Yeah that makes perfect sense dude. [/quote] You do realize that those logs are recent, right? As in... about three months after the hackings? He was joking with an old friend who obviously didn't take it as a joke.
  2. [quote name='PrinceArutha' date='29 April 2010 - 12:10 AM' timestamp='1272517787' post='2279467'] Do you share the same IP? [/quote] If I would tunnel through either of his servers, I would most definitely have the same IP as his. And it's simple to do once you've got SSH access. And at least one of Tilton's servers were hacked at the same time as well, giving whoever had hacked them full SSH access... which gives them full tunneling access... which gives them Tilton's IP. Why would Tilton sign up on the RIA forums if he already has the password for the root admin? It makes absolutely
  3. Okay. So I've been in contact with Tilton since way before this whole thing began. I had root access to both his servers (even the one on his home connection), AND I used Firefox 3.7 alpha at the time of the hackings. I actually recommended that browser to Tilton. So, why wasn't I the one who did it? You've been focused on Tilton since the beginning and everyone's now mindlessly following your engineered stories because of some out of context screenshots of a java chat. Priceless.
  4. Congratulations, TOP! This government lineup looks great. Especially that GrandMistress. I've checked her out a few times. A+! Also, Bob Sanders has bad things to say about it. That's basically a blessing for success.
  5. [quote name='ddog241' date='31 January 2010 - 09:20 PM' timestamp='1264994439' post='2149332'] very mad [/quote] Very, very mad. I think he needs a chill pill. Or two. Two dozen, that is.
  6. [quote name='ChairmanHal' date='31 January 2010 - 09:17 PM' timestamp='1264994231' post='2149318'] All firearms look pretty at the gunnery range, cowboys. We'll see how you do when the paper targets shoot back. [/quote] You silly goose, paper targets don't shoot back. They're paper!
  7. No, it took absolutely no guts. Just like it didn't take guts for \m/ to tech raid whatever no-name alliance they raided. This is the same exact situation, except Polaris is the alliance full of jackasses.
  8. Because they want an easy war and have no guts. PC has lots of nukes and could probably do more damage than Polar is willing to take over some banter. But hey, I'm all for one alliance leader controlling the entire cyberverse all over again... telling us what we can and can't say or do. Yeah, that's going to make this community great. o/ Almighty Grub! Ruler of CN! Oh wait, I guess I should contact him privately for approval to publicly post this message, shouldn't I?
  9. Blah blah, world police, no one cares, way to be left-wing sheep by forcing your way of thinking onto everyone else BECAUSE IT MIGHT OFFEND SOMEBODY. Yawn.
  10. Who cares? It's their IRC channel on a seperate IRC network then pretty much the entirety of CN. If they were coming into your channels and saying the same things, I can see why you would throw a hissy fit over it. As of right now, I see absolutely no problems with joking around and actually having a little fun.
  11. Statements like this are amazingly ironic. "\m/ is a terrible, terrible alliance and should be destroyed for the dirty words that come out of its' members' mouths." Why is it ironic? Because in the [OOC]MK alliance forums[/OOC], you have "18+" areas that objectify women. BUT WE DON'T HEAR YOU !@#$%*ING ABOUT THAT, DO WE, SEEROW? MK isn't the only alliance that has provisions for such things, but I really really can't believe what I'm hearing. Morals when convenient. At least neneko is putting on a good show for MK.
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