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  1. The last thing I heard from COBRA government was that they were disbanded.
  2. Wait, this was on the table? DANGIT, I DIDN'T KNOW THIS. See below. No worries, it'll happen again. Promise. 💖
  3. No worries, Kashmir's got that handled.
  4. Great to see this announced! Definitely overdue.
  5. I was reading through the About Page of CyberNations and noticed something curious: https://www.cybernations.net/about_topics.asp#Inactivity_Mode The bold line states that bills do not accrue while the nation is inactive. Talking with players that have been inactive for extended periods of time, the amount of bills add up to billions of dollars (see this topic: https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/134147-unable-to-collect-taxes-and-get-out-of-nation-debt/ ) and end up not being able to pay their bills. Perhaps some wordsmithing is needed in the About page or the mechanism needs to be adjusted.
  6. It was fun blowing things up. See you later.
  7. You could have, but you never asked and you never showed interest in making announcements. Now that I know, you can also be Minister of Making Announcements.
  8. "The democracy" is both a failure and the gold standard at the same time... the will of the People standing naked in a cool wind, exposed for all to see, standing tall, fearless, a club in one hand and a snake curling around the other. Decisions are made by the treacherous, the treasonous, the comical, and the righteous. One person may not subjugate others without the express consent of the majority of others. A snake may bite once, twice, maybe thrice, but it shall eventually be beaten by the club of Righteousness. GATO, a self-proclaimed Democratic alliance, falls into this perfectly. On one hand, pure inaction of the majority can stonewall any push for progress. On the other, once the snake is dead, can the many push forward instead of clubbing each other? GATO has survived for a decade and a half, self clubbing notwithstanding. I ask you this, do the officers of GATO hold clubs or do they hold snakes?
  9. Why make an alliance when you can post on behalf of Kashmir? You ARE the MoFR after all.
  10. You wouldn't. Again, you are the one that gets nuked. Firing line is the one that gets nuked.
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