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  1. Johnny, you are being to reasonable. This is Doom we are talking about. They can do whatever they want and not have to face the consequences. Doom can raid and plunder any alliance they want without consequences because if their target fights back they will call in their allies and gang bang them and then try and take the moral high ground. I have seen people talk about how Doom Wolves is a 3 man alliance. That doesn't f*cking matter. If you raid someone, don't be surprised if they snap back.
  2. Canik is right. The merger between CLAWS and FTW is bound to happen. Just merge into us and get it over with.
  3. Is that a challenge? Because I am sure we can fix that 😉
  4. CLAWS, I think you should just accept the inevitable and merge into us. This is the way.
  5. At least Non Grata is actually doing !@#$. They aren't just perpetuating the cycle of absolute nothing in CN.
  6. Yes but Hershey declared war on the Crown Prince of Kashmir. Kashmir has the right to declare on Doom Squad.
  7. Oh good and generous Senator, hear my prayer! Make CN more interesting and don't remove the sanctions God, Velocity really is a piece of sh*t. How dare he summon you to a thread you weren't paying attention too. Everybody quick, declare on Velocity! He needs to be EZI'd.
  8. Didn't Boognish try and declare on only select members of Non Grata a couple months ago? An attack on one person in the alliance is typically considered an attack on the entire alliance.
  9. Well they are a bunch of sour pusses.
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