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  1. Hear Hear! Let's get drunk and party all night to celebrate!
  2. I'm just glad we were able to work together on it. Cheers!
  3. Ah, I see that you are finally admitting to being pirates.
  4. Okay, we have hundreds of billions of dollars that we can flood our lower tier nations with. You might out damage them at first, but you will eventually run out of money and then when you do, we will throw you out with the trash where you belong.
  5. If that is what you have to tell yourself to fall asleep at night, keep telling yourself that.
  6. You will run out of money at some point. When that happens, you won't be able to out damage us.
  7. We don't have to take you on ourselves. Seeing as RFI has our back. That is kind of the point of a military bloc.
  8. That was a misunderstanding on my part. I admit that it was because of my ignorance of the situation due to RL issues. Besides, it was a copy and pasted message that I had sent to several other alliances on white. I was doing my job and trying to secure votes for our senators.
  9. Honestly, what do you think the outcome of this war will be? We will completely recover from the damage that COBRA has dealt. Will you? If you think we are going to surrender, you are the delusional one. If you honestly think that COBRA will win this war, you should go see a therapist because that is just crazy.
  10. I apologize that you felt like we disrespected you so. I myself am Internal affairs, not foreign affairs, so it's not my job to focus on those matters. You felt like it was the best move for you, I respect that. You may not believe that but I do. The Freehold of the Wolves didn't request RFI to join the war in our defense. They did that on their own volition. That is what allies do. We were fully prepared to fight you on our own. If that is how you and TIE want to go out, then so be it. But don't !@#$%* and complain when it happens.
  11. It wasn't an option because you didn't allow it to be an option. This entire war is because of a misunderstanding on your part, GK. So don't try to justify attacking us after you have admitted that.
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