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    Sulking about not having enough men. Knowing nothing, fighting white walkers

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  1. Hey! That's Captain Deadpool to you!
  2. Oh my God, this conversation is still happening?! Ha! FTW FOREVER!
  3. Despite what you may have heard, Canik pays me well. The health insurance is top notch. The citizens of my nation would be furious with me if i did that.
  4. Leave my cushy government position? I think not. lol
  5. That's not my decision to make, mate. Agreed
  6. Let's stop all this arguing. The war is over. This is for everyone btw.
  7. Also, Non Grata has 49 members now. 36 are in anarchy and 11 are hiding in peace mode, including 4 out of your top 5. Nobody cares about your !@#$%*ing.
  8. Johnny, Well fought, you have certainly earned my respect. Now, lets get our drink on and party for the rest of the night. -Smitty of the House Stark
  9. Dont blame you there. 🤣 I have gotten some laughs from this thread myself.
  10. You'll drive yourself crazy arguing with these ignoramuses. It's like arguing with 5 year olds.
  11. You actually think you can win? You actually think you will get the peace you want? Know I see you for what you really are, delusional.
  12. Defiant until the end I see, take your pathetic excuse of an alliance and go back to the sewers where you belong.
  13. You were offered mercy and you refused. You have no one to blame but yourselves.
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