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  1. Yeah CCC is pretty great. I recommend Freehold of the Wolves though.
  2. What uhh.... what was the point of that?
  3. It is nice to finally see this published. It took a while to get out but I am glad that we finally got it published. I know that the relationship between Freehold of the Wolves and the members of the Cobra Coalition aren't great, we hope that this will help improve relations between our spheres. When the idea for this was first brought up, we didn't know how we were going to go about this. I don't believe that this sort of thing has ever been done before in CN. I am glad that we were able to get this out. This, I think, puts the white team back on the map.
  4. I tried playing PnW a while back and just couldn't get into it. I think the CN system is a lot easier to navigate and manage.
  5. Hmm, interesting. Have y'all played CN before?
  6. Please excuse my ignorance on the matter. I started playing in 2015, so I missed at lot of the good years. Okay, that's fair. Let me ask you this. Shouldn't peace be the endgame? When all is said and done, shouldn't we strive for peace? What does it matter how the peace was achieved? For an example: in 1918, Germany surrendered to the Allies and signed the Treaty of Versailles. Which of course ended the fighting. Now, one could argue that the end of World War 1 directly led to World War 2. It would be a good argument. I would disagree with it though. Adolf H
  7. Johnny, I would like to ask an honest question. I am not trying to bait or attack anyone here btw. During Snake Eyes, RFI presented Cobrasphere with our terms in May. You guys thought that they were unreasonable and continued fighting until August. As was your right. CLAWS presents Lucius with their terms, Lucius accepts them and thus ends the war. If Lucius believed that they were unreasonable then I think that it is fairly reasonable to assume that he would have turned them down. He didn't turn them down though. He accepted them. @Lucius Optimus do you
  8. How is it pathetic? Wasn't deactivating military wonders after you lose a war pretty common back in the day?
  9. Glad to see peace has been achieved. Lucius, you have my respect for admitting you made a mistake and owning up to the consequences. Well done.
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