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    Sulking about not having enough men. Knowing nothing, fighting white walkers

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  1. You're amazingness? Pfft. You're about as amazing as pineapple on pizza.
  2. The RFI discord server is truly a fun place to be. There is a lot of bickering and Lowsten vs. Velocity. Me vs. Velocity. Pretty much everyone vs. Velocity. It's a blast.
  3. Its good to see alliances coming back to life. CN is getting a bit more active and I for one love it.
  4. You sir have good taste in music. I love this song.
  5. Join the Freehold of the Wolves today! We can promise that you won't regret your decision.
  6. I can attest to just how awesome CCC is. They are one of the best alliances on Planet Bob. You should definitely join my friends in CCC.
  7. How are we supposed to know how great World of Tanks is if Junka doesn't constantly tell us about how much better than CN it is?
  8. Why is everyone still arguing? Let's go back to ripping on Junka.
  9. You guys have been amazing allies. I look forward to our continued friendship and partnership.
  10. Arguing with Junka is like arguing with a toddler. There is no way to win and it just pointless.
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