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  1. Thanks for the update Stewie! I see that FTW is the biggest gainer. I am very pleased to see this. This makes me very happy.
  2. I haven't seen post a good meme in a while. It is nice to see you posting again.
  3. I am very pleased to see this become official. I know that there was some pretty high tensions between you guys and am very happy to see that y'all have worked it out.
  4. That is good stuff. Like I said, team unity is so important nowadays. I am happy that you guys were able to finalize it.
  5. So there isn't any actual butt stuff happening? Damn! Anyways, I certainly was not expecting this. Congratulations. Color team unity is important nowadays. I like to think that the White Team Unity Accords helped this happen.
  6. I am including the famous WW2 generals in that as well. They learned everything they knew from studying men like Grant, Thomas, Sherman, and Sheridan.
  7. I love that more people than just me love Ulysses Grant and George Thomas. I have read Ron Chernow's biography on Grant, as well as American Ulysses by Ron White. He was a flawed man, that failed at most of the things that he did. He was however, one of, if not, the best General that the United States has ever had. As much as I love learning about Abraham Lincoln, I certainly admire him, I think that Grant was a better President.
  8. Join FTW today and take part in a an alliance that is built on war! We have cookies!
  9. Junka clearly enjoys torturing himself
  10. What is the criteria for an alliance to become sanctioned now?
  11. Does anyone have a list of the currently sanctioned alliances in game? Anyone know what alliances qualify for sanctions?
  12. Do you secretly enjoy getting roasted by everyone in CN? Because that is the only reason that makes sense to me on why you keep coming back and doing this to yourself. Cybernations is a game nothing more.
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