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  1. Join FTW today and take part in a an alliance that is built on war! We have cookies!
  2. What is the criteria for an alliance to become sanctioned now?
  3. Does anyone have a list of the currently sanctioned alliances in game? Anyone know what alliances qualify for sanctions?
  4. Do you secretly enjoy getting roasted by everyone in CN? Because that is the only reason that makes sense to me on why you keep coming back and doing this to yourself. Cybernations is a game nothing more.
  5. This made my day. Thank you very much
  6. Definitely FTW members as well
  7. You have a dope alliance name. Stay awesome!
  8. What is the point of this? To remind CN that you are still around? Because we know. You can go back to playing World of Tanks now.
  9. We had talked about upgrading our treaty a while ago but RFI kind of made the point moot.
  10. For anyone wondering, this is a treaty upgrade from our ODoAP. I am glad to finally see this posted. Legion has been wonderful allies. Here is to the future!
  11. Well done. Glad to see this posted. How the tides of CN are changing.
  12. What would Bob do without you, Stewie?
  13. Join the Freehold of the Wolves today! Who are we? Well, I am glad you asked. We are the warforged community of FEAR, Wolfpack, the Freehold, Supernova-X, aNiMaLz, and LoSS. We are the preeminent alliance on white team! Since taking CN by storm in October 2017, we have become one of the premier alliances in CN. All of our members are experienced and are no stranger to long, drawn out wars. We are dedicated to the principles of Brotherhood, Unity, & Fearlessness! https://cybernations.fandom.com/wiki/Freehold_of_The_Wolves can give you a more detailed description of who we
  14. This thread is 10 years old. Crazy.
  15. Oh, Grub. The fact that you took time out of your day to type out just a well thought out, and poignant response, means, at the very least, that you do care. We love you too.
  16. MnDoAP: IRON CCC ODoAP: Legion Sparta Haven ODP: NpO Doom Squad TPF
  17. I have been meaning to do it. I have been busy lately though and I keep forgetting.
  18. It was only a matter of time. I am glad you have finally admitted it.
  19. I am glad that this was finally posted. I look forward to our new found friendship.
  20. @mithrandir, get this man his pip.
  21. This is true. Everyone and their mother should join Non Grata.
  22. No, its the truth. When spew bile and bigoted things, that makes you a Nazi. There is nothing you could say or do that would convince me otherwise. Despite the fact that you are being defended my KoRT, for some unknown reason, you aren't welcome here. Go spew your hate speech on Q'Anon's message board.
  23. You sir are a nazi, plain and simple. Take your hate speech and go somewhere else. You and whatever filth you want to spew are not welcome here.
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