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  1. If you try and counter the narrative that they are pushing, they will just gaslight you and act like they aren't doing anything wrong. You say that sanctions aren't a response to raiders, maybe they should be. Especially if they are chronic raiders and especially if they are raiding aligned nations. Because the fact of the matter is that they are chronic raiders. They will raid until either they get bored and go do something else or they get called out for it, in which case they will probably just gaslight you.
  2. Johnny, you are being to reasonable. This is Doom we are talking about. They can do whatever they want and not have to face the consequences. Doom can raid and plunder any alliance they want without consequences because if their target fights back they will call in their allies and gang bang them and then try and take the moral high ground. I have seen people talk about how Doom Wolves is a 3 man alliance. That doesn't f*cking matter. If you raid someone, don't be surprised if they snap back.
  3. Canik is right. The merger between CLAWS and FTW is bound to happen. Just merge into us and get it over with.
  4. Is that a challenge? Because I am sure we can fix that 😉
  5. Yeah, rank is more important.
  6. CLAWS, I think you should just accept the inevitable and merge into us. This is the way.
  7. At least Non Grata is actually doing !@#$. They aren't just perpetuating the cycle of absolute nothing in CN.
  8. Yes but Hershey declared war on the Crown Prince of Kashmir. Kashmir has the right to declare on Doom Squad.
  9. Oh good and generous Senator, hear my prayer! Make CN more interesting and don't remove the sanctions God, Velocity really is a piece of sh*t. How dare he summon you to a thread you weren't paying attention too. Everybody quick, declare on Velocity! He needs to be EZI'd.
  10. Didn't Boognish try and declare on only select members of Non Grata a couple months ago? An attack on one person in the alliance is typically considered an attack on the entire alliance.
  11. Well they are a bunch of sour pusses.
  12. That is a good one Luc. Kashmir can't handle anything effectively.
  13. I am convinced that you enjoy having people tell you off. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, crawl back into the hole that you came out of. No one cares what you think. For the record, Caustic is so much better than White Chocolate.
  14. I am kind of surprised by this treaty. KoRT doesn't need Ordo. No one does.
  15. Kapleo just can't accept that no one gives !@#$% about him anymore. Boognish crashed and burned, in part, because of Kap.
  16. I don't want to say that it was a dealbreaker but I am pretty sure adding the "this is velocity's fault" clause was a dealbreaker. Because as we all know, this was Velo's fault.
  17. I'm glad you agree. Because, as you know, we take this "super" serious. 🤣😂
  18. Before anyone asks, yes. This is a serious treaty. NG and FTW have legitimately signed an ODoAP with each other.
  19. "The “Do you have a flag?” Accords NG was sailing round Bob planting flags everywhere and came across a very similar flag…. Article 0: “It'S JuST RoTAteD" NG and FTW acknowledge this is Velocity’s fault Article 1: “You can’t claim us, we live here” NG and FTW acknowledge each other’s sovereignty and will solve issues in private Article 2: “No Flag, No Country” If someone else tries to plant a flag in NG or FTW territory the other party may jump and defend. Article 3: "Supply lines and reinforcements" Aid can be offered freely between signatories. Should one party desire they may join the other in an offensive front. Article 4: “Lowering the colours” If either party wants to break this treaty, 48 hours notice must be shared between parties Signatories: Non Grata: Kerschbs, Closet Democrat Lyanna, Intern Unkajo, Sergeant of the Pope's Armies Thrash, Minister of Not Poaching dane0, Blood God Erwin Schrodinger, Schrothodoxy Patriarch Lenin, Advisor to Questionable propaganda King Cyan (Chameleon), Spirits Supplier Caustic, Pope of Non Grata Stewie, Dreadnought God-Emperor Freehold of the Wolves: Dark Lord Sauron, All Seeing Monarch Taco, Hand of the King, also a sentient taco Velocity, Dude in charge of Foreign Affairs and Regent (who has no power) Smitty, Dude in charge of Internal Affairs and man with too many titles Lord Draculea, Dude in charge of the Treasury, also possibly (most definitely) a robot CodArk, Dude in charge of War, and a swell dude
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