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  1. Maybe to you they are "dead micro alliances". To us, they are groups of sovereign nations equally entitled to the right of self determination and equally deserving of respect. I am far more proud of the friendships we've formed and the relationships we've maintained than I am of any military victory we've achieved.
  2. A salute to our friends in the Entente. I hope you enjoy continued success and prosperity in this new chapter.
  3. Looking forward to working together for shared prosperity
  4. UCR Foreign Relations: RED ALERT MDOAP Bloc- UCR - SWF - LSF - COMECON ODOAP- GATO RIA Military Treaty - Level Not Disclosed- Old Guard NOR All UCR related wiki pages are kept up to date by the UCR gov, but we'll try to keep you updated if things change
  5. Friends and comrades, Socialism has existed on planet Bob from its initial inception. Since then, socialist and communist nations have forged a long and storied history in friendship and cooperation. We've lost many comrades along the way, alliances have risen and fallen, but history will remember the great achievements made in the pursuit of the revolution. The stories of the Union of Communist Republics, the Socialist Workers Front, and the Libertarian Socialist Federation are deeply connected. We've had our ups and downs, but time after time, we have proven that our unity always prevails. Today, we are proud to announce the newest achievement in worker's internationalism, a new coalition of the world's socialist alliances. The Responsibly Ensuring Defensiveness and Amicable Leadership in Economic Relations Treaty, RED ALERT, will allow for greater mutual development among all of us that have committed to the path of communism. We also are taking this as a chance to welcome new comrades into our circle of friends. COMECON has shown their ability to persist, and were glad to join us in our united cause. Together, we will continue to uphold the glorious legacy of socialist revolutionary internationalism, and foster even greater prosperity for all! "The working class has nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Proletarians of all nations, unite!" - Karl Marx, 1848 Responsibly Ensuring Defensiveness and Amicable Leadership in Economic Relations Treaty (RED ALERT) A bloc of Friendship and Mutual Assistance of the Union of Communist Republics, the Libertarian Socialist Federation, COMECON, and the Socialist Workers Front Preamble: Purpose The foundation of Leftism is the principle of Friendship and Cooperation. Thus, like-minded alliances of Planet Bob should stand united in mutual assistance and collective defense. The Contracting Parties (hereinafter “RED ALERT Alliances”), reaffirming their desire for the establishment of a system of collective security, being desirous of further promotion and development of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance in accordance with the principles of respect for the independence and sovereignty of alliances and of noninterference in their internal affairs, do hereby to conclude the present Treaty and have agreed as follows. Article 1: Peace Section 1: International Relations The RED ALERT Alliances undertake to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force, and to settle their international disputes peacefully and in such manner as will not jeopardize international peace and security. All alliances of RED ALERT shall strive to assist each other in diplomatic matters so as to avert war whenever possible. In keeping with these parameters, the practice of raiding, or unprovoked attacks on non-aligned states, is forbidden to all member states of RED ALERT Alliances. Section 2: Domestic Relations Member states of RED ALERT Alliances are forbidden from armed conflict against one another – all grievances shall be resolved in accordance with Articles 4 and 5. Article 2: Comrades In Arms Section 1: Mutual Defense In the event of armed attack on one or more of the member states of the RED ALERT Alliances by any state (individual cyber nation) or group of states (alliances), each of the RED ALERT Alliances, in the exercise of their right to individual or collective self-defense shall immediately, either individually or in agreement with other RED ALERT Alliances, come to the assistance of the state or states attacked with all such means as it deems necessary, including armed force. In the simplest, clearest terms: an attack on any member state of any RED ALERT Alliance is grounds for retaliation by all member states of all RED ALERT Alliances. The member states of the alliances of Red Alert are pledged to defend one another. Coordination between allied combatants will be organized per Article 4. Section 2: Strive for Peace Per Article 1, peaceful resolution is preferred whenever possible, and if a peace process presents itself that is satisfactory to the membership of RED ALERT, efforts should be made to de-escalate conflict. Likewise, any specific tactical actions that are likely to provoke larger conflict (such as counterattacks that may activate treaties of otherwise neutral alliances, or the use of nuclear weapons) must be carefully coordinated by the military command of all RED ALERT Alliances. Section 3: Offensive Actions In the event that it is deemed necessary for a RED ALERT alliance to initiate an offensive war, the representatives of the other RED ALERT alliances must be informed no later than 48 hours before the start of hostility. Other members of RED ALERT may elect to join in preemptive strikes, however, they are not compelled to do so. Section 4: Aiding the Enemy RED ALERT member states may not send or receive foreign aid to or from any nation that is a member of an alliance that is at war with any RED ALERT member state until such time that peace is concluded. Article 3: Comrades And Friends Following the ratification of this treaty, the RED ALERT Alliances shall undertake to not participate in any new coalitions or alliances and not to conclude any agreements whose objects conflict with the objects of the present Treaty. Any and all new treaties between RED ALERT Alliances should be ratified by RED ALERT as a whole, in accordance with Article 4. The RED ALERT Alliances declare that their prior commitments under existing international treaties do not conflict with the provisions of the present Treaty, and shall remain valid. Article 4: Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance Section 1: Central Communications a) The RED ALERT Alliances shall consult with one another on all important international issues affecting their common interests, guided by the desire to strengthen international peace and security. To facilitate this process, a designated communications channel shall be established. b) Upon ratification of this treaty, the Union of Communist Republics shall be responsible for the maintenance of the channel. This role shall be redesignated upon unanimous agreement of the RED ALERT Alliances. c) Access to the secure channel shall be granted only to the RED ALERT Central Committee Representatives, and the designated channel administrator. Additional access may be granted on a temporary basis by the RED ALERT Central Committee. The channel administrator shall ensure the swift and proper masking of all applicable members. Section 2: Communications Backup In the event of technological setbacks or acts of sabotage that might make this channel inoperative, alternative means of communication may be established on a temporary basis. Such temporary means of communication are to become defunct immediately at such time that the original channel may be restored or replaced by the designated administrator. Section 3: RED ALERT Central Committee The coordination and organization of Red Alert shall be the responsibility of the Red Alert Central Committee (hereinafter "the Central Committee" or "the Committee") a) RED ALERT Alliances shall be designated one representative and one alternate representative to the Central Committee. The Red Alert Alliances shall choose their representatives in accordance with their individual laws and procedures. The representatives shall cast their alliance's one vote on matters before the Committee. In the event of war, the Committee shall appoint a Commander-in-Chief to coordinate military strategy. The representatives shall rely on the central communications channel for secure communication. b) The RED ALERT Central Committee shall have powers and duties enumerated as follows: Declaring war on individual states or alliances in retaliation to the attack of a RED ALERT member state or alliance. Declaring war on individual states or alliances as a first-strike scenario. Cessation of hostility and acceptance of peace terms with an individual cyber nation or alliance that is at war with RED ALERT. Authorizing the use of first-strike nuclear weapons. Imposing an embargo against a particular state or alliance. Coordinating color team Senate candidates and votes. Approving a new treaty between one or more RED ALERT alliances with non-Red Alert alliance(s). Assent to the ratification and admittance of additional alliances into the ranks of RED ALERT shall be approved by a unanimous vote. Reassignment of the duty of the establishment and maintenance of the communication channel to another RED ALERT alliance shall be approved by unanimous vote. The powers and duties of the RED ALERT Central Committee shall be enacted upon a majority vote of the Central Committee, except for those powers specified otherwise. Article 5: Enforcement Section 1: Treaty Violations Each RED ALERT Alliance shall be responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of this treaty among their membership. Section 2: Alliance Disputes The RED ALERT Central Committee may request the appointment of an impartial mediator for the amicable resolution of disputes between RED ALERT Alliances. Article 6: Expansion and Internationalism The present Treaty is open to the accession of other alliances, which express their readiness by participation in the present Treaty, and subject to a unanimous vote of a one-alliance, one-vote, as outlined in Article 4. Alliances seeking to withdraw from this treaty must provide a private notification of this decision no less than 48 hours prior to public announcement. The treaty shall remain in effect until the public announcement. Article 7: Solidarity, Sovereignty, and Anti-Imperialism Section 1: Sovereignty All RED ALERT Alliances acknowledge the sovereignty of all other RED ALERT Alliances. In matters both domestic and foreign, all RED ALERT Alliances are free to conduct themselves as they see fit, provided that none of the provisions of this treaty are violated. Section 2: Solidarity In matters of discourse, no ideology is to be considered superior or inferior to the other – the views and opinions of the RED ALERT Alliances are to be respected as equally valid. Section 3: Cultural Exchange To further promote friendship and cultural interchange, any member state of any of the RED ALERT Alliances is permitted to change their alliance affiliation to that of any of the other RED ALERT Alliances. Any state that elects to do so shall become compliant with all the laws of their new alliance. RED ALERT Alliances shall enact procedures to facilitate migration within the bloc. Section 4: Belt and Road Initiative To further strengthen economic ties and mutual development, all member states of all RED ALERT Alliances are encouraged to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, as organized by the Union of Communist Republics. This will allow both the purchase and sale of technology to be accelerated, thereby fostering the development of smaller member states, increasing the military capacity of more developed member states, and defending all against economic exploitation. Section 5: Team Politics To further promote the political interests and internal development of RED ALERT, the RED ALERT Alliances are encouraged to coordinate efforts to support the election of color team senators that are friendly to this united cause (or, if possible, senators that are themselves members of RED ALERT). Article 8: Amendment This treaty may be amended or expanded, in part or in whole. Any and all alterations must be approved by a unanimous vote of the individual leadership of all RED ALERT Alliances. Approved and ratified May 8, 2020 Signed upon approval of the Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics: mrmarx, Premier of the UCR ComradeV, Chairman of the CPUCR and People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs Comrade Meiyu, People's Commissar of Defense Pomegranate, People's Commissar of Internal Affairs Starschwar, People's Commissar of Finances Signed for the Socialist Workers Front: Lev Trotsky, Interim Commissar Signed for the Libertarian Socialist Federation: The Delegates Council Signed for COMECON: Gorbachov, General Secretary of COMECON
  6. Welcome to the fight, see you on the battlefield
  7. This is why we broke from you. When someone in your alliance rogues on another AA, you don't try to justify their actions and then try to spin this to make it look like you are the victim. You had a protector that you either ignored or took for granted. You screwed up, you don't get to judge the terms that are handed to you. NoR doesn't have any obligation to make terms that are favorable to you, especially when your recklessness caused this war and you made no attempt to take responsibility and work it out.
  8. The Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics On the night of December 4, a convention of the Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics voted to dissolve all treaties and agreements with the Royal House of Aevrum. The Party responded to concerns that King Noctis Lucis Caelum had shown conduct unbecoming of an alliance leader, putting his alliance and others in danger. If Noctis cannot control his alliance, then his alliance cannot be trusted as an ally. Furthermore, due to Noctis’s refusal to engage in diplomacy, on December 1, the Chairman of the Communist Party and the People’s Commissariat of Finances issued an embargo against RHA nations. Signed upon approval of the Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics, mrmarx, Premier of the Union of Communist Republics ComradeV, Chairman of the Communist Party of the UCR
  9. Forward in solidarity! o/ GATO
  10. Union of Communist Republics (UCR) https://discord.gg/ev7Rt3h
  11. The UCR is seeking active members. Onward to revolution!
  12. We may be small in numbers, but this treaty represents a long-standing friendship between our alliances
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