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  1. UCR Foreign Relations: RED ALERT MDOAP Bloc- UCR - SWF - LSF - COMECON ODOAP- GATO RIA Military Treaty - Level Not Disclosed- Old Guard NOR All UCR related wiki pages are kept up to date by the UCR gov, but we'll try to keep you updated if things change
  2. Friends and comrades, Socialism has existed on planet Bob from its initial inception. Since then, socialist and communist nations have forged a long and storied history in friendship and cooperation. We've lost many comrades along the way, alliances have risen and fallen, but history will remember the great achievements made in the pursuit of the revolution. The stories of the Union of Communist Republics, the Socialist Workers Front, and the Libertarian Socialist Federation are deeply connected. We've had our ups and downs, but time after time, we have proven that our unity always
  3. Welcome to the fight, see you on the battlefield
  4. This is why we broke from you. When someone in your alliance rogues on another AA, you don't try to justify their actions and then try to spin this to make it look like you are the victim. You had a protector that you either ignored or took for granted. You screwed up, you don't get to judge the terms that are handed to you. NoR doesn't have any obligation to make terms that are favorable to you, especially when your recklessness caused this war and you made no attempt to take responsibility and work it out.
  5. The Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics On the night of December 4, a convention of the Communist Party of the Union of Communist Republics voted to dissolve all treaties and agreements with the Royal House of Aevrum. The Party responded to concerns that King Noctis Lucis Caelum had shown conduct unbecoming of an alliance leader, putting his alliance and others in danger. If Noctis cannot control his alliance, then his alliance cannot be trusted as an ally. Furthermore, due to Noctis’s refusal to engage in diplomacy, on December 1, the Chairman o
  6. Union of Communist Republics (UCR) https://discord.gg/ev7Rt3h
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