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  1. Yeah well, the round is almost over, but the alliance will carry into the next round! I know you are scared, don't worry, we are open to an MAoDP
  2. It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words Declaration of Existence - Big Brother Citizens, We are watching you, and we welcome you to join in watching others, come on over we have won this war, don't listen to what anyone else tells you. Big Brother is watching you.
  3. NATO were friends back in my TFD days, so I think you guys are in good hands here o7
  4. From the old days, I have returned, from the ashes, I am reborn.
  5. The fallen nation of Anyplace, which lay under rubble for many years after the events of the TPF-NPO War, which resulted in deverstating losses. With the new rebuilding, comes a new capital, which has been named Utopia, to look towards the future. The rebirth has also seen the nation join the alliance Argent, with a future move to the Pink team being approved by the new government. On the topic of the new government, the lineup is as follows. Prime Minister - LittleRena Minister of Peace - Jonas Dennis Minister of Plenty - Nicholas Aguilar Minister of Tru
  6. Nah, I want to save all the nukes I can gather for NPO nations, with love.
  7. I never was good at this politics nonsense but I have always been good at hanging around. What a shame it came to this, but, nevermind, it's just a shame I can't turn my people into rockets.
  8. Let me know when you guys are on LinkedIn okay?
  9. I don't know who he is or the background history, can you drop me a PM to let me know this?
  10. But it was fine for NPO to ally with Umberalla who were spying on TPF at the time and tell us to deal with it? Your logic is flawed. Don't bring things like facts into this, I don't think they want to hear that!
  11. List all of the CBs against TPF. Signing a treaty with someone you didn't like doesn't count, NPO did that the reverse a number of times (as already stated a large number of times).
  12. The point, I think you missed it. Or were TPF [i]just[/i] allies to you and nothing more?
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