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  1. Don't threaten me with a good time
  2. Good. Honestly, I hate the term 'PZI'. Kapleo did nothing deserving of a PZI sentence.
  3. They're trying to move the goalposts now that they are both getting blown up and losing in the court of public opinion. From their announcement on their website:
  4. Presumably it should have been the first people to raid. Or, if you argue this was more about "dog piling" as seems to be your party line, it probably should have been during NG's shark week. The fact that they sat THAT out but jumped Bundy tells us everything we need to know about UCR's motives. They're bullies and cowards.
  5. Primarily because after they passed AIPVA, they ignored all raiding from all AAs until they found a target they could dogpile: a 3-person AA. Cute that you pretend their only crime was to "think independently." They aren't getting attacked for thinking independently. They're getting attacked for declaring war on our ally.
  6. No. There's not. All he said was "The Volunteer Army responded to calls for assistance from these nations and deployed troops to their defence." Which is weird - why would random unaligned nations reach out to UCR specifically? Before I started kicking their teeth in, I had never heard of them before. And yet multiple nations simultaneously sought them out and requested their assistance?
  7. Oh I think he's having plenty of fun now. Congrats - you solved Bundy's Boredom problem!
  8. Bullies you think you can beat, that is. You only pick on small raiders you think you have a shot at, then pull the victim card when it backfires because you didn't do your research.
  9. We don't particularly care if UCR thinks our allies are 'rogues'. If you declare war on them, we're going to declare war on you.
  10. We've done more in the past two weeks than you've done in years. Deal with it.
  11. I can't think of any more effective use of our power than defending our allies after war was declared on them.
  12. Consider this an official invitation to join in on Johnny Apocalypse.
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