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  1. this tournament are FULL OF LIES,FULL OF MULTI, and FULL OF CHEATED,
  2. When 15 of our nations - a ragtag group from across this world of ours - declared war against approximately 16 people in Defcon 1 (plus the attacking hoard of Mongols), I thought it would be an uphill battle. But strategy and skill on our part (and an unhealthy level of hubris on the part of Defcon 1) led to the complete slaughter of the tyrants. We have cleansed red team and eliminated the threat to all good, decent people in this world. Victory is sweet.
  3. 15 vs. 13 - the same 13 who "beat the entire game" the round before. You consider that a "massive down-declare"? (Ignoring, again, that that's not what down-declare means; down-declare has to do with a bigger nation hitting a smaller nation.) Why'd you lose so badly?
  4. I'd still like to hear your explanation for how 15 of our nations attacking your AA (which at the time had about 16 on it I believe, and currently has 13) is a "massive down declare." Our 15 nations systematically dismantled your 13, even though you had massive advantages in terms of experience / activity / timezone. It wasn't even close. We plowed you. You barely put up a fight. RR and Paul were slapping you and calling you names the whole time. OH and your friends in the Mongols (~6 nations) hopped in on your side too. So...
  5. You bragged of 'beating the entire game'. Let's be very clear. 15 RE declared war on D1 that fateful night (a night where you had about 16 on the AA) - a mere week after you claimed that you had defeated the entire game. D1 had a HUGE advantage in terms of experience and group cohesiveness. Not to mention a huge timezone advantage. And we clearly telegraphed our intentions; we didn't try to catch you by surprise. If you were one-tenth how good you say you are, you should have won. Instead, not only did you lose, you got absolutely slaughtered. Among the most brutal, one
  6. What a baby. "We have competition now so we're all quitting." Had no idea what a bunch of sore losers D1 was.
  7. Doesn't sound like it: To: firingline From: hagdang bato Date: 5/10/2021 11:11:37 PM Subject: RE: Aircraft Dog Fight Report Message: We see you again im pretty sure d1 have recruit more than yiu ever imagine lol, lots of my friend played pnw and dota surely l played tournament next round so im very xciting for this scrnario, you must merge with your alpha counterpart , the pilipino pride counquer you all To: firingline From: hagdang bato Date: 5/10/2021 11:54:00 PM Subject: RE: Aircraft Dog Fight Report Message: laugh, laugh
  8. That's what every sore loser says. You didn't defend. You took it like a champ. Well, you took it, at least...
  9. I don't think you know what the term 'down declare' means. A 2,999 infra nation declaring on a 3,099 infra nation is *not* a down-declare. It's an up-declare. What a coincidence that you have 'IRL time restrictions' now - you seem to have plenty of time to argue with us on the forums and Discord. Bato told me everything regarding recruiting. It's funny that you brag about taking down "the whole game" last round but somehow can't last 3 or 4 days against what is essentially a few more nations than you? Some of our nations aren't even at war. It's probably lik
  10. Can have 500 nations. We can only declare on you 3 times. I was in 3 wars on day 1 - as many as any of your nations had to be in. Completely even fight: I was facing 3, the people I was fighting on were facing 3. But you had the advantage in coordination, experience, and activity. You still lost, because you had terrible strategy and tactics, and poor execution. It's why you're retiring after this round. We just ended your entire career. Put you out to pasture. And I hear you are so desperate you're recruiting from *other games* to try to compete with us. Overall this c
  11. It legitimately took us four days to conquer your alliance, HG. Four. This certainly must be among the most pathetic performances ever seen. At least you guys got some recipes out of it... silver lining, I guess. The worst part is you guys made me look like an idiot. Paul kept saying "wow D1 sucks" and I kept telling him "just wait, they'll get their act together. They'll hit back and it'll hurt."
  12. How was it a down declare? I started with 2,999 infra just like most of you. I was in 3 wars my first day which is all you had to be in. AND you have a massive advantage in experience and being more tight-knit, not to mention a huge timezone advantage. And you still not only lost, you got absolutely humiliated.
  13. D1 is getting humiliated, putting up virtually no fight against what is essentially an even opponent: "We realize this is a dead game, who cares"
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