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About Me

When I'm not making love to a fiery red-haired wilding or a ferocious silver-haired dragon queen, I'm sulking in the corner about not having enough men to stop the White Walkers.


I was born at the Tower of Joy in Dorne to Lady Lyanna Stark, the only daughter of Lord Rickard Stark, the Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, heir to the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. I, however, don't know that yet because Season 8 hasn't premiered yet. I believe that I am the bastard son of the most honorable man in Westeros, Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell.


Growing up was hard for me. Lord Stark's wife, Catelyn, hated me. I was the constant reminder that her husband cheated on her. I mean, I don't blame her but that is a selfish thing to do, I don't have a mother and she refused to that mother that I needed. It's okay though, my best friend is my half-brother Robb. He is the next Warden of the North. I got along well with most of my half-siblings, except Sansa. Lord Stark took care of me and treated me like his son. Much to the dismay of Catelyn. I learned how to properly use a sword and how to ride a horse. I had a good life. 


When I was 16, I enlisted in the Nights Watch. A Military order sworn to protect the Wall and protect the world of men. I grew up with the belief that it was an honorable thing to do. I was wrong. It is filled with murderers and other criminals. I wasn't going to be deterred though. I became Steward to Lord Commander Jeor Mormont. After saving his life from a wight, he rewarded me with his ancestral family valyrian steel sword, Longclaw. The sword was the best gift that I ever received. 


Not long after receiving Longclaw, Lord Commander Mormont informed me to pack my things because we were going North of the wall to investigate the claims of the white walkers sightings and to look for the First Ranger, my uncle Benjen Stark. While I was scouting with the greatest Ranger amongst the Night's Watch, Qhorin Half-Hand. We ran into 3 wildings, after sparing one of their lives, she escaped. When I tried recapturing her, she led me into a trap and I was captured by more wildings. Qhorin and his men were also captured looking for me. On our way to the wilding camp, Qhorin commanded to gain the Wilding's trust and become one of them so that we could get inside information. He told me to kill him so I did. Killing a brother of the Night's Watch was hard for me but I had to do it.


The Wildings took me to the King beyond the Wall, Mance Rayder. He accepted me into the Wilding's ranks after I told him that I hated the Night's Watch and how it was nothing like I had imagined. Mance could see that I found the wilding girl that I captured before being captured myself attractive. Her name was Ygritte. I knew that he was interested in me as well. We ended spending the night in a cave. I didn't want to leave. We had a job to do though, we were going to climb the wall and get past Castle Black. When Mance attacks the wall, we were going to attack from the north and take the Night's Watch by surprise. We made the climb, I almost died doing it, but we did it. 


When we were north of the wall, I fell in love with Ygritte. And she in me. It was amazing. I knew though that I had to return to the Night's Watch and warn them of Mance's attack. I didn't want to leave Ygritte though. When the time finally came, I had to kill their warg. When I tried to ride away, Ygritte shot me in the back with her bow. If she had wanted me dead, she wouldn't have missed. When I returned to Castle Black, I returned to a mixed welcome. Half of my brothers welcomed me back and half thought of me as a traitor. I was able to convince the officers of Mance's attack though. In preparation for the attack, I led a group of brothers back to Craster's Keep and killed the mutineers that killed Lord Commander Mormont. When Mance finally attacked, We were able to hold the wall but the wildings were starting to win on the ground in Castle Black. I went down and rallied the remaining brothers. When I found Ygritte, she had her bow pointed at me but she couldn't do it. She was then killed by the little bastard Ollie. She died in my arms. The next morning, I went North to kill Mance. We were in his command tent speaking when his men were attacked by an unknown force. We went outside and saw that it was Stannis Baratheon, true King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm. He traveled North to lend us help when he heard of Mance's threat. 


After the battle, the Night's Watch decided it was time to elect a new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. I was elected the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch beating my main competition in Alliser Thorne. In an effort of consolidating my power, I named Alliser Thorne as First Ranger and executed the coward Janos Slynt for disobeying my orders. I realized quickly that in order to stop the White Walker threat, We needed to save the remaining wildings at Hardhome. I formed an uneasy truce with Tormund Giantsbane, a Chieftain of Wildings and a friend when I was with the wildings. This decision was extremely unpopular amongst the men. Half of my brothers hated me before I was elected Lord Commander and this decision would have just fueled their hatred for me. I decided to keep going through with my plan. When I arrived at Hardhome, We were able to convince the Wildings to put aside their hatred of us so that we can survive together and overcome the white walker threat. When were evacuating the wildings to Stannis's ships, the White Walkers attacked. They killed 90% of the wildings that were at Hardhome. I watched as the Night King raised all the dead wildings with a motion of his arms. It was the most terrifying thing that I have ever seen. When I returned to Castle Black, I came back to a very cold welcome. Later that night, Ollie, my steward, lured me outside to the courtyard where I was ambushed by the officers of the Night's Watch and was murdered in cold blood. They left me to die in the snow.


The next thing that I remember is waking up naked in my chambers with Ser Davos Seaworth staring at me. While I was at Hardhome, Stannis attacked Winterfell to reclaim it from the traitorous Boltons and lost. Ser Davos was sent back to Castle Black before the attack. Ser Davos told me that he and several of my fellow brothers were prepared to fight Ser Alliser and the other brothers to protect my body but Edd arrived with the Wildings that I saved and took control of Castle Black. I executed the mutineers and renounced my oath to the Nights Watch. My half-sister, Sansa, arrived at Castle Black, having escaped Winterfell during the Stannis's attack. We then decided to form an army and retake Winterfell.


Ser Davos became my principal advisor. We went and secured allegiance from House Mormont and several small knightly houses but were turned away by the Glovers and never received a response from House Manderly. We found out that our cadet house, House Karstark, and our most loyal house, House Umber, decided to ally themselves with House Bolton. This was a blow to morale but we were going to retake Winterfell nonetheless. We had secured allegiance with the Wildings and got 2,000 good fighting men from them.


The day of the battle came. Our plan was to have the Boltons come to us so that we could surround them and kill them. This plan was scrapped when Ramsay brought out my little brother, Rickon, told him to start running to me and started shooting arrows at him. I tried to rescue him, I almost had him but he was killed by Ramsay's arrow. Being the impulsive man that I am, I decided to charge Ramsay to try and kill him but his archers killed my horse and he sent his cavalry after me. I accepted my outcome and prepared to fight and at the last minute, my own calvary saved me. The fighting was intense. There was so much chaos going on. It was every man for himself, no organization. It was the most intense fighting that I had ever been in. When the infantry arrived to back me up, there were already mounds of dead bodies and we were surrounded by the Boltons. They did to us what we had planned to do to them. With no escape, they started choking us. Killing us slowly. At the last moment, when I believed all hope was lost, House Arryn, the ruling house of the Vale arrived and destroyed the Bolton infantry. Ramsay retreated back to Winterfell after watching his army get destroyed. We attacked Winterfell, Wun Wun, the last remaining Giant, broke down the gates of Winterfell and was killed doing it. My men quickly killed the remaining Bolton men. Ramsay accepted my challenge for one on one combat. I beat the living hell out of him. He was defeated and he knew it. Later that night, Sansa released Ramsay's hounds on him. Ramsay hadn't fed them in 7 days so that they could feed on us. His hounds quickly killed and ate Ramsay. Sometime later, during a meeting with all the Northern lords, Lords Wyman Manderly, and Robett Glover, both apologized to me for not fighting beside my side. They then declared me King in the North. It was followed by every other Nothern Lord and the Lords of the Vale. I became King of the North and the Vale.


After some time, House Umber and House Karstark reaffirmed their loyalty to me. My consolidation of the North and Vale was complete. I ruled over more land than House Lannister in Kings Landing. Several days later, I received a letter from Tyrion Lannister. He was the Hand of the Queen to Queen Daenerys Targaryen, the Dragon Queen. They invited me to Dragonstone to discuss a possible alliance. I accepted because Dragonstone is sitting on a mountain of dragonglass. Which can be used to kill white walkers. After arriving at Dragonstone with Ser Davos, I met Tyrion and saw the Dragon queen's 3 dragons for the first time. After an intense meeting. She wanted me to bend the knee and I refused. She granted me access to dragonglass. After receiving intel from my brother Bran that the White Walkers were on the move, I decided to travel north of the wall with 6 other mighty men. We captured a wight but were surrounded by the army of the dead. When the army of the dead attacked, I thought we weren't going to survive but Daenerys arrived with all 3 dragons and started burning the wights. The Night King anticipated this and killed the dragon Viserion. My men were able to escape but I fell through the ice. When got out, I started running away and was saved by my uncle, Benjen Stark, I hadn't seen him since he had gone missing 6 seasons earlier. He put him on his horse and sent me away. He stayed behind to hold the wights off but was killed. Daenerys waited for me at the wall and when I finally got back, they got me on my flagship and we sailed to Kings Landing to meet with Cersei. One the boat, Daenerys visited me and after seeing the loss in her eyes after losing Viserion, I pledged my loyalty to her. 


When we arrived in Kings landing, we met in the Dragon Pit to meet with Queen Cersei. I hated her because she is the reason that my father, Ned Stark was falsing executed. We showed her the wight and she pledged her army to fight alongside us to help stop the Army of the Dead. On the boat back to Winterfell, I visited Daenerys's cabin. We decided we couldn't contain our feelings for each other anymore and we spend the night together.


When we arrived in the North, we marched into Winterfell with Daenerys's army. I saw Bran for the first time since I left Winterfell to join the Night's Watch. Bran was quick to remind us that we didn't have much time because the Night King and his Army of the Dead were on the march. The Night King used the undead Viserion to attack and destroy the wall. In doing so, it completely destroyed East Watch by the Sea and everyone inside. Now that they were past the wall, the Long Night has begun. Later that night, I was in the crypts of Winterfell, paying respects to my father, when I was interrupted by my best friend, Samwell Tarly. Sam told me that Daenerys executed his father and brother after they refused to bend the knee to her. I tell him that she is our Queen now but Sam tells me that she shouldn't be. That I should be the King. This, of course, confused me. Sam went on to tell me that my mother is actually Lyanna Stark and that my father, my real father, is Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. When Ned Stark found Lyanna in the Tower of Joy, she had just given birth to me. She made her brother swear to protect because if King Robert ever found out, he would have me killed. After trying to initially deny this, I realize that it is true. My childhood made so much sense now. I was never really a bastard but the heir to the Iron Throne. Sam tried to convince me that I should rule, but I don't want to rule, I never have. I just want to be left in peace. 


After Sam tells me this life-changing information, I avoided Queen Daenerys for most of the next day. How could I tell the woman that I am in love with that I am actually her nephew and the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms. As I am thinking about this, something I didn't ever expect to happen happens. Ser Jaime Lannister, the bloody Kingslayer himself arrives in Winterfell. But he is alone. Before the court, Ser Jaime explains that Queen Cersei lied to us about sending the Lannister forces north. She lied to him about it as well. She was going to wake in King's Landing for whoever the victor of the coming battle and then use her well rested and resupplied army to finish them off. Cersei went behind his back and hired the Golden Company from Essos. This is a problem if we do win the upcoming battle, I doubt that we will have the men to take King's Landing from Cersei. Daenerys wants to execute Ser Jaime for killing her father and executing his King, the man he was sworn to protect. But Brienne of Tarth intervened and vouched for him. Sansa trusting Brienne lets Ser Jaime off. Daenerys not happy by this, asked me for my opinion. I haven't spoken to Daenerys for most of the day, I think that we need more men and allow him to go free. After this, I head down to the Winterfell crypts. I think all that has happened to me over my life in front of the statue of my mother, Lyanna Stark. Daenerys finds me down there and wraps her arms around me. She asked me who this was and knowing that I can't hide the truth from her anymore, I tell her everything. My father was her brother, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, and that my actual name is Aegon Targaryen. I am the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. As I am trying to get Daenerys to understand that I don't the throne and that she is my Queen, we are interrupted by the sounds of the horns. The Army of the Dead has arrived.


Both of us go up to the walls of Winterfell, we see the Army of the Dead and head to her Dragons. She gets on Drogon and Rhaegal allows me to ride him. The plan was to meet the dead in the field in front of Winterfell, and then wait for the Night King to show himself and then we attack him. He can't know that we have 2 dragons to fight him with. But as the battle begins, the Dothraki charge at the Army of the Dead and immediately get overwhelmed. Daenerys watching as her people get slaughtered goes to get on Drogon. I try to remind her that the Night King needs to show himself first, but she states that the dead are already here. Since I can't allow her to go out there by herself, I join her in attacking the dead. We destroy thousands of wights with dragon's fire. But in doing so, we have alerted the Night King to our presence. As the battle rages on the ground, I try to attack the White Walkers, who are behind the Army of the Dead, if I can destroy them, it will destroy all the wights that they created. Giving us a better chance of winning. But before I can have Rhaegal breath fire on them, they call forth a Snow storm. I fly upwords and get out of the storm. I am then attacked by the Night King. He and I battle each other with our respective dragons. As he is about to hit me with one of his ice spears, Daenerys attacks him from behind, in the mayhem, Rhaegal is able to bite off half of Viserion's face. But in doing so, Viserion claws Rhaegal in the stomach, wounding him. Rhaegal crashes into the ground and knocks me off him. Once I am on the ground, he takes off to get away from the battle. I am now in the battle of the battlefield. By this point, the Army of the Dead pushed our forces into Winterfell. We were able to set out trench on fire to try and stop them but the Night King had directed them to throw themselves on the fire so that the army can get across. After I had landed on the ground, Daenerys was able to knock the Night King off his dragon. When he landed on the ground, Daenerys has Drogon breath fire on him but it did nothing. He couldn't be stopped by dragon fire. So, with my valyrian steel sword, I charge at him in an attempt to kill him. Right before I get to him, he raised all the dead. All the wights that had been killed and all the men that we had lost. I am now surrounded by dead men. 


As the Night King made his way into Winterfell to kill Bran, I fight my way through the dead that surrounded me. I get into winterfell and see just how bad the situation is. The dead had taken over the castle. All the remaining soldiers were backed into a corner, fighting for their lives. I make my way to the Godswood, where Bran is. But before I can get to him, I am stopped by Viserion. He has landed in Winterfell and is destroying anything he can. I have to get past him in order to save Bran. But I can't. I can't if I don't want to get roasted by Viserion. While I am dealing with this problem, the Night King has gotten to Bran. He is about to kill him when my sister, Arya, comes out of nowhere and kills the Night King. She used the valyrian steel dagger that was used several years ago to try and kill Bran. When she killed the night king, all his White Walkers and the entire Army of the Deadfall to ground, dead. 


After the battle ended, and after we cleaned up all the damage, we gathered all the men that we had lost and burned them on funeral pyres. We lost good men. Good friends. They were the shield that guarded the realm of men. We owe them a debt that can never be repaid. 


That night, we feasted in the Great hall of Winterfell. It, for a while, was a somber affair. Then out of nowhere, Daenerys named Gendry the Lord of House Baratheon, legitimizing him, as well as Lord of Storm's End. After this, we partied for the rest of the night. Tormund sang my praises to the other men. Everyone celebrated. We won. The long night was over. The White Walkers are now extinct and will no longer threaten us. After the party, I went to my room to get some rest, when Daenerys visited me. She wanted to talk about what I had told her before the battle. But I assured her that she was my Queen, now and always. But that wasn't good enough for her. She stated that I will always have a better claim to the throne. That is the Lords and Ladies of Westeros found out the truth, they would choose me over her. She asked me if I was going to tell Sansa and Arya. I stated that I would because they are my sisters and they need to know. She told that if I do that then it would be over for the two of us.


The next morning, knowing that is was the right thing to do, I tell Sansa and Arya the truth about me. It doesn't change the dynamic between us though. We were raised as siblings and we will continue to treat each other as siblings. But after I told them, Sansa went and told Tyrion Lannister the truth. Sansa has never liked Daenerys. When I was proclaimed the King in the North, the North agreed to never bow to another southerner again. But when I bent the knee to Daenerys, this upset a lot of my bannermen. It was the right thing to do though. I gave up my crown to save my people. 


Later that night, Daenerys gathered us to discuss the strategy to take King's Landing. While our soldiers are exhausted from the previous battle, I swore an oath to come to Daenerys's aid since she came to ours. I am also sure that my men want revenge on the Lannisters for the atrocities that they committed during the War of the Five Kings. So the next morning, we set off. I said my farewells to Tormund, who was planning on leading his people back North. I wish that I could go with him. I love the North, I am free up there. But I stick to my oath. Before I leave, I have Tormund take my direwolf Ghost with him. He belongs in the real North. 


We make it to King's Landing, on the way though I found out that the Lannisters ambushed Daenerys and killed Rhaegal. On top of that Daenerys's best friend was taken captive and beheaded in front of Daenerys. So, I return to Dragonstone to try and make her feel better. On my way to the castle, Varys, stops me and tells me that I would be a better King than Daenerys, but my loyalty is to Daenerys. She is my Queen. When I try to console her, she brings up the fact that I am the rightful heir to the throne and that Varys wouldn't be plotting against her if I hadn't told Sansa. She trys to kiss me but I can't do it. I just found out she is my aunt and that is really weird for me. So she says that while people love me, she will use fear to rule her people, which of course concerns me. 


The next morning, we form up outside the city. We see the Golden Company standing guard outside the gates of King's Landing. I know that this is going to be a brutal fight. My men are exhausted and the Golden Company is the best sellsword company in all of Essos. When I am about to give the order to attack, all of a sudden we all hear a rumbling noise coming from inside the city. The gates are blown up by Drogon. When this happens, most of the Golden Company is killed. Daenerys used Drogon to dive bomb the Iron Fleet, destroying most of the ships. She then proceeded to destroy all the scorpions on the walls. That was our queue, we charge into the city and kill any Lannister soldier that we come across. As we get into the middle of the city, we notice that a large retinue of soldiers was blocking our path. But after a tense few minute standoffs, the bells of the city are rung and they surrender. The battle was won. Now all we have to do is march into the Red Keep and arrest Cersei. But out of nowhere, Daenerys starts burning the city. Destroying anything in her path. This is absurd. She wouldn't do this, I thought to myself. The only reason she didn't storm the city when the war first began was because she didn't want to kill thousands of innocent people. Now she is doing just that. When she started burning the city, Grey Worm, the Commander of the Unsullied, kills the Lannister Captain. At this point, it was a free for all in the streets. I try to hold my men back but I can't stop them. They want revenge for everything that the Lannisters have done to us. I can't say I blame them.


In the mayhem of the free for all. I see a Knight of the Vale attempting to rape a woman, I try to stop him but he resisted and I was forced to kill him. After this, I just want to get my men out of the city. Daenerys is setting off wildfire caches and they burning the city along with Drogon's fire. I order a full retreat, I don't myself or any of my men getting torched by Drogon. Once Daenerys was finished burning the city, I walked through the city with Ser Davos and Lord Tyrion. We are all disgusted at what has just happened. There are corpses everywhere. After Lord Tyrion goes off on his own, Ser Davos and I ran into Grey Worm and his Unsullied executing Lannister prisoners. I try to explain to him that the battle is over and that they have surrendered but he goes to execute one. I try to stop him but this leads to a standoff between the unsullied and my men. Not wanting any of men getting killed for my mistake, I stand down and let him execute the prisoners. I walk toward the Red Keep and see the assembled Unsullied and Dothraki forces cheering. They have taken the city. The banner of House Targaryen flies over the Red Keep once more. 


As I marched up the steps, Daenerys comes out and gives a speech to her men. King's Landing is only the beginning. They will not stop until they conquer the known world. As I stood there watching her, I think to myself that this isn't the woman I fell in love with. This isn't the woman that I had declared my Queen. Then Lord Tyrion comes out and publicly resigns as Hand of the Queen. He is then arrested for allowing his brother Jaime to escape. As I go to follow Daenerys, Arya appears behind me. She tells me that she has seen the face of death before and Daenerys has the face of death. Which worries me. 


I go to speak to Lord Tyrion and he tells me that he was wrong to follow Daenerys. Varys was right, I should be King. As I try to deny wanting to be King, he reminds me that while she loves me, I will always be a threat to her. It is only a matter of time before she decides to get rid of me. When I try to state that Sansa and Arya will be loyal to their Queen, Tyrion rebuffs saying "Why do you think she told me?" As I walk into the throne room of the Red Keep, I see Daenerys standing at the foot of the Iron Throne. The chair that has destroyed everything it touches. She tries to tell me a story about how she couldn't imagine the throne being made of a thousand swords, but I cut her off and remind of the innocent children that she murdered today. She tried to tell me that it was necessary for the people to accept her as their ruler. She wants to build a better world, with me. I state that she will always be my Queen, and as I kiss her, I pull out my knife and stab her in the heart.


Without saying anything, she dies in my arms. After she dies, Drogon immediately senses something is wrong and flies up to the throne room to check on her. By this time, I have accepted my death. But just when I think Drogon is about to kill me, he melts the Iron Throne into nothing. He then takes Daenerys's body and flies away. 


After all this, I was arrested by the Unsullied for murdering Queen Daenerys, they want to execute me but Sansa arrives in King's Landing with the Northern army. She states that if they even touch a hair on my head, they will take the city. As Tyrion and all the Lords of Westeros meet to discuss what to do with me, Tyrion states that only the Monarch can pass sentence on me. But since there is no monarch, there is no one to pass sentence. So all the Lords agreed and named Bran the new King. But this time, every monarch will be chosen, as well as the North finally gaining its independence. So Bran is now the King of the Six Kingdoms. In order to appease the Unsullied and get them to leave the country, Bran is forced to exile me back to the Night's Watch. I am honestly surprised that there is still a Night's Watch. Their purpose has been fulfilled. We were the shield that guarded the realm of men. As I am escorted to a ship by my fellow brothers, I say goodbye to my siblings. Sansa has been named Queen in the North. Its a good fit for her. She deserves to rule, the people of the North love her. Arya states that she isn't returning North, she is getting on a ship and sailing to the west of Westeros. They say that the world ends and Arya wants to find out. Bran is the new King of the Six Kingdoms. Davos was named the Master of Ships. It is a good fit for him. He deserves it. He is a good friend and he will be a good Master of Ships. 


So, I return to Castle Black. I am greeted by Tormund and Ghost. I am back at the wall. As I lead the free folk back into the North, I am able to breathe again. I can live the rest of my life in the place that I am most comfortable, with the good friends that I made along the way. As we march into the woods just passed the gate, I can see my new life ahead of me and I am overjoyed. 


My name is Smitty256 and this is my story.

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