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  1. Nah, your dumb blogs beat his by any standard.
  2. I'm bored. If NSO doesn't do anything by the end of January I'd consider it.
  3. Unless I am mistaken, you were a member of NPO during Hegemony, weren't you?  I want to learn a bit about NPO during this era for use in another game.  Please message me if you would be willing to share.




  4. Has anyone ever answered that question?
  5. Hey, I made that same joke at a bar two nights ago!
  6. Then Rebel Virginia lost interest, and now the world is filled with Methrages and Lord Hickcocks.

    1. Lord Hitchcock
    2. Franz Ferdinand

      Franz Ferdinand

      The world has always been filled with such characters. Take off your rose tinted spectacles.

  7. All Rebel Virginia ever wanted was to bring joy to your world.

  8. Mathematics was never Rebel Virginia's strongest subject.

  9. Three more, excluding this update.

  10. Rebel Virginia needs to update his status five more times.

  11. Rebel Virginia cannot imagine such a world.

  12. Could you imagine a world where Rebel Virginia isn't relevant?

  13. Except Rebel Virginia is far more relevant than Jaden Smith.

  14. Did you just see that? Rebel Virginia can be just as profound as Jaden Smith.

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