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  1. How many strokes did you have while writing this? Because I'm honestly not sure what you're going on about. Is there supposed to be a coherent thought in there somewhere? All that aside, what does it matter to you whether the Orders have 'abandoned' Francoism. What was Francoism in the first place? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Francoism was never a consistent or even coherent ideology in the first place. It was never anything more than a flimsy excuse written in an ungodly number of words to justify whatever NPO (Polar was never really all that big on the 'Francoism', that was more
  2. Oh, Junka, let's try to be a little fair here to NpO. You're among the closest things you have to friends, and there's no need for you to embellish. NpO would never have banned you for just reminiscing. You just being yourself ought to be enough to get you kicked from any server.
  3. Dos Equis lost Sparta? That's great. Now get rid of MHA and I'll be pleased.
  4. I was thinking of making a remark about the quality of NPO's commenters has declined over the years, but the truth is none of you have ever been very good. Just one barely literate wobble after another singing of their prowess at war whenever they outnumber their foe by at least six to one. Would it really kill you to come up with a new schtick?
  5. How unfortunate. I was really starting to enjoy having people find me tech sellers every ten days.
  6. Join Non Grata. We have all the best people.
  7. Pray tell, what constitutes diplomacy in this day and age? Pretending that I have even an iota of respect for your trash heap of an alliance? Bah. Whatever else may be said of me, I have always been honest and to the point. I'll continue to goad away.
  8. As jerdge said, the world already ended. Are you still not getting it?
  9. So that's your defense of the term? That NPO used to do it back in their heyday? We may as well bring back PZI in that case.
  10. I'm waiting for the end, but it just won't come. Maybe this is Hell.
  11. The game still has just as much life in it as it did a few years ago.
  12. If there is one thing NPO or their ilk cannot abide it is a fair fight.
  13. Thank you. It's only natural for people like yourself to turn to your betters to tell you what to think.
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