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  1. What is that supposed to mean? I say nice all the time to those whom deserve to have nice things said about them.
  2. How boring. But then I'd expect nothing more from you. You've always ranked among the least impressive people I've encountered in this world.
  3. I don't think I can top that insult. Time for me to bow out. Besides, I lost interest last night. Despite their pretensions to greatness, these clowns cannot hold a candle to NPO, MK, or any of the other giants of old. Whatever relevance they may hold is simply due to their betters having long departed Bob. They are nothing more than overgrown children playing in a sandbox convinced that they are kings. Although in some sense they are indeed the kings of the trash heap this world has become.
  4. You replaced a reference to Rebel Virginia in your announcement for a shameless plug to the CN Wiki? Disgusting.
  5. So, you now accuse anyone who answers your questions of having "an autistic meltdown"? I'm surprised that with your winning personality more people aren't lining up for the chance to talk with you. But while we're on the subject of beers, based on your atrocious spelling and grammar I'd usually suspect you of having had too many. Yet the fact remains you are CLAWS government, so permanent mental impairment is a far more likely explanation.
  6. You keep using the word "backpedal", but I'm not entirely sure you know what it means. I should know better, but I'm a patient fellow, so I will try. To backpedal would be for me to say something and then deny I ever said. I have never denied calling RFI a collection of trash alliances. I am saying it now as I have said it many times before and will undoubtedly say again in the future. What I am denying, however, is that saying those words is a violation of the treaty. That is your claim, and one that you have repeatedly failed to back-up. So tell me once more sparky, where's the c
  7. Back in the day it took far more to disrupt an alliance than merely calling their leaders uninteresting and forgettable. Do you really think you're doing RFI any favors by declaring them to be so fragile that the mildest of words will cause them to topple
  8. And what is the backpedal? Have I denied that I have shared by heartfelt opinion about the worthlessness of the RFI alliances? Not at all. Is sharing that view a violation of the NAP? Is it a "provocation" as defined in the treaty? Tell me Hitchcock, where have I violated the NAP? 2. Provocation, for the purposes of this Treaty, shall be defined as;a. Spying, or spy attacks,b. Poaching of RFI or NG member nations,c. Military attacks on RFI or NG member nations,d. Attempts to disrupt RFI or NG operations (such as messages to members with falsified orders),e. Aiding a cu
  9. Well, Claude did ask how NG members felt. Last time I check I am a member of Non Grata, and I wouldn't dream of lying to him. Not after our newfound friendship.
  10. In what manner are you suggesting I have violated this NAP? Is calling RFI a collection of trash alliances what counts as aggression these days? If so, my sincerest apologies. I'll be sure to break out the blankets and hot cocoa so we can all hug it out in our safe space.
  11. Is this supposed to be your idea of wit? I would call you a dime-store Methrage, but that's higher praise than you've earned.
  12. To be completely honest I have no idea who you are, but the statement is true enough to apply to just about anyone in an RFI alliance.
  13. Your comments are as uninteresting today as they were ten years ago.
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