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  1. Wars have been fought over stealing flag designs. Wars ought to be fought over entire themes being stolen.
  2. I don't understand why you're making a new alliance when you could just join NG.
  3. So, all that noise and you sue for peace just barely after a month has passed? All bark and no bite indeed.
  4. If you really want to stick it to NG, have your dude delete that DRA right now. NG will be furious but unable to do anything about. The very definition of impotent rage.
  5. I don't know what's more pathetic. That you're sucking up to White Chocolate, or that you're the only person White Chocolate has who is sucking up to her.
  6. Say what you will about CLAWS, but they do have a good philosophy for setting goals. Recognize what it is possible and then go slightly beyond that. I'm sure you'll feel silly a few months from now once CLAWS has surpassed all expectations and filled most of those 20 slots.
  7. I recall how adamant NPO was pre-Karma about how little they cared about what I thought, and that they were not paying attention at all to what I had to say about their practices of viceroys, EZI, and extortive reparations. While my words may have fell on deaf ears in that audience there were others who listened. KoRT would do very well to remember that.
  8. Are you suggesting she's a natural bootlicker? Also, no one cares what KoRT thinks.
  9. Who was your mentor and where can I learn to kiss the behinds of better alliances as well as you do? I can only dream of one day being as respected a leader as you are.
  10. I'm delighted to see this longstanding partnership finally formalized. Congratulations.
  11. Awfully bold of you to be so openly sympathetic to rogues. I will be making note of this.
  12. Keep making posts like this and I'm going to recommend we ditch the clown show that is NG Gov and submit to our rightful Christian overlords. This may or may conflict with the fact that AO is NG Gov and therefore by definition part of the clown show that we'd be ditching for our rightful Christian overlords necessitating us to.....I think I just had an aneurysm.
  13. What's this? Peace without blue text? This wasn't the plan.
  14. Jerdge, you're over-explanation is spoiling dane0's funny. Do it again we'll have no choice but to turn GPA into the Grey Council. Also, join Non Grata. You know you want to.
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