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  1. Tsk tsk.You forgot to mention my time as a troll in NSO.
  2. Shall we start with disbanding IAA because you were too inept to negotiate a peace? How about geeting the boot from Seven Kingdoms for talking way above your pay grade and picking fights with every alliance you were sn ambassador to? And we haven't even touched upon ISX.
  3. You have a Wiki article? Nerd. Also, how have you been?
  4. What more is there for us to want? To buy more infrastructure? To organized tech trades? To collect taxes and pay bills? How many times must we explain it before you understand? I would ask if you were really this dense, but I abhor posing questions to which I already know the answer. It's a poor man's rhetorical device. Also, the word you're looking for is you're.
  5. Are you surprised? His attempt at wit failed and he can't exactly have another go at his his raw raw war dragon bit now that he's been unmasked as a coward and fraud. What does he have to fall back on? He's going to call you and RIA a bunch of rejects. That's my old shtick. So Maelstorm, the NPO is responsible for building up your nation and now you're stealing my old lines. Is there nothing you can call your own?
  6. He's in Non Grata, as you should be. Also, I just remembered I was briefly in TPF after it first formed. Is that good enough for you?
  7. Does anyone else find Maelstrom's bloviating, pseudointellectual rants preferable to his attempts at wit?
  8. You have only $500M left? How bad do you have to be to lose $2.5B in the lower tier?
  9. One thing players could decide not to do is ally with everyone else. When 90% of all alliance is tied together through a bloc or two it is a recipe for nothing ever happening again. That guarantees stagnation. People then lose interest, leading to more stagnation. It's a vicious cycle. Also, people need to once again learn to be dicks IC. I can get along with plenty of people when I am myself, but to keep things interesting for both myself and others at times it is necessary to be a bit of dick and stir things up for the sake of stirring things up. That can be enough to create some in game grudges, which in turn will keep people interested in the game. In all honesty, the mechanics of CN have never been stellar. The only reason we all stick around is the drama. NPO understood that once, and Ivan never lost sight of that. It's the reason he started NSO. Yes, it is true NSO never became the driving global force Ivan envisioned, but for a small to mid tier alliance we did do a disproportional amount of pot stirring. I still think some of the best years of CN were when people still treated it more as a game than as job. In 2006 NPO attacked NAAC for stealing it's air. A completely made up CB just to cause drama. Later that year the Maroon Team drama threatened to blow the world into war at least weekly. There were times when hundreds of people would be posting on the forum, if you can believe it. The wars were almost balanced and came down to organization and tactics more than sheer numbers. But somewhere along the lines people lost interest in taking risks. Maybe it is because the wars were too destructive and too hard to rebuild, but it doesn't matter. The culture among alliance leaders breeds stagnation. They just don't want things to happen. This NG war could have turned into Oculus vs RFI if certain people didn't ax those plans. Instead you get a boring NG beat down. I'm not saying such a war would have saved CN, as the mindset I spoke of took root years ago.
  10. Humor usually goes over much better than outright denial when it comes to one's faults. Perhaps that's something you ought to take into consideration. Also, the word is you're you illiterate potato. Oh you shameless tease! Why do you have to get Stewie's hopes up by hinting at all the naughty things everyone knows you will never commit to? Also, FAN doesn't take stat hugging cowards.
  11. Sorry, Spud Lite. I should have been a bit more considerate for those like yourself on the slow side of the uptake. Once again, Terminator is not a member of Non Grata.
  12. Prentending not to understand how peace mode works, eh? Is this 2009? While I can appreciate the walk down memory lane as much as anyone else, sooner or later even I tire of thst schtick. Got anything else, Spud Jr.?
  13. I understand you've spent your entire life in IRON and have never had to think about how to fight a war without overwhelming numbers on your side, so I'm going to go easy on you. It's called tactics. Do you know what that word means, Spud?
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