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  1. Frankly I can only admire NG's innovative marketing. What other retirement home advertises more excitement than the life you were living before? Cheers to many more years of friendship and success! o7 NG
  2. It's great to see you guys start forming your own identity! Best of luck going forward
  3. This isn't a bug, just a common issue that people who reactivate after several years away from CN run into. Your bills will change based on how your nation is set up, so just sell enough infra/land/military/etc until your bills are lower than how much cash you have on hand.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but personally I think an alliance choosing not to support or defend an ally who is declaring war in part as a way to continue harassing someone OOC is actually something to be commended, not denigrated. I dunno though, again I'm only speaking for myself and my simple opinion here.
  5. I honestly never thought I would see an FTW without Canik at its helm, and it's going to be a really strange adjustment going forward. That being said, if anyone was going to fill his shoes, it had to be DLS. Best of luck, and I look forward to working with you! P.S. I can't believe I'm the first person in this thread to say this, but: Roll Velocity!
  6. Now this is a crusade I can get behind! Deus Vult, my friends!
  7. Stewie will be sorely missed in this world. I didn't get to know him for as long as I would've liked, but he really cared about his alliance and helped create a truly wonderful community, and I respected him a lot. I wish kerschbs all the best going forward, and look forward to working together more! o7 NG #rideordie
  8. It's good that you guys are doing this. I hope others follow suit in their own way. Just as we've all been saying, CLAWS and Tev are benevolent overlords!
  9. I don't think KoRT is being given enough credit for coming all the way back from outside sanction range to likely being a month away from passing GATO to get 7th. Pretty impressive stuff! Good to see all the movement though. The top 12 is now almost entirely made up of alliances that are still actively involved in politics, which can only be good for the game overall. Long may it continue
  10. Kicking a non-gov member who made one (and, as far as I'm aware and have been around, first) mistake, immediately admitted to their mistake, attempted to apologize to the aggrieved parties in private, and has been nothing but remorseful since does not really seem like a fair punishment to me. Every situation is different, and I appreciate that some people might handle certain situations as a leader differently than whoever is actually making those decisions in the moment - I would remind you again that your own ally doesn't seem to think NG should have apologized at all. Personally, I feel like NG has done the right thing by owning up to what happened and not making excuses for it, and I'm willing to give them time to prove that they won't make the same mistake again.
  11. If I thought you were actually coming into this thread with any sort of genuine interest in seeing if NG was trying to change, I might respond by asking: why can't both be true? Why is it not possible that NG is choosing to be the better person by not matching pettiness for pettiness (at the time of this post, the top 3 posters in this thread are all outside of NG's sphere, and, in my opinion, have been varying degrees of petty), and also consciously doing damage control? What, exactly, would you expect NG to do if, in your mind, they were being genuine? Almost anything that they say is going to get twisted as some sort of "microaggression" - I mean, I've already had someone tell me that, because Stewie forgot to reiterate that OOC attacks are unacceptable in one post, they felt like his comment that it happened after Johnny's antagonistic comments meant that he was justifying what happened. What are they supposed to do except not only be the bigger person by not responding to the bait, but also play damage control by basically not responding at all? Unfortunately, your comment reads less as sincerity and more as acknowledgement that nothing NG could have done would have changed your mind. Honestly, at least folks like BMTH and Masta haven't even pretended like they're giving NG an honest chance, which is a tiny bit more respectable than this nonsense.
  12. What's there to feel awkward about? Having an ally that has been nothing but respectful towards us, both in game and out of it? Getting to bond with Lyanna over having both grown up with seminary dads, or sharing hilarious niche Lutheran YouTube memes with Lenin, or the many other genuinely friendly experiences we've had just in the past few months since we've had the pleasure of getting to know NG? Maybe I should be embarrassed that, when one of its members crossed a line, Stewie and the rest of his gov publicly apologized, took responsibility for the action, and committed to being better, as opposed to the alliance you referenced whose leadership just remarked that NG should have not apologized at all - is that it? CCC is not the same alliance that it was 10 years or even one year ago, and the same is true for NG and most every other alliance. I'm not here to judge the sins of anyone's past, but the actions of those I'm able to interact with right now, and on the whole I've been extremely impressed with the character of the folks that I've gotten to know. No one is perfect, and mistakes have absolutely been made. However I genuinely believe that Stewie, Thrash, and the rest of NG are doing their best to form a new path for themselves, and I'm happy to continue supporting them on that journey.
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