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  1. I'd definitely encourage you to join discord wherever you go. It's where the vast majority of the remaining active player base is, and several alliances use it exclusively rather than having forums and such. You'll feel like things are a lot more active on there vs hovering here or in game.
  2. 1000% agree with the point about game mechanics. CN is a nation simulator that accidentally got used as a political simulator, except the game never evolved to really cater to that play style. As you pointed out, there's no in-game benefit for being good politically, and sometimes you actually end up behind the curve even if you're successful in your goals. It makes politics mostly unrewarding, which is probably why so few FA-talented folks still actively run things. It doesn't help that the community has grown complacent on top of it, but fundamentally there will always be something missing a
  3. If being part of a religious community is something you enjoy, I would love to welcome you to the Christian Coalition of Countries (CCC). We're an active alliance that is peaceful and focuses on building up new nations. If that's not your thing, I completely understand, and would definitely recommend our close allies in Freehold of The Wolves (FTW), who have an equally awesome community and focus on new nations. Both of us work together on tech trading and trade circles, and can really boost your nation if you're active. Regardless, welcome to CN and hope you enjoy!
  4. We're back up over 2600?? That's surprising. Guess it's the European shutdowns maybe.
  5. Edgy. Critical. We are owned. So glad you came out of your "retirement" for this epic burn. See you in 6 months or whenever CCC does something else that you feel that urge to comment on.
  6. Reset blitzing an inactive alliance and then posting about it is certainly...a decision. Oh well, something something casualties and all that.
  7. Really excited to see this made official! Easily the best DoW of the year too. o7 FTW o7 TPF o7 White Team
  8. Congrats! The world needs more new, upstart alliances. Do you guys have a discord or anything?
  9. Always interesting to see new blood in the political scene. Best of luck in shaping your own path for TIE, Tankobite!
  10. It's the best tool anyone's ever made for this game, and it's not even close. The entire community would suffer if it got taken away. Honestly I don't even think anything needs to be added to it; just being able to access so much historical data is a game-saving feature for me that can't really be beaten.
  11. Serious answer: Article VI describes optional defense, and KoRT has never signed aggression clauses before (I don't see one here), so I'm pretty sure it's an ODP.
  12. Really exciting to see two more allies join forces together. Everyone involved are excellent people and I'm sure will make fantastic allies for each other. Congrats! o7 KoRT o7 Sparta
  13. TL;DR: People miss arguing about CBs, and this is a very nice, legitimate CB to argue about (citation needed) (disputed).
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