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  1. This is true, although imo it is also kind of weird that Bundy did a little over 40k combined damage (7.9k to Moose Hole, 11.9k to nachoburrito, and 21k to REALPAL) to the Fark nations, but not even 2k NS damage to you. Also, you're conveniently ignoring the two wars since then where you and Bundy did practically nothing to each other except occupy a war slot for a few days before peacing out. Tbh, given the data (and FL's own arguments), I think we can pretty easily tell which it is, and to his credit it's clearly not that he's terrible at war.
  2. Of course they don't have a formal treaty, but alliances have held paperless treaties and similar informal arrangements since forever. Anyway I don't know what it matters since, despite Bundy's repeated claims, he is a rogue as you just said, and neither you nor NG or anyone else needs any sort of treaty activation to go after a rogue. You are free to choose to believe NG or not when they say they were asked to get involved, but I don't understand how the lack of a formal defense treaty has any bearing on whether they really were asked or not. I know this wasn't addressed to me but it's just too good haha. I'm thinking they didn't assist because...you didn't ask? Crazy how that would work if true.
  3. Dangit, cham stole my "GK writhes in the grave" joke. Congrats on the treaty and such!
  4. Now this is a clause I can get behind. Very happy to see this finally come to fruition! Congrats to you both!
  5. I love how you are so obsessed with NG that the mere sight of Dude lamenting the general state of CN in a thread that had nothing whatsoever to do with you made you think, "wow, he really must be upset because of me specifically."
  6. You think that NG shouldn't have helped an informal ally by protecting them against a rogue, so in response you're...defending NG...by attacking that rogue alongside them? Am I getting that right? It seems kind of convoluted if I'm being honest.
  7. I didn't realize DS was willing to help defend NG, but at least something positive has come from all of this!
  8. I, for one, strongly support alliances stepping up to defend inactive AAs being raided just because they aren't part of the wild treaty web. Good luck to Rhizo in finally getting some action.
  9. Been a hot minute, but we're definitely in a summer slump. 2,649
  10. Congrats! NG are amazing, and you'll be in great hands Best of luck in growing your alliance.
  11. Well, this is surprising. Much congratulations to our allies in Sparta, though! Best of luck in successfully integrating this change
  12. Something something should've done separate announcements for each protected alliance. o7 NG o7 making announcements on the OWF
  13. Not exactly a surprising treaty, but congrats nevertheless.
  14. Haven't seen such a terribly-executed surrender since Hitchcock posted terms that COBRA hadn't even agreed to lol. Something something peace in our time and whatnot, though. Hope everyone enjoyed the casualties!
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