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  1. Welcome back, NATO! I never really got to know you guys in my past lives, but I'm really happy to see you back and excited to see what your future holds 🙂
  2. Your TDT publications were one of the best things created in the past few years here, honestly. Enjoy life beyond Bob, and hopefully I'll still be here when NG eventually poaches you back in a couple years.
  3. Frankly if the worst you do is drop a nuke or two, I think firingline should consider himself lucky.
  4. But will you debate this solid conclusion? I suspect not. We have been warned.
  5. Good to see this game still attracts its fair share of paranoid techies lol
  6. I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision, but I respect you guys for finding your own path. Best of luck to our friends in the White Sphere 🙂
  7. I'm proud to stand with FTW as they make a new path in this world. Best of luck to all of RFI as well.
  8. Uhh probably because the alliances engaged in the war weren't the only alliances that had an interest in knowing why it had been declared? The point that I think Kap is making is that allies do tend to avoid defending people who deserve to be attacked more than people who were unfairly attacked. Also, like someone else pointed out earlier in this thread, there is still a peanut gallery in this game that will always influence public sentiment towards aggressors and defenders, and refusing to explain your motives as the aggressor tends to not play well with them either, for whatever that's worth
  9. You love to see it. Congrats on peace everyone.
  10. Congrats all on peace, and a well fought war on both sides!
  11. So not beer-o-sphere 2.0? Fair enough. Congrats!
  12. What a crappy treaty, huehuehue Congrats KoRT, and welcome to the wonderful world of ex-moralism 😉
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