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  1. Well, this is surprising. Much congratulations to our allies in Sparta, though! Best of luck in successfully integrating this change
  2. Something something should've done separate announcements for each protected alliance. o7 NG o7 making announcements on the OWF
  3. Not exactly a surprising treaty, but congrats nevertheless.
  4. Haven't seen such a terribly-executed surrender since Hitchcock posted terms that COBRA hadn't even agreed to lol. Something something peace in our time and whatnot, though. Hope everyone enjoyed the casualties!
  5. For what it's worth, the nation of Kaplea is being ZI'd because Kapleo has spent months treating the CCC with hostility we did not earn, attempted to hold us as hostages because he's too proud to simply go inactive, and ultimately abused his sanction powers - that we had played some small part in helping him get - by sanctioning CCC members who have had no part in the ongoing drama whatsoever, simply out of anger that we refused to be held under threat. We've made every effort possible to stay on good terms and respect his autonomy as a leader throughout the year, and have received nothing but hatefulness, conspiracies, and slander in response. I genuinely feel like we've given more grace than he probably deserved up until this point, but yesterday's actions, in the context of the past few months, crossed a line that can't be uncrossed anymore. At some point there have to be consequences for his behavior. I genuinely hope that someday, if Kap pays his dues and learns some humility, he can be granted peace from this world. In the meantime, we'll do what we feel is necessary to protect ourselves and our dignity, and I hope everyone can respect that.
  6. We've only been allies for a few months but it feels like this has been a long time coming. I look forward to sharing many crusades together. DEUS VULT
  7. Really sad to see the end of TIE, and I know that putting an end to your alliance is one of the hardest decisions to make, but you all have found a great home in NG. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you all in our embassies
  8. Back on topic, I do appreciate this. As kerschbs mentioned, I know you'd been trying to act as a mediator on his behalf as a friend even though he was no longer in your alliance, so this public condemnation is really good to see, honestly.
  9. Official Announcement from CCC In response to today's unprovoked sanctions following attempts to use his senate authority to hold our alliance hostage, the Christian Coalition of Countries hereby declares that Kapleo of Kaplea, a rogue entity, is now under a state of Permanent ZI. To the best of our ability, the nation of Kaplea will remain in war in perpetuity, and any alliance knowingly harboring it will be treated with hostility. In addition, should reports of his [ooc]game abuse[/ooc] come to fruition, CCC will adopt a position of Eternal ZI against Kapleo as a consequence for using such cowardly tactics to avoid the appropriate consequences for his actions. May even Admin refuse to have mercy on your soul.
  10. Great to see this happen! Much congrats to our allies in NATO Also inb4 Jaden says that the web is getting webbier
  11. NG granting white peace and setting a new, fairer standard for reps. You truly love to see it. Congrats to both alliances on peace! Hopefully a brighter future is ahead.
  12. Frankly I can only admire NG's innovative marketing. What other retirement home advertises more excitement than the life you were living before? Cheers to many more years of friendship and success! o7 NG
  13. It's great to see you guys start forming your own identity! Best of luck going forward
  14. This isn't a bug, just a common issue that people who reactivate after several years away from CN run into. Your bills will change based on how your nation is set up, so just sell enough infra/land/military/etc until your bills are lower than how much cash you have on hand.
  15. Maybe it's just me, but personally I think an alliance choosing not to support or defend an ally who is declaring war in part as a way to continue harassing someone OOC is actually something to be commended, not denigrated. I dunno though, again I'm only speaking for myself and my simple opinion here.
  16. I honestly never thought I would see an FTW without Canik at its helm, and it's going to be a really strange adjustment going forward. That being said, if anyone was going to fill his shoes, it had to be DLS. Best of luck, and I look forward to working with you! P.S. I can't believe I'm the first person in this thread to say this, but: Roll Velocity!
  17. Now this is a crusade I can get behind! Deus Vult, my friends!
  18. Stewie will be sorely missed in this world. I didn't get to know him for as long as I would've liked, but he really cared about his alliance and helped create a truly wonderful community, and I respected him a lot. I wish kerschbs all the best going forward, and look forward to working together more! o7 NG #rideordie
  19. It's good that you guys are doing this. I hope others follow suit in their own way. Just as we've all been saying, CLAWS and Tev are benevolent overlords!
  20. I don't think KoRT is being given enough credit for coming all the way back from outside sanction range to likely being a month away from passing GATO to get 7th. Pretty impressive stuff! Good to see all the movement though. The top 12 is now almost entirely made up of alliances that are still actively involved in politics, which can only be good for the game overall. Long may it continue
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