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  1. If I know grub this probably had something to do with it.
  2. As I recall goons already tried that when they imploded. (for a second time) Still waiting for 3.0 🙃
  3. What's all this about pants? 🤔
  4. One thing about Grub, he always has style.
  5. Two posts by Stewie and not a single mention of GGA as WaE. 😐
  6. What's a yiff? Is that what polar calls themselves nowadays?
  7. Yeah what happened with little p anyway?
  8. I would have expected a "shots fired", or "lines being drawn" I guess those days are long gone 😐
  9. Not telling, and not telling. Nah I'm just here to enjoy the show. I may voice my opinion on something now and then but its not like that's going to matter anyway.
  10. Do you think I am here for a popularity contest?
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