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  1. What's a yiff? Is that what polar calls themselves nowadays?
  2. Yeah what happened with little p anyway?
  3. I would have expected a "shots fired", or "lines being drawn" I guess those days are long gone 😐
  4. Not telling, and not telling. Nah I'm just here to enjoy the show. I may voice my opinion on something now and then but its not like that's going to matter anyway.
  5. Do you think I am here for a popularity contest?
  6. Entertainment. Does not mean I have to blow stuff up, although that is very entertaining.
  7. I'm no one's multi, but this is not my first nation.
  8. I'd advise you to do the same, but then again you're right where you belong, aren't you?
  9. Something is wrong then..is that fake news? Or are they going easy on you since you were once friends?
  10. And exactly how long can you keep that up? They have hundreds of nations.... even if you get aid sent to you and buy donations you wont last. This just seems like your tactic is to try to sting them like a bee but your more like just an annoying fly that ends up as a smear on a rolled up newspaper.
  11. Seems your missing all of the clones he had in that one. Good luck though.
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