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  1. Knights of the Grail

    An Official Announcement from CLAWS

    Congratulations to our old friend, Jazzy, and to Al Bundy for the successful merger. The legend of Polk High lives on.
  2. Knights of the Grail

    Green Team 3BR seeks two nations

    Green Team 3BR trade circle needs two nations that offer or can change to Aluminum, Iron, Spices, Water. This circle has been ongoing since 2013 but recently lost two nations. Existing members will provide Cattle, Fish, Lumber, Marble, Pigs, Sugar, Uranium, Wheat. Bonus resources are Beer, Construction, Fast Food. Contact me https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=424757 for your new trade partners.
  3. Knights of the Grail

    How is this place still alive?

    There was no collusion. Where is your nation anyway?
  4. Knights of the Grail

    Dear God I hate discord!

    Discord has not served our needs. The Knights of the Round Table continue to meet in our forum at cn-knights.net.
  5. Knights of the Grail

    Slow, but still kickin'

    Pirate ships and Kashmir mountain warriors supported by the 347th Fighter Squadron? Unstoppable!
  6. Knights of the Grail

    Looking for Cowboys...

    Umbrellas plus cowboys plus boogie nights equals..?
  7. Knights of the Grail

    Looking for Cowboys...

    "The king is on the prowl It doesn't walk, but crawl.. What a spectacle to watch, o' my You have to see the king at least once, before you die." -The King Cobra
  8. Knights of the Grail

    Hoist the mainsail!

    Where gongfermors or smut mongers be, sink their bones to Davy Jones!
  9. Knights of the Grail

    Horses without Armor

    A rodeo arrived today, without invitation, outside our castle walls. Even Wild Bill Hickok would post a show bill. Cowboys, have you no honor? Perhaps it is the locoweed? Curiously, their horses lack armor.
  10. Knights of the Grail

    So long Farewell

    The Mages Guild was interesting. Too bad you did not stick with it. Fare well!
  11. Knights of the Grail

    95 Theses- An open letter to the Christian Coalition of Countries

    So why have The Imperial Entente and COBRA invaded the Holy Lands?
  12. Knights of the Grail

    all MICRO Alliances welcome

    Credit is due to Lord Hitchcock for a new idea. So, this is more like a sports league? We need more round tables. My questions are: 1. How do you extricate your league from large-alliance politics? For example, the aid package from a large alliance to yours. 2. Are Knights of Ni, UCR, and LSF now considered micro-alliances? Thank you, and good luck.
  13. Knights of the Grail

    Snitches get Stitches

    The fish are not eating. The Prussian Empire rejected the applicant.
  14. Knights of the Grail

    Snitches get Stitches

    Thank you for the information, MaineGOP.
  15. Knights of the Grail

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    Perhaps if Sir Kindle had heeded Lord Hitchcock's Sixteen Points, he might still be alive. And what of his family, Lord Hitchcock?