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  1. Based on mutual admiration and rooted in a common desire to shape a more just world, the Knights of the Round Table and Sparta hereby sign this, DORIES AND LANCES TREATY Article I The Knights of the Round Table and Sparta (hereafter: the Signatories) are sovereign alliances in accordance with their respective Charters, Constitutions, and/or other acts, which are not preempted by this treaty. Article II Communications and discussions between the Signatories shall remain confidential during the duration and after termination of this Treaty, unless otherwise agreed
  2. A tip of the chalice to CCC and cooperation on the White Team.
  3. Beautiful! A tip of the chalice to the artist. Can you take it a step further, and color the provinces to (more-or-less) match their team color?
  4. "Uphold it with justice and with righteousness." - Isaiah 9:6-7 A tip of the chalice to the Christian Coalition of Countries.
  5. THE ICE PICK ACCORDS A Peace Agreement 5/19/2020 New Polar Order (NpO), the Knights of the Round Table (KoRT), The Templar Knights (TTK), the Christian Coalition of Countries (CCC), and Fark (hereafter "Parties") agree to peace as follows: 1. The Parties shall not declare any new wars against any nation within the Parties, or their protectorates, effective 5/19/2020 at 7:00 AM CNT (CyberNationsTime). 2. Nations at war may offer/accept peace, or continue existing wars to expiration. 3. The Parties will take steps to enforce this peace for 30 days. 4. Nation(s)
  6. Congratulations to our friends in the East. We look forward to the resumption of the technology trade routes after the ice clears.
  7. Casualties are forever? Unless you are visited by the Undead Army of negative soldiers that cause the casualties to rise from their graves. (Photogram courtesy The Overseer)
  8. Is it? Or is the Cost per Casualty too horrible to post? In the ever-changing excuse for this war, you said casualties are a measure of commitment. As you squander your resources on graveyards, you are losing the war. Admit defeat. Total war since 3/28/2020 New Polar Order has declared 135 wars and destroyed 1,493,314 NS. The Knights Of The Round Table have declared 169 wars and destroyed 1,907,033 NS. KoRT 1.27x 30-day look back New Polar Order has declared 48 wars and destroyed 468,321 NS. The Knights Of The Round Table have declared 98 wars and destroyed 1
  9. There is a Cost of Acquisition. Nation Total Expenses Over Time / Number of Soldiers Lost = Cost per Casualty. The lower the Cost per Casualty, the more efficient the killer. We prefer gold to graves, but I would be curious to see numbers from some of the predominant killers.
  10. Yes, Grub, we know about your money reserve of $4,803,648,075. It is down considerably from $7,315,540,206 on 4/8. You spent nearly $1 billion on 4/26 for infrastructure to strike a Christian woman, and another $1 billion on 5/8 to rebuild that. At this rate, it will take a Christmas Miracle for you to "last for the rest of the year." By then, we will have rescued Saint Nicholas from his Ice Prison anyway, and returned him to his birthplace in the Holy Lands.
  11. Yes. The #1 and #2 Polar nations are now #6 and #9.
  12. At least we got to the bottom of this. No doubt the good Polar nations that have been wrecked over 7 weeks understand that it was all about you.
  13. Today, April 28, is the Day of St. Aphrodisius. We give to the Christian Coalition of Countries his relics, which are carried in procession during times of plague. He turned his mockers to stone, and so shall you.
  14. Bowenland (KoRT) vs Mayoabu (NpO) Land/Tech/Infra: 35,740.67 Strength Lost vs 28,145.52 Strength Lost Destruction Rank: This war was more destructive than 894 of 894 existing wars. Orangewall (KoRT) vs Eleytheria (NpO) Land/Tech/Infra: 21,227.58 Strength Lost vs 40,640.63 Strength Lost Destruction Rank: This war was more destructive than 893 of 894 existing wars. The bogs and moorlands of Britannia and Caledonia are never safe for invaders.
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