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  1. Knights of the Grail

    So long Farewell

    The Mages Guild was interesting. Too bad you did not stick with it. Fare well!
  2. Knights of the Grail

    95 Theses- An open letter to the Christian Coalition of Countries

    So why have The Imperial Entente and COBRA invaded the Holy Lands?
  3. Knights of the Grail

    all MICRO Alliances welcome

    Credit is due to Lord Hitchcock for a new idea. So, this is more like a sports league? We need more round tables. My questions are: 1. How do you extricate your league from large-alliance politics? For example, the aid package from a large alliance to yours. 2. Are Knights of Ni, UCR, and LSF now considered micro-alliances? Thank you, and good luck.
  4. Knights of the Grail

    Snitches get Stitches

    The fish are not eating. The Prussian Empire rejected the applicant.
  5. Knights of the Grail

    Snitches get Stitches

    Thank you for the information, MaineGOP.
  6. Knights of the Grail

    The End-Game of Sir Kindle and how it Occurred

    Perhaps if Sir Kindle had heeded Lord Hitchcock's Sixteen Points, he might still be alive. And what of his family, Lord Hitchcock?
  7. Knights of the Grail

    Indiana Jones and the Templar of Cats

    Congratulations to our Templar Knight treaty partners. May the meowist cats protect your granaries from rodents, large and small.
  8. Knights of the Grail

    Aevum Update

    Noctis, perhaps you should recruit President Turdman. He seems eager to help out.
  9. Knights of the Grail

    TTK's second peace of 2017

    A noble defense of your lands, Templar Knights! Congratulations for peace.
  10. Knights of the Grail

    Of Norns and Dragons

    Dragons? Teuton magic? Parchment? This must be good!
  11. Knights of the Grail

    CoTM has a Birthday and other things too

    Congratulations to the Celts, Druids, Crows, Steampunks, and Amazons of the Children of the Morrighan. The great queen Randalla will lead with honor.
  12. Knights of the Grail

    We Are The Sword In The Darkness

    Winter is coming!
  13. Knights of the Grail

    The End Game of Sir Kindle

    Thank you for proving item #6 of Lord Hitchcock's Sixteen Points. Now you are back on topic, Emperor Montezuma.
  14. Knights of the Grail

    Mostly Dead

    Best fighter squadron ever.
  15. Knights of the Grail

    Spirit of the Knight Accord

    Congratulations to our Templar Knight and Celtic friends.