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    #tehol on coldfront (copies tela)
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    Do you buy tech? Do you have a hard time filling all your aid slots with tech deals?

    Well look no further!

    I have a very good history of sending tech on time, and I send reminders if you forget to send cash.

    I currently sell 100t for $9m. However, I am looking to raise prices to 18m for 100t. I send 100 tech, you send $9M to two nations of my choice.

    If you are interested in buying tech from me at that price, then let me know! Thanks.

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  1. I like that javier is just like "oh y'all are fighting? Hold on a second I gotta itch my back"
  2. I dont see your nation, but I actively make trades on pink or black: https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/133037-tehols-trade-theory-blackpink-circle-fixes/
  3. Congratulations and good luck to the new leadership
  4. Yes, the higher tech prices aren't perfect. It would be best if the aid caps were raised instead. And these prices are only available to our best sellers who meet certain criteria. Very interesting re the facility function. CLAWS gov is not equipped to handle that, although we do give (as I'm sure you do) free funding for certain wonders.
  5. It's a competitive rate, it's just not "the most" competitive rate. It's the most competitive rate for new sellers, and the standard rate for long-time sellers. But a small number of sellers in CLAWS are able to (and do) charge more.
  6. @King Vincent I, you cannot buy/sell technology in CN Tournament Edition. This part of the forum is for CNTE. If you are interested in selling tech at competitive prices, please let me know - I'm easiest to find on discord: http://claws.rocks/
  7. @Bernie MadoffPlease do not sell at 3/50. That is a very bad deal (for you). You can easily get full deals at 6/100 (which gives you more profit per day), and then at 9/100 after you get the Federal Aid Commission (which should be your top priority). Please check out https://claws.rocks/ That is the link to the CLAWS discord server. Discord is where all the magic happens. You dont have to join CLAWS to sell (although I would encourage you to join an active alliance, such as CLAWS), but we have a decent tech selling channel with helpful guides for new sellers.
  8. FYI future reader, I got him covered thanks to @Lord Hershey
  9. I promised myself and some folks that I wouldnt reply again... but I think this is an exception. I love this. This is great.
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