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    Do you buy tech? Do you have a hard time filling all your aid slots with tech deals?

    Well look no further!

    I have a very good history of sending tech on time, and I send reminders if you forget to send cash.

    I currently sell 100t for $9m. However, I am looking to raise prices to 27m for 200t. So 3x 9m followed by 2x100t.

    If you are interested in buying tech from me at that new price, then you can take the aid slot from any of my current buyers, assuming they do not want to pay the new prices.

    Let me know! Thanks.

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  1. I will remember this next time you're under attack from a third party.
  2. For the record, neither I nor anyone in AW ever asked BC to attack anyone. I did ask BC (specifically, the stallion) to stop attacking SToR so that SToR would help join fight against D1 as suggested by SToR approximately day 3. And later I publicly announced my thanks to BC for fighting the good fight. But BC's attacks on D1 were actually a wrench in my plans. I would have preferred they left D1 alone earlier on so we could have handled them. Had they, say, attacked OP instead, I might not have foolishly agreed to a period of peace that D1 broke. It's also possible we would have roughed up D1
  3. Shortly after AW made its DNS attack: SToR decides NLON is a good target: However, what about poor OP? They haven't had a war all round. AW seeks to remedy this injustice: FIRST, by declaring war on SToR for attempting to steal AW's XP farm; and SECOND, by declaring war on OP, for its lack of involvement in any wars to date in round 55. That is all
  4. I mean, we did just declare on basically everyone except boognish. I suppose it wasn't strict "you"/D1 though and to be clear, I *dont* think we're that good. I literally just said that you, Defcon 1, might yet win again, despite getting rocked so far. Because I think *you're* that good.
  5. lol y'all still might win this one.
  6. Is this how the 250 +/- tornado starts?
  7. Having roamed triumphantly over D1 in our last war, we knew it wasn't over. D1 has substantially more nations that Alpha Wolves, and we had left many of their nations untouched. Thankfully, or so it seemed, Cowboys and Seal Team Rose offered to help. I no longer have the original message, but I still have a discord post from the time where I asked the thoughts of AW leadership: While AW fought a righteous war against a terrible oponent, in fact against the terrible opponent, we were told there will be a delay:
  8. Hey @admin hope you're doing OK. Not sure if this is properly a "suggestion" or perhaps a bug to go elsewhere? I believe you're aware of this issue but I wanted to make it explicit if not. I've had a number of nations with issues trying to create new accounts in CNTE. Basically, CNTE wont email them their temporary passwords when they go to create new account. If there's some way to fix that, that would be great. I know of at least one or two nations that were going to play but decided against it when they ran into this issue, and I know other nations who pushed through
  9. I would say fair... bc I have lost a lot... but how do you explain the quote in my sig? That's from like, the 3rd round I played.... Edit for those on mobile: the quote in my sig is lyanna saying something to the effect of "I've never seen anyone get so mad about winning", referring to HG the last time D1 was at all upset with AW (round50?)
  10. And to think, we could have hit almost all of them with that before their collect... Remember kids, you can't trust D1, you can't expect them to keep to their own standards
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