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    #tehol on coldfront (copies tela)
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    Do you buy tech? Do you have a hard time filling all your aid slots with tech deals?

    Well look no further!

    I have a very good history of sending tech on time, and I send reminders if you forget to send cash.

    I currently sell 100t for $9m. However, I am looking to raise prices to 27m for 200t. So 3x 9m followed by 2x100t.

    If you are interested in buying tech from me at that new price, then you can take the aid slot from any of my current buyers, assuming they do not want to pay the new prices.

    Let me know! Thanks.

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    CLAWS (formerly Asgaard/ACF/TeLF/PhPF)
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    Alpha Wolves

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  1. If you are interested in a black circle with different resource combo, I would be happy to help fill you spots
  2. Congratulations! Is KNB going to find a way into chestnut accords perhaps one day?
  3. tehol


    2692 there's still a fair bit of activity if you know were to go
  4. 07 well done folks! Happy to be on the team!
  5. Currently looking specifically for two nations interested in joining a 3BR with beer, construction, fast food (pink sphere) Trade circle is active (well, other than the nation that is about to delete). The other slot is to replace a nation that is refusing to change resources because apparently "aluminum and wheat are the best resources" (lol)
  6. I dont mean to be glib - this is truly a loss. One of my favourite alliances under my former nation. 07
  7. I dont remember you, but I remember NAAC and I seem to recall briefly hanging out on Browncoats forums.
  8. Pink treaty? You mean the CLAWS-Wayward Sons protectorate? (CLAWS is pink/black, WS is all pink)
  9. tehol


    2826. Nosedive recommences!
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