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  1. Admin won’t shut down game as long he still make some sort of profit from it. it be nice if there was an app of the game
  2. Buy some type of advertisement! Bring fresh new people to the game! A mobile friendly site and app would be nice too!
  3. Awards to regular cyber nations will bring it up.. Getting some ads to other websites about this game could help but not sure how much that will cost. Get someone to troll different sites to tell people about this game!?
  4. Yea thats why i said around 500 tech is better. The wonder idea is a good one too! Maybe a new resource as well from the wonder ?
  5. [quote name='Freddy' timestamp='1355927631' post='3065805'] They should give 50 tech, 25 infra, or $3 million to everyone who plays the duration of the round. Then award the top ranks with increasingly larger prizes of tech and infra. [/quote] They have to play through the whole round though because what if they make a nation just for the extra stuff to get then stop? I like your idea though.
  6. [quote name='Clash' timestamp='1355856146' post='3065380'] I have always supported the Godzilla wonder! I also support our nations being able to have 5 tavern improvements (which give +1 happiness and +$2 each) and a brewery wonder (+2 happiness and +$4 or sum such) that requires having the beer resource. [/quote] Great idea!
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