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  1. I am unreservedly dismayed at the utter lack of memes in these war threads. This absence is far too draconian for my tastes... I petition for the meme departments of each respective alliance to go into full meme production immediately! I’ll even give you all some inspiration with some memes for all sides!
  2. You age finer than even fine wines, Walshy 😘
  3. Leave my baby out of this just because I sent you a picture don’t mean you can abuse her name like that! 😕
  4. 5 years is enough for some people to forget their own names, like @Van Hoo X… I’d say it’s been long enough to consider it welcome to the pack, but welcome *back* anyways if you insist 😄
  5. That wolf’s head be looking like a Christmas tree yo; and it got the waist of a Barbie doll Anyways, wolves are cool, welcome to the wolf themed AA pack
  6. I’ll be sure to rotate it, just for you and Jazzy 🥰
  7. Sorry; I just try to remember as few interactions with you as I can, luv ❤️
  8. If I’m twelve, you haven’t learned to walk yet
  9. @Smitty256, you’ve literally never even heard my voice before @Lyanna Mormont, last I checked, you don’t have a voice? -All Love, RollVelocity
  10. o7 l’ll see you when I see you, old friend.
  11. If he nukes me I’m going to nuke him more... and probably you too
  12. It’s some good faith fun, and he’s not even going to nuke me back once I nuke him. This post made featuring kerschbs 🦀
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