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  1. If he nukes me I’m going to nuke him more... and probably you too
  2. It’s some good faith fun, and he’s not even going to nuke me back once I nuke him. This post made featuring kerschbs 🦀
  3. After what has felt like many months, FTW, CCC, and TPF have agreed to this DoW. We've all worked hard to make it possible. [1]* [2]* [3]* There was even a failed "Roll Velocity" clause (which had my full backing mind you).. Without further ado, I allow you to read our DoW (Declaration of WhiteTeamUnity). White Team Unity Accords Preamble This document hereby establishes a mutual bond of cooperation between the Freehold of the Wolves, the Christian Coalition of Countries, and The Phoenix Federation. It will stand to protect the s
  4. It’s always somebody versus me, you all just can’t stay away from my amazingness. 😉 Tempus fugit, my friends. It seems just yesterday I was a crusader, today I am an attorney. It is a fun server to be in for— that’s Come Sail Away playing now, bye
  5. Well, this was a pleasant(?) surprise! Congrats to both parties
  6. I needed to keep it a surprise for you, duh. I didn’t mislead you, all I did was ask for some criticism 😄
  7. I’ll have you know, I only use name-brand LEGOs to build my memes. That image is a misrepresentation of our meme department, and I implore you correct it immediately.
  8. I’ve been busy with other situations recently, but who knows I always welcome the smell of burnt uranium in the afternoon.
  9. First Them Red asses ain’t red enough yet 😛
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