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  1. Sorry; I just try to remember as few interactions with you as I can, luv ❤️
  2. If I’m twelve, you haven’t learned to walk yet
  3. @Smitty256, you’ve literally never even heard my voice before @Lyanna Mormont, last I checked, you don’t have a voice? -All Love, RollVelocity
  4. o7 l’ll see you when I see you, old friend.
  5. If he nukes me I’m going to nuke him more... and probably you too
  6. It’s some good faith fun, and he’s not even going to nuke me back once I nuke him. This post made featuring kerschbs 🦀
  7. After what has felt like many months, FTW, CCC, and TPF have agreed to this DoW. We've all worked hard to make it possible. [1]* [2]* [3]* There was even a failed "Roll Velocity" clause (which had my full backing mind you).. Without further ado, I allow you to read our DoW (Declaration of WhiteTeamUnity). White Team Unity Accords Preamble This document hereby establishes a mutual bond of cooperation between the Freehold of the Wolves, the Christian Coalition of Countries, and The Phoenix Federation. It will stand to protect the safety, security, and prosperity of all members on the White team. The Freehold of The Wolves, the Christian Coalition of Countries, and The Phoenix Federation, hereafter referred to as FTW, CCC, and TPF, or the signatories, shall respect each other’s sovereignty and shall remain independent alliances. I. White Team Senate The signatories acknowledge this document as a pledge to attempt to work together on the White team for mutual benefit. Any request by a signatory shall be responded to in a timely fashion. The White team, composed of 5 senate seats, shall be broken down to the following: 1 seat for the Christian Coalition of Countries 1 seat for The Phoenix Federation 3 seats for the Freehold of The Wolves FTW, CCC, & TPF agree that the Senate shall be composed of no more and no less senators for each alliance than stated above. All senators are encouraged, but not required, to discuss team proposals with each other before casting a vote to pass or reject them. II. Sanctions All parties agree that they shall not sanction a member of each other’s alliances. If a party wishes to sanction a member or affiliate of the other signatories, the other parties involved must be informed at least 48 hours prior to the sanctioning. Other signatories involved have the power to veto the sanction if they so desire. If the sanction has been vetoed by the other party, the sanction may not be put into place. This power does not apply to sanctions unrelated to other signatories. All parties agree that sanction wars are bad and lead to further conflict, and agree to prohibit the use of sanction wars while this treaty is active. III. Aiding All parties are encouraged, but not required, to partake in economic, military, or technological exchange, as an act of open diplomacy and continued friendship. IV. Intelligence All parties are encouraged, but not required, to share intelligence of diplomatic or militaristic action directly affecting other signatories. V. Termination A. Any party may give notice to withdraw from this agreement. Withdrawal will take effect 14 days from the date and time on which an intention to withdraw from the agreement was issued to the signatories' governing bodies. B. Any Amendment to this treaty may be revoked individually or as part of the Full Treaty between all parties according to these terms. Signatories: Freehold of The Wolves: Canik, Mad King Taco, Hand of the King Dark Lord Sauron, Regent Velocity, Lord of Foreign Affairs Smitty, Lord of Internal Affairs Lord Draculea, Lord of Economic Affairs CodArk2, Lord of Military Affairs Christian Coalition of Countries: CCC High Council lilweirdward, Chancellor Yeshua Solomon SwagJuice The Phoenix Federation: Kapleo, Evil Overlord Woryand, Evil Underlord Mr Motivator, Alliance Administrator mastabadey, TPF Senator and ‘dude that handles trade circles’ The Inner Circle [1]* Kapleo mostly told Woryand to solve whatever was being asked about. [2]* Canik ate the treaty document near the end, he got hungry. [3]* lilweirdward took about 48 hours to get me his signatures.
  8. It’s always somebody versus me, you all just can’t stay away from my amazingness. 😉 Tempus fugit, my friends. It seems just yesterday I was a crusader, today I am an attorney. It is a fun server to be in for— that’s Come Sail Away playing now, bye
  9. Well, this was a pleasant(?) surprise! Congrats to both parties
  10. I needed to keep it a surprise for you, duh. I didn’t mislead you, all I did was ask for some criticism 😄
  11. I’ll have you know, I only use name-brand LEGOs to build my memes. That image is a misrepresentation of our meme department, and I implore you correct it immediately.
  12. I’ve been busy with other situations recently, but who knows I always welcome the smell of burnt uranium in the afternoon.
  13. First Them Red asses ain’t red enough yet 😛
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