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  1. So in your calculations I don't count for your purposes?
  2. What? 3,603.15 4,186.03 Technology Lost: 1,020.36 1,682.66 Land Lost: 3,366.786 5,645.422 Land/Tech/Infra: 20,961.42 Strength Lost 29,439.50 Strength Lost
  3. Just to explain our involvement in this fracas. Al Bundy decided to jump on the bandwagon of DBDC back a year or so and attacked myself and other Fark nations. It wasn't a raid just meanest on his part so when we were asked to join in we obliged. It was fun. Thanks
  4. I think I'll join in the fun. Remember Bundy when you attacked me! No warning no raid!
  5. Just the right temperature for me! Congrats to us and The Imperial Entente!
  6. Nice to see that cool heads prevailed!
  7. Best wishes in your RL adventures!
  8. Great Treaty, although I had nothing do with it, I still like it! Now if I can find the last bottle of Guru Order beer to celebrate!
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