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  1. 2nd Polaris declaration. You guys are too old for this
  2. Didn't say you did friend. But its always good to have insurance.
  3. I love you HoT55 But I'll believe it when I see it
  4. Freedom in CN isn't really a lie, but you do need the stones to try and seize it. Its also a matter of perspective I suppose.
  5. I have not claimed TIE influence beyond flea scale. Its always going to be that joke AA on the sidelines and fringes, it will always be part of a slightly larger art colony. It will never be like a great power like FtW, It will never carry your respect, it will never achieve your sublime prestige.
  6. You are implying, sir, that because the Irish lad is a pacifist and harmless by nature that he is a coward. In fact we had considered activating him during the war, and if we had done so he would have obliged. You have to consider the impact of the entire affair, of course two nations fighting doesn't count for much when looked at in isolation.
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