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  1. Your double post will never be forgiven @Masterchief777
  2. Nice images. But who said the odds were stacked against? I have no doubt you'll do great things... ...when you get around to it
  3. "Supernova X (SNX) was founded from the merger of MCXA, LoSS, NSF and GDA in 2014 as an effort to rejuvenate four dying alliances" They are merging on top of merging on top of merging. Behold the state of your world people of Bob!
  4. Gotta feed the snake once a month or it bites
  5. @The Zigur Can you articulate any of your positions without using the phrase perma war?
  6. I just love how anyone that disagrees with your assessment must be a liberal lol I thought you brought the left and right together in a new ideal? One thing we can all agree on I think is that were an ineffective, peacock of a leader; never again to be taken seriously.
  7. As usual @The Zigur you are the first to bring up a perma war. And thats bad history. What happened is you overplayed your hand and you allowed yourself to become isolated and your enemies bled you out. As for our beef your meddling in micro affiars was not appreciated. And taking in the LPCN well, that just assured that anyone who was with you in the name of "civilization" saw right through your lies and realized you actually had no principles. From then on you had no friends left to swindle.
  8. Producerism in a nutshell: Poor, defenseless farmers upholding a narrcisstic, self-important, self-proclaimed revolutionary fool, and an empire system with a foundation of cardboard. Thats Junkas revolution. Methrage was way ahead of you by comparison and far more revolutionary.
  9. Very sure of yourself aren't you? Someone ban this solicitor already. You were political poison Junka and your economic policy was ineffective. Thats why you got ganged up on. In the end you didn't have the will, thats why you got beat.
  10. Salutations Junkalunka, Congratulations on your continued success in the world of rear end collisions with big guns. Things go in CN. Thankfully the people that displaced you are less inclined to actually interfere directly. But it still happens, and we keep a constant watch. No thanks to you Brown team is free again with our little league holding the majority and actively voting. And we fight to maintain that independence every day. (PS. As for your tank game ad we really don't want it here. You were not competent enough to navigate the river of diplomacy and consistently overplayed your hand. And when it suited you, you entertained the forces of dosorder and anarchy, the corruption as you call it. For all their faults in the end FTW may have taken one for the team absorbing SNX and aNiMaLz. Feel free to come here and act the Napoleon but remember you're only Napoleone III )
  11. Because its only a ODOAP And this post is optimized for mobile
  12. Christians and Spartans met at a furry convention. This is well documented
  13. Yep! I bet they'll even counter Polar for you. Perhaps all of Oculus
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