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  1. Good little newsman. Free press hard to come by these days.
  2. Noballs RFI hasn't gone unrestricted warfare yet. Either that or the right people for the job aren't in power.
  3. You can find it to. If you actually play the game instead of complaining all the time. But you're the do as I say not as I do type, so I'm not surprised. You could always leave your overmerged, crowded alliance and actually make a name for yourself instead of just "tool" Tool: ::Someone whose ego FAR exceeds his talent, intelligence, and likeability. But, of course, he is clueless regarding that fact. He erroneously thinks he is THE MAN!:: Sincerely Lucius the Mad
  4. Certain realities are difficult for them to accept And Joe Black....stop signing every post
  5. Make up your mind....is it public or members only? Unless you consider RFI to be the public now? There may be some alliances that don't agree with that.
  6. It would appear nukes did reset this morning
  7. Server doesn't update? Guess it's over lol
  8. Woke up after reset to find my purchase nuclear weapon button was inactive. But you have to go back to the 27th to find my last purchase. Needless to say this'll cost me. Please fix
  9. Oh you would like it to be over wouldn't you. You're the first guy who said it was gonna last at least 6 months.
  10. The un-holy alliance won No hard feelings? 🤗
  11. Pretty much sums up what we've been aggressively resisting. As Canik said everyone is free to do what they want but there are consequences; guess this is what he ment. My the tyranny of aNiMaLz permeates alliances fast.
  12. Ooooooo ultimatums So tell me RFI (but especially CLAWS) when did you realize the best way to destroy a persistent enemy by warfare was to wage it totally? The threat of the COBRA Kai must be truly great indeed. Please keep fighting the good fight.
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