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  1. Its not unlike... This very cold stove This picture gets more relevant all the time!
  2. Poor firing line Guess he'll be pushed back a few yards
  3. Not a Democrat by any stretch of the imagination. Yet somehow you disappoint me. This meltdown is pretty entertaining though. So please, continue to speak so people can keep looking you up and check out what alliance you call home....so they can avoid it. Edit: oh and if you get messages from leadership to stop posting, be a good patriot and ignore those censure orders from on high.
  4. GOD is dead but TIE and COBRA are well. Lol
  5. Hello Canik Best of luck. Looking forward to this new chapter
  6. You raided OC and continually provoked. Summed it up for you.
  7. I totally agree with jerdge. Although I must point out GPA couldn't have fought that fight and maintained neutrality. I doubt it. Shame Just another victim of doom
  8. Friendly banter...sure. Don't #### on my back and tell me it's raining. The alliance can be held to account for actions of its leader. This was established in the CLAWS>TIE war. And yeah you did impose things other than white peace you liar. You can have free speech but you also get the consequences was another quote from the doomlords I think. But mean phrases and bias are the least of charges levied at you.
  9. @Lord Hitchcock the funny part is that you probably could have avoided at least some of the repercussions. But you being you, you had to draw attention to yourself by bandwagoning and saying things like "Burn baby burn"
  10. Literally no. But they did cause damage and you readily provided the "goods". It just means you reap what you sow. Not that that's the only CB you've handed out the last two weeks.
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