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  1. Congratulations guys. Lord knows it wasn't easy
  2. Haha you should be. It's all good though. They provided years of entertainment
  3. Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!
  4. Seasons Beatings! The crossing of the Alps by General Kanabis was only the beginning. Now Lucius Optimus of The Imperial Entente ups the stakes and takes the fight directly to the forces of debauchery occupying the small New Jersey town of Non Grata. By crossing the river, striking the Legionaries, at night, on Christmas Eve. …………. Only kidding. hope ya'll have a Happy Holiday and New Year -Lucius and The Imperial Entente
  5. Absolutely. Thats why its gonna be dealt with
  6. Operations by the Creeper navy have been most successful. After losing back to back engagements...the enemy finds himself blockaded!
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