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  1. I have not claimed TIE influence beyond flea scale. Its always going to be that joke AA on the sidelines and fringes, it will always be part of a slightly larger art colony. It will never be like a great power like FtW, It will never carry your respect, it will never achieve your sublime prestige.
  2. You are implying, sir, that because the Irish lad is a pacifist and harmless by nature that he is a coward. In fact we had considered activating him during the war, and if we had done so he would have obliged. You have to consider the impact of the entire affair, of course two nations fighting doesn't count for much when looked at in isolation.
  3. Um. I act on principle I'm pretty sure I've told you this. Don't hate because I have a personality. The outcome is measurable btw. I've been told so by the best of authorities.
  4. You should know you merged with his alliance Edit* damn he beat me to it
  5. Only in the sense that they will fight to maintain the status quo.
  6. Yeah. I guess we don't have as much "business" going on.
  7. I love that you pointed this out again BB. And for the record i was always opposed to that merge. I even cited it in my official points justifying the last war. (I think i had like 11 of them) When aNiMaLz merged with it to i was done.
  8. COBRA Bigger than its member count. True champions of the planet Top notch reporting from TDT Pacifican nuetraility is a novel idea
  9. I for one have always appreciated your input.
  10. 10 months and still more interested in thumping your chest and rolling people out of existence (at Oculus expense) than actually ending wars, taking a bow, and getting off stage. Yeah I can see why people such as you would prefer the OWF shutdown completely.
  11. I remember this guy from somewhere
  12. Ceska Republik is still sanctioned on white by Freehold is it not? In the spirit of peace and stuff? Perhaps a sanction should be issued to the great defender Kongo Jack. in the name of goodwill
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