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  1. As Emperor of the Entente and the micro Pope, I bless this treaty
  2. FtW Kindly stop doing the right things. Congrats CCC
  3. I'd think RED ALERT would handle this haha
  4. @Ivan Moldavi himself Thank you for clearing that up! Maybe this nonsense will stop now, but i doubt it. -a grateful nation
  5. To my freinds in RIA My congratulations
  6. Well thats ok You should care about what your freinds motives may be though
  7. Haha I like that analysis @The Zigur can you explain your Francoism in 3 sentences or less? If you can't your ideology is dumb
  8. First I'll say your analysis is thoughtful, clearly you put in the time. There are some big gaps in your understanding that are plugged with bias or speculation, but thats not entirely unexpected. It is by far the most interesting region of Bob right now, and being an outsider is going to lend itself to speculation and assumptions. I won't repeat everything GK said as he hit many of the big points, but some of your claims I do resent. You can DM me to discuss if you want. i'll give a 4 of 5 Its thoughtful and a good read even with the holes, and this kind of con
  9. It'll have to be revised to the Justnuts accords Which now that I'm looking at it is a very appropriate name for a couple reasons. I will charge LH 100 tech for each time he uses it.
  10. I'm confused. I thought LH said that that CRAP were useless, pixelhugging, inactives. Or did he tell you hitting you that one time was GKs idea @Liltrekkie @Chuck Normis? That would be a lie
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