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  1. Pretty much sums up what we've been aggressively resisting. As Canik said everyone is free to do what they want but there are consequences; guess this is what he ment. My the tyranny of aNiMaLz permeates alliances fast.
  2. Ooooooo ultimatums So tell me RFI (but especially CLAWS) when did you realize the best way to destroy a persistent enemy by warfare was to wage it totally? The threat of the COBRA Kai must be truly great indeed. Please keep fighting the good fight.
  3. That's a highly opinionated statement
  4. Of course you wouldn't. I'm sure you've never actually stood for anything.
  5. Very problematic conflicting statements in a document. Guess they should revise the charter mid-war to better reflect policy.
  6. He missed the "aid" button by a mile
  7. Hold on a minute You're.... a girl dragon I mean of....coooourse you're a girl dragon.
  8. Ok GATO so now we have come to sanctioning 5 day old nations? Truly sad
  9. Well done Tankobite. Now bring the rest of his companions to heel.
  10. Goodbye aNiMaLz FTW I told you so. Canik. Resign.
  11. You've always had the best DoWs. You're awesome Walsh. With this DoW the war can begin officially lol
  12. Look how chummy they sound and "oh but we are all freinds" when facing the prospect of confronting a 10 million NS. Edit: this is what I meant when I said y'all were scared
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