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  1. Any more dumb than the reasoning behind the last war? Last war a preemptive strike because FtW felt threatened for whatever reason by COBRA. Now we are tired of their intrigue and posturing so we are doing something about it.
  2. Myself. But we like to talk amongst each other to get consensus. "Head of State" is what he had before I came along. It has no actual meaning anymore. If he doesn't participate in discussion well....idk
  3. Probably not, You would just screen it. I'd bet Vocalese. But he's a relic that never speaks to us (certainly not me) and definitely not gov in any capacity.
  4. I wanted to keep things civil and in private between me and FtW. Canik decided to take advantage of that gesture and attack me with selected bits of old screen. It's something a small person does.
  5. Keep downplaying it but treaty was dead. The slander and soundbites aren't sticking.
  6. Listen closely you'll be able to here FtW crying wolf...
  7. Well we never will know will we? With that embassy scrubbed
  8. Lyrical wouldn't have captured it. Too short
  9. Yup. FTW Should've realized that treaty wasn't active. I mean we got this sent to us the other day they acted like total strangers. So as of 3/15 they had no idea we were affiliated before, talk about amateur.
  10. I'm not saying it didn't exist. But it wasn't out there, and it was canceled, was reopened by someone who probably wasn't on the AA at the time, then the position wasn't "clarified". Why? Because I did what a reasonable person would do with harrassment about the nuance of this or that I STOPPED TYPING.
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