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  1. Though no longer leading the Entente; I'm proud to say I was a proponent of this accord and I find its posting most agreeable. Congratulations to you all
  2. "I want to reaffirm our commitments to our allies and that we will do whatever is in our power to aid you. Militarily or economically, TIE will stand with you, come what may." This is a distinctly non neutral stance. Whats interesting is no one talking about the more important aspects of the speech. More important than the circumstances of abdication.
  3. @Samus no Lol Please don't take it down
  4. Lol WHAT? If i lost both my arms and legs I'd still refesh the page and fight with my nose!
  5. You're no micro mother You're alliance isn't even a real micro Its a whos who of fails that couldn't beat methrage.
  6. Oh sure he did the right thing by CLAWS and KNB no question, but you are the one offering surrender in this case. He's also a terrible freind and mentor. So why do you object so hard to two pariahs killing each other?
  7. I know exactly how it would go to lol We would engage he would shoot some missiles then zero his infra so he can take less damage on the records lol Because he's a !@#$%*
  8. I left that discussion to because i had nothing else to say. He will fight me then, if its not going to be an issue he shouldn't object.
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