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  1. I was wondering when someone would bring that up But then the Doomreich protecting its own even in defiance of convention shouldn't surprise anyone that's paying attention. Assuming anyone at all is alive out there that still cares about such things. Most days I have my doubts
  2. @Lord Hershey I could entertain your Doomer @$$ With a thought out written response. But instead I'll send you an old video.
  3. I proudly wear the badge of heretic if its being offered
  4. Not entirely unexpected. I seem to recall a time when such statements of alignment would've led to calls of "just merge already". But I won't bother. Please feel free to engage in yesterday's politics.
  5. Keep mentioning TIE I may raise it from the grave. But its no secret I was aligned against claws years before the boognish mistake. And all the micros in my corner I made sure understood our claws/doom stance as well. Though there were some holdouts.....Kapleo, sellswords. From my point of view you and your pals in Kashmir just reverted back to their old ways then forged ahead to a logical solution. The only reason COBRA didn't was because the snake's head had been cut off by then. And the optics of JA for example aligning with claws just would've worked. This is why I ultimately blame you @Kapleo for the outcome. You were always greedy, shortsighted, thin-skinned, weak. you lack true vision
  6. I got a grill today I think still some BBQ sauce in the fridge Edit: it's atomic 😁
  7. Lol not to mention all the backstabbiness with Ordos oldest associates at TIE. Marti may forget but we were cobras foes before we were their freinds. This evolution is no different and I assure my short sighted, backward, former allies at Ordo that at the end GK was well aware who his enemies were. ♥ PS that was was the funniest/saddest BS that graced these forums in at least the last 5 years. As amusing or not as it was let's shut about it at hail the true winners today NG and FTW. For all other topics there is discord or other sections of the server @Martialis and I would be happy to debate.
  8. Nation bio says it all And this is what I meant when I said you lost it all. NG didn't make you march Boog to war on false pretenses, you did that. NG didn't make you throw the war, disband TPF, resign your title, undisband, and then do it all over again within 48 hours. That was all you. NG didn't make you sanction white team, you decide to do that. NG didn't make you irredeemable, you do that fine on your own. And assuming this pattern holds true, NG doesn't make you not surrender. NG throws resources at you because you have proven that left unchecked; you will do your best to make good on your threats and claw and scratch at NG with a rabid fixation by all means necessary. And if linking yourself to the plight Bundy finds himself in serves your unjust cause well then by gum you will try that to. Because you cannot be wrong, and you must be the center of attention. Some things never change.
  9. We'll no technically your correct. Hersh stated NG had no place interfering with a rogue raid. So the implications are either that Bundy is not a rogue or worse Hersh is pro rogue. (I don't remember what trade sphere he's in but if its pink, green or black we know which implication is more accurate to his true feelings) And you can't take away MY truth
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