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  1. Lucius Optimus

    The Senate will decide your fate

    Who are you?
  2. Lucius Optimus

    The Lion joins the Freehold

    Ha. I must be having a bad dream Bye aNiMaLz. The wars didn't kill you but diplomacy did. Congratz to FTW for finally getting rid of them
  3. Lucius Optimus


    Poor discipline.... does it everytime
  4. If you have a senator issue, hit the voters. It works wonders
  5. Lucius Optimus

    Dear God I hate discord!

    Discord is better than IRC. And frankly people haven't used forums for several years.
  6. Lucius Optimus

    TIE Declaration of Sadness Updated x1

    I don't think Gal is exactly fond of me and he knows I'm not a fan of his. It's ok for him to criticize.
  7. Lucius Optimus

    TIE Declaration of Sadness Updated x1

    Lol. I blame my 75%destroyed Samsung And haste
  8. Lucius Optimus

    TIE Declaration of Sadness Updated x1

    This post is now updated to reflect policy changes and clarification.
  9. Lucius Optimus

    Apology to the community TIE and LoM

    Thank you for you apology big money it is accepted. I look forward to building on this and doing business with you. Next week
  10. Accepted and approved by Lucius o7 TGC A new day has dawned No offence to any Marcos... or Macros
  11. Lucius Optimus

    TIE Declaration of Sadness Updated x1

    GK has also never been 20k NS....
  12. [Disclaimer: this is an exceptionally long post that amounts to a big nothing. If you don't have the time to invest stop reading now. If you are still reading know I tried to keep it interesting and heartfelt and afterall... its personalities that make the world go. ] Nations of Bob, It is with heavy hearts we acknowledge the current deterioration of relations between our allies, and the crisis of the coalition invasion of COBRAstan. After several days of deliberation within our Imperial Congress we ultimately decided to remain neutral and leave the door open to act as moderators of any discussion between the relevant parties. At this time TIE is not considering the termination of any treatys, agreements, or contracts that existed prior to this crisis. And now a personal statement- These wars hit me close to my heart and I'm ashamed y'all. But the most painful thing about this to watch is how lopsided it actually is, I mean this is bad. The several times my alliances were rolled comes to mind. That said, I'm of the opinion this is a combination of a few agitators and that Canik has never liked General Kanabis (a well known fact). That this has become the circus that it has is a disgrace. (CLAWS, SNX, DS...really? Not that long ago GK would've called you freind) Kanabis probably shouldn't have agitated Canik after the raid knowing that Canik finds him distasteful, but Canik you could've had a thicker skin.(How many times has GK casually insulted me? This is who he is) Instead you choose to put everyone in this very awkward place with this convenient CB. As for the rest of you...I don't know maybe you are all just bored out of your skulls. But maybe you could pick bigger fish to fry, instead of eating your own... Anyway, I hope this long winded statement sums up how conflicted and displeased we are over the current state of things. Good luck to all in your wars...... Update September 27th Last night a motion was presented to the council. In the end our democratic procedure resulted in the decision to cease export of money, tech, or soldiers to either side of the conflict. This the council felt would better cement nuetraility. My condolences and apologies to all as I estimate some 75% of our tech trading could be effected by the new policy. Note trades are exempted. Thank you for your time. -Lucius
  13. Lucius Optimus

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Oh will you please shut up. Bootlicking bully. I recall you hitting COBRA for no reason at all years ago. No reason besides asserting dominance.
  14. Lucius Optimus

    Joint Declaration FTW

    This disappoints. To say the least