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    The Second Amendment is not negotiable...
    The Bill of Rights does not require your endorsement...
    Those who oppose the Bill of Rights are enemies of America...
    The Bill of Rights is not negotiable. If you oppose it, you betray not only yourself, but all Americans...Heritage is not Hate, never be ashamed of who you are or your line of people...

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  1. It appears your pact is being tested?!? Asking for a friend?!?
  2. Message: Greetings, I am the Eye of the Dragons Rage. You have attacked a nation under New Pacific Order protection.We do not tolerate raids upon the Order and you will be destroyed and erased from the planet for your crimes. But...there is another way... Without Order , there can be no peace...Join the Order before your place is taken! New nations wanting action apply within and I will make you famous,so Dm me on Discord and we will discuss our fast track military wonders and aid programs for Heroes of the Order fighting the enemies of the Dragon! For the Glory and Spoils of War, st
  3. Let's go, hurry to meet Dragon before your place is taken. Enter the Dragon Enter the Dragon here ^^ For the Glory and Spoils of War, stonewall14 of Queensryche The Eye of the Dragons Rage
  4. We are currently looking for shooters and looters who want to join our Elite Cadre V...If you want action and to become a Nuclear equipped military powerhouse, the Order is for you! Join today and learn in our gladiator academy and grow like kudzu in strength and Honor...o/ NPO o/ CADRE V
  5. Is that what we are doing? Cool story bro! I thought we were just stomping cockroaches and snakes in area clean up project.Little fellas like you pose no threat to DBDC I can see but it's cool with me, glad we could help 🏋️‍♀️
  6. Are you gonna defend your allies!?! Asking for a friend? Aren't you a proud member of Chickensnakesphere or whatever you call your band of rogue states?
  7. Como Brochacho? Forgive my VFireball laced speech and rude manners, your my OG rogue hero for a decade, I hope to see you on horizon soon...o/
  8. Mos Def...you had 2.1 billion almost a year ago
  9. Your my bookmark for Cyber nations link login!?! How sad is that!?! Asking for a friend!?!
  10. I'm your Huckleberry all day, I've scouted you often and proposed war on your peoples almost daily. I assure you I will gladly proudly send you to your maker with joy in my heart...
  11. Don't be mad bro, you know you don't know wtf to do unless their are SCUD warnings on your TV..Enjoy your fleeting triumphs as we erase your seed from Bob...:D
  12. Brochacho last war I orchestrated your demise easily as I will this rodeo...Enjoy
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