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  1. I, for one, blame Tevron for this egregious failure.
  2. Letum's GATO colony extends its congratulations to our friends in GATO for turning fifteen years old!
  3. There is one... complication. You see, your Holy Pope has already ordained otherwise: caustic 07/13/2019 Non Grata We officially disbanded But stuck together to rogue out as a crew We've been on our terrorism binge for close to a year now Still plenty in the tank We raided SUN into the dirt, !@#$ on TTK IRON Now FTW The consistent nation decline trend says otherwise.
  4. We weren't really referring to you so much with that. Multiple other Pacificans were approached by Caustic about either joining Non Grata or providing war aid. Ironically Letum doesn't share your sentiments here.
  5. You seem to be confused here. Non Grata has committed multiple acts of war against us and our allies entirely separate from needing us to defend FTW.
  6. We have grown tired of your repeated childish and harmful behavior. You may be finished with this world or not care about it, but we do not share your apathy. Your grave is deep and has been getting deeper for quite some time. Your fields will be sown with salt and radioactive waste. The lamentations of your rogues will be heard far and wide across the land as they are forevermore extinguished. The New Pacific Order, Independent Republic Of Orange Nations, and Orange Defense Network hereby declare war on the collection of personae non gratae, or "rogues", calling themselves 'Non Gr
  7. Throughout the years many societal norms have been established regarding what is considered to be acceptable conduct by alliances. War deserters and pixel huggers are far and wide viewed as disgraceful cowards. Any and all forms of reparations are frowned upon, for they are harmful to the health of the world. The encouragement of outside parties to provide war assistance in the form of money, technology, and/or soldiers is in poor taste at best and a casus belli at worst. Poaching attempts on other alliances' members is never looked upon favorably. Letting your allies carry the brunt of existi
  8. Thanks. Check your private messages on here.
  9. Just those lines mostly sum it up. I didn't post the received version of that but it's very similar. Only about 600 (20%) of all nations have at least somewhat decent or better economic participation via aid slots.
  10. It would help if people cared enough to do basic things like those... Within the past 30 days 1097 nations have sent at least one slot of aid, of which 633 sent at least 4 slots. 359 nations sent 4-7 slots and 274 nations sent 8+ slots. If we take it out further to within the past 6 months 1736 nations have sent at least one slot of aid, of which 631 sent at least 24 slots. 434 nations sent 24-47 slots and 197 nations sent 48+ slots.
  11. Total Party Kill and New Desolate Order declare war on DEFCON 1. Good luck everyone!
  12. Macedonian Jackboots Article 1 Both Alliances shall be joined in mutual respect for one another and the membership of both signatories shall only engage in public discourse reflecting this respect. Article 2 Should an unwarranted attack occur against DEFCON 1, NPO shall assist through diplomatic, economic and military means as necessary for the security of the Alliances. Article 3 While respecting the sovereignty of each other, DEFCON 1 will consult NPO prior to the ratification of any treaty, declaration of war, or activity that may otherwis
  13. Thirteen Years of Order The New Pacific Order was founded on January 26, 2006, less than a month after Planet Bob came to be. Thirteen years later, there is little the Order has not seen or done in this world. Pacifica has been admired and reviled; an object of envy and of scorn; peerless in power and, on several occasions, nearly annihilated. It has done more than perhaps any other alliance to shape the history of this world. Although the Order is smaller than it once was, it has by no means withered away. We've had our issues, and we haven’t gotten out as much as we u
  14. Orderly Duck Disciples Article I: Sovereignty and Nonaggression The New Pacific Order and Disciples of Duckroll agree to not engage in any action that could reasonably seen as aggressive against the other. DoD and NPO will always work to solve any differences that may arise between them amicably through open communication and discussion. Article II: Intelligence Both parties agree to share intelligence critical to the other alliance's safety. Article III: Assistance Both signatories agree to help further each other's goals
  15. The day GATO's Pacifican coup came to fruition.
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