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  1. Thanks. Check your private messages on here.
  2. Just those lines mostly sum it up. I didn't post the received version of that but it's very similar. Only about 600 (20%) of all nations have at least somewhat decent or better economic participation via aid slots.
  3. It would help if people cared enough to do basic things like those... Within the past 30 days 1097 nations have sent at least one slot of aid, of which 633 sent at least 4 slots. 359 nations sent 4-7 slots and 274 nations sent 8+ slots. If we take it out further to within the past 6 months 1736 nations have sent at least one slot of aid, of which 631 sent at least 24 slots. 434 nations sent 24-47 slots and 197 nations sent 48+ slots.
  4. The New Pacific Order Wants YOU! Greetings Fellow Nation Rulers! If you are looking for an alliance to help your nation achieve economic superiority, military strength and the camaraderie which comes with being a part of the greatest community on Planet Bob, then look no further! The New Pacific Order (NPO) is the premier alliance in CyberNations and has been since its founding on January 27th, 2006. As one of the oldest alliances in Cybernations, we have proven and continue to prove our superiority with alliance operations. This success is not taken for granted as we always continue to strive towards new development and advancements in diplomacy, economics, communications, internal activities, and warfare. Our evolution has been realized and endures because of our large, diverse and dedicated membership. Thanks to our excellent people and the deeply rooted teachings of our culture, our loyalty is unwavering and our pursuits are accomplished with honor. Throughout the history of Pacifica we have prided ourselves on our focus of vision, our commitment to ideals greater than ourselves, the maintenance and preservation of our culture and our way of life. Pacificans enjoy an active community within our private forums and text/voice chats. Our economic system, one of the best in CyberNations with automated IT systems created by and for the NPO, has been honed to develop nations into strong and resilient members of the alliance. All members have access to a plethora of guides and tools and the experience of long time members always ready to assist you and answer your questions and help our nations achieve their fullest potential. We also have other activities including games, competitions, and ways to get involved in various departments. Be a part of the proud history and forge a new and glorious future as a part of the New Pacific Order! Register on our forums and post your membership application today. Feel free to stop by #NSA when on IRC or join us on Discord, where you will be greeted by willing and helpful Pacificans who will answer any and all questions you may have. I look forward to the day I am able to call you "Comrade"!
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