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  1. ... and here I was hoping to see a new Flash.
  2. Ten years, huh? Well, I've never heard of you. * lol ... kidding, of course. Congrats, folks!
  3. I don't know anyone in CN's voice, so ... I read it as Keanu Reeves.
  4. Oh hey! I remember you from the TBC days. Memory jogged. No offense to RoK (or Nemesis, if anyone remembers that one lol), but TBC was hands down the funnest alliance I helped start. See? Let TPF go. Do your own thing. lol
  5. I mean this in a friendly way: Create a new AA instead and move over to it. Sometimes, it sucks when an AA dies ... other times it doesn't. This falls under the latter. Like all alliances, TPF has some solid people (Sup JBone :D), but it's history is not great. You're better off starting new and creating your own history independent of TPF's. Good luck either way.
  6. So. Crusty. Congrats on the anniversary and whatnot, folks. Gonna have to pass on that pavement though. Watching my girlish figure.
  7. Hmph. Not a fan of the lack of Stewie. kerschbs is all right though ... I guess ...
  8. But ... I never got to kick the crap out of this version.
  9. You're ... going to have to get in line, sir. It's the long one full of undistinguished folks to the right. * The one on the left is the long and equally undistinguished "Nuke Hoo" line.
  10. So, JA is no longer with us on Bob? This saddens me. **I would say hello to my NG friends, but I feel like I'd end up drawn into a CN debate. I haven't had a CN debate since 2016.
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