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  1. lol Nice. Oh hey. I remember you. Thanks.
  2. So, pretty much the same as when I was last active here then.
  3. @kerschbs: I dunno. Any alliance I join would no doubt expect me to "nation build" ... @kingzog: I am not, nor have I ever been, a cool kid. Also: Hello, zog. @wiccan high priest: Sup, wiccan. Good, thanks. You? @The Big Bad: Shame. Trolling alliances was a part of my shtick. lol
  4. Oh, hey! Some names I remember. lol @kerschbs: Who you calling ol--- oh wait. Yeah. That's accurate. @Thrash: Five years ago, I think I did promise NG that 'd join them if I ever came back. @im317: Awesome.
  5. Founded and helped build Ragnarok, yeah. That's me. lol In hindsight though, I've actually been in more alliances than I thought: \m/, Ragnarok, Nemesis, NpO (for one war lol), MI6, NSO (3 weeks!), and The Bear Cavalry.
  6. Thanks! I have a (mostly) positive history with Grub, actually. lol ... I dunno. I had a difficult time keeping myself interested 4-5 years ago, so I doubt there's enough going on now to motivate me into getting overly involved. So, yeah, probably just a stroll down memory lane, etc. At best, I'd join some alliance as rank and file where I can share stories of "better days" like a true old timer.
  7. * I vaguely remember those two names, but neither was a big time player back in "my day", so that's all kinda lost on me. lol * In charge ... of what? * I never really had many pixels to hug anyway.
  8. Sup, folks ... or what's left of you. lol
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