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  1. You're apparently using a name that I no longer recognize, but hello.
  2. We all knew the game was dead once YOU stepped away from the Amazing Sanction Race.
  3. Hello RV. Was wondering if that trademarked blue font would pop up.
  4. lol Nice. Oh hey. I remember you. Thanks.
  5. So, pretty much the same as when I was last active here then.
  6. @kerschbs: I dunno. Any alliance I join would no doubt expect me to "nation build" ... @kingzog: I am not, nor have I ever been, a cool kid. Also: Hello, zog. @wiccan high priest: Sup, wiccan. Good, thanks. You? @The Big Bad: Shame. Trolling alliances was a part of my shtick. lol
  7. Oh, hey! Some names I remember. lol @kerschbs: Who you calling ol--- oh wait. Yeah. That's accurate. @Thrash: Five years ago, I think I did promise NG that 'd join them if I ever came back. @im317: Awesome.
  8. Founded and helped build Ragnarok, yeah. That's me. lol In hindsight though, I've actually been in more alliances than I thought: \m/, Ragnarok, Nemesis, NpO (for one war lol), MI6, NSO (3 weeks!), and The Bear Cavalry.
  9. Thanks! I have a (mostly) positive history with Grub, actually. lol ... I dunno. I had a difficult time keeping myself interested 4-5 years ago, so I doubt there's enough going on now to motivate me into getting overly involved. So, yeah, probably just a stroll down memory lane, etc. At best, I'd join some alliance as rank and file where I can share stories of "better days" like a true old timer.
  10. * I vaguely remember those two names, but neither was a big time player back in "my day", so that's all kinda lost on me. lol * In charge ... of what? * I never really had many pixels to hug anyway.
  11. Sup, folks ... or what's left of you. lol
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