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    All will be One with Order

    The New Pacific Order Wants YOU! Greetings Fellow Nation Rulers! If you are looking for an alliance to help your nation achieve economic superiority, military strength and the camaraderie which comes with being a part of the greatest community on Planet Bob, then look no further! The New Pacific Order (NPO) is the premier alliance in CyberNations and has been since its founding on January 27th, 2006. As one of the oldest alliances in Cybernations, we have proven and continue to prove our superiority with alliance operations. This success is not taken for granted as we always continue to strive towards new development and advancements in diplomacy, economics, communications, internal activities, and warfare. Our evolution has been realized and endures because of our large, diverse and dedicated membership. Thanks to our excellent people and the deeply rooted teachings of our culture, our loyalty is unwavering and our pursuits are accomplished with honor. Throughout the history of Pacifica we have prided ourselves on our focus of vision, our commitment to ideals greater than ourselves, the maintenance and preservation of our culture and our way of life. Pacificans enjoy an active community within our private forums and text/voice chats. Our economic system, one of the best in CyberNations with automated IT systems created by and for the NPO, has been honed to develop nations into strong and resilient members of the alliance. All members have access to a plethora of guides and tools and the experience of long time members always ready to assist you and answer your questions and help our nations achieve their fullest potential. We also have other activities including games, competitions, and ways to get involved in various departments. Be a part of the proud history and forge a new and glorious future as a part of the New Pacific Order! Register on our forums and post your membership application today. Feel free to stop by #NSA when on IRC or join us on Discord, where you will be greeted by willing and helpful Pacificans who will answer any and all questions you may have. I look forward to the day I am able to call you "Comrade"!
  2. Lord of Darkness

    GATO Announcement

    The day GATO's Pacifican coup came to fruition.
  3. Lord of Darkness

    Nothing Important Happened Today

    May Argent get [redacted]! o/ Pacifica o/ Argent
  4. Lord of Darkness

    GATO Announcement

    Thanks Tevron and GATO (except Dre4m, he smells funny ). Congratulations to Banned and White Chocolate. o/
  5. Santa CLAWS is Coming to Town I. So be good for goodness sake! The undersigned parties agree to coordinate holiday logistics and preparations together to any perceivable mutual benefit. Each recognizes the other's sleigh and workshop. II. Gonna find out who's naughty and nice Should any of Santa's elves uncover plots to sabotage Santa's workshop or locate any naughty children deserving coal, the other signatory will be informed. III. You better watch out Naughty children get coal nukes. In the event either party is attacked the other will provide military, economic, and/or diplomatic assistance. IV. Santa CLAWS is coming to town Should either signatory wish to deliver glowing-green presents, the other is welcome, but not obligated, to assist. V. You better not pout If either of the undersigned parties wishes to terminate these accords they must notify the other of their intent to cancel. All the above articles will remain in effect for a week following notification of cancellation. Signed for the New Pacific Order, Lord of Darkness, Emperor of the New Pacific Order Prophet of Orion Shadow of the Order Jesse End, Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order MariMassa, DeathAdder, and Emperor Ice Imperial Officers of the New Pacific Order Signed for CLAWS, Co-leaders: White Chocolate & Al Bundy Minister of Defense: razgriz24 Minister of Economics: Jazzy95 Minister of Foreign Affairs: claude Minister of Internal Affairs: Magical Muslim Grand Inquisitor: Randalla
  6. Lord of Darkness

    A Farewell to Arms

    Sad to see you disband, thanks for good memories and fun over the years. #MakeMaroonGreatAgain
  7. Lord of Darkness

    The Global Freehold Announcement

    Congratulations to our friends in GATO and FTW. o/
  8. Lord of Darkness

    This Cat has CLAWS

    Congratulations. Make sure to keep that cat away from the furniture.
  9. Lord of Darkness

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Good luck to our new (and old) friends. o/
  10. Lord of Darkness

    Notice to the New Pacific Order

    Producerism at its finest.
  11. Lord of Darkness

    An Umbrella Announcement

    Pacifica offered your alliance near white peace months ago, however OG decided it wished to remain fighting our ally, Umbrella, while OBR remained at war with them. As your government is aware, if that is no longer the case then we have no issue with concluding the hostilities between our two alliances.
  12. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Pony Order Francograd, Sunday April 1st, 2018 All was quiet across the city of Francograd in the wee hours of the morning. Roquentin was comfortably curled up in a nest of lettuce and carrots. Pansy snuggled with his favorite sheep. Gandypoodle lay slumbering in his luxurious pink doghouse located in the courtyard of Fort Francograd. Above Imperial Emperor gazed out the window of his living quarters, for he was slow to do anything - let alone fall asleep (with, of course, the exception of being prone to crash at random times throughout the day). He slowly pondered the day's events and reminisced in days long gone, remembering a play an adoring fan once wrote about him during his time as General of the Army of the Pacific. He was startled out of his reverie when he thought he glimpsed the sight of rainbow glitter and explosions coming from the direction of the Pacifican Research and Development facility. Rubbing his eyes in confusion he took a few moments to blink before looking back out again. He had spent a long day parsing data and thought surely his eyes were playing tricks on him. Moments later sirens began to blare in the distance, followed by much closer. Soon every screen in Francograd began flashing a horrifying rainbow colored message for all the roused Pacificans to read. The message read: CONTAINMENT BREACH! FOR YOU OWN SAFETY SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. TUNE INTO THE PACIFIC NEWS NETWORK FOR REGULAR UPDATES ON THIS DEVELOPING SITUATION. The sound of explosions and rainbow flashes in the distance grew ever brighter and the sound of horrified screams drifted over. As the great fortress came to life IE "hurried" to the briefing room for more information. Upon arriving half an hour later he heard the latest updates from DeathAdder. "Earlier tonight a horde of ponies held within the vaults below our Research and Development compound escaped. We kept them locked up for Comrade Bart to conduct experiments for advanced weaponry for use against our enemies." MariMassa chimed in, "we believe that long time advocate for Pony Rights, Bobogoobo, helped orchestrate this insurrection with the assistance of jgolla and his fellow huggers." As the hours went on, the ponies continued to wreck untold havoc despite the best efforts of Pacifican security forces... Comrade Red has graciously volunteered her services in combating the pony menace. I do hereby appoint Red as Emperor of the New Pony Order. She has a great love for all things equestrian and will see that both ponies and pony sympathizers are dealt with in the appropriate manner. o/ Red
  13. Congratulations everyone, it's been (and will continue to be) fun. o/
  14. You Are Cordially Invited... Dear Old Guard, You were such a fun dance partner about a year ago and it is only fitting that you join your Rosular friends at Planet Bob's Autumn Ballroom Dance. The New Pacific Order hereby declares war on Old Guard. Lord of Darkness, Emperor of the New Pacific Order Prophet of Orion Shadow of the Order Jesse End, Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
  15. Lord of Darkness

    The Last Jedi Accords

    Article I: Light... darkness... the balance The New Pacific Order and Sovereign League of Armed Powers, herein referred to as "the signatories", recognize both the light and dark sides of the Force and agree that there must be harmony between the two. Article II: Now reach out. What do you see? The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. Both signatories agree that information obtained through the Force relevant to the other's interests shall be shared with them. Article III: Fulfill your destiny The signatories agree that if one of them is attacked by forces seeking to disrupt the balance in the Force, they may request the assistance of the other. Fulfilling this request is encouraged but not obligatory. Article IV: Raw, untamed power Should one of the signatories seek to unleash the power of the Force upon their adversaries, they may extend an invitation for the other to join them in unleashing destruction. Article V: I've seen this raw strength only once before. It didn't scare me enough then. It does now. If either signatory wishes to break the balance in the Force and return to their prior stance they must provide notification to the other with at least 72 hours notice, during which all aspects of this agreement remain in effect. Signed for the New Pacific Order, Lord of Darkness, Emperor of the New Pacific Order Prophet of Orion Shadow of the Order Jesse End, Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order Signed for the Sovereign League of Armed Powers, Banned, The Blood God Supreme Emperor Daeg - Skull King White Chocolate - The Hand that Opens eviljak - The Hand that Fights claude - The Hand that Guides raisedalloy - The Hand that Builds
  16. The Dragon and the Wolf Winter is Coming with Fire and Blood Preamble Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. Article I. Two Great Houses Both houses acknowledge the existence of the other as independent houses, governed by their own lords, ladies and king. Neither house should try to rule the other either by invasion of their lands or placing little birds in each other houses. Article II. Whispers of Little Birds If one House comes into possession of information that may in any way affect to the safety of the other, a rider should be sent to share the information. Article III. The Dead are Coming When the dead come for either House the other is duty-bound to come to the assistance of the attacked house, bringing all necessary equipment including dragon glass, Valyrian steel swords of their House, and wild fire. Remember when the dead come they come for us all! Article IV. Valar Morghulis If one house wishes to invade a third party out of defense of another allied house or on a conquering mission, the other has the option to assist on the mission. Remember all men must die, die with honor. Article V. Dark Wings Dark Words If either House decides they need to cancel this agreement they will send a raven with 3 days notice of the cancellation. Signed for the New Pacific Order, Lord of Darkness, King of the Andals and the First Men Jesse End, Hand of the King DeathAdder, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard MariMassa, Lady of Laws Gumpper, Master of Coin Nemphesis, Court Jester and Stable Boy Signed for Alpha Wolves, Malakarlian, Lord of Winter / Warden of the North Al Bundy, King in the North Stonewall14, Ser Doom / Master at Arms Ricrast, The Maid of Rast Airindale, Captain of the Guard tja65, Keeper of Wealth vdiddy1, Old Nan
  17. Lord of Darkness

    New Lord Order

    Welcome friends! o/ Pacifica o/ Lordran o/ Alpha Wolves
  18. Lord of Darkness

    Special Prosecution

    While it is not required by law, it does seem to me to be a natural courtesy.
  19. Lord of Darkness

    Special Prosecution

    Nobody expects a guilty verdict!
  20. House Stark Joins the New Order of the Ages Comrades, friends and denizens of Westeros, Since the inception of Oculus almost two years ago no new houses have joined. It is now time for that to change with the admission of the next house. Today we welcome the New Polar Order into the brotherhood of Oculus. We look forward to working closer together with you. Winter is coming. Signed for Oculus, The Senate and People Signed for the New Polar Order, EaTeMuP - Emperor Almighty Grub - Imperial Regent and Imperator Emeritus HannaH - Minister of Truth blue sam3 - Minister of Plenty Terminator - Minister of Peace Quantum Leap - Minister of Love bdmon75 - Deputy Minister of Plenty Mindbraker - Deputy Minister of Peace Emperor Jason - Imperial Advisor
  21. Lord of Darkness

    Why did no one give me a name for this?

    Congratulations on peace to all the involved parties. o/ Indeed. Though I'd prefer to avoid something so lengthy...
  22. Lord of Darkness

    Order Squared

    Order Squared Pursuant to A treaty you still can't refuse and the Never Say Never Again accords, the New Pacific Order hereby declares war on The Templar Knights. We wish TTK good luck and look forward to seeing the resolution of this conflict in a manner fitting for the involved parties. Signed for the New Pacific Order, Lord of Darkness, Emperor of the New Pacific Order Prophet of Orion Shadow of the Order Jesse End, Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order Dan100, Gumpper, & Nemphesis, Imperial Officers of the New Pacific Order
  23. Congratulations on peace to both Polaris and Alpha Wolves. o/
  24. Lord of Darkness

    Make Pastries Great Again

    Imperial Decree from the New Pastry Order Since 2003 the New Pacific Order has, in numerous forms, been a bastion of peace, strength, and prosperity, always seeking to bring and uphold order in the world. But it is time for that to change. There is something far more delicious than order: pastries and other assorted baked goods. It is time for us to make the world hungry. Today marks the end of the New Pacific Order's regime and the rise of the New Pastry Order. Long may we make our enemies perish of longing for baked goods. I do hereby appoint Jesse End as Overseer of Pastry Operations, Nemphesis as Imperial Officer of Recipe and Record Keeping, Dan100 as Imperial Officer of Keeping Poodles Away from the Kitchens, Bart416 as Director of Baking Research, amyameretta as Resident Pie Expert, MariMassa as Baby Filling Supplier, SynysterGates as Strawberry Shortcake Lover and Queen of the Shortcakes, and Maelstrom Vortex as Official Pastry Taster Taste Tester. All will be one with pastries! Hail the Era of Pastrity! Naturally we have adjusted our forums accordingly to this change: https://cn.npowned.net/forum/ Lord of Darkness, Emperor of the New Pastry Order Purveyor of Baked Goods
  25. Lord of Darkness

    Polaris Government Update

    Here's to hoping Lestat returns eventually. Congratulations on the promotion Grub. Does it come complete with a porch (or perhaps a podium) from which to yell at the kids disturbing your Regent duties?