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  1. They're just really making sure to reiterate the definition of their relationship with the distinction between if they are, just like hanging with the Freehold, or within the Freehold. If you catch my drift. It's beautiful man.
  2. The Animal Squanch Accords In the ruins of the old IRC fraternity #animalhouse: NG and Cobra hereby announce to Squanch whoever they want, wherever they want however they want. Signed for Cobra: King Cobra - Johnny Apocalypse Royal Guard - General Kanabis, Lyanna Mormont, General Tiki Signed for Non Grata: Stewie, Leader Thrash, Foreign Affairs King Cyan, Internal Affairs
  3. This isn't a case of laziness and the nations listed by your ally in this thread remain our allies. Unless you want another quagmire to wade through....
  4. sorry hakai i cant let you die eat french fry
  5. I was just joking around with Bundy then the rest of ya showed up. Go take whatever the bird equivalent of a chill pill is.
  6. Some guy called "Nuclear Tech 2", it was good to test my own new EMP nuclear tech on him.
  7. So when should we expect to see CLAWS cancel a treaty? You've signed a few lately, shouldn't you balance it out a bit? 😛 Congratulations to both ODN and FTW on steps toward a more coherent FA policy!
  8. I'd like to second this suggestion. Given that any attempt to draw a web of all the treaties will show a mangled mess and reveal how incoherent everyone's FA policy actually is.
  9. Hail Satan! Oh wait, wrong meeting. Congrats on finding Jesus! What does the future hold for CCC now that you are born again?
  10. I'm glad to see the glorious International uniting as one in the face of adversity! You're welcome.
  11. Hello. Quite a rough start to this round (again) and as a result I have a few questions. I notice that a number of nations created for the sole purpose of ruining people's start to Round 53 have been deleted. I also notice that a number of NLON nations have been deleted. Can we please get a transparent explanation from admin/moderation regarding their action here? Many players are quite irritated at this response with no explanation. Will affected nations have their stats rolled back? If not, there remains no point for us to continue the round meaningfully due to the large disadvantage we face. Has the culprit of these 'burner nations' been identified? What steps will be taken (if any) to prevent this from happening in the future? This has occured to my alliance 2 out of the 4 rounds we've been playing and we're sick of it. It is very clear to us this is a player who continues to abuse game mechanics to cripple our ability to participate meaningfully with other players of the game. I look forward to hearing back from someone.
  12. Novel idea: Maybe instead of waiting for surrenders, you could instead just declare victory yourself and leave it at that?
  13. I'm pleased to see peace being abundant on Bob lately, I wonder who will be privileged enough to have peace declared on them next!
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