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  1. This. Blue-balling your opponent is a tried and true method of biting one's thumb at them when the odds aren't in your favour.
  2. "UfP mAkE tOo mAnY aNnOuNcEmEnt" I call it; 'Spongxelmock' - It is disgusting I know but hey free tech is free tech!
  3. They did? I don't see a formal announcement of their disbandment anywhere. Nor do I see an alliance surrender for that matter, which would mean the AA is still technically in a state of war with Non Grata.
  4. I meant what I said! You just have to circumnavigate and keep going East a bit longer To the dismay of our cartographers, our compasses don't have a 'West' and any talk of such a direction is tantamount to treason.
  5. GOONS gonna goon, just in different places
  6. The nomadic people of Anubia since being displaced have set sail and found ourselves on the Antarctic peninsula to the east of Kitex. We have chosen to settle here and hereby lay claim to this peninsula and the territory further south.
  7. You demanded Lucius de-commision his SDI because you (the #3 ranked alliance on the planet) could not keep the leader of a 10 man micro in nuclear anarchy to prevent him launching counter-offensives. NG demanded reps because of an aggressive attack on their people. You demanded a wonder be de-commissioned because of a bruised ego after launching a war on a trumped up charged of 'espionage' which originated from one of your own members offering to be the spy and never materialised into any actual spying.
  8. See my above post for context. [OOC] We all use psuedonyms for a reason, using someone's IRL name (even if it is only their christian name and fairly innocuous meme) implies a level of knowledge about the player which; a) is not pertinent to gameplay b) suggests a lack of respect for the OOC/IC line. It's worth nipping in the bud as it could very well become a slippery slope especially given recent events. To be clear, I'm not using this as a means to attack you or saying the extent of recent circumstances is on par with the meme posted, I'm just pointing out there could be potential for this seemingly innocuous double-standard to be used as grounds to snowball into a mess I'm sure we'd all like to not have to deal with ever again. Call it me being over-cautious if you like, but I think it's something worth giving a little bit of thought at the very least.[/OOC]
  9. LH used an OOC medium to login to his account once which means it is impossible to discuss IC. While NG are out of line, LH was the one that opened the door for the attack. So this kind of blurring of lines is okay apparently. Unless someone feels like editing that page to be a bit more accurate and we all agree to respect that we call each other by our given name of choice, regardless of IC leanings. Just a thought anyways.
  10. You'd need to get one of those snakes GATO are using as clubs and extract the venom, fortunately I have some surplus you can have for now and it looks like it won't be long until it's fully contaminated the water supply. So buckle up everyone! We're graduating from licking toads to drinking snake venom in order to see the all creatures that aren't really there.
  11. Farewell to the Entente. and to Tankbite; I am sorry, we fought the giants well and you (and Lucius) were always by my side when we did. I shouldn't have entertained the notion of doubt without first going to speak to you about it to dispel it. I was a fool. I wish you guys all the best going ahead in your new home. You were my staunchest allies and I won't forget the good times we had. o/ The Imperial Entente
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