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  1. It's cool don't sweat it Ly. It's just how it wound up coming across along with other comments, I'm not offended by it and was genuinely playing along with it to lighten the mood a little. We're all good :there isn't an emote to convey my sentiments on here, but it'd be a bitter-sweet and sad kinda smile I suppose: With all this nonsense aside? I sincerely wish you all the best, you were my closest friends who welcomed me back to the world in 2019 and I will not forget the fun we all shared. It is deeply regrettable that my actions have led to such a rift between us. Fo
  2. Hey I was just playing along with the fun little yarn you guys are spinning against the British which is clearly a thinly-veiled attack on me(and a few others). Clearly I touched a nerve thinking this was all fun and games, my bad I guess? Cheerio Tanko.
  3. Well, given that the British crushed the French who were then subsuquently crushed by Prussia that's unsurprising. You tried to 'play' the British and you got and burned, so it probably is wise to not try that again. Napoleon had no game against Wellington back then and once again history repeats itself. Just as your historical hero did before you; into exile you go. At least you tried matey boy. In the meantime; I'm off to start the first Opium War. Maybe I'll see you at the next one eh?
  4. I was merely curious at your pointed zeal towards Tevron's speculation and pursuit of some form of truth to be made public. I did not mean to offend for am I am in the dark on this matter, so yes I suppose I was throwing things around in frustruation to see what stuck because I have been given little else. My apologies LWW. As my King has made clear; the past is the past. There is only the future now.
  5. Apologies my liege. I did not intend to cause you a nuisance. To the future o7
  6. Sure, but I think you'd prefer it more and are strong-arming to ensure that. But out of respect and loyalty to my own? I'll pipe down for now for the benefit of their diplomatic effort.
  7. I know these talks are being finalized behind closed doors but as a private citizen of COBRA? I'm gonna speak my own brains on this: Is that a yes on Non Grata asking for CCC's help if it came to war? How many pieces of silver did they offer you? Because your tone comes across as classic deflection. I bet you considered it too, even though you've been allied to TPF for longer and Non Grata are literally only cosying up to White Team to mess with TPF and diminish their influence. I think someone who definitely isn't government called it a "White Team safari" when trying
  8. That's understandable but [OOC] as long as we can remember the game is the game, you're still a pal beyond it as far as I'm concerned- I will find a machine to play video games other than CN and Civ V online one day. [/OOC] Or maybe it won't be at all. Maybe we let sleeping dogs lie. Given your absence in Boognish? I'm curious how you would come to know this. By all means, spin a yarn though. Oh and "Non-factors" don't usually result in alliances going globetrotting to undermine and build a coalition against them to deal with because they're running scare
  9. Heya Crink! Thanks for coming out I look forward to reading your post, as to the last part? I believe your last words to me were along the lines that we were dpne for good. If this isn't the case then I shall have us both a glass of the finest ready for that day. From what I gather; the above image sums up how you approached 'discussing differences' (or as I see it; lying and getting away with it) Out with the truth, or I'll find and address it myself for the public.
  10. And for the record; I don't hold how you reacted against you, probably would've done the same in your shoes given you were no longer present in the Boognish server. If you were I imagine there would have actually been dialogue between us all, but you made clear you wanted nothing to do with it anymore despite me re-inviting you prior to all of this. 1) That unspoken contract came into question when internal COBRA matters were being aired and Lyanna was raking me over the coals in front of you. Instead of trying to resolve matters, the volume kept escalating and I wasn't about to ke
  11. Not the most practical footwear in muddy trenches, despite perhaps being more aesthetically pleasing . Mon dieu! Oh don't worry, I'll be on my way soon enough- Bear Island was for life, now that there is no Bear Island for me and no GK? This is no life. My only regret is losing you all as friends and watching those bridges that connected us beyond this world get torched because of all of this. So you can drop the act, I know how you really feel Ly but In spite of that? I genuinely wish you well in your future endeavours here and beyond.
  12. How very unexpected. Bonne chance à de vieux amis. Puissiez - vous vivre dans des temps intéressants o/
  13. Case of mistaken identity; that bloke was actually found hanging around with a bunch of crabs. Glad to see this finalised, long live Prince Mochi and COBRA o7
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