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  1. That's precisely the point we are trying to illuminate here. If you want to enforce a ban on tech deals to us, do you not think it would be wise to publicly declare that as well as privately messaging people? Or do you lack the confidence that people will do as you wish if said public declaration was made? You are sneaking around back channels trying to intimidate people individually because you lack the fortitude and conviction to publicly declare the consequences and carry them out.
  2. Yes, no public threats have been made. You hide your actions to undermine our effort (entirely reasonable tactic) but it is quite clear what the implication is if people do engage in tech deals with us. Unless I am incorrect in my assumptions, so please clarify for the world: If someone were to pursue tech deals with us, in spite of your private warnings; What would you do about it?
  3. weird flex but okay rfi Not surprising really, trying to impose your will on those smaller than you. But if you want to push around other people uninvolved in our fight, at least seize the narrative yourselves before playing dirty.
  4. While I am aware that our alliances wage war against each other I have a query for you; I have found myself declared upon by this fledgling nation: https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=618028 A look at their activity shows they applied to join your AA before going unaffiliated and declaring war on my nation. Such profound growth for such a young nation and one that has seemingly received no aid. Odd that they should briefly bear your standard and choose to attack me, don't you think? Do not mistake this post for whinging, I shall deal with them myself but their sudden arrival on our planet; their rapid growth; brief affiliation with yourselves and desire to wage war with me leaves me curious. So I ask you: Do you know who this rogue state is and from whence they came? I have asked them for their reasons for declaring war but am yet to receive a response, so I seek a public response from the one alliance this rogue has had contact with. I await your response.
  5. To be fair, it's hard to measure radio silence levels accurately with all the tumbleweed flying around.
  6. Hey man not cool, I had an operation to replace my mouth with my butt hole after a horrible accident and I'm pretty sensitive about it.
  7. I guess not, makes sense really. Cause y'know if they did, that might escalate things to a point where RFI can't hold their own against who might join to assist NG. I suppose the point is it's quite laughable that FTW felt the need to activate RFI against a few micros in order to curbstomp them. Now they've got the more threatening COBRA front covered with RFI support I guess they feel they can take NG on solo! Godspeed and all that!
  8. Cliff notes? That's a lot of data I cba to process.
  9. You could offload some tech to me and shed that infra. If you're good enough you'll get the tech back in ground attacks Regardless, it seems war is not an option for the Femocratic-Lands at present.
  10. I mean, I wouldn't say the goal is to intentionally suicide. It's more along the lines of doing more than logging in to buy tech, pay bills and collect taxes every 20 days. Actually playing war is more entertaining than playing de facto peace mode with the top alliances who are so inflated with stats that they cannot squish the tiny ants themselves. Stop being friends and start a bar fight with each other.
  11. At first glance it looks like the bad guys have won, sitting on their big pile of stats at the top of the list and doing very little apart from stomping on tiny dissenters. So by that logic that makes anyone willing to challenge the current order the 'bad guys' It's awfully quiet around these forums, which makes it even harder to troll anyone I'd imagine. To be honest I was surprised to find anyone active.
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