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  1. Yeah sure, I should have surrendered to someone who we were fighting successfully and on a fairly equal footing when I suspect I'm about to get jumped by you and yours within 24 hours anyway. That would prevented this for sure 🙄
  2. Revolving Door implies there is still a door, it's just a strange vacant circle in a corridor now.
  3. You know; it did strike me as curious that you finally approached me to be so bold as to see if I would discuss surrendering. I knew something wicked this way rumbled. We are going to need a new map after this one too I would imagine. Maybe get the cartographers to sit back and watch a while.
  4. Almost every action I have taken as leader of COBRA with regards to CLAWS has had to be some form of defensive measure against hostile manouvers (which, for the record, was another violation of the NAP by their hand, as we are your allies and the treaty strictly prohibited that) and there exists evidence scattered on this forum which can verify this. Yet it is put forward that we have been plotting to undermine them with no evidence to back it up.
  5. Very true. That and there's only a finite amount of willing tools to act as proxies on their behalf. After a year of sending rogues our way; sponsoring alliances like KNB to bait us into a war and trying to instigate sanction wars? There evidently really is no other recourse than to cite some dubious source of 'evidence' (which is increasingly so with every refusal to reveal it) to claim Cobra or NG were plotting and lick the Pacifican boot to ensure that they get what they want. It is deeply unfortunate that efforts to mend relations with RFI following the Snake Eyes W
  6. This, but unironically.
  7. @James Spanier This is a very apt signature that you're sporting.
  8. I will be posting this image on every page until the coalition reveals their evidence and how they acquired it. The fact that there is seemingly intentional censorship in revealing this information suggests to me it was acquired via unscrupulous methods. So tell me who's actually guilty of plotting. And; see below. Evidence please. No more deflections, no more "why don't you ask this person?", stop avoiding the question. The rest of us would be expected to build a case with adequate evidence or rationale when presenting a CB and you are no different. Once ag
  9. Yeah, I think you're missing what's being asked here. We understand what the accusations are, we're asking for evidence to verify your claims. [citation needed]
  10. I'll take the Dangerous Prizes over a life of tepid inertia any day. You're right, big alliances don't do what we do: You don't set yourself challenges, you pick an easy target because you are lazy. You don't dare test your ability or play realpolitik with any actual stakes, you sit and hoard pixels in fear that someone might have more than you one day You have all the charm and charisma of political mist; no style and no substance.
  11. This. Seems to me that Cobra got bundled in as a pre-empt to stop us either countering or remaining on the sidelines and because they couldn't get the job done in one go last time round.
  12. Maybe you'd be less bored if you fought an opponent of equal or greater strength. I know that isn't something that the people of RON are very familiar with though.
  13. Big congratulations to CLAWS for finally finding the stones to actually declare on us directly. All it took was a trip to the Pacifican Rim.
  14. Right? Seems in the end they favoured hoarding pixels instead of the main agenda of Doomhouse: Everything. Must. Die.
  15. Live from the King Cobra's Palace: Pfft, you lost all claim to your Doomhouse heritage when you joined Pacifica. Let's dance maggots.
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