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  1. Also former Umbrella (pre-Oculus bootlicking phase) member here, I say everyone does the opposite of what this guy says!
  2. Now, I've seen you say this before in another thread and I don't quite understand why you feel bad for me? It's not like the crown was thrust upon my head at gunpoint and I've always enjoyed leading alliances of good people (regardless of what state their nations may be in after a war) It's far more fun than maintaining some middle-management office drone role where you have responsibility but no meaningful influence over your alliance. Pick up the pieces? Fairly straight-forward stuff that; get people aid, make sure trade circles don't fall apart and maintain an active presence in the community. Oh! The crushing burden of it all.... And just for clarification; the current King of Cobra is not in Non Grata, he's right here addressing you. You can keep your pity Smitty. P.S. I don't think you seem to understand what a coward is: Cowards tend to avoid fights, not start them.
  3. Yes Jerdge, the wiki is an impartially edited resource! Out of curiosity, who manages it?
  4. I must admit I did find a bit odd that the victors wanted their opponents to write their history, but hey ho
  5. You removed the apologies, the joke name changes and the ballad singing of your triumphs but the tech 'deals' remained. Eventually you came to your senses and dropped them. We then met in the middle with an admission of defeat in lieu of white peace. I'm not entirely sure of the point of debating this. The hatchet is buried, no?
  6. Regarding the threat we presented to you: I don't think Tevron would appreciate me log dumping private conversations that clearly indicated this sentiment from RFI, so I will refrain from doing so (Alternatively if it wasn't due to the threat we presented; you could enlighten us all on why you asked for a controlled demolition of our warchests?) Regarding you demanding apologies: You don't demand an apology if you want it to mean anything. If someone is genuinely repentant they will apologise of their own accord. Building them into peace talks as a means of humiliating your opponent? Doesn't exactly foster the "goodwill" I was hearing so much about you guys wanting to generate. Maybe we are lucky that Kashmir has a tie to Polar, they fortunately had the ear of someone with a bit more sense than yourselves. I would imagine we were lucky in the same way that RFI are lucky that Legion are tied to Polar. That is probably why your coalition partners got so irritated when Kashmir ended up engaging someone other than Legion; Legion were seemingly allowed to hit Kashmir with impunity, the rest of you however..... Maybe you're lucky that Polar only decided to lean on people with actual influence to get you to drop your ridiculous surrender terms and nothing more. After-all, firepower was allegedly offered to both Kashmir and Legion. Regarding the "Alternatives" - They did not engender goodwill or meaningful post-war resolution because: a) The tech deals were forced, there was no economic benefit to us really, it would be more apt to refer to us as "tech slaves" wherein you gave us enough money to buy your tech and enough left over to buy a shred of infra and severely cripple our rebuilding potential. b) They required us having to constantly engage comms with you to arrange these deals post-war; when the war ended I wanted to be able to cease diplomatic relations with yourselves, not drag them out even further. It would have fostered even more resentment between our two coalitions. The controlled demolition of our warchests? You think that leads to a meaningful peace? That's just spiteful. We got our peace, and we didn't have to pay you with anything other than words. I'm good with that. Oh Tevron, you know we both spoke at length about this. Is it revisionism time already? Agreed, I was not related to the peace talks directly until they had begun, but I did have an input on the coalition dialogue before I was put in charge of negotiating the peace on behalf of Cobralition. (Meritocracy > Bureaucracy 😛) Sure, we discussed the possibility of a reduced amount (as we also discussed the viability of all the terms presented to us) and there was indeed a breakdown in comms in communicating that. On the whole however, none of us wanted to agree to any sort of reduction short of an entire reduction, as a result we decided against countering with a reduction. They were not "tech deals" that you presented as far as we were concerned. They were reparations designed to hamper economic prosperity by enslaving our aid slots, there was no "goodwill" to be generated from agreeing to such terms so we rejected them. You reduced the amount from 75,000 to 70,000 at one point -which quite frankly was insulting- and if that was the level of reduction you were expecting, I felt there was ultimately no point presenting you with a reduced amount which you would actually accept so we decided to aim for what we actually wanted; White Peace. We knew you wouldn't agree to it, but we also sure as hell weren't going to agree to shipping you 70,000 technology, or change TIE's AA name to "X-Wing", or allow you to demolish our warchests, or write you a 1,000 word ballad depicting Cobralition as Goblins and you as mighty heros (and come on, what kind of heroes get their opponents to write about their valiant triumph against some goblins?) It was quite funny tbh, the amount of times you called me a poor negotiator because I wouldn't present a figure as a counter-offer. Yet here we are today at peace and we're not shipping you tech at a rate of 6/200 or whatever the rate posited was (I know it certainly wasn't a fair one, I would need to check logs) Even you acknowledged that my decision to not present you with a reduction made sense from a negotiator's position in light of the communication-breakdown.
  7. I believe the alternative to tech deals that we presented was White Peace. I remember this because you got awfully frustrated that my suggestion didn't involve a simple reduction of tech to be sold, rather that the term be dropped altogether So this was rejected and we opted to fight until you dropped the tech deals. Then you returned with idea of a controlled demolition of our warchests because of the 'threat' you claim we posed (or maybe not you personally, maybe you spoke for someone else in RFI at the time). We rejected this too. The alternatives presented from your side did not suggest to me that a meaningful peace would emerge by agreeing to them.
  8. Speak for yourself old-timer I agree though.
  9. I don't think that's entirely why people are posting? Sure, I am making threads to encourage activity but I don't think the rest of people are responding to threads to "make it look big", I think they're actually just after some discourse. " The Day Today has received some enlightening intelligence from the Blacklist Coalition who, being utterly incapable of stepping to Non Grata and their sympathizers on a public forum, have initiated a gag order to avoid embarrassing themselves any further. " I did not name any specific alliance- that's just your hubris showing. Also I would like to again refer you to the screenshot of you specifically messaging us to ask us to not talk about Non Grata's flag. Clearly there was some interest, otherwise you would've continued your usual non-involvement in world affairs.
  10. Okay so, look for the thread titled "Do not adjust your sets...." and the date it was posted, then look at the dates of threads that came before and after it, as well as the level of activity in each thread. Then tell me more about this lack of activity. If you build it, they will come.
  11. I'm not going to argue the non-existence of the obvious malaise that plagues this place, I will however combat it and encourage people to actually participate- all it really takes is a little bit of initiative and imagination to cook some words up in the right way (just because we're all older now doesn't mean we can't still be creative). You may not see people giving a damn and telling people not to post from where you are, but it does happen. People are actively discouraged from participation whether that be by direct order to not participate; not post a dissenting view or because of how disdainfully people like yourself paint the place. There's a screenshot above of you directly attempting to meddle with what I post on the OWF for christ's sake. There are people who would still like to have a bit of fun here[ooc] and believe it or not, new players do still pop up from time to time [/ooc]. I get that a lot of you have been doing nothing other than collecting taxes and paying bills for about 10 years and that is very dull but don't inflict that dullness onto everyone else who wants to actually lead. You could try doing something meaningful and challenging with all that weight you're so dedicated to maintaining, for example. I'm perfectly capable of being impartial when it is necessary to do so. At present, things are very one-sided in terms of statistical strength and it'd be very boring if I acted as a cheerleader for the curbstompers. I'm also leading an alliance opposed to this bland form of warfare that has dominated the politics of this game for as long as I can remember. So naturally I will be far less impartial on the world forum when it comes to representing this. My point on impartiality was more that if there were more conflicts (escalated or simmering, doesn't matter) that were being aired out publicly that would make for more impartial reporting; more entertaining forum posts and the place could be viewed less disdainfully. Unfortunately people prefer to hide away developments in their discord warrens and pour scorn on those who have the confidence to speak publicly [ooc] and play the game [/ooc]
  12. - Terminator did go on a voyage for a sanctuary after bailing on NG. - You do have 20 people in peace mode, did have 9 active wars at the time of publication and are barely fighting NG where it matters. - I did hallucinate some stuff about Pork Rolls. - Gag orders are absolutely a thing for a number of alliances in Oc and RFI. And jfc; being able to be impartial or balanced requires more action to report on in the first place. I'm pretty sure I've advertised in previous editions the chance for other leaders to contribute, but no submissions have been received and the news ain't gonna write itself
  13. The Boognish Cult notices increased war activity between AW and Defcon 1 Boognish feels left out of the great pixel sacrifice. Boognish Cult asks of Planet Steve: SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT. WE WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU GOT. End Transmission.
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