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  1. You're omitting the initial act of aggression for the sake of presenting a half-complete narrative that suits your agenda: Banned knowingly aided a rogue who you had both been encouraging to attack us. Your member Morphine also attacked our ally. The acts of hostility and aggression began with you and your affiliates. I wouldn't say that it's a conspiracy 'theory', it's just an actual conspiracy. Without the backing of Doombirds who have an axe to grind with Cobra? King Neptune's Bar would be nothing, you would have no political clout. This is why you happily do as you
  2. Banned and yourself have spent the entire time since your formation goading us into some form of action against you. It is laughable that you are trying to play the aggrieved party, even more so when you talk about how you didn't want to see NLON tied up in this but made no effort to stop it or attempt to resolve it. You were more than happy to let it happen in order to spin the narrative contained within this post. Don't pretend you have their interests at heart, we see through your transparent scheming. The thing about you Hitchcock? You are a man devoid of subtlety a
  3. You can try as you might to spin and paint us as 'endangering our allies' - but you are the ones unjustly launching unwarranted attacks on them. Justice for NLON o/
  4. My bad; I didn't realise I was the puppet leader of TPF as well as just a placeholder for COBRA. So many roles to keep up with! For someone who you considered a placeholder and now some puppet-leader, you certainly seem to view me in quite a higher standing than you previously let on. You should know that no such order came from me to launch further attacks against DBDC, I was seeking a resolution afterall- something your leader and your behaviour have made clear you had no interest in meaningfully pursuing. So let's set out the recent chain of events here: We rec
  5. Awww isn't that adorable. Dagny Taggert decided to jump in in cirk2 of NLON as well: I wonder why that might be? Might it be because of our refusal to facilitate your extortion racketeering efforts? Now you're feeling a bit salty and decided to increase the pressure on our allies all because Baba Doom isn't getting what it wants from those pesky midgets who should damned well know their place and be more obedient whatwhat!?
  6. I won't deny my consumption of mind-altering substances. That's probably the only truth to be found here. Oh and that I bring it on myself, if I didn't make enemies then I'm just another beige leader too busy hugging his pixels. Thanks for the shout-out though!
  7. Incoming Fact Attack Doombird Egg-extortion Racket Exposed Demands of +1,000 tech as 'reparations' Former Doombird launches yet unprovoked attack A Message from King COBRA for Steeldor Much has happened in the past 24 hours regarding the alliances of COBRA/Ordo Cyberneticus, KNB, DBDC and 'Mongoose'. From the (former) Doombird knowingly funding a rogue entity to assist in their attack on COBRA; followed by the subsequent brief military operation into Doombird territory to send a message and get the attention of the Doombird leaders; to the recognition of hostili
  8. What day is it? Why it's.... The Headlines tonight: King Neptune's Bar overrun with Rodent infestation - Exterminators summoned Doombird transforms into Mongoose to pursue age old grudge with COBRA Welcome to The Day Today. COBRA Environmental Inspection orders closure of King Neptune's Bar - Rodent infestation cited. - Neptunian Menace launches unwarranted assault on Ordo Cyberneticus - Bitter Old Manbird offers to fund rogue activity against COBRA For some time now, the alliance known as 'King Neptune's Bar'
  9. You mean the elaborate attempt at a character assassination against me isn't something you endorse and is definitely not an attempt to provoke me and my alliance? Well if you say so....
  10. Didn't think I'd ever hail a return of TPF, but that relentless march of time changes everything. Godspeed to the reborn Phoenix, I wish you the best as you rise in your latest form (though a shard of you will always remain Sellswords to me ) o/ Sellswords o/ TPF
  11. A) We didn't need a few days to arrange a strike on you. Upon looking into the chat history it took less than 24 hours to gather 'the goons' to do something about you; the wavering defector-in-waiting. I have no intention of letting potential liabilities associate with Cobra and you made your future intentions clear in the KNB server. B) I don't consider you to be plotting some grand conspiracy against Cobra, you're far too inactive to be doing so. This is simply a light purging. We don't need people to just sit on the AA to artificially inflate our strength if they have no intent
  12. I would rather have men and women among the ranks of Cobra who are loyal and dedicated their brothers and sisters in arms, than those who would openly waver in their loyalties for someone like you. You, who have no loyalty to anyone but your own ideals or demented braincrash schemes? You simply piggyback onto the nearest bandwagon or get atop your soapbox pretending to have some divine ethics or moral high ground. You were one of us too once if you recall but now you are nothing more than a useful idiot to people much more savvy. Everyone affiliated with you knows what I am alludin
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