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  1. We could've rolled you had we targeted you last war but we've been doing that for years and there are alliance awards we always pursue. You should've won the alliance awards with ease but now it will be close.
  2. You must be mad to put up an entire thread crying over D1 pursuing awards, it's not like we haven't been chasing them for years now and won most of them and our complaints have been over how others have coordinated to win flags, we don't do that. We'll be on equal footing next round so we'll see what you can do when you can 't cheap shot us for the entire round.
  3. You guys have played your dirtiest round to date and now you believe yourself to be No1. haha We'll see what happens when you have to fight a fair war. Proof? You don't have the best memory when it comes to historical context. We put ourselves into a war after you attempted to avoid us and after you had down declared SotRs. We follow the rules, there is no reason for us not to follow the rules but you don't and haven't since the start of the round so we respond to you under your new set of game rules. You have done nothing but dirty cheap wage down declares all ro
  4. We've waged a fair war with equal stats and you've third partied us. We're fine with no rules but I'm keeping records for future references.
  5. It's good to clarify AW no longer abides to any rules anymore. It looks like D1 and AW must engage every war now.
  6. DEFCON 1 finding out the truce expired.. We're hungry so we'll order the fat and delicious Ordo Paradoxia for main and the frail sour Nlon for desert. Good luck to all!
  7. So you don't understand the difference, again we're not accepting anymore more post war peace with time frames.
  8. We're not accepting anymore truces with set time frames. Do you understand the difference?
  9. And NLoN paid for the breach but did you know AW were waging wars throughout our truce? And we're not interested in any truce when only offered to individual members.
  10. Why didn't AW sign up last year then? Why skip a year and now you are offering members to sign up as individuals and not with their respected alliances. AW is a joke and deserve to be treated like one.
  11. The main issue is this isn't popular with our members and it might only work for the few who do want to participate and hop alliances even if its only temporary like an exchange system.
  12. D1 offered a Xmas/New Year truce to all alliances last year and every alliance signed up except AW. We're not petty like you and attempt to go around an alliance leadership. In tradition like last year huh 🤡 And I will state it for the record once again, we'll do a truce and respect the post war 5 day mandatory grace like we always have but we're not agreeing to any time frame you set.
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