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  1. Then tell RR to keep his TE grudges from SE.
  2. My error, i meant NpO* and you attacked D1 nations that didn’t trade with you so it was never about trades. You just wanted to get revenge for D1 crushing you in TE. You took it far too personal for a game that resets every 3 months and still do. Did you know in SE if you attack a protectorate usually the protector gets involved? And NPO told us you had exhausted all diplomacy with them and so the only option left was your destruction. That of course had nothing to do with us and was never our intention, everyone only wanted you to back off. We didn’t want to see you get pushed from the game so I gave you an opportunity to deescalate and I knew you’d take it. Do I regret saving your dumb ass? Nope. D1 has never supported people getting pushed from the game regardless of their actions or words.
  3. You are still trying to justify your massive down-declare but the figures don't support your deluded theory, you can spin it as much as you want though. No point arguing with ignorance.
  4. We dropped our NDO trade circle due to us forming our own alliance and trade circle but claiming it was to spite you is a lie and it was only used as your excuse to try exact revenge for us destroying you on TE. Even NPO asked why would anyone declare war on an entire alliance just because they dropped a couple of trades. lol Two years later and you're still peddling your bs.
  5. You getting moderated for a ToS breach has nothing to do with me if you're in violation, those are your actions not mine but are you really upset over getting a warning from a moderator a few years ago? Poor snowflake lol You took your beef to SE because you were getting rolled by us in TE and you thought you could get your revenge in SE. Try not to rewrite history again. Only salty sweats pursue sanction wars and we could've jumped on black and did the same to AW but we're not salty sweats. You also had the members to sanction us on day 5 so we'd have been forced off anyway. The difference is you settled on 24 tech and not 30. Show us all the guides AW and RE are using then we can put this to sleep. AW had all our guides and were actively using them, Tehol infiltrated our alliance a few rounds ago and got our updated versions. Lets see our own guides?
  6. Why would we want your fake peace? There’ll be no peace for you.
  7. No one in D1 gives a damn what you think. Lol You have always been disliked in D1 for cowering behind the protection of others when it protected you from us. You’d still be a member of Aw if you didn’t get pummelled by us all the time.
  8. 24 tech wasn’t standard, are you serious? Most major alliances had their own starting tech level and I still have all the guides of all the alliances i was in to prove it. Why do you constantly make up lies? Lol
  9. If you want to encourage people to stay then help create a healthy game environment and balance but instead you’re all on the same side. Your one sided bully tactics only push people from the game and pretending we’ve been bullies is hilarious when majority of the time we’ve fought bigger alliances and fair wars were also pursued unless they had wronged us. D1 is only hated for being good at the game and there is no other reason. D1 sure as hell doesn’t need to stick around for all the toxicity but prove us wrong that you can build a fun environment for everyone, I highly doubt it judging these actions. Most of you are disgruntled former players who got rolled one too many times and you’ve finally found your calling to return but the game is on its last legs. You’re 3 years too late.
  10. I did hear Bats is bringing the heat with all his Filipino mates. Lol He’s one of the best to ever play the game and also a TPC legend to boot so good luck to him.
  11. SUN? I was a member. 😉 You can claim you’ve done what D1 but you could never prove it because the reality is it simply doesn’t compare. You can’t have accomplished much in your two year head start and RE under Mittens has been relatively quiet these past few years. D1 use to dance a lot with RE under Staccs but it never really accomplished much. The game died a long time ago, there are only grudges to pursue now and most if not all of D1 will finish when i do so your game will be truly dead when that happens. No one in D1 is here for all your tantrums and drama.
  12. I am aware RE existed before my time and I am also aware a few faces from back then have returned. There are no longer any rules so I am also aware this was was never intended to be fair, i only find it amusing this side would brag over winning a war they shouldn’t lose. I never said anyone else used our tactics.
  13. The attacks on AW are pre-emptive as we figured they’d tail in on our war and we didn’t ignore any threat, RE is double our size and attacked right out of the gate so we defended. This little fantasy world you live in sure doesn’t correlate with reality.
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