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  1. When you get dragged out of retirement to do a dow... DEFCON 1 declares on the combines forces of Digital Combat Soldiers, Ordo Paradoxia and Nefarious. There is a signicant difference in the stats so if you have under 50 million and you want peace early, offer peace to your D1 opponents and it'll be accepted. o/
  2. Original, weird, unusual, simple and straight to the point... I like it! 👍 And I'd like to thank Son of Taeper for setting a new record for D1 and getting the dow posted over 4 hours late. Well done Sot, you make us all proud! 😃
  3. Time we got this show started... DEFCON 1 hereby declares war against the combined forces of Total Party Kill and New League of Nations.
  4. The only cringelord here is the one using cipher. 😂
  5. Next time I'll try harder after that failed attempt at sarcasm.
  6. I believe what he's trying to say is that the treaty is redundant if it's not listed on your forum that no one uses, including WAPA.
  7. It appeared to be a good match up but now they've bought in DBDC under the guise of a "raid".
  8. WAPA is under the protection of NpO so you've declared on them as well.
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