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  1. We've had 3 rounds of war already and you have been demolished every time. Also the finger pointing is only your poor excuse for losing 3 wars to D1 already. This time we weren't going to let you build unopposed like last round and allow you to dogpile D1 while at war. Oh no those days are over.
  2. Except a war just started between these alliances. D1 vs BC, OP and BAPs. Good luck to everyone involved!
  3. You won nothing actually, you barely fought back and then you had to re-roll.
  4. If you want rules applied then next time reach out and lets come to an agreement as is customary? Since when were econ ops banned? I also showed steve that you're bad at the game and if Wolves aren't waging massive down declares you're all quite pathetic. 😄 Try again next round?
  5. This time we're declaring war against the combined forces of Ordo Paradoxia, BAPs and Alpha Puppies.
  6. An AW spy who sat on the D1 aa for most of last round feeding them info and they accuse D1 of foul play.
  7. Your last 4 wars were down declares against D1 so we're only giving back what you gave us. Enjoy! 🙂
  8. We're just itching to get this started... DEFCON 1 hereby declares war against Alpha Wolves
  9. It was my response to your complaining, see paragraph above mine 😉 Wile stated Demiror for you and you still missed it and we haven't given you anything to complain about yet.
  10. "We've noticed that D1 and AW have shown no willingness to deal with the threat." First of all D1 and AW are at war so I'm not sure what you're expecting while that war is active. Still D1 was able to start preemptive strikes a couple of days ago to try weakened their impact and we could only use a couple of D1 vets who only signed up to help with trades. But I understand these are frustrating times for BC and I do empathize.
  11. I know this must make you happy but if you still haven't figured it out, we're all being rouged by the same person using multis so while you laugh at me when the same is happening to you and yours, you're doing nothing to help rid the game of cheaters except cheer one on.
  12. The initial blame that went your way is the dow against D1 while we were getting nuked by rogues for a month straight. You avoided NLoN and OP to hit an alliance already at war but unsurprising as you've shown in the past you tried to rescue stevie and his shady lot who were already dead, they were only rerolling to keep nuke turrets on us, the group who used rogues against us and played their silly games the round before when it was time to win their precious flags. Also are you trying to say if we treat you the same way you treated us, you're going to leave TE? You forced half of our alliance to quit because no one should have to go through what you put them through last round so if you were to quit, I wouldn't shed a tear, only remember all those you made quit. And unless you have proof, I don't need to use rogues so you can stop blaming me when there are many getting rogued including D1. I get rogued almost every round but unlike you I don't go crying to everyone.
  13. Also I appreciate the kind words, Aris and LH! BC will prevail. o/ SoT and multis will fall.
  14. I don't care what you believe and I'm more than happy to fight this war but get your facts straight. We're also being rogued by Sot and PS, he has attacked the only 2 people in D1 he hates, Chameleon and myself. If it weren't for D1 not trusting AW not to take advantage later we'd be rolling them all right now.
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