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  1. No idea what you're talking about and you need to keep up with the times, this invite was made in the previous round. You'll be crawling back to the woodwork in due time.
  2. Whatever excuse you want to use... Good luck in the wars to come 😉
  3. How about a 50th anniversary TE badge that'll showcase on the TE account we participant with or SE nation? I'm all for any game changes.
  4. If you're looking for a tough fight, you know where to find us. To temp many, we're going to start with a few who look well prepared. DEFCON 1 hereby declares war against the World. o/
  5. When you get dragged out of retirement to do a dow... DEFCON 1 declares on the combines forces of Digital Combat Soldiers, Ordo Paradoxia and Nefarious. There is a signicant difference in the stats so if you have under 50 million and you want peace early, offer peace to your D1 opponents and it'll be accepted. o/
  6. Original, weird, unusual, simple and straight to the point... I like it! 👍 And I'd like to thank Son of Taeper for setting a new record for D1 and getting the dow posted over 4 hours late. Well done Sot, you make us all proud! 😃
  7. Time we got this show started... DEFCON 1 hereby declares war against the combined forces of Total Party Kill and New League of Nations.
  8. The only cringelord here is the one using cipher. 😂
  9. Next time I'll try harder after that failed attempt at sarcasm.
  10. I believe what he's trying to say is that the treaty is redundant if it's not listed on your forum that no one uses, including WAPA.
  11. It appeared to be a good match up but now they've bought in DBDC under the guise of a "raid".
  12. WAPA is under the protection of NpO so you've declared on them as well.
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