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  1. You don't need to be a mod to make a report.
  2. Why are you telling me? If you have evidence then report it to moderation, I can't ban cheaters from the game.
  3. So your accusations are baseless and you have no proof. Tap out accepted.
  4. I've always been against cloning so If you have proof to support your accusations then send it to the moderation.
  5. Why are you addressing us like your some kind of threat?
  6. Well this explains everything then, this entire time we thought you were a rogue from AW. Well done on the dow and good fight!
  7. We offered to work with you or anyone that would work with us but you're only fixated on trying to destroy our credibility by playing the victim. Also Goons are not new players and we could've hit everyone else but we're trying not to be too aggressive and we're giving others the opportunity to fight. Still we're not obligated to neuter ourselves to appease you and others who are competing against us but we're still giving you all as much breathing room as we can.
  8. I've reached out to work together rather than against but you lot ain't interested so here we are. It doesn't concern me as to who quits or participates but if you participate then understand this is a tournament and we're all here to win. Don't like competition then this isn't the game for you.
  9. Both of your alliances trade together, you have a secret discord together (which tehol accidentally left open for the public to see when he created it) and you dont declare war on each other so who are you trying to fool here? D1 has only used 6 members engaging and already your members are destroying all their infra. Lol Cry me a river
  10. Quite rude not to invite us to participate in the tournament wars so you've given us no choice but to crash the party. 🙂
  11. We have nothing to prove, last round we were the 4th largest alliance and defeated the top 3 alliances consecutively without breaks, that would put us in a higher league except there is none and we've shared our experience with you and others to help bring some more balance to the game. You had the opportunity to help us make TE fun in round 50 and instead took advantage of our efforts to clamp down on rogue tactics and down declared us the entire round. Your destructive and unfair wars pushed half of our alliance to quit that round. For many years I've been a propon
  12. Unfortunately you would've been rogued had we split anyway and given our hostile history you should not have assumed we'd followed you and split. A split was debated but proved unpopular and the main reason for that is our veterans have been together for years and for many it's the only reason why they continue. Also your timing seems to be opportunistic, for example the previous two rounds you had more members than everyone else yet you never volunteered a split and you waited for this round to start before you announced a split possibly due to your lower than usual numbers. There will be no
  13. It was unfortunate that you and Nlon were the only options left. I heard admin sent out 50mil as compensation to all those affected by the multies which I support and we gave everyone some breathing space to help the recovery. The only issue I have is that you all went for a extra long back-collect knowing the risk, if I knew it'd be safe then all of D1 would be doing the same but we learnt years ago after many lessons from rogues and multies its not worth the risk. And if an alliance like D1 is militarizing early like we always do then you're putting yourself in another vulnerable
  14. I still remember in my first war I was slapped with every econ op in the book and trashed talked after getting rolled into the dirt but that was the norm and why I probably kept playing, these days we are far more civilized. 😆
  15. You already got a flag when we gifted Nlon one earlier this round, you're even flying it in-game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We both know you're salty for having to collect in nuclear anarchy but Jiros had stated peace was still on the table for Nlon except you had to come and ask us this time since you know, you turned down our offer and you've kept us at war for weeks now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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