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  1. Every war you declared was a down declare so why are you bragging about that tough guy. When stats have been equal, we've pummeled you every time and you ou avoided nations your size by avoiding OP.
  2. D1 actually outplayed you and your scummy opportunistic alliance and the results will show this soon.
  3. Last round there were 5 alliance wide wars in total which is fewer wars than we saw in rounds 48 and 49 with roughly equal player counts so I'd have to disagree that starting with more cash encourages fast and competitive play, I believe it does the opposite. What we do see though are more rogues and we see them more frequently, some here may prefer this because they're not having to deal with rogues and they benefit from enemy alliances having to deal with them. But WRC's could be bought even when we started with 2 million and new alliances come and go every round, 50 mil rounds are balanced, rogues rerolling can't do much with 50 mil and it's easy to build strong nations with this start up amount.
  4. @admin To discourage the use of nuke turret rogues who can reroll back into a lot of cash and continue to nuke turret, can we consider starting with a lower amount of cash than the previous. The lower the start up cash was, the more beneficial donations become and it also benefits skilled players who've significant time honing their skills and build a lot of cash but if you give everyone +100 million, this skill factors importance diminishes. It'd be great to see a 25mil or 50mil round start up. Thanks
  5. It wasn't a threat, it's only been temporarily delayed.
  6. So I'm right and it's all personal. At least be honest next time.
  7. I've already hit who you're too scared to touch. Do you ignore OP so you can continue to rely on their suoport? They wont be able to save you.
  8. AW only wants to get the jump on D1 and NLoN though, this is all personal for you. Enjoy it while it last!
  9. Oh yes that's right NLoN aided D1after AW chose to jump D1 with the biggest underhanded war I've ever seen while we were at war with Stevies group. I never said your dow wasn't fancy though it lacks any effort or creativity, I was only pointing out that your stats dont line up. Next round we'll make sure everyone participates.
  10. So far your wars waged against D1 are 22 and NLoN are 6. Both alliances have the same amount of members. But why even add NLoN? We both know they're all broke. We're 56 days into the round and OP haven't seen a single nuke yet so why continue to deny them a war and pad your stats adding NLoN?
  11. No love for OP? Also I can't say I've ever seen anyone mess stats up like this before. All you have to do is take a screenshot. smh 😂
  12. No idea what you're talking about and you need to keep up with the times, this invite was made in the previous round. You'll be crawling back to the woodwork in due time.
  13. Whatever excuse you want to use... Good luck in the wars to come 😉
  14. How about a 50th anniversary TE badge that'll showcase on the TE account we participant with or SE nation? I'm all for any game changes.
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