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  1. HiredGun

    Up-declare madness

    It appears we're ruining everyone's this round. 😂 Show it later.
  2. After a long heated debate over who we'd attack, these were the councils final words with Wasso.. DEFCON 1 hereby declares war against Sexy Gladiators and IRON. Here were some of our reactions after the news was received.. Bunnet... Ulysses.. Son of Taeper.. Tosh.. We will not attack those in SG who recently fought but we welcome them to join in when they're ready.
  3. HiredGun

    Another dow from your favs

    Stats https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mfUDl7nXlJV897cAOXEcu0wUCfxjUcoEKJaOWBQTQSo/edit?usp=sharing Well done to everyone involved, that was a lot of fun!
  4. HiredGun

    Another dow from your favs

    We all know the TE gods demand blood, tears and stats but they also expect the following. An up declare and of course the infamous down declare - Lucky for all D1 has covered us already, you're welcome! An inter-alliance fight - Son of Taeper never let's us down. 😂 And of course a tough fight between old rivals, D1 and the wolves. Where is the old mangly haired one?
  5. HiredGun

    Another dow from your favs

    More stats D1 https://screenshots.firefox.com/eXkrJrj2gEUip1Le/tournament.cybernations.net NLoN https://screenshots.firefox.com/xcyoGn9FS2hur46e/tournament.cybernations.net The Pack https://screenshots.firefox.com/SMuI9UYrFIDtQPfx/tournament.cybernations.net
  6. We waited for someone to hit us yesterday but disappointingly you all let us down so we're coming to you. DEFCON 1 declares war on NLoN and The Pack.
  7. HiredGun

    D1 dow

    Blood for the blood gods, Tears for the tear gods, and stats for the stat nerds https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R8uyDgxjqil-8gc7NZrV-E1csKVIDluy8rzZrZTM0VI/edit?usp=sharing
  8. HiredGun

    D1 dow

    DEFCON 1 will now be running blockades on all those who turtle navy.
  9. HiredGun

    D1 dow

    Links are there
  10. HiredGun

    D1 dow

    After a shockingly forced 4 month break, D1 rolls to war once again... but this time our opponents are... Woo Waa Wee... Real footage of our excitement... DEFCON 1 hereby declares sexy times against our very Sexy Gladiators. 😉 https://screenshots.firefox.com/8gOm3hvIvDIXRXza/tournament.cybernations.net https://screenshots.firefox.com/gHcFLHyGzZoI2yKT/tournament.cybernations.net https://screenshots.firefox.com/BveGdXNvuU89DeoE/tournament.cybernations.net
  11. HiredGun

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    For once I agree with you. Alliance caps will pool the most active, coordinated and knowledgeable together meaning the playing field will still be out of balance. I'd say there will be 2-3 dominant super star alliances which is little difference from having 2-3 larger dominant alliances. I think a better solution would be to have inactive micros merge under an active and ambitious leadership.
  12. HiredGun

    TE- Round 46

    Admin has stated the round will not start for a few months so all we can do is wait. Dark meet the TE community, TE community meet Dark.
  13. HiredGun

    Slapping Time!!!

    " and then you go on to say this.. I rest my case.
  14. HiredGun

    Slapping Time!!!

    If RE weren't attacked as well then the UN would've taken a lot of that 30k damage which is the point you continue to miss.
  15. HiredGun

    TE- Round 46

    It has to be a typo, I'm sure he meant "days". @admin