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  1. I made sure we retaliated against all AW users so why are you surprised? You complained to Cowboy that we started using econ ops to justify your use of them against Cowboy yet all evidence points to you using them first at the start of the war. And you're delusional if you think you bested Cowboy. I bet you rage over me on a daily basis, you need to understand it's just a game and these are only pixels that reset, there is no need to let all your hatred consume you.
  2. More proof you're not a real friend Everyone who knows Cowboy knows he doesn't use these ops and I did see the message you sent to him where you are blaming D1 for starting them but it was only admiral, tehol and yourself who'd initially used them and we've retaliated against all users. 🙂 This was the first user of the war.. oh look it was yourself. I'm going to have fun with you for many rounds to come.
  3. Cowboy talks to a lot of people, including me on a daily basis so I'm not sorry to break it to you but you're not special. You pretend to be Cowboys friend when you're the clown who had D1 quickly re-attacked in round 50 right after we had rebuilt because of your hatred grudge against me and every wolf suffered because of you. if AW had any brains they'd kick you or shut you up as you do them all no favors except bring your hateful grudge into it all but this is what you wanted so I know you never will. Just like in SE when you were sentenced to pzi bc your hatred over me overrode all logic but luckily I gave you a window out of that sentence and we all knew you'd take it. Other than being this beacon of hatred for AW, what exactly warrants you to spout so much crap on these forums? Are you organizing their defenses or offenses? Do you manage anything other than your own nation?
  4. We can all tell you're mad, not only are you getting demolished in a war you should've won but you're complaining about all your failures. 🤣
  5. In your eyes my only crimes against you have been rolling you into the dirt on fair terms. 🙂
  6. So you're mad that we won our first war against you. 😃 We waged a good war and you also used nuclear weapons against us so I don't know what the problem is. Econ ops have always been apart of the game so I have no issues with them but I do see how others are using them as a weapon to accuse D1 for crimes against them as an excuse to cover their incompetency. Shame on those who hide behind excuses. I don't mind if AW use them against us but don't blame us for using them first when it was AW.
  7. This was a 1v1 Before it was "you have never beaten me!" now its "you have never beaten me in a 1v1!" 🤣
  8. Unless you have every statistical advantage you've always avoided me when I'm in range and this is the same with admiral alexander. Also I'm only out of range because your alliance attacked one day out of war, before I had the chance to leave nuclear anarchy and rebuild. Also you were in D1 for 2 weeks after ignoring all my advice, spent yourself broke then threw a tandrum blaming me for your failures and left. That's how high you got with with us. Now in almost every forum thread you go around saying how much D1 members hate me and that they want me to leave. Most have been here for years now so I'm not sure why they stick around if they hate me so much. Over 7 years as well! 😃 No one is being forced, bribed or ransomed, everyone is free to leave when they desire, they can go to any other alliance and in return they'll have nothing but my support. If a member wants to take the reigns then we'll initiate an election and let the membership decide. 🙂
  9. I've always held the belief BC have preferred to conduct themselves fairly and neutrally (but most of all troll me lololol), your last war against us is understandable to avoid losing but i am hopeful moving forward the the entire community respects the minimum 5-10 day grace period so all participants can leave nuclear anarchy, rebuild, collect then restock for another war and have fun on the battlefield again. "I HAVE A DREAM!" 🙂
  10. All 3 alliances have a lot of D1 influence as well, either through guides or ex--D1 members. Just remember none of our knowledge or experience was ever given, it was earnt off the backs of D1 vets past and present through years of warfare,we built our own legacy. How about you all improve your game so you don't have to team up and then you can met D1 on an fair playing field and win rather than jump us fresh out of war and still lose. You're giving D1 the only thing we pursue as an alliance, the most kills award bc its the pinnacle alliance award so what are you winning or taking from us? We're only being given more justification to take our own gloves off in the future. We will take drastic measures against AW to protect ourselves from these types of wars moving forward and anyone else who decides to join them will be grouped with them in our dows. You wont get to breath let alone stand. I don't like slinging threats but my hand has been forced. Where is the old TE sportsmanship spirit? Where is the 5 day minimum grace period?
  11. Do you have proof I sent rogues? Because there are a lot of accusations coming from your alliance that I was responsible but I am yet to see any evidence? What you need to understand is I don't need to send any rogues to beat you and we've proven that every round, even this one, it's only a poor excuse to wage wars like this. I can guarantee you your alliance will not survive if we did this to yours, neither would BC or Nlons. The stats would suggest you were weaker, plus we had just fought so why continue to slap you around? Here we're thinking everyone is here to treat each other on a even playing field. I'm hopeful BC and Nlon, bateman does not lead Nlon, bigwilly always has and I've spoken to him about all this and he agrees with me, you may not like me but you do little harm to me no matter how much you throw, you're only hurting the small community we have left and the people in D1 with no hate in their hearts, all of them are nice people and they are the most experienced players in the game, why are they being treated like criminals just because they play at a high level? At this point AW, BC and bateman are looking for the most minor excuses to not only gang up us but avoid each other and wage these gutless wars.
  12. Stevie and I battled for years, we won our fair share and he won his but I'm confused why you care so much? Is this suppose to be your little victory over me? Why don't you put your dick measuring tape away and learn how to play the game so you don't have to ride on someone's coattail.
  13. Why do you worship and idolize stevie? He used you like the good little meatsheild you were. I don't care who beat who and when.
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