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  1. RoadRash

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    war ends when first wave of wars have expired so i believe 4th will be lost day of attacks they should expire on the fifth …. it was fun but my damn nukes haven’t dine anything …. thanks Kev GRrrrrrrr
  2. RoadRash

    Another dow from your favs

    if you mean my bud MAL tell him i said whats up … i should be back on FB soon just dealing with that ski girl from florida ….. OMG fVcking nuts but she did look damn good
  3. RoadRash

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    HAHAHAHAH my ass isn’t that big
  4. RoadRash

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    i agree with the same conduct from NDO
  5. RoadRash

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    that really had to be the dumbest thing i read all week
  6. RoadRash

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    hey this a clean war or balls to the wall ?????
  7. RoadRash

    A PSA brought to you by IRON

    if I’m gonna be a troll i want to be the cool troll with a blue mohawk ….
  8. RoadRash

    Happy Friday the 13th

    good luck with this ……
  9. RoadRash

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    thank you very much kev ……
  10. RoadRash

    TE- Round 46

    HAHAHHAHAHAHA LMAO …… YEAH ADMIN … come on now Kev
  11. RoadRash

    Carnivore is back

    hey this only goes up to 2012??????? i see it only goes to 2011 I’m really curious on how many wars i have fought on bob
  12. RoadRash

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    Still here Nation Created: 8/19/2006 6:04:24 PM (4,313 days old)
  13. RoadRash

    TE- Round 46

  14. RoadRash

    TE- Round 46

    hey admin if your even looking at these threads .. it cant be too hard to start up another round think you can do this 12 year vet a favor and start up for me I’m starting to get a little bored