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  1. you really are a child HG its a shame what you have done to D1 ….. cowboy should have left you in the gutter a long time ago ……… but its nice that you keep it going and in the end you will see you lose again as you only have 12 members ….. oh i forgot the rest went and made rogue nations …… well good luck being the person you are .. i will leave my choice words in our chat so that you cannot run off and tell
  2. you have to swing by the discord man the things people say there ….. i go to bed everynight and have nightmares from all the abusive behavior
  3. what profanity … well i never …. just curious wth does mentioning you speak for the cult have to do with my comment ?????
  4. LH you really do seem to be fixated that i cried find me someplace where that is …. if your talking about the rogue you or HG made i crushed him every round i just felt bad about my new members …. and if you mean when Eurasia or whatever hit NDO right after a destructive war yeah i said stuff about that as that is just crap play ……. but i do have to say i really loved beating on you and HG this last round i cant wait for next
  5. LH NPO never played TE … and thank you for copying me thats a great form of flattery
  6. sorry HG you never pummeled me … you talked a lot of crap about keeping me in perma Zi last round but EVEN the nations who declared on me got pushed so far under my boots it was a joke … you made D1 look like a joke you showed most of TE your hollow threats and just ate AW boots all round …. as far as hitting OP nah they helped out when you asked NLON to join in your war against AW and for that i definitly wouldn’t hit them I’m glad to see the other wolves didn’t either .. its hard to find good guys on steve as you know because your really not one ….. but it will be fun next round I’m still waiting for your perma ZI .. and also wondering what excuse you will use next round when i whope you again xoxo RR
  7. how is getting your ass kicked all round outplaying … ohhhhhhh you mean your opportunist flag running skills … yeah maybe …. you also seem to be the only one who wants a change …. cant wait to see you next round and no matter how much we start with I’m still gonna beat you down ….. xoxo
  8. nah leave it the way it is ……. whats a matter you know something … i guess plating the way you play makes for a lot of enemies coming your way …. you can always make a rogue nation and come after me again …… admin i think the big start up cash makes for a great round … HG is just upset you got out played
  9. good to see you Wile e ……… should be some show 51 i cant wait to see what happens
  10. but yet the coward that you are still have not declared on me ... guess your waiting until you know your gonna win ..... very very sad little fellow you are
  11. no unfortunately i couldn't hit you .... but you threatened me with PZI remember ??? why would i not hit you ???
  12. ummmm i actually like op why would i want to hit them ........ you i dont like ... i enjoy hitting you
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