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  1. no sir you cannot leave this world .. you better stay here with me till the lights go out and then we will find some candles …… burn it all down
  2. yeah you should hit 4 mill … think he meant your a real long way from top 12%
  3. i will definitly help with that …. I’m looking for 40 mill casualties
  4. agree its nice to come here and see some activity
  5. LMAO yeah i do strongly agree all travel should be for emergency situation only
  6. DWG bridge ????? the rest of the country sees NY and NYers see the bronx ….. hahahahahahah Q
  7. one more thing make no mistake the beaten i took on the field from cowboy was my plan on taking him out ….. i beat the WRC in that war i lost the battle but i sure AF won that war ….. and it was even better besting a friend … something you will never know … you know why ….. BECAUSE NO ONE LIKES HIREDGUN …… no one so hurry and eat that snickers bar
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