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  1. hey nerd.. i miss you

    1. RoadRash


      hey sweetheart how the hell are you …… 


      hope all is good 

  2. yes please let us in your discord to discuss ???? i miss my little count
  3. can i have an invite too …. i am feeling BLUE that i cant talk to you
  4. and thats all it took … HG must have been so ashamed about being a fake he just parked up and ran as fast as he could to BLUE .. Blue is associated to tears and hence, sadness. Similarly, according to the Dictionary of Americanisms (1848), Blue means - Gloomy, severe; extreme, ultra. And Blue Devils here too has been stated to mean low spirits. According to the Oxford Dictionary, makes a lot of sense … good job Paul ….
  5. i could only imagine with HG being as brave and strong as he is he must have gave you some fight for control of his precious red sphere ????? tell us how that battle ensued …. it must of went on forever ???
  6. tell us all about the new stability in RED
  7. BLUE looks good on you HG …. i get it you express your feelings through color … how 3 year old of you
  8. who hide lol i see you the current little pet go HG is his lap as comfy as he wants me to believe ???? and blocked you HG sorry there sugar lips i love talking to you ….. so you haven’t blocked me yet , i have to go check ….
  9. gonna have to say your the snowflake HG … you block people because words hurt you you’re a blizzard baby count 1,2,3,
  10. not looking at your blockades but i think i blockaded you at least 12 times this round yeah your really not that good unless you have 6 on 1 times coming HG unblock me id like to tell you what i really think count …… 1 … 2…. 3…. your a good counter HG
  11. hahahahhahhahahahahahhaahahahaha LMAO you posted a SS of 2019 hahahahhahahaha and its extremely apparent i wasn’t there for that war ….. hahahhahaaha you really are a fool HG my god do you know how silly you actually are … omg … unblock me in your room coward … where you cant run and te;; boooo hooo lmao silly rabbit tricks are for kids
  12. ohhhhhh BTW HG i would challenge you to a 1on 1 until the end of time but we know you don’t roll like that yo have to yell and cheer from behind
  13. hmmmm i really have no idea on what your talking about i do think its funny you tell wes its end of round so deal with it … but when i come along and blow your house down you cry about end of round …. that was priceless i guess thats why you blocked me from your rooms so i couldn’t point out how big of a sissy marry you are … its ok little counter its ok unblock me from your room i really like to use my words on you … i won’t do it in this fine establishment as i no you love to play the tt game RR
  14. hg you have never won a war against me … and anytime any of your stooges even got to say the got me is if i had 6 vs me and i tend to spank on you and your guys more then i don’t … i cant wait till next round i don’t think anyone will be hearing much from you … bout time too i feel sorry for the good dudes in D1 as a word of crap is coming and I’m gonna try and get a front row seat to get a good sniff of that horrible smell soon to be coming off of you ….. love to love ya baby RR xoxoxo
  15. I’m sorry your going to have to look back at those war screens I’m pretty sure i beat the F out of all 6 of y’all ….. go into AW room i posted them all …. and super you seem to be the biggest joke richard 1 has so i would shush little one ,,, ohhhh no i will be on the sid kicking on your for the whole round …. you little nuisance has been curbed and more is to come … to bad your such a little sissy yo have to block messages and kick out of rooms … must be nice throwing stones from under a manhole …
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