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  1. haha those are from my old neighborhood ….. met food on myrtle ave lol …….
  2. i agree a nice straight up war
  3. you see botsy thats what I’m saying …. you truly are a delusional young man …. you guys got me with the rogue to stunt my start up and then ran on me when i was already stumped ….its ok tho jessica i understand …. ill see you later xoxo
  4. that was first go round …. caught me with my pants down with those rogues
  5. blind botsy look at wars please next time you talk poo poo in the last engagement i believe i won 4 of the 6 wars … even with my stumped growth I’m bigger then you little man …… and i cant wait to next round xoxo
  6. its hired gun you really cant expect anything less from him ……. I’m glad he showed steve the person he really is this round …..
  7. well the rogues of this round belong to you my friend ….. hired gun is to point the finger at this round I’m sorry to say but that is just fact …. i personally have only been rouged twice in my 50 or so rounds and both time have been right after an incident with your hired gun ….. i have zero issues with anyone on bob or steve most i call friend or choose to help … but there are only maybe 3 other players that would look to hit me dirty .. number 1 is hired gun number 2 maybe SoT ( but only with working with HG ) and the third is LH and honestly i think LH would like me 2 know if he did me dirty it would make him smile knowing he pissed me off …. control your little monster you created and this world would be a better place .. may i make a suggestion take D1 back from HG and watch this world become a better place … your friend RoadRash
  8. you really are a child HG its a shame what you have done to D1 ….. cowboy should have left you in the gutter a long time ago ……… but its nice that you keep it going and in the end you will see you lose again as you only have 12 members ….. oh i forgot the rest went and made rogue nations …… well good luck being the person you are .. i will leave my choice words in our chat so that you cannot run off and tell
  9. you have to swing by the discord man the things people say there ….. i go to bed everynight and have nightmares from all the abusive behavior
  10. what profanity … well i never …. just curious wth does mentioning you speak for the cult have to do with my comment ?????
  11. LH you really do seem to be fixated that i cried find me someplace where that is …. if your talking about the rogue you or HG made i crushed him every round i just felt bad about my new members …. and if you mean when Eurasia or whatever hit NDO right after a destructive war yeah i said stuff about that as that is just crap play ……. but i do have to say i really loved beating on you and HG this last round i cant wait for next
  12. LH NPO never played TE … and thank you for copying me thats a great form of flattery
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