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  1. this is a personal beef between me and them i know they sit in D1 and i know they have protectorates this is by no means an insult or slap in the face to either ….. my reasons for me to leave my home and seek my pound of flesh is due to having my trades canceled without warning while in a 14 day back collect it was done out of malice and I’m sure the story will be played out to favor the side telling it ….. we will see where this road leads me but this is one i must travel … i will see you soon HG RoadRash
  2. RoadRash

    A really good dow

    I’m coming for you HG
  3. RoadRash

    D1 thriller

    Hg I really have no time for this right now I’m gonna send you a in game message about peace ... read it then reply here ... sending now
  4. RoadRash

    D1 thriller

    wow your still talking to yourself you really must be a pathetic little person … i left D1 because cowboy let you open your mouth …. HG you really are a wind bag i got things i have to do when i get back to the TE world put me on the same list as stevie because anyone who you don’t like must be awesome because you really are just a blabber mouth little dick
  5. RoadRash

    D1 thriller

    I’m far from an expert but i do know when we rallied against then( i believe we all joined alpha wolves ) it was extremely fun …. as far as the building goes for some reason i believe it was stoves method I’m really not to sure but i know NGW was getting lessons from him way back …. and yes stevie seems to have one purpose and that is to win flags and show his people how ( again not ho i play ) I’ve never had the time to get into it as much as him and i know this round trying his build is extremely hard work he goes non stop and with his efforts it makes this game better …. we all have our purpose here and as well as me and you stevie is a very important person to TE ….. you need to see reason HG you are the hardest person to get threw too .. your a good dude you just get yourself all worked up and you do not allow yourself to see anything but what you think is right ….. you want to end your beef with stevie i can talk to him as a man and ask that it ends i can only try but you have to be willing to want it … and HG there is no one deserving to win if they don’t win …. play the game to have fun and if you only want flags then figure out a way to do it …. and again ill say this there is nobody more deserving of flags then me … i have fought rounds from day 7 till the end i should have every single casualties flag for i know i have fought more wars then anyone . but the winners are those who plan and wait its not fair to me but I’m still happy playing my game …. the only thing i don’t like is when an alliance takes advantage of another alliance I’ve never seen stevie unjustly beat on an alliance he might manipulate the game but never an individual … just my observation and opinion and we all know what they say about opinions … you have a good night sweet dreams xoxo RR
  6. RoadRash

    D1 thriller

    HG i want to just put this out there you attacked NDO . SG . and OP i asked steve to help me build and make mass money this round ( i personaly do not like this build its not for me but i do have mass amounts of cash ) second I’m going to say this out load there is Nobody not one person on planet steve more deserving of flags then me maybe a couple more as deserving and I’m not mad at steve not at all he actually has changed this game for the better there wasn’t anyone around who learned how to build as well as the avengers did and that was all him … stevie made this game fun changed this realm and for that i command him .. holding onto grudges is silly and your reasonings is even worse i would look to end this anger you have because i know stevie does not have it …. I’m also sorry if you want to make me your enemy but make no mistake none at all you have attacked us not the other way around and if stevie wishes to come to NDO with SG that is fine and if anyone knows me anyone they know that NDO conducts themselves with honor and respect so if the members of SG do not wish to follow how NDO does things then i will kindly ask them to move on ….. but really HG you have to take the blinders off and please my friend no one is harboring your enemy if that was the case then NDO was your enemy already as you have attacked us along side SG and OP … RoadRash
  7. RoadRash

    D1 thriller

    :. Received Message To: Roadrash From: HiredGun Date: 1/27/2019 4:10:09 AM Subject: RE: Battle Report Message: We're going to terminate the conditions with NDO. Sorry RR but we have a bone to pick with SG, not only did a few delete but a couple quit TE over the roguing and I did warn anyone who wants to defend them will see no mercy from us. Good luck in the wars to come! BTW i dont do warnings ….. ok looks like HG is letting his past aggression get in the way of past friendships .. HG no one is out to get you I’m sorry you don’t like SG but you have decided to hit NDO along with them and now you get yourself upset and accuse NDO of harboring your enemy …. brother were playing a game I’m sorry steve plays it little better then the rest of us …. oh and BTW you attacked not NDO or SG if you really want to retract our deal with no dirty spy ops or blockades then so be it … because as it looks blockades has been done already to my guy Date Announcement Title Views 1/26/2019 8:29:49 AM war with D1 16 there will be no dirty spy opps nor blockades … if you guys are hit with either please let me know …… Announcement by Roadrash View all Alliance Announcements Comments Page: 1 :. New Desolate Order Member Comments Comment By Comment skaullin (1/26/2019 11:41:37 PM) blockaded
  8. RoadRash

    D1 thriller

    i have informed NDO there will be no dirty spy opps or navy blockades …. good luck and lets have some destruction … may the bodys hit the floor … RR
  9. RoadRash

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    i even tried to get him to hit me …. had to put one of his generals to sleep
  10. RoadRash

    An Official Announcement from CLAWS

    i hope you don’t disappear completely …. and tell MAL i said whats up
  11. well see how well that 8 mill holds up
  12. You have just conducted a spy operation against the nation of West Who. In the attack your spy efforts were successful as your spies were able to gather the following information about the nation: Desired Religion: Norse Desired Government: Totalitarian State Threat Level: Severe Tax Rate: 28% Number of Spies: 250 Last Nuke Purchase: 1/6/2019 5:27:04 PM Last Wonder Purchase: 1/5/2019 Total Money: $8,757,082 Technology: 504.55 Levels Last Bill Payment: 1/6/2019 5:25:40 PM Trade Partners: Sihahed, ICARO, South Holland, Arcticali, Laplace Transform Military XP Ratings: Army XP: 4, Navy XP: 6, Air Force XP: 2, Intelligence XP: 1 Assigned Generals: Air Force XP Level 30 Total Aircraft: 8 Aircraft Fighter Strength: 45 Aircraft Bomber Strength: 27 Navy Purchases Today: 6 Navy Vessels: Corvettes: 8 Landing Ships: 10 Battleships: 5 Cruisers: 7 Frigates: 6 Destroyers: 5 Submarines: 5 Aircraft Carriers: 5 Although the mission was a success your spies were caught, 20 spies were killed, and your identity has been publicly revealed. I’m gonna have fun with you hahahahah
  13. Alright NLON I see you did y learn anything g from the last time .... you will be seeing a lot of me ....
  14. we have always welcomed war at our door and we welcome it again today …. i have been very busy in RL so i kept in slow this round …. i do hope that you noticed NDO does not have 1 nuke so i hope there shall be no nukes dropped upon the desert i do not see a post on forum about war so i am putting this post up ……. … RoadRash now heres to hopefully a decent war
  15. RoadRash

    Round 48 Start Date

    cool i miss my TE