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  1. few more years and you should be ready for me but for sure you’re not ready sweetheart xoxo
  2. I’m always around my little BOOG …. I’m good all the same around my world .. well catch up one day on Discord
  3. WAR ??????? i just wanted to eat my apple without a spoon
  4. I’m sorry I’m late i forgot what we were doing …. i think i declared on the wrong alliance ….. I’m going to take a nap ….
  5. id like to see something change ??? anything I’m open for ideas????? HG come up with something that works for you i honestly think you would be the hardest to pursuay….
  6. wait how about no alliances NEXT round … make our TC and no alliances ??????? and make it so AL AND HG are in the same trade circle hahhahahahha
  7. ohhhh my nothing changes …. lets figure something out for next round please I’m not even in this conflict anymore and I’m sick of it …. how do we end it …
  8. it was either Jiros or bunnet that showed some interest …. idk its an idea and i would offer planet bob prizes to winners if that is what are holding people back …i have more in game cash then i know what to do with …
  9. i suggested in irc last time was on end all past nonsense and lets do pick teams … choose or appoint 5-10 leaders ( we all know pretty much who’s who on planet steve and do a lottery for next round …. depending on the members will determine team numbers and size ( six would be best ) there really isn’t to many ways to cheat and no reason to spy if things are planned ( i for one never played for a award so i don’t think that would be a reason) have planned wars like playoffs and come end of round if it becomes uneven start changing odds …. start 1vs1 t
  10. definitly no grudge but i will say this all past discrepancies have to change it will be the only way this game becomes fun again ……..
  11. wow things have changed sure ill buy it … please explain how this transaction will take place
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