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  1. RoadRash

    Round 48 Start Date

    cool i miss my TE
  2. RoadRash


    end of war tomorrow?????? after first round of wars expire ????? 20/21 update
  3. RoadRash


    HA HA HA you’ll probably clear up the rash but it is going to be annoying and bothersome for a few days
  4. RoadRash


    i do have to say I’m very impressed you guys have so much fvking Money
  5. RoadRash


    hey i want to play with Penios so ill declare war …. if the rest of NDO wants to join thats cool
  6. it was great fighting with you and against you …. xoxo
  7. RoadRash

    Wolves of the North DoW

    agreed last attacks on 10/30 today ……..
  8. RoadRash

    Wolves of the North DoW

    when are we ending war ????? after declaration and first round expires ?????
  9. RoadRash

    Wolves of the North DoW

    alright looks like its a dirty war … I’ve already ran all my attacks already and i did have the opportunity to run dirt ( i did not ) …. before i do i would like to hear from aggressive party if this is how we are going to do this ….
  10. i have no complaints with this … the enemy of my enemy is my friend HE HE ( i love you all ) but in reality i don’t think its unfair i know for fact that NDO only has about 3 nations that will put up any fight I’m sure the rest of us mini alliances can only put up maybe 1/4 of there alliance to fight so I’m thinking this might actually be a decent war and might even be even ,,,,,, you guys should get that dick alliance to join on your side and have world wide war ….
  11. RoadRash

    Wolves of the North DoW

    time to fry up some wolves …..
  12. RoadRash

    DCS vs NDO

    war ends at update …….. good little skirmish guys …
  13. RoadRash

    DCS vs NDO

    thank you xoxo
  14. RoadRash

    Bringing Sexy Back

    have fun and enjoy
  15. RoadRash

    TE Round 46 Start Date

    how about you just give me all the awards